Sabahan,Yong Vui Kong Face Death In Singapore

Posted: July 6, 2010 in 24761553, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Appeal, Heroin, Malaysia, Malaysian Human Rights, Sabah, Singapore
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Yong Vui Kong a 22 year old boy from Sabah was caught in Singapore with 47.27 grams of heroin. He was only 19 years old when caught on 13th June 2007. He has been locked up in Changi Prison for the past 3 years. He is now waiting to be executed anytime as all appeals have been rejected after the court pronounced hanging by death on 7th January 2009, under Section 5(1)(a)Dangerous Drug Act.

Yong comes from a broken family and when he was 3 yeas old his parents divorced, the mother is a mental patient. Yong worked in an oil palm estate in Sabah when only 7 years old and could not afford to go to school. When 9, Yong came to Kuala Lumpur and worked as dishwasher in a restaurant but was abused and tortured and left the job for Singapore. In Singapore, Yong was paddling in illegal VCD’s and came in contact with drug dealer Ah Beng the Taiko.Then one Wednesday, on 13th June 2007, Yong got caught with 47 grams of heroin, when he was asked to deliver the drug by Ah Beng The Taiko.

The rest is history.

A poor young boy got caught in the wrong company, was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing…

22 year old Yong Vui Kong a Malaysian, could be anyone or everyone.

WHY is Malaysia not intervening in this case of young Yong Vui Kong on death row in Singapore?  Why? Is it is because he is Chinese? Is it because he is Sabahan? I hope not!

But, in the past, Malaysia has  intervened in cases outside the country, the case of a young university science graduate Umi Azlim Mohamad Lazim, 24. Remember? This was in China in 2008 where Umi who was charged with the death penalty for having 2.9 kilograms of heroin in her luggage. Umno and PAS actively campaigned to free Umi, and Umi’s death sentence was actually commute to life when the Malaysian government intervened.

So, why is the Malaysian government not doing anything to help Yong?

See this video…

Read also here

Lets ALL Pray For Yong Vui Kong! He needs our prayers!

  1. Wong says:

    Sounds like the Singapore is eager to show the world (again) how mighty their execution of the law is. Where’s that other person whose charge have been withdrawn? Malaysia should get into this case just to make sure it’s fair.


  2. amir says:

    Ting ting macam jelas sangat dengan perangai orang Sabah, pernahkah ting tong bergaul dengan orang kita?


  3. ting ting says:

    actually sabahan boys age 16 to 40 they r lazy,they party.drunk,lazy to work.they make many prob in spore thats why the goverment don give a dame wit the appeal.why malaysian should knw spore drugs traffikings drug is death.thats why now many sabahan they got no chance 2 work in spore now.


  4. amir says:

    Harap Yong diberikan peluang kedua.


  5. Sesimbut says:

    Yong Vui Kong, my prayers with you always. I will pray the death sentence being drop upon you. May Allah have mercy on you regardless what religion you are this Ramadhan month.


  6. Jess says:

    It is worth to give him a chance of alive again. We believes he is gone through the hard pathway , and now he is regret now. Give him one more last chance to survive and be a good person in future .

    thank you.


  7. Penangite says:

    To Singapore government,

    Human being make mistake, please released Yong Vui Kong from death sentence.



  8. legalist says:

    What makes you think that drug barons have no sad stories themselves? What makes you think that these “masterminds” did not started off with stories like Mr Yong Vui Kong ? What makes you think that Mr Yong, if let off the hook, would not evolve to become the next criminal mastermind ?

    There will always be sad stories with convicted felons. If you watch the movie Shawshank redemption, there will always be no guilty criminals. These reasons can lead to psychological issues, to cheating wives to impulsive acts and etc… Are these valid reasons to forgive the man? Yes. But is it the business of the law to worry about this issues ? NO.

    Let me give you a simple scenario. When the Japanese just occupied Singapore, looting was rampant. Were there excuses for these looters? Absolutely. These looters were probably suffering from poverty, lack of education, ignorance and etc… Did the Japanese care about these issues ? No. They just beheaded these culprits and the looting STOPPED.

    That is what the LAW should be. Simple black and white. You fault with it, you pay the price. Thats what keeps this society in order.

    In this whole saga, we just need to know 1 issue.

    1) Was Mr Yong aware that he was trafficking drugs?

    If the answer is yes, then he should pay the price for faulting the law. Mr Yong is old enough (19) to know that his actions would lead to suffering to others.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Legalist <– spoken like a well fed person who had everything provided by parents and access to high education. I highly doubt you can see anything past your own nose. Your lack of conscience disgust me especially when you can't view it from the context of a kid with problematic upbringing. Analysing the law by its semantic value doesn't make you any smarter, only inhumane when u fail to consider there are more at stake here.

    To someoOne, that kid is exactly the byproduct of the corrupted system in M'sia. With no access to proper education and bad influence, i wouldn't be suprised that he only believe what others tell him. That's why he doesn't think its such a serious crime. Those irresponsible people who used him should have be caught instead and executed, but i guess Singapore police all thinks like Legalist do, catching the smaller fish in the pond is same like winning jackpot. The Malaysia government won't help not because he's wrong but mainly due to agenda. Stating they will try to assist only after people start begging them to, yet nothing is done until now. Even though it might not *help* much, at least obvious effort should have been presented.


  10. legalist says:

    I hate it when human rights watchdogs come in and screw with our judicial system. I would be absolutely devastated if the S’pore government buckles under pressure and pardons the man.

    The LAW is called the LAW because it screws you if you fucked with it maxims. And the S’pore law states that if you are caught with at “least half an ounce of heroin, at least 1 ounce of morphine or cocaine, or at least 17 ounces of marijuana are presumed to be trafficking in drugs, and face a mandatory death penalty.”

    Its very easy to perceive the law as cruel when we think of Mr Yong’s age, his ignorance, and repentance. However, please remember the original rationale for putting these laws in the first place. The law has to be CRUEL to defaulters to be KIND to those protected under its act. See the movie “Protege” to have some compassion to those who are suffering from drug abuse.

    Do I think Mr Yong should be forgiven for his crime ? Absolutely. Do I think Mr Yong should be spared? NO.


  11. someoOne says:

    From my point of view, the gov wont intervene on his case because its his choice. He was in an illegal business. So obviously he’s wrong. Umi, on the other hand, was used by irresponsible people. So of course intervening yong’s case would be useless. Seriously man, think logically, help someone who knew he was doing something wrong? You guys gotta be kidding right?


  12. Bei Soo Lang says:

    The real criminals are people like Politician Bong the old playboy.He has stolen billions from the land below the wind.How many billions did he spend to bring that babyface playdoll back to Sabah?.Is he her first man in bed? Make a guess all of you Sabahans.How many millions did he give to her brothers to committ a crime and go to jail for him? Millions of the money that could have helped people like Yong to get a decent job.Many more Sabah youths will end up like him.
    You can come to my office in KK anytime and I will show you documented proof of the crimes that Musa and his henchmen have committed against the land below the wind.


  13. Bei Soo Lang says:

    There are tens of thousands of Sabah youths begging for food in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.But they do not turn to drug trafficking to make a quick buck.I guess Yong just have to pay the ultimate price for his crime.Remember that the Malaysian Government hanged many Singaporeans for drug trafficking in our country too. I am from Kedah but I have stayed in KK for more than 20 years.You just have to walk around the back streets of KK after 10 pm. There you can see the misery of the Sabah youthful drug addicts taking drugs brought in by trafficers like Yong.Why does’nt the VVIPs of Malaysia raise a hue and cry to help them ? Does it mean that their lives are of less value of the life of these youthful Yong ?


  14. anakin says:

    I believe singapore government is not that cruel in handling citizens and also to the nations. That’s because I had live in singapore for a long time and i can feel singapore government take care of us quite well.

    To Singapore government, I believe you all have a kind hearted personality and I believe you can void the death sentence to Yong Vui Kong. Everyone will make mistake, even the god also will make mistake. So to Yong Vui Kong, we believe his mistake is based on his background and this made him until today.

    To my respectful Singapore government, i hope one day morning I can see a news headline stated Singapore government had released Yong Vui Kong from death sentence. I believe the nations who can see this headline will be grateful and scream “Long live the singapore government!!”. I am not stating singapore is not a fair country before this case, but i think the world, the nations, all malaysians, all sabahans, all my relatives all my family is waiting for the good news from the singapore government.

    Singapore government, please give this pityful and innocenet kid a 2nd chance and the world and the nations will be thankful and grateful with what you did.


  15. vince says:

    I don’t feel proud to be Malaysian. I salute Yong’s lawyer M.Ravi.


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  18. adam says:

    Lets pray for his release from prison & death sentence;may the Goddess of mercy have compassion and mercy o him Yong;Amituofo;Amen & Alhamdulilah!


  19. GreenDay says:

    whatever it is, i do hope the government try their best to help this poor kid out. Died at a young age is such a waste. I think this kid deserve a chance. After all, he was at the wrong time, wrong place, and most definitely with the wrong crowd. That’s why family upbringing is important. If he was brought up in a good family environment, this wouldn’t had happen. Pray that he will be saved from the rope of death.


  20. iLwRnC says:

    I hope the Singaporean responsibility authority will find it in their heart to approve Yong’s appeal.


  21. Gaelic says:

    May he be saved from the rope of death..


  22. CareBear says:

    The last time i check, this article is about Yong Vui Kong . ;)


  23. Nicole says:

    What was with teoh? r u trying to spam here?!!!!


  24. Nicole says:

    I believe the letter now, on its way to Singapore…we still can hope and pray !!!


  25. bulletpain says:

    semoga roh Teoh Beng Hock akan bersemadi dengan aman! takziah diucapkan


  26. CareBear says:

    Poor kid.. he’s only 22 and his life is going to an end . Hopefully with the government intervention, he would be exempted from death sentence.


  27. Guys read here :

    Singapore says Malaysia yet to plead clemency for drug mule

    * News

    2010-07-07 14:46

    SINGAPORE, Wednesday 7 July 2010 (AFP) – Singapore has yet to receive a request for clemency from the Malaysian government for a drug trafficker facing the death penalty in the city-state, the foreign ministry said Wednesday.

    Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman was quoted in a newspaper report Tuesday as saying Malaysia will plead with its neighbour to spare the life of convicted drug trafficker Yong Vui Kong.

    Singapore’s foreign ministry said in a statement it “is aware of the media reports on the issue” but that it “has yet to receive any request for clemency from the Malaysian government”.

    Yong faces the death penalty, which is carried out by hanging, after he was convicted in 2008 of trafficking 47 grams (1.65 ounces) of heroin into Singapore.

    Both Malaysia and Singapore have tough anti-drug laws and rarely seek clemency for nationals facing drug charges in the other country.

    But Anifah spoke out after Singapore’s highest court in May rejected a death sentence appeal by Yong, who was 19 when he was caught.

    “We sympathise with what has transpired and will do everything possible within our power or within diplomatic channels to resolve this,” Anifah was quoted as saying by Malaysia’s New Straits Times newspaper.

    “He has one more avenue (of appeal) and I will be writing to the government of Singapore to plead for his clemency,” Anifah said.

    In Singapore, the death penalty is mandatory for anyone caught trafficking more than 15 grams of heroin, 30 grams of cocaine or 500 grams of cannabis.

    Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has said Singapore, with a population of nearly five million, has one of the highest per capita execution rates in the world. It put 420 people to death between 1991 and 2004.

    Singapore officials have defended its use of the death penalty, saying capital punishment had deterred drug dealers from operating in the country and spared the lives of thousands of young people from drugs.
    MySinchew 2010.07.07


  28. zam says:

    foreign ministry still try to find a urbanchick says..


  29. lidah says:

    before saying that Malaysian government has doing nothing, please read urbanchick says: July 8, 2010 at 2:44 am..


  30. ren says:

    After all, this is his first offense, no second chance at all?


  31. ren says:

    I certainly would like to know why does the Malaysian government did nothing to help him? I sure don’t hope that being Chinese and a Sabahan has anything to do with that.


  32. urbanchick says:

    Govt to appeal to S’pore for clemency in Yong’s sentence (Updated)

    KUALA LUMPUR: Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman said his ministry would write to the Singapore government to plead for clemency in the case of Sabahan Yong Vui Kong, who was sentenced to death last year for drug trafficking.

    On when he would write to the Singapore government, Anifah said he would wait for the legal arguments to be prepared first on why Yong’s life should be spared.

    “We sympathise with what had transpired and will do everything possible within our powers or diplomatic means to solve the problem,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby Monday.

    Yong, 22, was convicted on Jan 7 last year after he was arrested on June 13, 2007 for trafficking 47gm of diamorphine, an offence under the Singaporean Misuse of Drugs Act.

    On whether the Government would appeal for Yong to be brought back to be imprisoned here, Anifah said the focus was to get clemency first.

    Meanwhile, Batu MP Tian Chua said he and his lawyers had given Anifah the case background when they met and were grateful the minister not only agreed to meet them but also brought along with him international law experts to discuss how best to help Yong.

    Yong’s Singaporean lawyer M. Ravi said they would be filing for a judicial review action this week to challenge the Law Minister K. Shanmugam’s announcement that Yong would not be spared the death penalty, even before the Court of Appeal delivered its judgment and before they could file for clemency.

    Ravi had brought Yong’s plight to Parliament Monday in a desperate attempt to seek help from the Malaysian government to save Yong before he was executed.

    Last year, Yong filed a petition with the president for clemency but it was rejected on Dec 1.

    Ravi also said the case could be taken to the International Court of Justice if all avenues were exhausted.

    Yong’s Malaysian lawyer Ngeow Chow Ying said the last date for them to file for clemency was Aug 26, after which Yong could be hanged at any time.


  33. Sabah Boleh says:

    What is Anifah Aman doing? Foreign Minister Anifah from Sabah should have atleast made a statement about this matter but shame on him nothing. Too busy playing politics in KL ba. This is the kind of leaders we have. I feel really disappointed with both Anifah and Musa Aman for not even bothered about a fellow Sabahan in trouble.


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