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Following the exposure of the secret Cabinet documents on the RM12 BILLION Port Klang Free Zone fiasco by Malaysia Today, professional hired hackers engaged by the “ESTABLISHMENT” have attacked the Malaysia Today site to bring down the site and at times its even impossible to access for 6 to 8 hours in a day. In spite of all these attacks we still somehow manage to get access. They know they cant beat us in this game no matter how hard they try. Keep trying Najib!

I’m posting Raja Petra’s latest posting on the the attacks on Malaysia Today site.

Here goes…


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Monday, 28 September 2009 16:21

The MCMC has in the past failed to silence Malaysia Today officially through blocking it in August 2008. Now, with even more revelations of various scandals of the government exposed through this site, we can’t help but suspect that there is a more significant force, a hidden hand at play aimed at bringing down Malaysia Today.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

First of all, I have received tons of happy birthday messages via SMS, Facebook, e-mails and postings on this site. Initially, I tried to reply to all these messages one by one but as the messages flooded in I found it impossible to reply to each and every message individually. Therefore, I would like to say thank you and at the same time apologise to all those I was not able to personally reply to.

Now, you may have noticed that of late Malaysia Today has been ‘off the air’ almost every day, sometimes for a stretch of many hours. This has been going on for more than a week. The man leading our technical team thought that maybe we should inform our readers about what is happening so that you can be kept abreast of the developments. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to solve this problem.

Nevertheless, there is just so much we can do. Money, of course, is one issue that we have to address, as what would be required does cost us quite a sum. Money aside, though, if they choose to continue the attacks, even money can’t solve the problem. We just have to pick ourselves up and start all over again whenever we are hit and bear the disruptions to the site with a stiff upper lip.

Anyway, let our technical team explain what is the problem we have been facing.

What happened to Malaysia Today

By Malaysia Today’s technical team

With so much confusion and speculation making its rounds about what is happening to Malaysia Today over more than a week, we are compelled to offer our explanation so that the record can be set straight. Only limited technical details will be mentioned to allow you to appreciate the scale of challenge the site is facing.

You may now be aware that the site has been up and down since Friday, 17 September 2009. This was due to malicious activities by those behind the effort to cripple Malaysia Today. This is just one of the many rounds of cyber-attacks that we at Malaysia Today have had to face for more than a year now.

Coincidentally, this latest round of attacks started immediately after RPK’s explosive expose two weeks ago on Tuesday regarding the Malaysian Cabinet’s knowledge and ‘approval’ of the PKFZ scandal long before it became public knowledge. Suspicious activities against the site happened as early as Wednesday, but the first damage was done in the afternoon of Thursday, which brought the site down.

The site was quickly recovered and by 6.00pm we were up and running again although with some loss of data. The attack revolved around the long-time problem faced by the site – a rather old version of Joomla content management system and the use of third-party components.

Lack of resources (financial, manpower, etc.) has always been a challenge faced by Malaysia Today, which affected the maintenance and operations of the site. During the recovery process, we locked down the site to reduce the danger of further compromises.

The next wave of attacks came the following day on Friday. This time it was in a wave of DDoS traffic crippling one of our nodes at Singapore. The Singapore node operates with about 30Mbps of bandwidth, a luxury by Malaysian standards but far short if we need to match any serious DDoS attacks. The node was basically choked with illegitimate traffic. Typical of DDoS network attacks, the origin of the attacks is difficult to pinpoint and sometimes pointless as the attack agents/zombies are likely compromised systems themselves.

We then activated our resources at our US node to recover the site. The process required optimisation of the site to cope with demand. (The demand on the site seemed much higher, possibly due to the interest on the PKFZ expose.) Hence the intermittent site outage, due to either overloading or optimisation process.

Being a service provider of a larger scale and sophistication, the US node has a higher capability of sustaining the attacks. Still, the attacks persisted on a daily basis and we tried deflecting them as far as we could. The DDoS traffic we suffered ranged from 227Mbps to 835Mbps, a mammoth scale for anyone familiar with maintaining Internet sites. The attacker does not appear interested in defacing the website, typical of self-styled college hackers. He/she just deleted articles published on Malaysia Today, literally one by one, with the single-minded aim of erasing all the explosive stuff on the site.

Further complicating the trace of attacks is the use of free proxy servers, on random basis, by the attackers. This is an irony, as we have been advising our users to use such proxy servers to overcome any potential content filtering by the government.

All the malicious activities and behaviours bear the hallmark of professional, for-hire hackers. These are certainly no amateurs, judging from the persistence and frequency of the attacks, with the main objective of making the content of Malaysia Today inaccessible to the public.

We believe that there is NO explicit blocking of the site by the various Malaysian ISPs. The inconsistent and intermittent accessibility of the site in the past many days are the result of the situation described above, although we must caution that it is almost impossible to detect any clandestine censorship.

The MCMC has in the past failed to silence Malaysia Today officially through blocking it in August 2008. Now, with even more revelations of various scandals of the government exposed through this site, we can’t help but suspect that there is a more significant force, a hidden hand at play aimed at bringing down Malaysia Today.

Its my birthday tomorrow and I cant believe it that I’m 53 and been here since 1956. Needs an award for this.

So its Libra time again, September 23 – October 22.

LIBRA is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac, representing air in which life is at a balance. Libra’s sign is scales.

They say Libras are notoriously diplomatic, as they are on both sides of the fence. Libras are peaceful, kind, charming, easy-going and romantic. On the negative side, they say Libras can be indecisive (I don’t know if this is true?).

Famous Libras include Michael Douglas – September 25, my buddy Raja Petra – September 27, Myself – September 28, Mahatma Gandhi – October 2, John Lennon – October 9, Luciano Pavarotti – October 12, and my other buddy John Richard Jayasuriya also a Libra.

Salam Adilfitri kepada semua umat Islam, terutamanya kawan karib saya Raja Petra Kamaruddin dan keluarganya dan juga kawan-kawan rapat saya di Pulau Pinang dan di Sabah. Jika terdapat kekurangan dan kesalahan, saya mohon maaf secara zahir, dan juga batin.

Selamat Hari Raya untuk Semua……. .. Selamat Hari Raya!

Berhati-hati lah di jalan raya!

Well done Guan Eng and The Penang State Government for contributing RM30,000 to help seek justice for the Penan teenage girls raped by loggers in the interiors of Sarawak.

What better way to observe Malaysia Day by this small contribution. This contribution was pledged by the Penang Chief Minister Guan Eng during a special congregation of civil servants at the Dome, Komtar, yesterday. Among the observers were Kota Sentosa state assemblyman and MP for Bandar Kuching, YB Chong Chien Jen (DAP) and state assemblyman for Ngemah, YB Gabriel Adit (PKR).

This is the way forward Guan Eng! Good move!

Here is the text of the speech delivered by Guan Eng for the occasion.


Integrasi Nasional, Perpaduan Negara Dan Satu Malaysia Hanya Tercapai Sekiranya Semua Rakyat Malaysia Dibenarkan Berkongsi Kuasa, Menikmati Hasil Bumi Mereka Dan Kemajuan Setara Dalam Sebuah Kerajaan Berjiwa Rakyat.

Salam Sejahtera, Selamat Berpuasa Dan Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia

Saya berasa amat gembira kerana dapat berhimpun pada pagi yang mulia ini bagi meraikan Sambutan Hari Malaysia yang ke 46. Pada kesempatan ini, saya ingin merakamkan penghargaan kepada semua pihak yang terlibat dalam menjayakan Sambutan Hari Malaysia pada pagi ini. Sambutan ini memberi pengertian yang sangat bermakna kepada semua anggota Perkhidmatan Awam dan kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Hari Malaysia disambut pada 16 September setiap tahun untuk memperingati penubuhan persekutuan Malaysia di tarikh yang sama pada tahun 1963 dan dijadikan sebagai satu sambutan untuk seluruh negara memandangkan tarikh ini merupakan sejarah penggabungan negeri Sabah dan Sarawak dengan Tanah Melayu.

Read the rest here

Users say it’s fun, it’s cheap, and it’s beginning to shake off its hardcore party drug image.

Is ketamine the new drug of choice for young people in Malaysia?

See here my own indulgence not so long ago…

I was in a 100% Chinese Karaoke joint in Kota Kinabalu with 6 0ther friends.

Ranny and me decided that we would try it out. So I did a line of “K”, that’s all it took, although it was a pretty fat line…

within 15-20 minutes I’d say I was falling into a “k – hole”, things started moving in slow motion, I looked down to see my legs gone, but could move, but also able to stand up, and then, thinking, hey! I’m walking now, but I can’t feel my limbs. My mind watched everything becoming cloudy and I’m on a cloud floating, next I’m up on the table trying to reach for the speakers. Then I am on the other side of the dance floor, I danced in slow motion and felt like I was in some strange place. I feel so happy and peaceful, so nice, cannot describe the feeling of happiness. I leave the dance floor and walk outside to the smoking area. Sat on a chair but the chair was very small and I am slipping down as if I was going to fall right down into a hole in the ground.

My mind was just going crazy….all kinds of thoughts was going on…very confusing

My friends too were spaced out like me, strange behavior, but i don’t regret doing it and would probably do it again.

Anyway, according to some medical experts from Israel, there is also some good out of ketamine. Its not as bad as how its being portrayed. It seems this new party drug “ketamine” or “K” can also be of help for people with suicidal tendencies. It can bring down depression levels rapidly, a preliminary study has revealed.

Treatment of depression can take weeks to produce positive results, which is inadequate for those contemplating suicide.

However, in early trials, intravenous (IV) ketamine, previously used as an anaesthetic, has brought down depression levels rapidly.

Ketamine cuts down suicidal thoughts when patients were assessed 24 hours after a single infusion. This reduction in suicidal tendencies was maintained when patients received repeated doses over the next two weeks.

Study co-author Rebecca Price, psychiatrist, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, said: “If these findings hold up in larger samples of high-risk suicidal patients, IV ketamine could prove an attractive treatment option in situations that might endanger a patient’s life”.

Since this was a preliminary study in a small group of depressed patients, further research is needed to replicate these results.

However, the findings are promising and could result in improved treatment for suicidal patients in the future.

These findings were published in the September issue of Biological Psychiatry.

See here my indulgence in chemical romance.

So, want to know the kind of music ketamine users love? Here goes….

In case you guys forgot, Malaysia was formed on Sept 16, 1963 and Malaysia is only 46 years old today and not 52 years old as told. What a shame, they NEVER told us this in school. Our ‘official’ history is riddled with prejudice, inconsistencies and huge knowledge gaps, so much so that there was a time when school textbooks made no mention of September 16th as Malaysia Day.

I would love Malaysia to be independent as per the wishes or vision of Lee Kuan Yue @ Uncle Harry Lee…..but somehow still I am not convinced about the Independence Day…….and celebration.

See here our Harris Ibrahim’s initiative on Anak Bangsa Malaysia, which is long overdue. Also see here.

Happy Malaysia Day to all my comrades and fellow citizens in Malaysia.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!!

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu asked to step down “for his incompetence” in dealing with sexual violence committed against indigenous girls and women

Following the release of a Malaysian government report that confirmed systematic sexual abuse of indigenous girls and women by loggers in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak, the state’s political leadership is increasingly being criticized over its failure to handle the sensitive issue in an appropriate way.

On Saturday, Sarawak’s Deputy Chief Minister, Alfred Jabu, has been asked to resign by the oppositional Democratic Action Party (DAP) “for his incompetence” to deal with the issue. Jabu, who is in charge of Penan affairs by virtue of his position as Minister of Rural Development, has repeatedly refused to acknowledge that Penan girls were sexually abused and raped by timber workers.

In a Borneo Post interview published on 12 September 2009, Alfred Jabu insinuated that the Federal government’s report was being manipulated by “negative NGOs” although he admitted to not having seen the report published three days earlier by a National Task Force under the leadership of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

While the Malaysian Mirror commented that Jabu appeared to be “in self-denial” over the report and tagged him as “the odd man out on this serious issue”, Sarawak DAP State Assemblywoman, Violet Yong, asked Jabu to resign. “The State government must be answerable on the issue of Penans who were confirmed raped”, Yong said, according to Sarawak Update, a local news channel. “Jabu is not close to the ground and fails to see what is happening there.”

When the Bruno Manser Fund first reported the sexual abuse cases in September 2008, Jabu said it would be “a waste of time to investigate” the Penan’s allegations. Meanwhile, the Bangkok-based Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development has called on the Malaysian Government to immediately identify, arrest and bring to court rapists and sexual rights violators of Penan girls and women of Baram, Sarawak.

Bruno Manser Fund

Association for the Peoples of the Rainforest

Socinstrasse 37

4051 Basel, Switzerland

+41 61 261 94 74,

See here and here and here

This video was recorded from Al-Arabiya TV Station an Arabic-language television news station. I pinched this video from Susan Loone’s Blog.

Pet my buddy explains how his statutory declaration with regards to the murder of Altantuya intended for the Prosecutor’s eyes only was published without his permission by those who looked to undermine its contents with a motive to sodomize.

The SD can be read online here.


Also read The Malaysian Insider – “RPK renews attacks over Altantuya allegations on Youtube”

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 — After absconding from his sedition and criminal defamation trials, fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin appears to have begun his own defence through the first in a series of video interviews of him on the Internet.

Read the rest here

This is the story Malay Mail says MalaysiaToday hijacked/stole before its press time release. Malay Mail editor-in-chief Ahirudin Attan, the blogger behind Rocky’s Bru is hopping mad to know that Malaysia Today stole this Malay Mail scoop which the Malay Mail has been working on for days and had saved it for today’s front page. What a pity! See here what Rocky has to say and he has even seen his lawyers on this scooped scoop.

Here goes….

Ex-MIC strongman says he ‘cheated’ in 1977 party polls

(The Malay Mail) – FORMER MIC strongman Datuk V. Govindaraj has made public a dark secret that could have altered the presidency of the party.

Govindaraj has confessed that he pocketed 30 votes meant for Datuk S. Subramaniam in the contest for the deputy president’s post against Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu 31 years ago.

Subramaniam ended up losing to Samy Vellu by a mere 26 votes and the latter became president when then president Tan Sri V. Manickavasagam died in 1979.

Govindaraj, 76, an elder statesman of the Indian community who broke his silence to Malay Mail, said he acted “on the spur of the moment” and was “not instigated by anyone”.

The former MIC vice-president said he was speaking up after all these years because he wished to make peace with himself and let everyone know what happened on that polling day in 1977.

“I am the one who stole 30 votes that delegates had cast for Subramaniam.

“I really did not plan it… it was on the spur of the moment when I took a stack of three bundles of 10 votes each and put them in my pocket.”

However, he said, he apologised to Subramaniam and the late Datuk K. Pathmanaban on the same day and both of them “forgave me”.

“Although he was magnanimous and forgave me I still want to go on record and say ‘Subra, I am really sorry’ because he would have been president after Tan Sri Manickavasagam’s death and not Samy Vellu.”

Govindaraj said he had also informed Samy Vellu, whom he backed for the deputy presidency, of the incident as well.

Samy Vellu could not be reached for confirmation.

When contacted, Subramaniam acknowledged that Govindaraj confessed to him and Pathmanaban that he stole the votes to allow Samy Vellu to win.

”We are still friends. I forgave him a long time ago… I do not think about it or wallow over the misfortune I suffered,” he said.

Subramaniam, then the secretary-general of MIC, was hand-picked by Manickavasagam to become deputy president and succeed him.

Relating the incident, Govindaraj said: “I was wearing a batik shirt and was in front of the table with the bundle of votes of 10 each.

“When the scrutineers’ attention was focused on a commotion I took three stacks of 10 votes each meant for Subra and put them in my pocket. I knew those votes were for Subra.

“The history of MIC would have taken a different course if not for my wrong-doing,” said Govindaraj, who was removed from the party Central Working Committee in 2006.

Govindaraj also said he was making this dark secret public because he hoped his confession would ensure that balloting in the Sept 12 polls would be fair and the counting above board.

He proposed an independent body be set up to ensure voting was fair and free from any pressure and interference.

A total of 73 candidates are contesting for the posts of deputy president (three candidates), vice-presidents (seven going for three spots) and Central Working Committee members (63 people vying for 23 seats).

Govindaraj, a former staunch supporter of Samy Vellu and the person credited with introducing him to politics, said the autocratic system of political administration under the current leadership is not good for the country and the party.

Samy Vellu is the longest serving president of the MIC, having held this post for 11 consecutive terms since 1979. He was also the longest-serving Cabinet Minister until his defeat in the 12th general election in March  2008.

See here how Malaysia Today scooped the Mail Mail scoop. Also see here Raja Petra challenging Malay Mail to make a police report on him for stealing this scoop from Malay Mail.