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NO ….. Kuli, YOU ARE NOT! u r implicated in the murder of Tun Fuad n his newly elected cabinet in the 1976 (June 6) Sabah Double 6 tragedy. no way can u profess Najib’s line “I didn’t know”.

immediately after Sabah fell to the opposition in the Sabah 1976 election, u n Hussein Onn (the then PM) hatched out a plan to regain control of Sabah. Tun Razak had just died on 14 Jan 1976. foremost on Tun Hussein Onn’s mind was the domino effect….that other states wud follow suit in the next GE in 1978. fresh in his mind was the 1969 opp victory. the Razak-Onn dynasty was in a real danger of falling n Spore under LKY making a return to Msia.

but how to lure Tun Fuad n his closest ministers into a trap, the quickest n surest way? the plot was to use Ku Li to meet w Tun Fuad n his ministers at Labuan …. not in KK, the capital of Sabah.

an ex-RMAF service technician was asked to resign n be transferred to MAS-labuan airport for Tun Fuad’s return flight sabotage. he was promised huge rewards. 1 yr later he was put on the same fateful flight (MH653) together w Hussein Onn’s nephew who also worked for MAS. Hussein ONn was fearful the Rakyat wud ask him to take responsibility of MAS’s 1st major airline crash, n resign. that wud defeat all purpose of the Sabah Double 6 plot right ….which was to preserve the Razak-Onn dynastic rule over Msia (at whatever cost). hence, by putting his nephew on the fateful plane, he wud kill 2 birds w 1 stone. gain enough Rakyat’s sympathy for his nephew’s death n to blame the “fictitious Japanese Red Army hijack”.

Kuli was Razak’s blue-eye boy. he wud agree to anything Razak or Hussein Onn asked of him.

but why did they need to crash MH653?

1. they needed to get rid of that ex-RMAF-MAS technician who rigged the Double Six crash a year earlier. an air crash and the dead “only key-witness” wud bury the dark secrets of the 197666 tragedy forever. but they were too late. some details leaked out earlier. but still a judiciary system controlled by them, wud stop any demand for truth ….. in the absence of internet social media n FB.

2. Hussein Onn needed to get rid of his own DPM Mahathir. it is a known fact Hussein did not like Mahathir. he only tolerated Mahathir bcos of Tun Razak. his own failing health, means he needed to get rid of Mahathir fast n appt his nephew, Najib Razak as his DPM. that way the PM throne wud not accidentally fall into Mahathir’s hand.

3. Ku Li, many years later, revealed that he rejected Hussein Onn’s offer to be his DPM in March 1976 (a delay of > 6 weeks). that was also a lie. Hussein cud not make Ku Li his deputy n then asked Ku Li to step down a year later, to make way for Najib. Nepotism wud then be very very obvious. Hussein Onn liked Ku Li too much to kill him. there’s also another reason. Ku li is a royalty. once he gets to the PM throne, there’s no telling Ku Li wud continue with the Kelantan royal dynasty rule n the end of Razak-Onn dynasty. Najib wud never make it on his own after Hussein’s death.

4. for the MH653 crash-plot, Hussein needed Spore’s help. Sabah’s 17666 crash cud be blamed on technical malfunction. but another crash the following year ….wud be too much of a coincidence. LKY agreed to crash MH653 in Spore airspace ( a false promise). after the failed 1969 opp victory to control Msia’s opp parties (as a prelude to reentering Msia) …. bcos Tun Razak pre-empted it with Mei-13 riot), LKY was looking for a way to get back to Msia or at least make Msia less hostile to Spore (guaranteed Spore’s survival n cheap water supply).

5. LKY readily offered to be an accomplice to the Mass Murder crime. LKY also wanted to get rid of Mahathir ….. a brilliant, strongly independent ultra-Malay nationalist (bcos of his Indian ancestry). LKY was right ….. that a Msia controlled by Mahathir, wud be difficult to mold n control. LKY also wanted Najib to be the 4th PM after Hussein but for his own selfish reasons.

6. LKY back stabbed Hussein Onn. Instead of crashing the plane within Spore’s territory, LKY secretly ordered the plane to be shot down using the USN newly developed secret military weapon, DEW laser. LKY didn’t want a plane crash to mar Spore’s aviation clean record. the USN warship was in Spore’s territorial waters, just off Tuas.

7.Hussein Onn was pretty upset with MH653 plot went wrong but cud not take it out openly w LKY, w/o being implicated n forced to resign as well. MH653 crashed at Tg Kupang. Mahathir, the primary target was not in the victims’ list. the agricultural minister took Mahathir’s place to accompany the Cuban Ambassador on that fateful flight. Mahathir was still his DPM.

8. the failed objectives got PM Hussein even more sick. he was in n out of the hospital n had no choice but delegate Mahathir as the acting PM in his absence. after 2 years, Hussein Onn had no choice but to resign bcos of ill-health.

the rest is open book history. so Ku Li u r just as bad as Hussein Onn in the mass murder of Sabah’s duly elected CM n DUNs. Harris Salleh of course, was rewarded with the CM post n Ku Li stuck in the FM post n the lie that he alighted from that fateful plane at the last minute bcos he was invited by Harris Salleh to see his “COWS” (alamak of all things cows? …… moooo!)



Sabah BN chairperson Musa Aman broke his silence today over his absence and confirmed that he is in the United Kingdom for medical and other personal reasons.

He also said in a statement issued here that he had left Malaysia “perfectly lawfully” on May 16.

Musa said he had initiated proceedings in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak against what he described as “unconstitutional acts” following his swearing-in as the chief minister of Sabah.

“I have already commenced proceedings in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak seeking orders against both the Yang Dipertua Negeri of Sabah and Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal as a consequence of ultra vires and unconstitutional acts by the Yang Dipertua Negeri following his swearing-in of myself as the chief minister.

“He (Yang Dipertua Negeri) improperly asked me to resign within 48 hours, declined to sign the Instrument of Appointment, and purported to swear in Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal as the Chief Minister whilst I was still in office.

“These matters are now subjudice and before the High Court as a result of my originating summons,” he said in the statement.

Musa said he was willing to assist the police and any other inquiry into these matters and that he had made that clear to the Sabah police commissioner.

According to Musa, he had instructed his lawyers, both in Malaysia and London, and any questions or requests for further information had to be communicated to them.

On the various statements and reports in recent days that claimed he had left Malaysia illegally and/or that he had illegally entered the United Kingdom, Musa said: “The inference is that I have become a fugitive and am making myself deliberately unavailable to the authorities with regard to investigations into events at Istana Negeri on the night of May 10th and into associated matters”.

Musa was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Sabah at Istana Negeri on May 10 after the Sabah BN secured 31 seats, a simple majority, to enable him to form the government.

However, he lost the simple majority when Upko, a BN component party, and a few Umno assemblypersons jumped ship and supported the then opposition. This made way for Shafie, who heads Parti Warisan Sabah, to be sworn in as the SECOND chief minister on May 12.

Here is the full statement by Musa Aman….


*For immediate release:*

*26 June 2018*

I have been informed of various statements and reports in recent days that I have left Malaysia illegally and/or that I have illegally entered the United Kingdom. The inference is that I have become a fugitive and am making myself deliberately unavailable to the authorities with regard to investigations into events at Istana Negeri on the night of May 10th and into associated matters.

Nothing could be further than the truth. I believe that some of these reports have regrettably been made with the intention of seeking to embarass or discredit me for political reasons.

In fact, I left Malaysia perfectly lawfully on 16th May and I am currently in the United Kingdom for medical and other personal reasons. I have already commenced proceedings in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak seeking orders against both the Yang Dipertua Negeri Sabah and Datuk Seri Shafie Bin Hj Apdal as a consequence of ultra vires and unconstitutional acts by the Yang Dipertua Negeri following his swearing in of myself as Chief Minister.

He improperly asked me to resign within 48 hours, declined to sign Instruments of Appointment, and purported to swear in Datuk Shafie Apdal as Chief Minister whilst I was still in office. These matters are now subjudice and before the High Court as a result of my originating summons.

I am, of course, willing to assist the police and any other inquiry into these matters and I have made this clear to the Sabah Police Commissioner.

I have instructed lawyers both in Malaysia and London and any questions or requests for further information have only to be communicated to them.

*Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman.*

Sabah is currently facing a constitutional crisis, the state now has two chief ministers.

In the May 9th Sabah state polls, Sabah BN won 29 seats while Warisan, which has working ties with Pakatan Harapan, also secured 29 seats. Two other state seats were won by Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku led by Datuk Dr Jeffry Kitingan.

On May 10th, Musa was sworn-in as the chief minister before the TYT after securing a 31-majority following Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku’s decision to form an alliance with Sabah BN.

On May 12th, Shafie was sworn in as the chief minister after six assemblymen from Musa-led government declared their support to the Warisan’s Shafie Apdal to take over the government.

Both Musa and Shafie have introduced their cabinet line-up after being sworn as chief minister.

Today the 17th of May, Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Musa Aman filed a writ of summons in the High Court seeking a declaration that he is and remains the lawful Sabah Chief Minister.


The writ was filed through Messrs F.T. Ahmad and Co, which is acting for Musa.

Musa named Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Juhar Mahiruddin as the first respondent and Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal as the second respondent.

Lawyer Tengku Fuad Tengku Ahmad, in a statement, said Musa was seeking a declaration, among others, that he is and remains the lawful Chief Minister and that the purported swearing in of Shafie as a second Chief Minister by the state of head was unconstitutional.

“The writ also seeks a declaration that any and all acts by Shafie whilst purporting to be the Chief Minister are also null and void and of no effect.

The court fixed June 19 to hear the suit before Justice Ravinthran Paramaguru.

Now the question is: does the TYT have the power to revoke Chief Minister Musa Aman’s appointment, sworn in lawfully, in the presence of the the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak, Tan Sri Richard Malanjum?

According to retired federal court judge Gopal Sri Ram, the head of state could not revoke Musa’s appointment even if Shafie now showed he had the majority support.

This is the full list of Sabah Parliamentary and State candidates for the May 9th polls  #GE14

P.167 – KUDAT

Sh Azman Bin Sh Along (WARISAN)
Mohd Ashraf Chin Abdullah (PPRS)
Abdul Rahim Bin Bakri (BN) *



Kusugan Bin Ali (PPRS)
Abd Mijul Bin Unaini (BN) *
Abidula Bin Amsana (HR)
Mohammad Bin Mohamarin (WARISAN)
Norlaji Bin Amir Hassan (STAR)
Abdul Nasir Bin Jamaluddin (PKS)

Sharif Azman Sh. Ahlong, Maklin Masiau, Chong Chen Bin and Mohammad Mohamarin, the Warisan Sabah candidates in Kudat.


Tsen Chou Yin@Thomas Tsen Chau Yin (PCS)
Chong Chen Bin (WARISAN)
Teo Chee Kang (BN) *
Allaidly Binti Poyon (PPRS)
Aliasgar Bin Omolong (PAS)


N.03 – PITAS

Bolkiah Bin Ismail (BN) *
Dausieh Binti Queck @ Paraman (PAS)
Pransol Tiying (ANAKNEGERI)
Bakir Bin Mancaing (HR)
Ramlah Binti Nasir (PKS)
Maklin Bin Masiau (WARISAN)


Paul Bin Porodong (PCS)
Maijol Bin Mahap (HR)
Barlus Bin Mangabis (WARISAN)
Johnity @ Maximus Bin Ongkili (BN) *

Maximus Ongkili, the BN incumbent for Kota Marudu waves to the crowd as he heads to the Nomination Centre.



Marunsai Bin Dawai (STAR)
Sazalye Donol Bin Abdullah (PKR)
Julita Mojungki (BN)
Jornah Binti Mozihim (PCS)
Rahim Bin Madhakong (PKS)


Johnson Bin Assan @ Johnson Gaban (PCS)
Baintin Bin Adun (WARISAN)
Lasiah Baranting @ Anita (BN) *
Joel Bin Masilung (STAR)

Salleh Said with the other hopefuls vying for the Kota Belud parliament seat as well as the three State seats.


Laiman Bin Ikin @ Ag Laiman Kakimin (PAS)
Mohd Salleh Mohd Said (BN)
Miasin @ Aimaduddin Bin Mion (HR)
Isnaraissah Munirah Bt Majilis @ Fakharudy (WARISAN)




Suwah Bin Buleh @ Bulleh (STAR)
Mustaqim Bin Aling (PAS)
Musbah Bin Jamli (BN) *
Mustapha @ Mohd Yunus Bin Sakmud (PKR)


Mail Bin Balinu (PCS)
Rubbin Bin Guribah (STAR)
Lukia Binti Indan (PKR)
Satail Bin Manjungkat (PAS)
Ewon Benedick (BN)


Japlin Bin Akim @ Abd Hamid (BN) *
Abd Bahtrin @ Bahkrin Bin Mohd Yusof (WARISAN)
Amsor Bin Tuah (BEBAS-TRAKTOR)
Adzmin Bin Awang (PAS)

Joniston Bangkuai the BN incumbent for Kiulu as well as other BN candidates in the Tuaran parliamentary seat march with their supporters to the Nomination Centre.

P.170 – TUARAN

Madius Bin Tangau (BN) *
Chrisnadia Binti Sinam (PKR)
Syra Peter @ P Gom (HR)
Kalakau @ Kalakan Bin Untol (PCS)
Paumin @ Md Aminuddin Bin Aling (PAS)




Jahid @ Noordin Bin Jahim (BN)
Dausil Bin Kundayong (PKR)
Mojilip Bin Bumburing @ Wilfred (PCS)
Samin @ Jasmin Bin Dulin (STAR)


Hajiji Bin Haji Noor (BN) *
Abdullah Sani Bin Daud (WARISAN)
Arifin Bin Harith (HR)

N.11 – KIULU

Joniston Bin Lumai @ Bangkuai (BN) *
Gaibin Bin Ransoi (PCS)
Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas (WARISAN)
Terence Sinti (STAR)

Rahman Dahlan has switched from Kota Belud to contest in Sepanggar.


Jeffrey Kumin (SAPP)
Robert Sopining (PCS)
Abd Rahman Bin Dahlan (BN)
Mohd Azis Bin Jamman (WARISAN)

Warisan’s Azis Jamman, centre, who will be up against Rahman Dahlan in Sepanggar, and Azhar Matussin, right, who is the Karambunai candidate.




Azhar Bin Matussin (WARISAN)
Aspar Bin Oyet@ Akbar (PAS)
Jainab Binti Ahmad (BN) *
Ahsim Bin Oyok Bin Jamat (SAPP)


Jakariah Bin Janit (PKS)
Goh Chin Lok @ Johnny Goh (BN)
Situl Bin Mintow (BEBAS-KUNCI)
Terence Tsen Kim Fatt (ANAKNEGERI)
Kenny Chua Teck Ho (PKR)
John Stephen Dionysius (SAPP)

DAP Sabah secretary Chan Foong Hin, centre, with Phoong Jin Zhe and Tan Lee Fatt, the DAP candidates for Luyang and Likas respectively. Chan is contesting the Kota Kinabalu parliament seat.


Lee Han Kyun @ Joseph Lee (BN)
Yong Teck Lee (SAPP)
Chan Foong Hin (DAP)


Richard Yong, Lim Kat Chung, Gee Tien Siong and Yong Teck Lee – the SAPP candidates.

N.14 – LIKAS

Tan Lee Fatt (DAP)
Chin Shu Ying (BN)
Yong We Kong (SAPP)


N.15 – API-API

Chan Chee Ching (BEBAS-PEN)
Yee Moh Chai (BN)
Len Lip Fong @ Land Lip Fong (ANAKNEGERI)
Liew Chin Jin (PKR) *
Lim Kat Chung (SAPP)


Gee Tien Siong (SAPP)
Phoong Jin Zhe (DAP)
Pamela Yong (BN)


Jivol @ Edmund Bin Doudilim (HR)
Zulzaim Hilmee Bin Abidin (PAS)
Awang Husaini Bin Sahari (PKR)
Mil Kusin Bin Abdillah (ANAKNEGERI)
Makin @ Marcus Majigoh (BN) *

Parti Warisan vice president Junz Wong, with dark glasses, is contesting the Tanjung Aru state seat.



Noraiza Binti Mohammad Noor (HARAPAN)
Chong Wei Leung (ANAK NEGERI)
Yong Oui Fah (BN) *
Hamid Bin Ismail (PAS)
Wong Hong Jun (WARISAN)


Yahyah @ Yahya Bin Hussin @ Ag Husin (BN) *
Ester Otion (HARAPAN)
Uda Bin Sulai (WARISAN)



Ignatius Dorell Leiking (WARISAN)
Cleftus Stephen Spine (STAR)
Ceasar Mandela Malakun (BN)
Edwin @ Jack Bosi (ANAKNEGERI)



Goh Fah Sun (BN)
Chong Pit Fah (STAR)
Jannie Lasimbang (DAP)

Jannie Lasimbang and Chong Pit Fah

N.20 – MOYOG

Donald Peter Mojuntin (BN)
Jenifer Lasimbang (WARISAN)
Bandasan @ Dionisius Dennis J Tunding (PCS)
Danim @ Aloysius Bin Siap (STAR)

P.175 – PAPAR

Elbert Bin Sikuil (PCS)
Rosnah Binti Hj Abd Rashid Shirlin (BN) *
Jamil Bin William Core (STAR)
Ahmad Bin Hassan (WARISAN)



Matlin Bin Jilon (HR)
Gulamhaidar @ Yusof Khan Bahadar (BN) *
Salleh Bin Eddris (WARISAN)
Wahid @ Harith Bin Ismail (ANAKNEGERI)


Jawasing Bin Mianus @ Herman J Mianus (PCS)
Abdul Rahim Bin Ismail (BN) *
James @ Ebi Ghani (HR)
Aidi Bin Moktar (WARISAN)

Karim Bujang, the former Bongawan Umno Assemblyman is now contesting the Kimanis parliament seat where he faces the incumbent Anifah Aman.


Anifah Bin Aman @ Haniff Amman (BN) *
Karim Bin Bujang (WARISAN)
Jaafar Bin Ismail (HR)

Mohd Arifin, Anifah and Mohd Alamin – the BN incumbents in Membakut, Kimanis and Bongawan respectively.



Mohamad Bin Alamin (BN) *
Daud Bin Yusof (WARISAN)
Jaafar Bin Ismail (HR)


Mohd Arifin Bin Mohd Arif (BN) *
Ali Omar Bin Mohd Idris (HR)
Rosjelen Binti Salimat (PCS)
Haji Yahya Bin Ahmad (BEBAS-PEN)
Abd Sani Bin Marip @ Marif (WARISAN)



Azizah Binti Mohd Dun (BN) *
Johan @ Christopher Bin Ot Ghani (PKR)
Lajim Bin Ukin (HR)


N.25 – KLIAS

Isnin Bin Aliasnih @ Liasnih (BN)
Johair Binti Mat Lani (WARISAN)
Lajim Bin Ukin (HR) *


Limus Bin Jury (BN) *
Nikol Tiunsu @ Herman Tiongsoh (PCS)
Dikin Bin Musah (PKR)
Jonas Bin Sungin @ Sunggim (HR)

Hafez Musa, left, and Noor Hayaty Mustapha


Yamani Hafez Bin Musa (BN)
Noor Hayaty Binti Mustapha (WARISAN)
Dayang Aezzy Binti Liman (HR)



Matbali Bin Musah (BN)
Asmat Bin Japar (HR)
Md Samlih Bin Juaisin (WARISAN)


Yusof @ Josree Bin Yacob (WARISAN)
Sapawi Bin Amat Wasali @ Ahmad (BN)
Patrick Sadom (HR)

P.179 – RANAU

Ewon Bin Ebin (BN) *
Andau Bin Yasun @ Bruno (PCS)
Jonathan Bin Yasin (PKR)
Soudi @ Sami Bin Andang (STAR)




Jinus Bin Sodiong (PKS)
Japiril Bin Suhaimin (STAR)
Siriman @ Mohd Fazid Bin Basir (WARISAN)
Henrynus Amin (ANAKNEGERI)
Joachim Gunsalam (BN) *


Masidi Bin Manjun @ Masdi (BN) *
Juhaili Bin Sidek (ANAKNEGERI)
Aman @ Adzman Bin Manaf (HR)
Chong Peck Hing @ Chong Poh Sing (PKR)


Julian @ Paul Bin Sidin WARISAN
Abidin Bin Madingkir (BN)
Satiol Bin Indong (PCS)
Mat Jaili Bin Samat (PPRS)
Pedderin @ Feddrin Bin Tuliang @ Tuling (STAR)

Pairin Kitingan, Sairin Karno for Liawan, walking towards the Nomination centre in Keningau. Pairin has been the incumbent for Tambunan since 1976


Jius Bin Awang (PCS)
Maimin Bin Rijan (BEBAS-KUNCI)
Daniel Bin Kinsik (BN)
Gapari Bin Katingan @ Geoffrey Kitingan (STAR)
Justin Bin Guka (BEBAS-BUKU)
Jikulin Nointin @ Anastasius (WARISAN)




Justin Bin Alip (WARISAN)
Nestor Bin Joannes (PCS)
Gapari Bin Katingan @ Geoffrey Kitingan (STAR)
Joseph Pairin Kitingan (BN) *



Jino @ Peter Bin Allion @ Alliun (BN)
Justin Bin Guka (BEBAS-BUKU)
Robert Tawik @ Nordin (STAR)
Odom @ Peter Dhoms Bin Saili @ Soili (DAP)
Uling @ Thomas Anggan (PKS)
Aisat @ Ellik Bin Igau @ Iggau (ANAKNEGERI)


Kong Fui Seng (STAR)
Hussein @ Jaimis Bin Kassim @ Madatin (PCS)
Sapin @ Sairin Bin Karano @ Karno (BN)
Rasinin Bin Koutis @ Kautis (WARISAN)

P.181 – TENOM

Rubin Bin Balang (BN)
Noorita Binti Sual (DAP)
Laimoi @ Yuslinah Binti Laikim (HR)

More than 1,000 Warisan supporters turned up in Tenom, many in their fine Murut costumes.




Jaineh Bin Juata @ Jimmy Jawatah (STAR)
Radin Malleh (BN) *
Peter Anthony (WARISAN)
Chinly Bin Moniu @ Mah Tsen Li (PCS)
Lidos Rabih @ George Rejos (PKS)


Yahia @ Yahya Bin Raimah (HR)
Haris Bin Bolos (WARISAN)
Tay Jin Kiong @ Alfred (PCS)
Jamawi Bin Ja’afar (BN)


Joh Bin Jimmy @ Richard Joe Jimmy (STAR)
Raymond Bin Ahuar (PKR)
Maidin Bin Atak @ Maidin Haji Osman (PCS)
Arthur Joseph Kurup (BN)
Engah Bin Sintan @ Dahlan Bin Abdullah (BEBAS-RUMAH


N.37 – SOOK

Ellron Bin Angin (BN) *
Baritus Bin Gungkit (STAR)
Beaty Fred @ Peter Beaty (ANAKNEGERI)
Martin Tomy @ Tommy (WARISAN)



Bobbey Ah Fang Bin Suan (BN) *
Ahuar Bin Rasam (WARISAN)
Angin @ Nasruddin Bin Lambahan (PCS)
Apandy @ Lukan Bin Angindi (HR)


Ronald Kiandee (BN) *
Salimah Binti Oyong (BEBAS-BUKU)
Toidy Luit (PCS)
Sipin Bin Kadandi (HR)
Japar Bin Zairun (WARISAN)
Lem @ Salim Bin Matin (PERPADUAN)


N.39 – SUGUT

James Bin Ratib (BN) *
Mohd Arshad Bin Abdul (PERPADUAN)
Aspah Bin Abdullah Sani (WARISAN)
Ag Osman Asibih (PKS)

N.40 – LABUK

Abdul Rahman Bin Kongkawang (BN)
Albert Thomas Enti (PKS)
Rainus Bin Awang (STAR)
James Bin Miki (PCS)
Ramsah Bin Tasim @ Ramsah Bin Tashim (WARISAN)

Musa Aman comes to file his nomination papers for Gum Gum.


Zakaria Bin Mohd Edris @ Tubau (BN)
Alfian Bin Mansyur (HR)
Irwanshah Bin Mustapa (WARISAN)


N.41 – GUM-GUM

Arunarnsin Bin Taib (WARISAN)
Joilin @ Christine Binti Bugung (PKS)
Jamaludin Bin Lamba (PPRS)
Juslie Bin Ajirol (BN)
Dahil Bin Masdik (HR)


Musa Bin Aman (BN) *
Osman Bin Enting (PKS)
Asmara Bin Abdul Rahman (WARISAN)

Batu Sapi will see a four-cornered fight involving VK Liew, fourth from left, the former LDP president and Sandakan MP as well as BN incumbent Linda Tsen, fourth from right.


Tsen Thau Lin (BN) *
Liew Vui Keong (WARISAN)
Hamza Bin A. Abdullah @ Hamzah (AMANAH)
Norsah Binti Bongsu (PAS)



Sahar Bin Abdul Majid (PAS)
Arifin Bin Asgali (WARISAN)
Samsudin Bin Yahya (BN) *
Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Rahman (STAR)
Alias Rahmad Bin Benjamin (PKS)
Datu Mohd Faisal Bin Datu Bachtiyal (BEBAS-KAPALTERBANG)


Norsah Binti Bongsu (PAS)
Besarun Bin Kecha (STAR)
Hiew Vun Zin (WARISAN)
Lim Kai Min (BN)

DAP Sabah strongman Stephen Wong Tien Fatt is up in a straight fight with BN’s Lim Ming Hoo


Lim Ming Hoo (BN)
Wong Tien Fatt @ Wong Nyuk Foh (DAP) *



Chan Tzun Hei (BN)
Chong Ket Kiun (DAP)


Tan Shu Kiah (BN) *
Poon Ming Fung (DAP)
Jufazli Bin Shi Ahmad (BEBAS-KUNCI)

The BN candidates for Kinabatangan.


Mustapa Bin Datu Tambuyong (HR)
MA Ghazali Bin Abdul Ghani (WARISAN)
Moktar Bin Radin (BN) *




Masiung Bin Banah (BN) *
Edward Podok (PCS)
Norfaizah Chua @ Giak Kiang (WARISAN)
Jumaidin Bin Lakalla (PAS)
James Bin Ait (STAR)

N.48 – SUKAU

Muariffidin Bin Abdul Malek (HR)
Mohd Ismail Bin Ayob (WARISAN)
Saddi Bin Abdu Rahman (BN) *
Abdulgani Bin Kosui (PPRS)

The various candidates for Silam.

P.188 – SILAM

Datu Nasrun Bin Datu Mansur (BN) *
Mohamaddin Bin Ketapi (WARISAN)
Ramli Bin Pataruddin (PAS)
Siti Shazianti Binti Ajak (HR)




Bulangan Panasi (HR)
Abd Rahman Bin Taggoh (PKS)
Mizma Binti Appehdullah (BN)
Assaffal @ Samsul Kamal Bin P Alian (WARISAN)


Mohammad Yusof Bin Apdal (BN) *
Wong Yu Chin (HR)
Dumi Bin Pg. Masdal (WARISAN)

N.51 – KUNAK

Nilwan Bin Kabang (BN) *
Norazlinah Binti Arif (WARISAN)
Sahing Bin Taking (HR)
Kasman Bin Karate (PAS)

The Warisan supporters in Semporna.


Abdul Nasir Bin Ab Raup (PAS)
Asmara Bin Asmad (HR)
Ramlee Bin Marahaban (BN)
Mohd Shafie Bin Apdal (WARISAN) *




Jaujan Bin Sambakong (WARISAN) *
Untung Bin Tanjong Baru (HR)
Harman Bin Mohamad (BN)
Abdul Nasir Bin Ab Raup (PAS)


Mohd Shafie Bin Apdal (WARISAN)
Nasir Bin Sakaran (BN) *


Mohammad Said Bin Tiblan (PPRS)
Kulli Bin Maralam (PKS)
Mahamod Bin Sarahil (PAS)
Manis Buka Binti Mohd Darah (WARISAN)
Razak Bin Sakaran Dandai (BN)
Abd Muksin Bin Mohammad Hassan (BEBAS-TRAKTOR)

Christina Liew, left, will contest the Tawau parliament seat while Jimmy Wong returns to Sri Tanjung.

P.190 – TAWAU

Yap Kain Ching @ Mary Yap Ken Jin (BN) *
Alizaman Bin Jijurahman (HR)
Mohamad Bin Husain (PAS)
Liew Chin Jin (PKR)



Razali Bin Hamzah (HR)
Amboase Bin Ramano (PAS)
Osman Bin Jamal @ Jamar (BN)
Alipa Bin Jackery (USNO)
Andi Rus Diana Bt Andi Paladjareng (WARISAN)

Mary Yap, right, will be defending Tawau while Nizam Titingan is in Apas and Osman Jamal in Balung.

N.56 – APAS

Abdul Salip Bin Ejal (WARISAN)
Alizaman Bin Jijurahman (HR)
Daud Bin Jalaluddin (PAS)
Nizam Bin Abu Bakar Titingan (BN)



Pang Thou Chung (HR)
Lo Su Fui (BN)
Leong Yun Fui (PKS)
Wong Sze Phin @ Jimmy (DAP)


Ma’mun Bin Sulaiman (WARISAN)
Abdul Ghapur Bin Salleh (BN) *
Norbin Bin Aloh (PAS)
Ahmad Bin Lahama (PPRS)




Ahmad Bin Dullah (PAS)
Lim Ting Khai (BN)
Sharatha Masyaroh binti John Ridwan Lincon (HR)
Arbaani Bin Akum (AMANAH)
Sarifuddin Bin Hata (WARISAN)
Azizul Bin Tandek (PKS)
Mohd Nasir Bin Sumadi (USNO)


Hamisa Binti Samat (BN) *
Usman Bin Madeaming (PAS)
Ardi Bin Arsah @ Samsi (PPRS)
Ismail Bin Senang (WARISAN)


Yusri Bin Yunus (PPRS)
Roslan Bin Ramli (PAS)
Abd Muis Bin Picho (BN) *
Hassan A Gani Pg Amir (WARISAN)

* Those marked with the asterisk are incumbents/* Mereka yang ditandai dengan asterisk adalah penyandang


The state government’s move to introduce communal grants is to ensure land stays in families and is passed down the generations.

About 9,000 hectares of land for communal grants has been approved so far.

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman says communal grants given by the state government to the people cannot be abolished.

He said the names stated on the grants were those of selected hardcore poor household heads.

“We (the state government) gave the communal grants to enable the people to own land which could be handed down to their children and grandchildren… the land can be developed for anything.

“So when the Warisan party president said he would abolish the communal grants, why? To give to other people? Communal grants have the names of the people on them… the land cannot be sold,” he said when handing over communal grants and subsidy aid for senior citizens here yesterday.

Earlier, state Land and Survey Department director Safar Untong said 19 communal grants were handed to village chiefs representing 1,136 selected household heads from 37 villages.

During the function, Musa presented subsidy aid of RM2,000 each to 10 senior citizens to cover part of the cost for the sub-division of their land by a licensed surveyor.


It’s the grand dance of democracy in Sabah, state and parliament elections are due in less than 30 days. I am in the midst of massive electoral environment in the state. As a strategist & analyst, I can foresee a clear & spectacular win for BN Sabah all over again. Tan Sri Musa Aman is all set to win 50+ state seats to form the government for the 15th year in succession. An unprecedented win for any state leader, anywhere in Malaysia.

What is quite startling for me as an analyst is almost zero anti-incumbency for an incumbent government, even after being 15 years as Chief Minister since 2003. It’s very rare scene in the contemporary political ecosystem. The credit certainly must be given to the Chief Minister of Sabah Tan Sri Musa Aman. He deserves it the most. It’s evident from my random interactions with common people cut across many sections, that there is a great respect for Musa Aman.

I see a visible glee in the faces of people, when they speak about their leader who they consider their very own. It’s amazing that an elected leader of a state can find a place in the hearts and minds of people for such a long duration, in the days where the anti-incumbency seems an ‘every 5 year affair’ across the country and ‘loyalty’ is almost a misnomer.

Despite all the media stories on GST negative impact on trader community and Shafie Apdal’s anti Musa crusade leading to a possible nail biting finish in Sabah, the ground reality looks quite different. Shafie Apdal including all the other bickering opposition parties seems to have lost the battle against Musa Aman even before they waged it, with Shafie’s organization split vertically with his politically naïve move to partner with Dr Mahathir and not working with local opposition, just ahead of elections. If a leader has initiated a movement for an objective, how can he surrender without any clear and executable assurance to a political party and become Tun Dr Mahathir’s puppet? Is the question being posed by many Sabahans. There is a growing trust deficit in his followers over his recent political moves.

GST woes are temporary & they are symptomatic teething problems of the largest indirect tax reform enforced by a reformist Prime Minister. It did pinch the massive unorganized sector & small traders across the state, they surely were angry. However, when the rational thinking kicked in preparation for casting their vote, they seem to have clearly understood the odds and outcomes of voting against the government.

Many traders still have the memories of kidnappings and Abu Sayaff , but since 2017 no kidnappings in the Eastern Sabah security Zone (Esszone) which covers 1400 km of the east coast from Kudat to Tawau. Hence, tourist arrival was all time high at 3.5 million and nearly RM7.25 billion was spent in Sabah. Traders are laughing all the way to the banks. They are not willing to lose the peace and tranquility they enjoy currently in the business ecosystem of the state for temporary pinch point like GST. Traders I spoke to are reconciling and seem to have realized that GST is an irreversible tax reform and they need to get to terms with it & move on & move on they have. After its introduction since 2015, it’s slowly but surely dawning onto them that GST is for the larger good of the nation and to boost the economic activity, which will impact them positively in future.

They also understand their businesses now get many financial and funding benefits for being registered and tax paying. They seem to understand voting for the opposition would destroy the peaceful business environment which currently exist across the state, with highly capable law and order machinery under the BN rule. They are not willing to forgo this peace and tranquility in the state at any cost.

Many openly stated that the law and order is so exemplary in the state that young women in their families have nothing to fear going out even in the middle of the night. Sabahans have no major issue with BN government. Few sections of the community which supported the opposition are reviewing their decision. The unprecedented growth rate of over 6.1% which was is the highest in Malaysia has positively impacted Sabahans more than anyone else. The rapid growth of urban trade & ecotourism business across the state also has positively impacted this close-knit community leading to massive wealth and employment creation.

The emotional surge of Sabahans for restoring Sabah rights in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and the significant progress made by Sabah State government with the Federal Government has made many opposition sections support Musa; however, in retrospect all these sections seem to be realizing the danger of having a weak government in the state under an Opposition, and its colossal damage to their community and the entire state.  The word opposition seems to only bring back bad memories to the people of Sabah.  I am quite surprised at the contempt most people I spoke to, have shown to this Shafie’s Party Warisan.. They don’t even imagine Sabah to be ever ruled by opposition again, such is the gross distaste for opposition parties in the state.

Musa Aman in his more than a decade rule, to be exact 15 years, has made historic progress in the state and it has impacted the lives of every single individual and every section of population. He did not make empty promises, declare popular welfare schemes or doled out freebies. He has bettered the living standards of common people by investing massively into rural and urban infrastructure, delivered transparent and good governance with easy and undeterred access to the citizens. He has increased Per Capita GDP from RM11,000 to RM20,000, he has increased household income from RM3,745 to RM4,1100, he has reduced hardcore poor from 25 per cent to 5 per cent from 2005 to 2016.

He has ensured the bare civic and economic necessities like drinking and irrigation water, electricity to households, homes and industries, public transport and public finance are delivered at the lowest cost ever. His vision has turned Sabah into a model economy which thrives with large scale enterprise and vibrant inclusive growth.

It might sound like I wrote a eulogy for Musa Aman, but this is the first-hand feedback and dispassionate inputs from the regular people on the streets. Everyone in the state seem to acknowledge and realise that quantifiable development has occurred under Musa Aman regime and the BN Sabah rule. Above that, they are also fully aware of every aspect of where this progress has been made in comparison with erstwhile opposition rule.

Most of those I spoke to, speak of opposition misgovernance and lack of competence to run a state like Sabah, as if they had ruled the state in the last term. Such are the memories from opposition rule. Musa Aman’s master political strategy also ensured that Sabahans never forget the disastrous rule during opposition time. BN Sabah not just communicates the successful governance delivery of its government, it also seems to ensure opposition model of misgovernance remains constantly in the minds of voters.

Opposition stands no chance in Sabah. As I see, it will lose the election with very huge margin and end up losing more than 20 per cent of its existing assembly seats. The electoral outcomes of Sabah will be a death-knell to Shafie Apdal and the all the other opposition parties. Sabah election results will destroy all and any possibility of Party Warisan rising in the near future.

There’s simply no escape from accountability this time around for Shafie Apdal and the combine opposition. BN Sabah win will be a decisive one. It will once again prove that in a democracy, if a party can deliver on its promises to its people and sincerely serve them to impact their everyday lives positively, the voters will ensure repeat victories.  Musa Aman will set an unprecedented national record for being the only leader from Borneo State to be reelected 4 times in a row , for UMNO, since 2003. In my field level electoral analysis, I foresee BN Sabah winning about 50 state seats.

NB: Today 8/4/2018, this piece came out in the Daily Express Sabah

I picked up this short video from my WhatsApp group. Seen here in this video is Tan Sri  Musa Aman addressing a ceramah in Sandakan. In this video Musa has made it very clear that Shafie Apdal has a history of incompetence. Scary. If this is the case, wonder how Shafie Apdal will govern Sabah if his Party Warisan takes over after GE14? A leopard never changes its spots, so it would be expecting too much from Shafie! From this we can come to a conclusion that whoever comes in as Musa’s successor will find it hard to fill in his shoes.

Here goes….


The Sabah government is committed to ensuring continuous political stability, economic development and social progress in the state, Chief Minister Musa Aman said.

Musa said efforts would also be made to ensure the people continuously benefit from programmes to improve their living standard, as well as maintain harmony and stability in the state.

“Therefore, any action that can have a negative effect on unity and stability should be avoided to enable us to achieve our aspiration, improve the socio-economic standard and focus on efforts to bring more progress to the state,” he said.

Musa said this in his speech at an Ang Pow Festival dinner organised by the Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration in Kota Kinabalu last night.

At the event, Musa also announced an allocation of RM50,000 to FCAS.

Musa said the state government had never neglected any faction of the society in its implementation of development programmes, but strived for the benefit of all quarters, regardless of religion or ethnic, as evident with the huge allocation provided for non-Islamic schools and houses of worship.

He said the state government had allocated about RM300 million for non-Islamic schools and houses of worship in Sabah since 10 years ago.

“When I was appointed chief minister, the allocation for non-Islamic schools and houses of worship was only RM1.5 million then. I felt the amount was not enough and I increased the allocation to RM30 million a year,” he said.

As such, he urged the Chinese community in Sabah to continue to support and help the government in efforts to further develop the state.

– Bernama

If we consider the political scenario of Sabah, we find very few effective and influential leaders. The reason being, the majority of the political parties are still using the old ways of influencing the voters with religion and race based politics and we lack leaders with strong development agenda coupled with tough decision-making capabilities. To stay at par with the fast changing world, we cannot rely on politicians who have been using the traditional political games for their own benefits. But, there have been some leaders who have been successful to eliminate the stagnancy of the political borders and proved themselves as influential leaders focused on the development and a work-oriented approach.

Tan Sri Musa Aman, the Chief Minister of Sabah, has been one of the most inspiring leader who has emerged in the Sabah political landscape and given a ray of hope to Sabahans.

Musa Aman, became the Chief Minister of Sabah in 2003. He has proved his credibility and capability by fulfilling all the promises made during the elections in the past 14 years. Another differentiating factor for Musa has been his clean image and zero tolerance towards corruption. Although his stance has been one of the reasons for a feud with some of the former senior party leaders, Musa Aman has proved his toughness by taking strict actions whenever required. This clean, clear and straight approach certainly puts him in a different league of his own.

When it comes to development, no other CM or Menteri Besar in the country can match up to Musa’s level. Under his regime, various exemplary infrastructure projects have been undertaken and initiated, the major projects include Sabah Pan Borneo Highway a 706-kilometre highway upgraded from a two-lane dual carriageway to a four-lane, the building and upgrading of roads included three multi-level interchanges in Kota Kinabalu, the multi-billion ringgit Tanjung Aru Eco-Development project which will transform Tanjung Aru into one of the region’s best tourist spots. And as of Sept this year, the number of projects approved is 647 namely 304 extension projects and 343 new projects. Among the projects are the, rural clean drinking water and electricity supplies, rural roads and people’s housing programme.

Other initiatives such as parks, cycling tracks, stadiums, promotion of rural tourism, tree plantation drives and even releasing of baby sea turtles hatchings and the free Wifi service in Kota Kinabalu has gained Musa a large following and a feeling of belongingness even with the youth of the state.

The launching of the first Malaysia Art School (Sekolah Seni Malaysia) Sabah at the Sandakan Education Hub is another example. The love of art and music among Sabahans is obvious and the setting up of the art school in Sandakan has provided space and opportunity for youngsters who want to pursue their studies in arts. Sabah is known for its different ethnics, races and cultures and Sabahans are also known to be talented in arts and singing. Sabah is a rich repository of art, culture and traditions and the state government under Musa has committed to preserve and further promote it and the youth can play a vital role in this direction. Hence, this art school in the Sandakan Education Hub will not only ensure that  Sabah traditional cultures such as dances will not be lost in time, but it will also provide opportunities for Sabahans to enhance their talents in arts. Besides, music is food for the soul and Sabah is universally acclaimed for its diverse folk songs and versatile musicians.

The chief minister knows the youth are the key players in the process of development and the state government has to empower them with positive perspectives so as to fully harness their potential. And hence, providing training,  adequate employment and self-employment opportunities to the youth of the state was the prime concern of the state government.

When it comes to the younger generations and people concerned about development using new-age technologies, Musa Aman has made a mark for himself, which is next to impossible for anyone else to achieve. With the digitization of various government departments, a host of useful apps for information and faster grievance redressal, instant assistance and help for emergency situations, Musa has made the best optimal utilization of technology for the modernization of the state and benefit of the people. Although we usually hear the terms women safety and empowerment frequently in the political manifestos, it has been actually implemented in Sabah with schemes like Sabah Women TH50 an entrepreneurial programme ‘Creating Millionaires Among Young Women Entrepreneurs (Cream)’ and Micro Credit & Usahawan Desa.

According to so many Opinion Polls, Musa is ranked as one of the best Chief Minister across Malaysia. So, when we come to his comparison with the past CM’s of the state, nobody stands even close to him for consideration. If we take into account the upcoming general elections expected before May 2018, the CM candidate for Gabungan Sabah is Dr Jeffrey Kitingan while Shafie Apdal being the CM candidate for PH Warisan plus. Considering these leaders, Musa definitely comes as a preferred choice for the people due to his clean image and orientation towards development.

After 14 years Musa has not only proved to be a successful leader whose agenda is development and modernization but also he has displayed a strong political acumen. His ideology of “Work says it all”, displays his confidence of the several positive developments undertaken by him. Previously, Sabah used to be in the news only for the wrong reasons and various controversies surrounding the CMs, but due to the efforts and personal character of Musa, the perception of people has changed towards Sabah, Sabah is seen in a good and positive light. While it becomes difficult to compare any existing and potential candidate with him for the position of the Chief Minister of Sabah, if we take into account the previous 12 chief ministers of Sabah ( Faud Stephens, Peter Lo, Tun Mustapha, Mohammad Said Keruak, Harris Salleh, Pairin Kitingan, Tun Sakaran Dandai, Salleh Said Keruak, Yong Teck Lee, Bernard Dompok, Osu Sukam and Chong Kah Keat), Musa Aman certainly emerges out as one of the best and most influential CM until now.


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