The 12th of September, 2008

Remember, Remember The 12th Of September
"12/09/08: PET arrested under the Internal Secuirty Act at 1.10pm
DSCF0018 by glugor.
{Gathering at Taiping toll before proceeding to Kamunting to wish PET and all other ISA detainees a Selamat Hari Raya}
DSCF0020 by glugor
{Waiting to get to Kamunting}
(In Kamunting}
 (At the Gates of Kamunting Camp}
For Pet DSC_0056.JPG
For Pet
  1. Greta Wiles says:

    What’s going on? I’m lost?


  2. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    Three American states were discovered by Tamil Kings. They are;

    1. Nevada (Nee vada or you come here)
    2. Arizona (Avaru Choneh- or they said so)
    3. Oaklahoma (this one I cannot interpret)

    So you see Tamils have been great explorers as well.


  3. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    The idea of sacrifice and suicide is for martyrs. Those who have nothing else to offer become martyrs. Smarter leaders chose to walk that very thin line between being censored, jailed or killed. Its called balancing.

    They bit their tongue made the sacrifice, allowed people to think they were weak and allowed their enemies to insult them to a point.

    When the opportunity was ripe, and their enemies least expected it they struck and struck with such moral, legal and political force that there was no way they could have been ignored. Lee Kuan Yeew, Nehru and Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Ho Chih Minh, Fidel Castro and now Hamas.

    Samy Velu your preoccupation, is a creature of the Tamil mentality. There is nothing that can be done for a people who rely on a Tamil movie like leader like him and the Hindraf men in hospitals that allow pathetic pictures of them to be shown then get people to weep for them. Smay Velu with his talcum powder covered face and shameless wig is the other example.

    Your enemy does not care if you live or die. If you live they like you to live like you do now. Ignorant, poor and without rights.

    Enemies like the enemies the Tamils face in Malaysia are self created bogeys. Each time Tamils are faced with criticism from within they resort to violence. Kathi and Kuthu. It creates a trap for them to be snared by a police force filled with hatred for them.

    The caste system is the other dog that is all pervasive and sucks the Tamil mindset like a cancer. But when you ascribe it to god and culture it is like an opiate. Good for cooliess you do not want to pay. It is a great means of creating slaves.

    Unless Tamils themselves get rid of their own self inflicted poverty nothing will change for another century.

    Start by supportin each other by buying from Tamils only. Thats what the Chinese do. Thats what the Jews do. They support each other. Instead we have Tamil thugs with sun glasses intimidating hard working Tamils, robbing, raping and killing if not collecting protection money from fellow Tamils.

    Buy from Tamils first. if they cheat you well thats a different story and they deserve the punishment the gangsters give them.

    Get rid of alcohol. Create alcohol bars but do not allow Tamils in there unless they work there. Allow the other rich Indians and Chinese to drink senseless and collect their money in your bars.

    Open restaurants and businesses andd make sure other Tamils only buy from you. If you don’t have the goods well let them go elsewhere.

    Teach your children the languagee of the local country so that they can more than survive in Malaysia. They must learn to master the language.

    If conversion to Islam makes it better for you to live there do so. It brings opportunities for you. You are smarter than most. What has Hindusim given you other than caste and the life of a Pariah or Chukkliah?

    Brahmins rape your mothers and daughters and you allow it to continue. Samy velu like Sambanthan were Brahminical swines. They need to pay back what they stole from you. As Muslims you immediately become superior to them. There is no caste in Islam.

    The Hindraf five are struggling to make any headway for a peaceful transition of leadership of the Tamil community from MIC to them. They insist on their position and have no plans for succession or encouraging leaders from within.

    They are not responsive. Discard any leader that brings his family into the organisation as if he owns it as family property. Thats the probleem with most Indians. The Nehru family being the prime example. Then you have Jeyalalita the big fat thief bitch who robs her subjects. In each of the Indian states families rob the poor by being elected leaders.

    Tamils in Malaysia can fare better if they are not so emotional and violent. Power in Malaysia comes from being Muslim. Mahathir is a south Indian Muslim. SO too is Datuk Amin Shah and hundreds of others. They are not afraid of being called Thulukan. They are not pariahs anymore. They have power. Theey are Muslim. Samy Velu will bow to you if you are Muslim.

    Think about it. You can call me all the names you want, but at the end of the day you will remain a Chukkliah and a Coolie parayan because you have not shaken the chains of your caste politics and ignorance.

    The Indian government will do nothing for you because you are not aa money making Gujarati. The Sikhs for all their preaching of equality are just as bad. The Malayalees and Mahrati will squat all over you as will the Chinese.

    The Tamil culture gave a lot to the world. But for some unknown reason it also gave the pain in the arse Tamils of your type to Malaysia.


  4. Krishna raja sambasivam says:

    An inetesresting article. A diff. perception of the same person that many hold as idol.
    I really liked it :)
    Although i dont take rpk’s word for granted, there seems to be some truth and genuinity at times for the most part.


  5. kentucky says:

    i think kumar is sami vellu ball licker, that’s why he can writes so many beautiful english vocabularies, i understand truth and false in reality world only, not by your essay. I think RPK is the greatest as he was detained under ISA for several times sacrifing himself for the truth! Where were you Kumar the time when RPK in kamunting? you are just sitting at sami vellu house licking his ball i guess! Do you dare went in Kamunting’s “rest House” for the truth? I think you better wipe your ass and sami vellu ass rather than writting more articles


  6. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    The more I read the more it reinforces my belief and the belief of the majority in why Tamils always languish as the underdog (dog being the operative word) in a place like Malaysia.

    The narrowness of mind, the rush to swear and to get angry rathger than to get even, the inability (from a self imposed Tamil only education) to to analyse and to critically comment all charactyeristic of the lososer mentality of the Malaysian Tamil.

    The more you publicly expose your inherent self inflicted ignorance the more likely you will remain where you are. In the dumps.

    Keep up the responses. It is a reason and a good reason I choose the blogs I write in. For instance the remarks of “What shit you write” in reference to my comment compels others to draw the inference it is a chakliah shit carrier that reads it. It is perhaps by design for them to read.

    A half educated intelligent being would not let the world know he has stepped on shit. But the Tamils responding here, of the chakliah and looser mentality would. I rest my case.

    Veera Pandian Katta Bomen was like all other loosers in his category, rsorted to violence when his brain failed.


  7. Y Goreng Mee says:

    Gopal Raj Kumar,
    What shit are you writing?
    If there is no voice for the Rakyat through RPK then whose voice should we listen to?
    Is it the voice of UMNO or BN?
    Or should we listen to your voice?
    We have decided and we stick to RPK and Nades.
    As for you, Go look for some other ass to stick your finger in and smell.
    My Mee Goreng


  8. nageswaran says:

    hi boss nages here,it’s nice to read your blog! how come you can forget me boss.But anyway i will be reading your everyday and all the best.nages.


  9. rajan says:

    Dei Puluthi Graj kumar
    How much was paid to you for writing this load of shit.
    What are you hoping to be gifted with ? Datuk pothuma ?
    Naiyeh, You are the ETTAPAN of malaysia.
    { ettapan was the traitor to the freedom fighter,VERRA PANDIAN KATTABOMAN who was arrested and hanged by the british,as a result of which it took longer to attain independance.


  10. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    Appropriate responses from those who will continue to believe Nades and RPK are the embodiment of journalism, fairness and intelligence.

    Just because of the existence of the belief that there is censorship and yes censorship does exist everywhere, that in itself does not justify the idiocy that manifests intself in the likes of Nades or RPK.

    Two more morons in an environment of morons does not cure the defect of the moron culture they complain of. It just adds to their number.



  11. Vish says:

    What is journalism, Kumar? In a country that lacks even the semblance of a free media, RPK and Nades are truly the closest thing that we have to journalists.

    Yes, RPK is a sensationalist. But then again our local newspapers are more than mere sensationalists – and in fact, they share more in common with fascist propaganda.

    Between a government that issues ‘gag orders’ against topics that they don’t want discussed, and newspaper editors that self-censor themselves, journalism certainly does not exist in the newspapers.

    Is that your idea of what journalism should be though, Kumar? News only being provided as dictated by the government of the day?

    On the whole, your claim that both RPK’s and Nades’ writings are ‘untolerable from a legal and moral perspective’ is laughable.

    Legally – perhaps, but our legal system’s bias is fast attaining legendary status.

    But morally? Sorry to say Kumar, but if your view of being moral involves blindly standing up and cheering on fascist ideologies, then I think your moral compass is very skewed indeed.



  12. Antares says:

    Interesting that GR Kumar’s pet hates are RPK & Citizen Nades – both known for their crusader journalism. To me, people like RPK & Nades are like comicbook superheroes who take on the rich & powerful on behalf of the meek & weak. Heck, it’s like ranting against Captain Marvel & Spiderman. What’s your problem, Kumar? You must be on J. Jonah Jameson’s payroll on the Daily Planet!


  13. R.Prem Kumar s/o L.Raj Kumar says:

    Bro GR Kumar, Could you supply us with an original commentary based on the uniqueness of your own personal experience?


  14. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    You no spek good English you speak no good sense either. You are extremely good example of why Samy Velu wins. Coolies by name Coolies by mentality, Coolies by character. Always languish behind everyone elsse because of too much thani and not enough thinking or working.


  15. BrownSuperman says:

    Me speak no good inglish but you talk COCK, grKumar.

    You carry Sami Velu balls?


  16. grkumar says:

    I fail to understand the prominence given to Raja Petra Kamaruddin (“RPK”). He claims to be a journalist when his writings are a case of vandalism like that of one Nades (Citizen) akin to grafitti on a wall being termed art.

    They are both delusional and suffer from an acute inability to write to a level required of even accepted elementary standards of good writing, lack any analytical skills or average grammar and especially in Nades case, write unmitigated nonesense as if it were a literal translation by penning of his slurred speech when drunk. (assuming he is like most when drunk) .

    There is no continuity, theme, balance, evidence or an analysis of what they write. They defame people with impunity on the basis that because they heard something from someone who would have in an equally drunken stupor relayed a bit of gossip to them, that it is fact worthy of print.

    They have the ethics of Nazis and in Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s case consist of articles and stories so close to his own personal likes and dislikes he s unable to detatch himself from his own raw emotions thus distorting whatever it is he may be complaining or writing about to a point I am sure he finds it difficult to distinguish between truth and fiction.

    RPK is judgemental about Indians though many fail to see it in his interviews and his writings. He patronises them assumes the position of role model citizen. He has no depth of vision when it comes to the many complex problems facing people whether Indian, Chinese or Malay. His attitude towards politics and politicians like that of Nades is full of cliched phrases much of the time out of context and vile.

    RPK like Nades is a populist who appeals to the lowest common denominator. They entertain themselves by playing in mud. And in the process will of course attract bored on lookers and equally petty minded individuals who will cheer them on. In the process they perceive themselves as having achieved the status of martyr.

    RPK will never suffer the fate of ordinary Malaysians. He will and must never be taken seriously untill he voluntarily sheds the title of Raja. he comes from privilege and behaves like a spoilt rat does when not getting his way with things.

    RPK is the embodiment of the fame seeker like his mother who in her quest for a title like many in her category wouldd marry a man who would himself take on other women later in life.

    RPK is the reason they will continue with the ISA and curtail free speech. It is a wonder both he and Nades are not languishing behind bars bankrupted as should their publications be for the level of contempt and defamatory remarks about public officials.

    To contnue to up hold the myth this chap is a persecuted journalist says little about oneself. RPK is the manifestation of middle class boredom with a pen.

    Perhaps the fact these individuals are allowed to exist in relative freedom is testament that the right to be heard and toe xpress oneself is not yet lost in Malaysia. What they write is highly intolerablee from a legal and moral perspective. yet they remain relatively free.

    By allowing their trash to dominate the avenue of freedom of expression is to invite its censorship. We may have to practice self censorship by challenging these two to prove their worth so that all of us are not tainted with their dribble and subsequently suffer the loss of that right to freely express ourselves.


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