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Lim Guan Eng Chief Minister of Penang was recently in Sabah and he had spoken about a number of issues to the Daily Express, including golf. I want to reproduce a letter a reader wrote to the Editor of Daily Express regarding Lim Guan Eng and his lack of knowledge.

Here goes….

Penang CM exposed naivety in interview

I AM originally from Penang and have been residing in Sabah for 25 years. I love this State and the friendly people. I always tell my Penang friends that Peninsula Malaysians have a lot to learn from Sabah when it comes to harmony and unity.

When Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng visited last week, I was excited that Sabahans will get a good impression of the new CM. My friends in Penang had supported the DAP in the last elections.

But it amazed me that the CM exposed his lack of general knowledge by being mistaken that Santa Monica is in Central America.

Santa Monica is a world famous golfing sea side resort at Santa Monica Bay in the Los Angeles country of California in the US.

I hope the Koreans who wanted to build a US$ 100 million Santa Monica-style golf course in Penang were not equally embarrassed by him.

Penang should also learn from Sabah which has done away with cash distribution to voters many years ago.

According to the interview with your newspaper (21.12.08 ) the Penang State Government will distribute RM70 million to 170,000 families at RM400 per family. The RM70 million could be better spent on human resource training. Cash handouts only contribute to inflation and loose spending.

Already my Sabah friends are complaining to me why the Penang CM wants to use one third of Petronas money to be given out to the people in other states at RM6,000 each per annum (if Pakatan Rakyat forms the Federal Government).

The petrol dollars belong to Sabah (and Sarawak and Terengganu) and is a hot issue here. It is best if the Penang CM avoid any talk of taking Sabah’s oil money to be given to other states.

If Lim cares to spend more time in Sabah, then he will not say things that embarrass himself like boasting about free wifi in Penang and complaining about Sabah getting RM4 billion from the Federal Government.

He should realise that Penang (area 1046 is only 1.3%  the size of Sabah (76115 with a population (1.5m) that is only 42% of Sabah (3.5m).

Poverty here is serious, cost of doing business is high, infrastructural development is still badly needed and Sabah, generally, needs more federal funds for development.

While Penang has won the funds for the RM3 billion second 24-km bridge (as a back up to the first bridge (13.5km), the Labuan-Sabah mainland bridge still remains a feasibility study at the local university. Sabah’s road transport network still needs basic things like good bridges and land slide prevention.

I also think that the fuss generated over the naming of roads in Chinese, Arabic and Tamil in Penang was not worth it. Penang should spend more time on economic matters like jobs creation. So many talented Penang people have left for other states and overseas to earn a living.

Santa Monica Penang

Lim Guan Eng, in his interview with Daily Express acknowledged that golf was not his game and, therefore, did not know where Santa Monica was.

One cannot but credit him for being honest which many politicians lack. By the same token, even a golfer in the US may not be expected to know any of our top golf courses.

On the RM4 billion that Sabah is getting compared to Penang getting only RM200m from the Federal Government, what he meant was that Sabah is getting this amount despite contributing less than Penang’s RM3 billion yearly to the Federal treasury. – Editor Daily Express.

Two Palestinians recover belongings and food from their damaged house in Jabaliya on 29 December 2008

My Dear Friends,

Please support this emergency campaign urging for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza by signing this petition. Already 300 people have been killed in this escalating conflict. Now is the time to act. Lets push for real peace by doing our small bit. Read the email below and please help sign the petition.

Dear friends,

As we watch the Gaza bloodshed with horror, appalled at how the crisis is spiralling further out of control, one thing is clear — this violence will only lead to further civilian suffering and an escalation of the conflict.

There must be another way. Over 300 are dead and hundreds more injured — rockets are striking Ashdod deep inside Israel for the very first time, and the sides are mobilising for invasion. A global response has begun, but it’ll take more than words — the immediate violence won’t end, nor will wider peace be secured, without firm action from the international community.

Today, we’re launching an emergency campaign which will be delivered to the UN Security Council and key world powers, urging them to act to ensure an immediate ceasefire, address the growing humanitarian crisis, and take steps to build real and lasting peace.1 Follow this link now to sign the emergency petition and send it to everyone you know:

After eight or more years of ineffective US and global diplomacy — and now Gaza’s bloodiest day in recent memory — we must issue a global outcry demanding that world leaders do more than make statements if they’re to bring peace to this region. The UN, the European Union, the Arab League and the USA should now act together to ensure a ceasefire – which includes an end to rocket attacks into Israel and opening the checkpoints for fuel, food, medicine and other humanitarian aid deliveries.

With a new US President taking office in less than a month, a real opportunity exists to breathe new life into peace efforts. These latest hostilities require not only an immediate ceasefire but a commitment from Obama and other world leaders that resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the very top of their agendas. As the whole world is impacted by this ongoing conflict – we should demand nothing less.

In 2006 we mobilised for a ceasefire in Lebanon. For years we’ve worked to encourage a just and lasting peace, taking out billboards and ads across Israel and Palestine. Now as we head into 2009, we need to come together again to demand a peaceful and lasting resolution, instead of a further escalation of violence. Follow this link to put your name forward for peace:

All sides to the conflict will continue to act as they have in the past if they believe that the world will stand by and allow them to do so. 2009 is a year that things can be different. As we face this crisis, and the possibilities of a new year, it’s time for us to demand a ceasefire and work together to finally put an end to this cycle of violence.

With hope and determination,

Brett, Ricken, Alice, Ben, Pascal, Paul, Graziela, Paula, Luis, Iain and the whole Avaaz team

Dear friends,

The Gaza crisis has exploded — put your name to our emergency petition demanding a ceasefire. We’ll deliver it immediately to the UN Security Council, the Arab League, the US and other world leaders!


As we watch the Gaza bloodshed with horror, appalled at how the crisis is spiraling further out of control, one thing is clear — this violence will only lead to further civilian suffering and an escalation of the conflict.

There must be another way. Over 280 are dead so far in the Gaza Strip and hundreds more injured — rockets are striking Ashdod deep inside Israel for the very first time, and the sides are mobilising for invasion. A global outcry has begun, but it’ll take more than words — the immediate violence won’t end, nor will wider peace be secured, without firm action from the international community.

Today, we’re launching an emergency campaign which will be delivered to the UN Security Council and key world powers, urging them to act to ensure an immediate ceasefire and address the growing humanitarian crisis — only with robust international oversight and action can civilians on all sides be protected and real steps be taken toward a wider peace. Follow this link now to sign the emergency petition and send it to everyone you know:

After Gaza’s bloodiest day in recent memory and eight or more years of ineffective US and global diplomacy, we need to get world leaders to do more than issue statements if they’re to ensure a lasting ceasefire.1 Through the UN Security Council and other international bodies, the world can provide the help and pressure needed to stop the violence and change the situation on the ground in Gaza — preventing the rockets and incursions, re-opening crossing-points under international oversight so that instead of weapon-smuggling, the 1.5 million ordinary people of Gaza can get the fuel, food and medicines they so desperately need.

All sides to the conflict will continue to act as they have in the past if they believe that the world will stand by and allow them to do so. We mobilised for a ceasefire in 2006’s Israel-Lebanon war and succeeded, but this time the international community must not delay — let’s raise a truly worldwide outcry. 2009 is a year that things can be different. As we face this crisis, and the possibilities of a new year, it’s time for us everywhere to work together to stop this violence.

With hope and determination,

Brett, Ricken, Alice, Ben, Pascal, Paul, Graziela, Paula, Luis, Iain and the whole Avaaz team

1 Further actions could include: a formal resolution from the Security Council rather than issuing a press statement as was done on 28 December 2008; explicit private and public international pressure on the parties to end the hostilities including developing clear terms for the resumption of negotiations; proper international oversight of the Rafah border; and in time, a detailed Security Council resolution setting out the terms in international law for a permanent peace between Israel and Palestine. For background, see this Jerusalem Post article, “No international pressure to end op”:

Datuk Seri Anwar , politician,

The best thing to happen to PKR Sabah in the closing chapters of 2008 is the taking over as Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri by Anwar Ibrahim.

Sabah PKR has been having quite a bit of uncertainty when Ansari Abdullah was appointed as PKR’s liaison chairman for Sabah since last year.  It was an open secret that Dr Jeffrey Kitingan and Ansari Abdullah were not able to work together. Both want to be PKR SUPREMO for Sabah which means if PKR forms the Sabah government then the Supremo will be the Chief Minister of Sabah. Everyone in Sabah knew this. Everyone also knew that Jeffrey was responsible solely for attracting and bringing in big numbers of indigenous Sabahans mostly from the interiors of Sabah into the PKR fold. Not for Jeffrey not many Indigenous people would have bothered to join PKR. We should give credit to Jeffrey for this and I hope Abang Anwar could see this.

Just last year, there was a major crisis in the PKR Sabah where both Ansari and Jeffrey’s supporters were planning a major revolt by way of resignations due to the appointment of Ansari as liaison chief for Sabah and Jeffrey’s supporters being unhappy over this appointment. 

It was just a matter of time before the war of nerves between Jeffrey and the Ansari combine will reach a flash point and this was very well known. And when it finally did, amid high drama when Jeffrey’s supporters wanted to resign en bloc, secretary-general Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (not Menteri Besar of Selangor yet!) had to fly down to  KK all the way from KL, to meet up with Jeffrey and Ansari and their supporters in Sokid Villa to calm things down. I was there in Sokid Villa then, when Tan Sri Khalid was handling the revolt and he did a good job to avoid the split on that day. Tan Sri Khalid was good, and he was very calm and articulate in the discussion and all who came had only praises for the way he handled the opposing forces  and how he had stepped in to mend the fences so diplomatically.

Anyway, Abang Anwar now as PKR liaison chairman for Sabah can give much needed guidance and direction to the party in Sabah which have been weak up to now.  His charisma and clout will play a central role in the strengthening of PKR in Sabah which is long overdue. The Pensiangan Parliamentary seat which has to be vacated by Tan Sri Kurup shortly will be a good starting point to see how Abang Anwar’s new role in Sabah is taking shape.

I would like to reproduce Jeffrey’s statement this morning on Abang Anwar’s new appointment as PKR Chief for Sabah and Sarawak.



Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)Vice President
Dec 29th, 2008

SUPPORT FOR SABAH CHIEF (Dr Jeffrey’s first public reaction on Anwar’s appointment as Sabah PKR Chief)

Since Datuk Anwar Ibrahim also our PKR Ketua Umum, it is a privilege for Sabah to have him as our Pengerusi Perhubungan (State PKR Liaison Chairman)

I would have objected if it was just any other leader.

This means we, in, can discuss and have direct access to the head of the National Opposition who is also the Prime Minister-in-waiting!

I view this as something positive. In other words and Sarawak’s status have been upgraded! Isn’t this what we have been looking for?

Of course in the long term, we will assist him to ease his burden by proposing an alternative appointment for the Borneo States.

Thank you.

at 019-8505005


The other day, Pak Lah said Malaysia can withstand the impact of the current global economic situation and will not go into a recession. He said Malaysia would be able to withstand the US credit crisis as Malaysia still had strong economic fundamentals as well as political stability as we also have very strong reserves, our surplus is still strong, our domestic savings are also very high and our currency is also stable and not subject to fluctuation.

Najib, our Prime Minister In Waiting, on the other hand, also says Malaysia’s economy is stable and Malaysia enjoys strong economic fundamentals and its financial markets and infrastructure can handle any external shock.

Our Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop also says  Malaysia will not be in recession next year because the government’s  RM7 billion economic stimulus plan implemented will start to show good results by the first quarter of next year and based on this calculations there is no possibility that Malaysia will enter recession in 2009. He further brags that Malaysia will not only survive but emerge as a more prosperous nation after all this.

Is Malaysia in a state of denial or what? Is Malaysia the only country in this whole wide world which is insulated from recession? I am wondering. I am curious. Or are our economic wizards much smarter than the ones in US, Europe and Singapore? Are we actually that good kah? As far as I know, United Sates, Europe, Japan and even Singapore are saying they are in recession and I also know that this is a Global Financial Crisis and that the whole world will be affected.  How come our top notch politicians are denying?

Just now I heard that over 4700 Malaysians will lose their jobs in the next 3 months and this is according to our Human Resources Minister S. Subramaniam. Subramaniam told state news agency Bernama that 102 companies had informed the Labour Department that 4,749 workers would be put out of a job between January and March 2009, with most coming from the electronics sector. 

What is happening? Why the rhetoric about Malaysia’s sound economic fundamentals and in denial about the economic situation.

I am worried that Malaysia could experience something far worse than recession if we are not careful and continue to spew rhetoric and in denial. Malaysia could even go into Stagflation which is a combination of inflation and stagnation.

Lets not be in denial. Lets talk reality and stop treating Malaysians like fools. Don’t be in denial. We need a national economy rescue plan to be drawn up fast before its too late.

I know America is responsible for causing this dilemma which is a combination of bad leadership (Bush) and Americans spending too much and borrowing too much and got full of themselves (with wars) with US$10 Trillion in National Debt and with US$52T  in overall debt.

I also know that the whole of Asia would be hit by this recession as it depends on the US economy. Even though domestic demand and diversification of trade in the Asian region will partly counter any drop in the US demand, one simply can’t escape a downturn in the world’s largest economy. The US economy accounts for 30 per cent of the world’s GDP.

So lets not be in denial and politicians stop the spin.

A Zimbabwean man pushes his ill relative to a cholera clinic in Harare, 25 November, 2008  Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic is spiralling out of control, the United Nations has indicated

Please show support and solidarity to the people of Zimbabwe who are wracked by cholera crisis which has already killed thousands, by signing below the global message of solidarity which will be turned into radio advertisement and broadcast across Zimbabwe:

Dear friends,

To help keep hope alive in Zimbabwe this holiday season, we’re running radio ads across Zimbabwe with messages of solidarity from citizens around the world. Click below to put your name to the campaign–or even make an ad of your own!

REPORT BACK: Last week, 200,000 of us succeeded in shifting Germany’s position in the climate negotiations! It’s just a partial victory, but a crucial one; click here to learn what happened!


As we approach the holiday season, the people of Zimbabwe need our solidarity and support. For many, this will be their tenth New Year’s Eve living in fear, their third without clean water, and their first amidst the spiralling cholera epidemic. So many have died that it is no longer clear what is the population of the country.1

Ultimately, it is the people of Zimbabwe who will bring change. Right now, our friends on the ground say that crushing hardship and isolation are the greatest threat — that the most powerful contribution we can make is to cry out our solidarity with their struggle, and let them know that they are not alone.

While Mugabe and his generals might control the borders and the newspapers, the airwaves are still free. Sign our global message of solidarity now — it will be turned into a radio advertisement and broadcast across Zimbabwe in the new year–and then if you choose, write or record your own ad for broadcast using our online tools:

Zimbabwe’s people are wracked by a cholera crisis which has already killed over 1000 people.2Three months after Robert Mugabe and the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangarai signed a power-sharing agreement, Mugabe’s still clings to power, even denying there is an epidemic.3 And as the regime cracks down, with increasing numbers of journalists, human rights defenders and ordinary people being abducted this week4, the prospect of a unity government seems more remote than ever. The Zimbabweans who risked their lives to vote against Mugabe in March this year are exhausted, hungry and terrorised by violence.

We have campaigned throughout the year on different levels with a range of targets, tactics and strategies, but Zimbabwe will only change if, amongst the dread and fear, Zimbabweans themselves believe they have the power to overcome hopelessness and lawlessness.

With our radio-broadcast messages of international solidarity, let’s let them know our eyes are on Zimbabwe and send them hope and strength to carry on strong into 2009. Our voices aim to uplift Zimbabwean people who have lost their hope or loved ones, helping a people who are desperate for democracy and ravaged by hunger and disease. These messages will be heard by hundreds of thousands across Zimbabwe and the region: sign our collective message here, then leave your personal message:

It is up to us to get our messages of support to the people of Zimbabwe. As citizens of the world, our only interest in ending the Mugabe era is that which led us to struggle in our own lands for political freedoms, and which brought many of us to stand with the South African people in the anti-apartheid struggle: a common humanity, a duty to fight repression and a commitment to the universality of rights. Let the Zimbabwean people know we stand with them:

In hope and solidarity,

Thank you.

Wishing all Malaysians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009.  And to all Bloggers, May your Christmas be full of smiles and blessings. God Bless!


Finally Malaysian Police says they will work hand in hand with the Immigration authorities and Interpol to investigate Malaysian passports being misused by international criminals, including terrorists

 After being in denial for so long they finally admit there is a problem. This is a good sign. In fact Malaysia was the first country in the world to use biometric passports in 1998 and the government was saying at that time that it was full-proof against identity theft, but it was not the case. The government spent millions on this.

According to Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Ismail Omar, the misuse of Malaysian passport by international criminals and terrorist was only found out by IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan during an Interpol conference in Russia recently. In that Russian Interpol conference, evidently, Interpol had told Tan Sri Musa that quite a number of Malaysian passports are found to be used by irresponsible people and criminals including terrorists all over the world.

Tan Sri Ismail Omar said this at a seminar at the Police Contingent in Sabah. He also said that the police are looking into who are the people dealing with passports and if local syndicates are cooperating with international syndicates, what are they doing, what is the objective of the misuse of passports, and how many are actually involved.

Tan Sri Ismail Omar also said that if the matter was not taken care of, it will give an impression to the world that there are many syndicates in Malaysia that are out of control.

Asked if passports involved were genuine, Ismail said: “We don’t have the details.. We are working with Interpol to get more accurate data, how many are genuine and how many may be false.”

He also said that this had marred Malaysia’s image.

I believe it is high time the cops start to aggressively combat document fraud and do some serious work on the cases of the falsification of Malaysian documents not only Malaysian passports but also Malaysian Identity Cards and credit cards.

We know nothing is going to be foolproof, but by altering the technology, it is possible to raise our defenses. The harder we make it to forge documents, the greater our gains in protecting our nation. We have to really up the ante as the basic problem is that if a document of any kind can be produced, it can be falsified or forged too. Even the Mumbai terrorist were also said to be carrying Malaysian papers and I have written about it here

PM Badawi says he is fulfilling his promise of reform before he leaves office in end March. With the political clock ticking away, will the incoming leader, his deputy Najib Tun Razak, ever be able to take over in March as the new prime minister? 

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it was not impossible Datuk Abdullah Badawi may not step down as the Prime Minister next March, when Datuk Seri Najib Razak takes over the Umno party leadership. There is talk that even if Najib becomes Umno president, he may not be the Prime Minister. Could this happen? Could the Umno President after March 2009 not be The Prime Minister of Malaysia?

If Pak Lah is still interested to continue serving as Prime Minister after end March 2009, that is his right as he is the legitimate Prime Minister and he got his Letter of Appointment from The Agung, and thus, he can stay until the end of his term and complete all the unfinished works he set out to do and I’m sure most Malaysians will support this move.

In light of the tough times politically for UMNO and The BN and all the allegations of purported scandals involving Najib and with the upcoming Sarawak State Elections, what are you thoughts about Pak Lah staying on even after March 2009? Take our poll and share your thought in the comment section of this thread.




Had an interesting email from one Razak from Sandakan. He asked me to show just one shred of evidence where illegal immigrants in Sabah had voted in elections and he challenged me to blog on this, if I had any, or else I should just shut up!

In his email Razak also says that “all the stories about illegals getting Malaysian Identity Cards and they vote in our elections is all pure rubbish, innuendos and figment of your imagination to help the opposition forces to discredit the Federal Government. Show me proof Mr Selva. If you are unable to publicly produce hard and convincing evidence that backs the outrageous charges you said to your readers across the nation, I ask you publicly retract the story. The most basic journalistic ethics would demand as much.”

My reply to Razak:

” Thank you Razak for the interest and for creating the spark in me to respond to your time taken email in respect to my 2 articles  When Will Philippines Drop The Sabah Claim? and Malaysia Pays RM5300 Annual Rental For Sabah to The Sultanate of Sulu .

Have a number of cases to show you Razak but let me just start with the case of a Bugis  fellow.

I know of a 24 year old Bugis construction labourer from Sulawasi, Indonesia, who was sentenced to 12 months jail by the Magistrate’s Court in Kota Kinabalu.

This Bugis fellow by the name of Sahar bin Abdul Rahman was further ordered by the Magistrate Steve Ritikos to be deported to Indonesia after completion of his prison term. Steve Ritikos also ordered the Identity Card to be destroyed by the Immigration Department under the presence of the Magistrate Registrar.

The prosecutor for this case, was Chief Inspector Cedric Choo, and according to him Sahar bin Abdul Rahman was arrested on February 6 at 8.36 am for possession of a forged identity card and was refer-ed to the Immigration Department.

The investigation revealed that Sahar bin Abdul Rahman was nabbed and detained by the Immigration Department Office in Wisma Dang Bandung, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, when Sahar went to the Immigration Department on the pretext of renewing his identity card.

During the interview with the Immigration Officer in charge, Sahar bin Abdul Rahman produced his identity card bearing the number H0514705 which was suspected to be a fake Malaysian blue identity card.

The identity card was then refered to the State Registration Department and they confirmed that the IC to be forge.

The Identity Card was then checked with the Election Commission’s Voting List. On Daftar Pemilih “A”, Page 57, Daerah – Mengundi : 165/48/91 – Sin On,  Locality : 1654801001 – Sin On Road, there are 50 names listed in this page and the numbers run from 2901 to 2950. Number 2913 – IC  H0514750 Lelaki Sahar bin Abdul Rahman.

And finally Mr Razak from Sandakan, if you don’t know the answer to a question, have the courage to admit it. This is the first step to true knowledge.

Digest Razak and love to hear from you again.”

Although Malaysia and The Philippines are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations they have a strange relationship. It is smooth most of the time outwardly, and both friendly to each other on the surface, but beneath that, there are major issues simmering in the back burner since 1963 the formation of Malaysia, and, these issues  can lead to severe cracks to the relationship if not address properly in the near future.

“The Sabah Claim.”

The cause for this Philippine territorial claim of  Sabah has become a “permanent toothache” to both KL and Manila.  This territorial claim has made  Sabah a haven for 1 million illegal immigrants from the southern Philippines which make up nearly 1/3 of the Sabah population of 3.3 million and this is very dangerous and a contentious issue. Some of these illegals are citizens now and having Malaysian Identity cards and they vote.

Geographically speaking, Sabah is in fact closer to the Philippines than peninsular Malaysia which is separated from the state by 1,000 km of  South China Sea. So  Sabah is nearer to Manila than Kuala Lumpur.

The Philippines claim that North Borneo then, now Sabah once belonged to the sultan of  Sulu, a province of the southern Philippines.  According to them, The Sultan of Sulu then rented the state to an American-German company which later transferred its sovereignty to the British in the late 19th century.

When Sabah joined the Federation of Malaysia on Sept. 16, 1963, the Philippines started to officially press for the return of the state to the heirs of the sultan who were its citizens. Manila still continued to pursue its claim to Sabah and the Philippines’ Senate never relinquished or dropped the claim till todate.

The attitude between both Malaysia and The Philippine’s is just “wait and see.”Don’t know what they are both waiting to see, but as far as I know, Sabah issue is a “permanent toothache” for both KL and Manila, but, both pretend as though all is good and honky dory and lets play it mute.

Sabah has a long and jagged coastline, and the waters separating it from the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, are dotted with numerous uninhabited islands. These geographical features of Sabah has provided sanctuary to the huge numbers of illegal Filipinos and Abu Sayyaf terrorist. When the Malaysian authorities try to repatriate them permanently, instead of returning to Mindanao, many of those sent back in boats headed for the islands and camped there. From there, they returned to Sabah within the next few days. This is rampant in the east coast of  Sabah.

 Malaysia wants a Philippine consulate to be opened in Kota Kinabalu to facilitate its measures in dealing with the problem of the illegal Filipino immigrants in the state. But Manila feels that such a move would be a tacit acknowledgment that Sabah is an integral component of Malaysia, signaling that it is dropping its 37-year-old territorial claim to Sabah. The last thing the Philippines wants at this stage.

So, is there ever going to be a Sabah solution between KL and Manila without engaging the Sabahans who are the real stakeholders? I doubt it!