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Centre for Policy Initiatives has reproduced a concise summary of Judge N H Chan’s earlier extended legal commentary on the tussle between his Royal Highness The Sultan of Perak and His Menteri Besar.

There is a great public interest in this subject and this concise summary is sure an eyeopener. For me, this piece of jurisprudence from a learned judge like N H Chan sure makes an informative reading material and I further better understand that there is a decorum on how constitutional matters should be viewed.

DOWNLOAD the N.H Chan Summary HERE

Guys, lets show some support to our Elizabert Wong by signing the petition below calling for her to be reinstated. We’ll try to collect at least 50000 signatures in support of this petition and then sent it to the Menteri Besar of Selangor as well as the political parties within the Pakatan Rakyat.

Lets do it guys and do remember she is the victim and also remember what Raja Petra had said ,”we voted for a good MP, not a nun.” 


It is a real shame Karpal Singh was manhandled by a crowd of  unruly Umno Youth members at the Parliament lobby this afternoon.

Umno Youth guys numbered about 30 stopped Karpal from entering the House and try to hit the poor old man who is on his wheelchair.

What a shame!

If the Umno Youth fellows want Karpal to apologise for his remarks made against the movement yesterday in Parliament, calling them ‘Pemuda Umno celaka’, is the way to go about it? Why this mob culture?

It looks like Umno Youth never seem to get over this mob behaviour. Just like thugs, never change. The Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET2) comes to mind.

Karpal had just received two live bullets and a death threat and now the clowns try to beat him up. Not enough, the other day, UMNO Youth, led by Khir Toyo and Khairy Jamaluddin even organise protests outside his residence in Western Road in Penang and his office in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

The savage behaviour exhibited by Umno Youth must stop and people like KJ and even Mukriz Mahathir, if they want to go high up in politics, should not condone unruly behavior by their members. I’m not mentioning Khir Toyo because I have given up hope in him as I think he is the biggest thug in town.

I condemn this incident with strongest words! There is no excuse for such behaviour. People are watching!

We are pleased to share with CPI readers the full text by Judge N. H. Chan of his legal commentary on the constitutional tussle.  We thank him for sharing it with us and our readers.

Dr. Lim Teck Ghee, Centre of Policy Initiatives

Full text by Judge N.H. Chan

According to Bank Negara, over the last eight months, Malaysia’s foreign reserves has plunged by US$34 billion. It has dropped from a high of RM125.8 billion on 30 June 2008 to US$91.6 billion as at 13 February 2009.

What is happening here? It is difficult to understand how claims are made that our country is marching towards progress and that everything is honky-dory.

There is stark contrast between what is reported in the newspapers by politicalmasters and what is happening in real life as though there is nothing wrong in our proverbial State of Denmark. The political masters keep spinning and they say if there are problems, it is all due to the unreasonableness of the Opposition. This approach is disturbing to say the least.

Malaysia today is on a downward spiral. Unfortunately, discipline, impartiality, fairness and honesty — all such elements, are becoming rare indeed.

 I feel genuinely worried for this country.We can move forward only if there is accountability. Do we?

The Mozart of Madras, A. R. Rahman has put Indian music on the map, with his latest achievement of two Oscars.

In the summer of 1992, India experienced a new sound. Be it ‘chinna china aasai’ or ‘choti si aasha’, the song captured hearts, marked a beginning and introduced a name. Allah Rakha Rahman. A name that became a chant on Monday.

As a four-year-old, Dilip, as Rahman was then known, was seen toying with a harmonium. That was when the composer Sudharshanam Master playfully tossed a towel over the instrument. Undeterred, the boy repeated the tune he had been trying out — to the astonishment of his father R.K. Shekhar. It was the early sign of genius.

Not surprisingly, academics did not figure high on his priorities. His sister Rahane recounts that all his school notebooks remained literally unopened. “Nothing interested him as much as music.”

He lost his father when he was barely 10. “Yes, it was a challenging time. But our mother made sure we did not feel the burden,” says Ms. Rahane, recalling a time that brought the siblings close to one another.

Malayalam music composer M.K. Arjunan was the first to assign Rahman keyboard duties for his 1981 film Ernadu Mannu. Rahman was paid MR5/=, his first income from the film industry. The keyboard took him to maestro Illayaraja’s studios too.

In the mid and late 1980s, Tamil audiences savoured the Leo Coffee ad which had Rahman’s signature stamped on it. The world of jingles had found its new poster boy.

But he belonged elsewhere. Kollywood was then hunting for a new music director. “Mani Ratnam referred to me a boy named Dilip who was doing a lot of good jingles,” says veteran director K. Balachander, recalling the making of Roja.

“The first song which was recorded was ‘Chinna chinna aasai’.” A tape was sent to him for approval. He listened to it driving his car. He ended up listening to it 15 times over. “I sent a note back to Mani Ratnam saying this was the best song of the decade.”

What followed reads like a long-list of ‘best songs of decades to come’. Be it Prabhu Deva gyrating to ‘Chikku bukku’ in Gentleman, the magnificence of ‘Chandralekha’ in Thiruda Thiruda, the tug-at-your-heartstrings ‘Uyirae’ from Bombay, or the stirring ‘New York nagaram’ from Sillunu Oru Kaadal – any attempt to pick favourites falls flat.

Charmed by his lilting blockbusters, Bollywood did not take long to embrace Rahman.

 There was no ‘Kya Karen ya na karen’ dilemma in continuing the journey that began with Rangeela in 1995. From Sukhwinder Singh’s ‘Chaiyya chaiyya’ to ‘Masakkali’ in Dilli 6, his romance with Bollywood continues.

 The West first spotted his talent in Bombay Dreams, an Andrew Lloyd Webber production in 2002. From then on, recognition in Hollywood was but a small step.

Rahman rode on the Slumdog Millionaire sensation across the United States picking up several awards in the run-up to the Oscar night.

This was reported by Malaysiakini | 22 Februari 2009

Here goes….

UMNO penakut, kata MB Nizar

Gabungan Pakatan Rakyat di Perak hanya menggunakan kuasa speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri untuk menggantung Menteri Besar baru, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir dan anggota exconya.

Menteri Besar Pakatan, Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin menegaskan demikian dalam ucapan malam tadi di Felcra Serigala di Slim River yang dihadiri kira-kira 1,000 orang, dan berhujah bahawa Pakatan kini telah melumpuhkan BN kerana gabungan itu menguasai 28 kerusi, berbanding 21 kerusi BN selepas penggantungan tersebut.

“Ekoran itu, Pakatan adalah kerajaan untuk mentadbir Perak, katanya dalam laporan Harakahdaily hari ini.

“Hari ini, kalau kami nak gulingkan kerajaan baru pun sudah boleh…tetapi kita ini ikut undang-undang dan peraturan. Bukan macam mereka merampas dengan cara penuh jijik.

“Mereka lupa, kuasa besar dan tinggi yang BN pernah berikan kepada Speaker 50 tahun dahululah kita guna balik ikut peraturannya,” kata Nizar.

Felcra Serigala terletak dalam dewan undangan negeri Behrang, yang diwakili Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi yang keluar PR dan menjadi Adun bebas yang menyokong BN.

Mohd Nizar menegaskan bahawa beliau masih menjadi menteri besar yang saj yang dilantik oleh sultan.

“Saya masih menyimpan Watikah yang sah, yang tidak pernah pun dibatalkan oleh sesiapa. Watikah itu di atas lantikan Sultan dan disaksikan sendiri oleh Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi,” katanya yang merupakan Adun Pasir Panjang.

Mohd Nizar berkata jawatannya itu akan terbatal atau terlucut hanya melalui tiga cara iaitu, Perletakan jawatan secara sukarela, Pembubaran DUN dan Undi tidak percaya ke atas dirinya.

Beliau turut mencabar Umno untuk berhadapan dengan rakyat Perak melalui pilihan raya.

“Umno penakut. Takut kalah macam di Permatang Pauh dan Kuala Terengganu sebab itu mereka rampas kuasa.

“Kami anak jantan, sangup berdepan dengan mereka dengan apa jua keadaan pun!” tegasnya.

Keluar rumah rasmi

Sementara itu di Ipoh, Bernama melaporkan, Mohd Nizar secara rasmi berpindah dari kediaman rasmi menteri besar hari ini.

Katanya beliau berpindah sebagai menghormati peraturan dan arahan Setiausaha Kerajaan negeri Perak dan bukan bermakna menyerah kalah kerana proses mahkamah masih berjalan dalam menentukan
kedudukannya sebagai Menteri Besar yang sah.

Berucap di majlis meraikan wartawan sempena perpindahan beliau secara rasmi dari kediaman itu, Mohd Nizar berkata, Perak tidak lagi menjadi destinasi yang meyakinkan pelabur asing ekoran kemelut peralihan kuasa kerajaan negeri yang mencetuskan krisis perlembagaan.

Katanya, pelabur tidak yakin untuk datang ke Perak jika krisis perlembagaan yang berlaku itu dibiar berterusan.

Keadaan yang menjejaskan ekonomi dan pembangunan negeri itu tidak akan selesai selagi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) tidak dibubar dan rakyat diberi hak untuk memilih kerajaan yang dikehendaki, katanya.


I watched the news this evening and I nearly puked when I heard what the anti-graft chief Ahmad Said had to say. He came out to announce that they have enough evidence to charge Tan Sri Khalid for the car and the cows. Ahmad Said mumbled out that the MACC felt that there was strong evidence to show that Khalid had abused his powers. He said “we would suggest that legal action and so on be taken, as we have strong evidence for both cases that abuse of power has taken place.“Although we can make a decision to press legal charges but the commission feels that it is better if the AG makes the decision. “Since the case involves a VIP, it is better if the case is referred to the AG, as there may be certain parties not satisfied with the investigation by the commission.’’

Well, MACC can take Khalid to court if you have enough evidence and for sure the court will decide. Any idiot knows this. Why the press statement? Isn’t this a traverse of justice? Looks like the MACC is not impartial, MACC is supposed to be an independent body but the Chief says that he has to refer to the AG on Khalid’s case. What a mockery.

This is a claim of corruption on very frivolous grounds. Its like a joke. It only goes to show that the BN government is getting more and more ridiculous and desperate by the day.

Anyway what is so wrong on the state paying car maintenance on the personal car used by Tan Sri Khalid? Tan Sr Khalid can easily ask the state government to buy off his car and the maintenance payments would be OK. But he did not do so. In fact, Tan Sri saved the taxpayers’ money by using his own car for state matters. What is so wrong for the state to pay for the maintenance? Come 0n lah!

And the buying of cows for korban, did Tan Sri Khalid misuse his powers? For heaven sake, the cows were for the poor and needy. What element of corruption here? If he had bought the cows for himself, then that would be wrong. He did not take the cows back to his house and have a big feast. The cows were for poor people lah.

Besides, the amount involved is pittance compared with the corruption, cronyism and misuse of power by the previous BN government. Just look at the billions of ringgits paid needlessly on the toll concessions, water assets, Port Klang Scandal, Balkis charity and the hundred thousand dollar watches and the many, many more cases of corruption, cronyism and misuse of the Government assets in Selangor. And not forgetting Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad’s (PNSB) PURCHASE OF 5 UNITS SAUDI APARTMENT amounting to RM8,352,427.66 when records showed that PNSB had between September 17, 2007 and September 19, 2007 transferred RM25,603,545 to Saudi Arabia for 12 units of properties.

By the way, remember, sometime back even the pilot son of the MACC’s Boss was caught in Australia for child phonography – read here for this story.

Whew, what a relief! in a new development, Pet confirms that he will not be landing up in Kamunting this coming Monday, after all. This means Pet could still have his freedom for a little more time, and, it also means that many in Umno may be shitting bricks and having a strange mix of constipation and anal laxity.

Its party time now, hear what Pet got to say ….

lo and behold, my lawyers just called to say that my appeal against the three-member Federal Court’s decision to reject my four applications is going to be reviewed by another quorum of judges. I suppose that would mean the Federal Court will not be able to send me back to Kamunting on Monday after all — at least not until after the judicial review, and only if the second quorum of judges upholds the Federal Court’s decision. If the judicial review is of the opinion that the Federal Court had erred, or was indeed biased, then back to the drawing board we go. I will then be able to get a second bite of the cherry.


Raja Petra’s final words  “Next Monday is a most crucial day for me when it would determine whether I remain a free man — at least for the next few months while I fight my various criminal indictments — or I get sent back to Kamunting. And when the court rules against me and fucks me off to Kamunting this Monday, I call upon all of you to stand tall and proud on the steps of the Palace of Injustice in Putrajaya and scream at the top of your lungs: IT’S NOT OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER. And I will scream the same thing in the police van as I journey to Kamunting: IT’S NOT OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER


Mahatma Gandhi said a small body of determined spirts fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the cause of history.