Petition To Grant Clemency For Sabahan Yong Vui Kong

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Appeal, Malaysia, petition, Sabah, Singapore
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We the citizens of Singapore, residents in Singapore and concerned individuals from the international community humbly put forward our plea of clemency for Yong Vui Kong, a Malaysian who has been sentenced to death by the High Court of Singapore for trafficking 47 grammes of heroin. Yong was 19 years old at the time of offence. He currently faces impending execution.

You can read the rest of the petition HERE.

You can also read my earlier article on Yong Vui Fong HERE

  1. patriot says:

    don’t know much about the facts of the case but in today The Star of Malaysia they were interviewing court of appeal judges etc their comments even passing the sentences they tremble and do not have good night’s sleep. here this boy came from a broken home, left school early and was used as a mule. He is apparently trying his best to reform himself and repenting. Hope the president can give exception as he is a mule being used by the kingpins and commited the crime when he was 19. Have mercy on him. Go after the drug lords, sir


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  3. seim says:

    lucky for malaysian this one guy try his luck into singapore.

    God please keep this kind of people out of malaysia.


  4. Choo Bee Leng says:

    Let us practise METTA… LOVING KINDNESS! He is already suffering! Surely metering out such punishment will not solve his suffering! Instead we should show compassion! We should radiate loving kindness and understand him! It is clear he has been taken advantage of and taking his life will not solve your fight against drug trafficking! We should not only show but must have real mercy for another living being not only human being! Radiate loving kindness to all living beings near and far! Living beings regardless they be living microbe or living humans!


  5. Kh Hong says:

    Singapore just hang people just for the sake of hanging. Young people cannot just think well just like the case of the young Vietnamese Australian.


  6. Annamalai Kokila Parvathi says:

    As a citizen of Singapore, I am deeply concerned about the consequences of my country’s inflexible laws that do not take mitigating circumstances into account. If we are to be a truly gracious and developed society, we must be able to re-evaluate the laws we enforce. Vui Kong is a victim of circumstance, and one should not be put to death for ignorance and poverty.


  7. Jerry Ang says:

    I feel that a 19-year-old lad should not be hanged for a first-time offence of trafficking no more than 50 grams of drugs. He has a whole life ahead of him, and he can still do good to society in future. I believe that he knows his mistake and repents. His brother says that he is a changed man now, I do believe that. He had already committed the offence. Hanging him changes nothing. Taking the life of a promising young man is equivelant to murder, no less. Please consider the circumstances under which he committed the crime. It is not that I am absolutely against the death penalty, but I feel that it is simply to harsh to kill a person for carrying with him drugs weighing no less than a tennis ball. It is not as though he was a drug lord. We are talking about a life here. Do the right thing.


  8. Peter Ho says:

    I wish for a day in the near future where such atrocities will become only a history lesson for our kids, where lessons are taught not through fear, but conscience itself. No man should be given the power to judge and impose death to any other living person; as no matter what “argument” and “considerations” are given, such a decision is only akin to a flip of the coin. In Death, one can find no Justice, nor Truth, but only the Silence that comes after the end of a Conscience.


  9. Lim Ah Hock says:

    Salute the Singaporeans for taking the steps to plea of clemency for Yong Vui Kong.


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