Elizabeth Wong – Sleeping Naked is Not an Offence

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Elizabeth Wong PKR Selangor, Malaysia, Malaysia Today, Malaysian Politics, Pakatan Rakyat, PKR, Selangor

I don’t see why Pakatan Rakyat’s Elizabeth Wong should resign. After all, the nude photos were taken using a camera phone without her consent by a former boyfriend while she was sleeping.

Nothing wrong in sleeping naked. What is so wrong with that. No big deal.

Well, people who wanted to smear her image think they have succeeded but I don’t think so.

Selangor Opposition Leader Mohd Khir Toyo is quick to urge Elizabeth Wong to resign immediately because of the nude photos. Khir Toyo says this is a scandal and its embarrassing and therefore Elizabeth is no longer fit to remain as a member of the state administration or a lawmaker. Khir Toyo is talking about morality and leadership now, what a hypocrite. Shit! Khir himself is one corrupted jerk, wait, this dentist has a string of cases and it will be coming out soon from the closet, I strongly believe he would be charged for corruption, mark my word!

Great job Khir Toyo, exploit the situation! You are just another jerk!  Another ‘holier than thou’ politician this Khir. I cannot blame him because his days are also numbered.

I remember some months ago Teresa Kok was also put into a lot of anxiety and fear by Khir himself.

As I talk now, the plot is already on-going and Selangor might follow the example of Perak and might be taken over by UMNO. Not easy but this UMNO fellows are trying really hard. Desperadoes trying to steal the peoples mandate again through the back door.

  1. Anonymous says:

    malaysia gov rili shitty
    only know how to use shitty strategy to kena ppl
    wat the hell of the democratic
    is tis a so-called demoxratic system


  2. samson says:

    That Indon like all illegal Indons in here are good at scaring ppl only (unlike legitimate Indonesian citizens visiting our country) Eventhough that toyol claims to be born here (yeah right!) his actions echo his roots. So he went to have tea with our local Pg police? Saja buat wayang…

    Hope Eli will not succumb to these idiots who only want fame via the fast way.


  3. marina says:

    Since when is sleeping in underpants or nude in your own home immoral? Come on, please be more matured.

    Eli should just expose the name(s) of who did this. Let the rakyat deal with morons.


  4. alice says:

    Unbeliavable how TV3 spent so much of time covering petty news about how Liz Wong slept in the nude.Get a lifelah morons!!


  5. John says:

    Eli Ex is such an asshole. This kind of man should be hanged upside down tied to their balls.


  6. smokie says:

    yup I agree, unless of course if the like of the “infamous MCA cought on tape ” suface. Untill then I think she not gulty of anything. I mean come on, if somebody candid it or her bf do it then it not her fault.


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