Bala’s Lawyer Manjeet Singh’s House Broken Into And Only Laptop Stolen

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Aminah @Altantuya Shaaribuu, MACC, Malaysia, Malaysian Politics
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I have just been informed that my house in Kuala Lumpur has been broken into and the main item targeted and removed is my laptop. I am flying back immediately from London to attend to this incident.

It is very revealing that this is the second incident targeted at my house proximate to my attending to PI Bala’s matters. I had Molotov cocktails thrown at my house after his Singapore interview and now after his London and Paris interviews I have had my house broken into and my laptop removed. It is telling that many other valuable items in the same room, including my wife’s jewelry, were left untouched.

I have serious concerns that attempts might be made by interested parties to interfere with the contents of my laptop and fabricate material.

I will release a further statement after I reach home and have had an opportunity to view the crime scene personally. I will lodge a police report after that.

Manjeet Singh Dhillon

London, 19 July 2010

  1. justice seeker says:

    Pakatan Rakyat leaders have called on the Inspector-General of Police to issue a denial if special branch officers were not involved in the disappearance of a laptop belonging to a member of the legal team representing private investigator P Balasubramaniam.



  2. cobra nair says:

    Ayo Ayo, Bala mising, RPK mising, Tharmendran mising, Jet enjgine mising, Manjit’s laptop mising, Atantuya mising,Ibrahim Ali mising,Zul Nordin mising & not careful, submarine will go mising. Malaysia semua boleh.What a shame on the BN gov. To cover up one case, the the TOP UMNO guns will do anything.So how to solve this……. topple the BN gov in the coming 13th General election, & appoint Nizar Jamalludin as the Prime minister & Zaid Ibrahim as deputy PM, if not our country will become bankrupt as what YB Idris Jala said. Mark Cobra’s word.


  3. Apek says:

    The general perception is that it is a government job. When a government has to stoop low and employ such means that breach their mandate to protect and to serve the electorate, their days are numbered. It also confirms that the Malaysian government is striving hard to lead the pack of pariah states of this world. Malaysia is really a failed state in the making. What a shame! This is the result of Mahathir’s 22 years of despotic rule.


  4. Alice says:

    All members of PR, their inner circle of close friends and supporters must use the strongest data encryption software on their desktops, laptops and notebooks. This may just be the beginning as the culprits are getting really desperate to know what was told to the French investigators.


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  7. Jameas says:

    They are sending a message. They want to frighten the lawyer Manjeet. But Manjeet is not a coward like Hishamudin.


  8. storm60 says:

    Who else could have done it, but those UMNO Thieves!!!


  9. Prince says:

    Malaysian ,Now you know Why RPK AND BALA in exile,Both of them are intelligent enough how the umnoputras police team, will treat them both.PI Bala house were ransacked after he left exile for first time,PI Bala Monitor left but his CPU were missing,second Manjeet house were thrown molotov after Singapore interview,Third they are going for Manjeet lap top.What else this UMNOPUTRAS will be doing.Please stop all this by changing the corrupt government.Please……………………………


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