Well, it looks like a done deal. In a deal struck between Premier Najib Tun Razak and Musa Aman during his recent visit to the state capital, Kota Kinabalu, Billionaire Musa Aman has reluctantly agreed to step down as Chief Minister of Sabah come this October.

The deal is like this.

Musa Aman will be made the new Sabah Yang Di-Pertua Negeri when the term of the present Sabah Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah ends year-end. Ahmadshah, who will turn 64, was appointed as Sabah’s ninth Yang Di-Pertua Negeri, replacing Tun Sakaran Dandai on Dec 2 2002, and its already 8 years for him or 2 terms as Governor of Sabah and “is on his last legs.”

Second, the Government will consider a proposal to bestow an award carrying the title “Tun” for Musa Aman. Hence, Musa Aman will be bestowed by the Agung the title of “Tun” which will be the highest civilian honour that can be granted to a Malaysian and Musa Aman probably could be the youngest recipient of this award in the Malaysian history. This is in recognition for the good work Musa has put in for UMNO in Sabah and his contributions to the success of the Barisan Nasional in Sabah in the March 8 2008,  12th General Elections, which is described as a “fixed deposit” by Premier Najib.

There are currently only 36 surviving Tuns in Malaysia and Musa Aman will be 37.

With the Tun tittle to his name, Musa will be protected from any legal actions against him as a Tun will have legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted.

So that’s the story.

So who will be the UMNO leadership’s nominee for Sabah chief minister after Musa Aman? Of course none from its coalition partners in Sabah.

Now lets take a look at the potential chief ministers and who are the chaps.

Perhaps a man who is a minister in the federal government – and it’s surely not Najib’s loyal blue-eyed boy Datuk Shafie Apdal the Federal Rural and Regional Development Minister who is expected to replace Musa Aman. For Shafie to succeed on the job, his image would have to be cleaned up. He has been much maligned for the issuing of identity cards to Suluks and illegals from Southern Philippines. He probably is not what propaganda about him tells the masses. The talk is if Shafie becomes chief minister close to 150,000 illegals from Southern Philippines might be moving into Sabah’s forest reserves. The man displayed pro southern Philippines illegal immigrant killer instinct. He single-handedly will be turning Sabah into another playground of Muslim interests from Southern Philippines. So, Shafie is out.

Although it’s still months away, there are already many hats in the ring. While Shafie Apdal the Najib’s loyal blue-eyed boy has made it clear he will not go back to state politics, other top leaders, including the Tuaran UMNO Division Chief Hajiji Noor who is also the Local Government and Housing Minister, Leader of Parti Bersatu Sabah and former chief minister Huguan Siou Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Karanaan Adun the Head of the Ranau UMNO Division Masidi Manjun who is the Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment, and the senior UMNO man-Head of Papar UMNO Division Abdul Rahim Ismail are understood to be lobbying hard for the prized post.

The hopefuls, except for Joseph Pairin Kitingan who is a cut above the rest, the rest of the lot it is believed, are busy at the mudslinging game. But for all you know, none of these claimants will make it.

As the buzz has it, the party may opt for a senior leader who is the USIA (United Sabah Islamic Association) boss. Did someone say Lajim Haji Okim? Yes, Lajim Hj. Okim a Bisaya, the MP for Beaufort who presently is the Federal Deputy Transport Minister and used to be the Sabah’s Deputy Chief Minister at one time before Musa Aman came into the picture, and Pak Lah, the former Prime Minister, wanted Lajim out from the state and moved him over to Federal politics. Lajim Hj.Okim and Najib Tun Razak go a long way. Lajim was the mastermind behind the downfall of the PBS government, that brought UMNO to power in Sabah. This time around Lajim has been promised the Chief Minister’s seat. We shall see.

The hopefuls, their careers are a study in contrast as some of them have never lost an election while others will hardly be victorious at hustings, like Hajiji for example, could hardly talk. One thing, however, that is common among the chief minister hopefuls is their “never say die” spirit. And those tipped to succeed incumbent Musa Aman have seen the rough and tumble of politics as well as life.

It is understood that Premier Najib must name Musa Aman’s successor quickly to prevent lobbying.

One Najib’s aide from Putrajaya went contacted said: “More importantly, we want to send a message to Sabahans that a young chief minister would bring dynamism to the state.”

“The state needs to be forward-looking and having a fresh leader will certainly be part of rejuvenation and hope,” said the Najib’s aide.

They say a week is a long time in politic but here we are talking about 4 months.The problem is simply stated. Politics is the art of shifting trouble from the living to the unborn.

But Musa Aman still is a name to reckon with in Sabah politics and the wily politician still has the desire and determination to bounce back. And the only thing missing is perhaps what matters most-his credibility. Besides, his body appears to be finding it hard to translate his thoughts into action. A group of political observers now believe that the current spell of Najib’s rule may mark the beginning of the end of Musa Aman’s political career. His chances of becoming chief minister for the 4th time seem very slim now. Musa must be a sad man. Meanwhile, unmindful of the ideologies, Musa Aman will be planning his next move. The Aman’s chapter of political shenanigans is yet to see its end.

Within about 3 months it will be clear as to whom Dame Luck will smile on, or if there will be another dark horse at the last minute like Musa Aman in 2003.

  1. Anonymous says:

    my name is al muiz alsiddig mohmmed zain ahmad am going to syiah kuala wite un please came back to information … email alarabi911@hotmail.com


  2. amir says:

    Akhirnya bukan juga Musa Aman yang menjadi TYT.


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  4. anna says:

    but, having the RIGHT CM is still needed to push the people in a positive way.


  5. anna says:

    villager is right. no matter how good the CM is, the real problem is with the people. people of Sabah should first change their way of thinking for the sake of changes in our community. simple example, do not squat on a toilet seats. if u really need to squat, choose a squatting toilets bah. get it? im saying this bcos this is a reality. do not denied.

    if u’ve been to our neighbor country, u might experience on how they really appreciate their job, even if it is a simple, cheap one. u will find their washrooms are SO clean, bcos they give their best in job. n u will also find a person looking to be hired as a maid, eventho actually she is holding a degree.


  6. sabahanmuda says:

    Yes to BN..support BN..Datuk Musa will still be a CM for Sabah. yeahhh…BN for Malaysia.


  7. Tokek says:

    Say NO to UMNO-BN Say NO to UMNO-BN Say NO to UMNO-BN…! Parti penjajah dari Malaya. Next CM tak nak Musa or Shafie..


  8. rutan says:

    ya.. rakyat sabah perlu bangkit untuk maju.


  9. villager says:

    jika mahu negeri Sabah maju, majukan diri sendiri dahulu. walau siapapun jadi ketua menteri atau parti mana sekalipun yang memerintah, tidak akan ada jaminan untuk rakyat maju jika bukan dari diri sendiri.


  10. kenwang says:

    Reading through the comments make me sick.It seems there is a split right in the middle,those supporting and those anti Musa Aman.It is no big deal anywhere.If Musa Aman needs to be TYT then let it be,at least we have a new CM.

    On second thought I think if a person stays in his job for too long then he becomes complacent and stagnant.A new person will have new excitement and he will try to do a better job than his predecessor.Though I maybe wrong because history had shown that Tun Abdullah did not perform well but at least its worth trying.

    I change my mind in supporting the present CM due to the many factors reported in Free Sabahkini.blogspot.com.I need a new CM whoever he is.


  11. Songkilou-kilou says:

    Bagi saya apa yang berlaku d kk berkaitan dengan pekerjaan ini adalah, kebanyakkan yang pegang jawatan tinggi adalah dari semenanjung. Jadi faham2 la kalau mereka ingin mengambil pekerja. Tgo apa yang terjadi dengan anak2 kita yang berada di pedalaman. Cikgu dari semenanjung datang cni dapat elaun lebih, tertumpah2, tapi prestasi sekolah tidak pernah maju2… Tindakan untuk meletakkan guru2 negeri ke negeri asal Sabah dan Sarawak amat la disokong 100%…


  12. urbanchick says:

    You can always change your way of life if you struggle to it…You can always find a way if you really want it in a good way… Be strong, educated, believe in God and believe in yourself…. You’ll find your way…


  13. urbanchick says:

    Over 23,000 job vacancies in Sabah – Maznah
    July 16, 2010, Friday

    KENINGAU: Only 600 applications have been received for about 24,071 job vacancies in the state.Disclosing this here yesterday, Deputy Human Resources Minister Senator Datuk Maznah Mazlan called on Umno members in the state to grab the jobs provided by her ministry.

    She said only 600 of the 24,071 vacancies provided by her ministry had been filled.

    The vacancies in the state had not been filled till today, she said when officiating at the Pensiangan Youth, Wanita and Puteri Umno delegates meeting simultaneously at Juta Hotel here.

    In this respect, Maznah urged the youth, including members of Umno Youth and Puteri Umno to apply for the vacancies by going to the Manpower Office in their respective districts in the state or surf job Malaysia portal, http://www.jobmalaysia.gov.my.

    Maznah also proposed that Umno leaders at divisional level hold job carnival to register people seeking employment.

    She said through the carnival, they could help the government reduce unemployment among locals in the state.

    According to Maznah, her ministry through the Manpower Department in Sabah had already held 18 job carnival programs in several districts where the officers would encourage the employers to take part in the job carnival.

    “Employers interview job seekers during the carnival and make job offers on the spot to the right candidates,” said Maznah who is also the Wanita Umno Exco.

    Maznah said the government would pay attention to problems faced by the rural folk such as water supply, electricity, roads, schools and solar system, in response to Pensiangan Wanita Umno division chief Hajah Zaiton OKK Anik who voiced the problems.

    “I will take note and bring up the problems to Umno president (Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak) and the ministry concerned so that action can be taken as soon as possible,” she said.

    She urged the Umno leadership to set up voluntary fire brigade complete with fire-fighting equipment in Nabawan to put out fires while waiting for firemen from the Fire and Rescue Services Department.

    Maznah also requested Umno divisional leaders to list all projects to be implemented under the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) so that allocation can be allocated for them.

    The Prime Minister announced RM230 billion allocations under the 10MP so that no people in the rural areas drop out from the mainstream of development, she said.

    She assured the people that the government would help the hardcore poor under the e-kasih schemes.

    Maznah said the government encourages more people, especially the youth to take up training at various government skills training centres to upgrade their skills in all fields.

    According to her, only 25 per cent of the people in the country have high skills compared to 40 per cent in Singapore and several Asean countries and 70 per cent in European countries.

    “My ministry sets a target to increase the number of skilled people from the present 25 per cent to 40 per cent through the various skill-training institutions in the country,” she said.

    She said the Industrial Skills Training Institute centres in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Labuan only have between 400 and 600 students.

    Many of the vacancies need to be filled by the youth in the state, she said, adding that apart from the Industrial Skills Training Institute several other institutes such as Mara and National Youth Skill Institute also offer various skills courses for youth in Sabah.

    More than 500 Wanita, Youth and Puteri Umno delegates including Pensiangan Umno divisional vice chief Wahanin Ismail, Pensiangan Wanita Umno division chief Hajah Zaiton OKK Anik, Keningau Wanita Umno chief and State Wanita Umno Liaison representative Amelia Ajun, Youth chief Mohd Shafiq Abdullah, Penampang Umno Youth chief Mohd Hafiz Suah who represented the State Umno Youth, Puteri Umno chief Norafizah Muhamin and Keningau Puteri Umno chief Junaidah Sapli who represented the State Puteri Umno chief, were present.


  14. urbanchick says:

    yup all you need to do is search for it. Do not wait for someone to came and hold the spoon and feed you!!


  15. pirate says:

    some of my friends who previously worked at SM take the decision back to Sabah and work in the plantation. now, they already have their own homes and vehicles compared with when they were in SM. this is a proof that the lack of employment in Sabah is not true.


  16. villager says:

    actually, there are plenty of jobs available in Sabah, as of last May, there were 35,973 vacancies available but only 1,273 were filled. In 2009, of the 6,912 jobs in the market only 5,438 were taken up.


  17. Bei suu lan says:

    Sabah bin Musa Aman has gone bankrupt.The Sabah economy is suffering from AIDS<AIDS<AIDS..which is Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome. Parents are sending their youthful children to West Malaysia as beggars.The money which they earned from begging is send back to their parents in Sabah. With this money the Sabah economy moves slowly like a man suffering from AIDS.
    I am from Kulim and I have stayed in KK for 20 over years.Sabah is my second home.The youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow.What kind of Sabah leaders are we going to have in future if our Sabah youths start their career begging in the streets of West Malaysia.They beg alongside with beggars from India,Bangladesh and Pakistan.
    I have taken numerous videos of them for many years.In the videos you can hear them speaking in the languages of Sabah.If any one of you wants to see them you can always come to my office in KK.I am in the hotel management software line and you can get my name and address in all the 5 star hotels.


  18. villager says:

    mike says:
    July 20, 2010 at 4:44 am

    true, that is why we don’t need to trust this article..


  19. mike says:


    i think that also too…this kind of ‘story’ only in attention to bring Musa down..
    well, they politicizing the issue for their own political benefits… :(


  20. mike says:

    “With the Tun tittle to his name, Musa will be protected from any legal actions against him as a Tun will have legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted.”

    selva, where you get this info? i doubt that if you’re malaysian or not…
    there’s no one higher than the “perlembagaan malaysia”…
    even sultan under the perlembagaan…..


  21. mike says:

    i don’t want Shafie to replace musa as Sabah CM…
    if shafie become Sabah CM all he can say is ‘yes boss’ to federal…
    i don’t think he put the priority of sabahan rights 1st…
    unlike him, Musa a lot much better…
    since Musa become the Sabah CM, Sabah has developed well on the right track..


  22. mike says:

    i think Musa are qualified to reward a Tunship title…even he also suite to be the next TYT…


  23. mike says:

    under musa governance, sabah now become more develop a lots more to come…there’s will no one like musa…i believe musa is the greatest cm ever for sabah…


  24. Salim says:

    Inilah disebabkan maklumat yang tidak betul disebarkan kepada orang lain.


  25. Salim says:

    Masih ada juga orang yang ingatkan geleran tun ini boleh menjanjikan kebal tak kira peraturan ataupun undang-undang.


  26. pirate says:

    mana2 yang masih tidak puas hati tu, jangan risau. gelaran Tun tidak ada jaminan imuniti atau kebal dari tindakan undang2..


  27. kiss me says:

    kitan says:
    July 19, 2010 at 1:43 am

    pasal Musa Aman nak dpt TUn pun nak dibesarkan. kan perkara baik tu.

    biasa la kan, ketandusan idea untuk create isu..


  28. Buntung says:

    Yeah2 get it!!!! no more talk!! Still talking about the same thing here, repeating comments…gosh!!!!!!


  29. kitan says:

    hal ini pun nak jadi masalah ke?


  30. kitan says:

    pasal Musa Aman nak dpt TUn pun nak dibesarkan. kan perkara baik tu.


  31. sabahanmuda says:

    orang baru mahu dapat gelaran Tun pun tidak boleh ka. bagus juga kalau Datuk Musa Aman dapat gelaran tersebut..hehe


  32. poji says:

    saya berpendapat cerita-cerita seumpama ini hanya untuk menjatuhkan Musa. MUsa telah melakukan banyak perubahan dlm aspek pembangunan, sebab itulah Musa tetap mendapat sokongan rakyat Sabah walaupun pelbagai certa mengenai beliau disebarkan. saya harap tiada lagi cerita-cerita buruk mengenai KM..


  33. poji says:

    saya berpendapat cerita-cerita seumpama ini hanya untuk menjatuhkan Musa. MUsa telah melakukan banyak perubahan dlm aspek pembangunan, sebab itulah Musa tetap mendapat sokongan rakyat Sabah walaupun pelbagai certa mengenai beliau disebarkan..


  34. kiss me says:

    the strong proof to make you all never trust this article is when the writer mentioned that the Tun will have legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted…


  35. Kenny says:

    And, I don’t care if Musa resign. As long as the next CM will be a better one and will make Sabah RICH!


  36. Kenny says:

    Ceh! Tunship sahaja mah..no need to make a big fuss on small matter.


  37. si langsing says:

    Kalau betul dia mau jadi Tun, lama sudah ba dia p ampu warga2 lain tapi ini tidak kan?Jadi businessman juga kan?Jawab,jawab.


  38. The reckoning says:

    I don’t need any Shafie or whoever it is. It is wasting my precious time to think over it. Tunship is just a simple award and why he must care about that anyway? I think that someone is desperate to be a Tun and create a child story like this. Duh.


  39. aku bah says:

    Makin dekat dengan pru13, makin kreatif pula org yang mahu jatuhkan Musa ni.. hairan, hairan…


  40. aku bah says:

    Jangan risau, Musa Aman akan tetap teruskan t/jawabnya sbg CM :)


  41. concerned says:

    what is going on ? I prefer a stable government !! who is good enought to replace Musa Aman ?


  42. mandara says:

    Musa akan akan terus memimpin sabah


  43. haters says:

    Why concern more on this?


  44. Elvis Kinabalu says:

    Go to the link below. It might help clear our doubts on the Tun ship issue. A very good read!



  45. Elvis Kinabalu says:

    Source: http://pakatan-pr.blogspot.com/2010/07/does-tun-ship-etc-have-legal-immunity.html

    Does A Tun-ship etc have legal immunity?
    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    As rumours about Samy Vellu’s and now Musa Aman’s Tun-ship circulated over the Net, another old issue regarding the title itself started to circulate as well. The ‘myth’ that a Tun-ship carries with it a legal immunity have been debated over the Net for years. No one really knows whether it is true or false.
    My Opinion

    As far as I know, a Tun-ship does not confer on to the holder any sort of immunity from any criminal nor any civil charges. They do not have any automatic diplomatic immunity. The police can still take action towards them if they park their car in the middle of the highway for no justifiable reason. They can’t just barge and trespass into other people’s property. They have no authority over any civil servants. And the recipients still have to pay taxes.

    In short, their rights are just like any other Malaysians. The same goes to other titles like Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, Datuk, Dato, Pehin etc etc etc …

    It is just a title, you get a fancy medal and the only privilege accorded is a free entry to use the VIP room at KLIA etc. If you still don’t believe me, then please go to this official government website regarding the Agong and the titles confered by His Majesty. Read and be enlightened;


    Regarding Other Titles

    If the recipient is a ‘Tun’, you call him/her ‘Yang Amat Berbahagia’. If it is a Tan Sri or a Datuk, you call him/her ‘Yang Berbahagia’. Generally the wife for a Tun will be called ‘Toh Puan’. I said ‘generally’ because if the recipient is a hereditary Dato’ or you receive a Datukship from Terengganu, normally the wife will be addressed as ‘Toh Puan’ too. Yes folks, there are titles that are hereditary in Malaysia, just like some of those English Lords with their ‘Baron’ and ‘Duke’ titles. The current Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak is one of them. He is the ‘Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar’ of Pahang that carries the hereditary title Dato’. His eldest son will automatically get the title after his death. Yeah I know I know, once I didn’t know about these hereditary ‘Datukship’ too. You can close your open mouth now ….

    A Tan Sri’s wife is called ‘Puan Sri’. A Datuk Seri’s wife is called ‘Datin Seri’. And a Datuk’s wife will be called ‘Datin’. Please be aware that only IF the recipient is a woman, then her husband has no title altogether, though you can call him a ‘Toh Puan’, ‘Puan Sri’ or ‘Datin’ if you are bold enough. Just make sure there is a 1Malaysia Clinic nearby. On second thought … nevermind.

    So is it a Dato’ or a Datuk? Again, generally, a Dato’ normally is a title given from a state. A Datuk on the other hand is a title you get from the Agong and Federal Government. Hence the difference in spelling.

    Tun and Tan Sri however, are given exclusively by the Agong and Federal Government.

    Anyhow, back to the topic. Now is there any legal immunity given to these titles? Nope!! There is none.

    Highest Civilian Title in Malaysia

    Some may argue that because ‘Tun’ is the highest title of the land, therefore there must be such immunity. There are two contradictions with this argument. First, as I have mentioned above, I found no such privilege nor any written law that supports this argument.

    Second, is the fact that ‘Tun’ is not the highest title of the land. The highest title in Malaysia is the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa [SP] which ironically does not carry any namesake whatsoever. Here is the list of all Federal Titiles awarded according to priority.


    You can see that both the titles that carry the title Tun, ie Seri Maharaja Mangku Negara [SMN] and Seri Setia Mahkota [SSM] are ranked 4th and 5th respectively. Not even a third placing ….

    Tunship above the Sultans and Agong?

    We must remember that even the Sultans can be sued via special provisions according to the Federal Constitution. It is therefore impossible that a person carrying the title ‘Tun’ can be immune from the law. Are these people above the Sultans and Agong?

    Case Law?

    To further prove that a Tun has no legal immunity is the legal case of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim v Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad [High Court number S4-23-15-2006; Appeal Court number W-02-609-2007]. Though Anwar Ibrahim failed in this case so far, none of the judges be it in the High Court nor Appeal Court cited legal immunity confered on a Tunship as the reason for dismissing the case. In fact this case proved that a person having the title Tun can be sued.

    How Did The ‘Myth’ Start?

    1. Limited number of recipients.

    – A Tunship is confered via two titles, the Seri Maharaja Mangku Negara [SMN] and the Seri Setia Mahkota [SSM]. At any one particular time, only 25 people are allowed to receive the SMN title and another 25 people receiving the SSM title. Hence there are only a maximum of 50 ‘Tuns’ around at any particular time. If the maximum number has been reached, the only way to award another Tunship is to wait for any one of the 50 recepients to, well … die.

    Hence, because of these limited numbers of recepients, the chances of any of them being charged legally is 0.000002 percent out of 26 million Malaysians.

    2. Lack of courage by the enforcement agencies

    – Majority of the recepients are still or was holding a high ranking position in Government. Some are or were Judges, Ministers, Parliament Speakers, IGP, AG etc etc etc.

    If these people are still holding such a position, it is very unlikely that they will be legally charged with anything. They may be the top man in these agencies, so no one dares go against the ‘boss’.

    If they are retirees or not a civil servant, the majority of these people are usually too ‘well connected’ to those walking the corridors of power in Malaysia. Hence most of the time no agencies nor private individuals dare to persecute or legally sue them for anything for fear of adverse repercussion.

    It is really more a question of courage rather than the so called ‘immunity’.

    3. Custom

    – In the old days, before Merdeka, most of the people holding these titles are usually related or connected to the Sultans or Istana themselves. They may be a cousin 5 times removed from the Sultan, or one of those high ranking families that work in the palace for generations. Most of the titles are hereditary and as I said earlier, limited to those related to the Sultans or connected to the Istana via being a palace official. Hence even if you are only a Datuk, it is very unlikely in those days that you will be prosecuted for anything without the Sultan’s consent. Having a title means in short, you are legally immune unless the Sultan says otherwise.

    But since the formation of Malaya, later Malaysia, the government decided that some form of titles should be created or allowed to be given to palace outsiders, similar to the British Royalty. This is also needed because the title Agong was also just created as the new sovereign of the Federetaion of Malaya, later Malaysia. You can read here;


    Since then many things have changed, and the palace does not have much of the authority nor immunity it had in the past, save only to an extent the Sultans themselves. Today even a palace official can be legally prosecuted or face a civil suit.

    However, the Malaysian mindset somehow are still trapped in those pre-Merdeka days when it comes to these titles. Many still believe that a Tunship, some even thinks a Datukship, confers on the receipient legal immunity.

    Malaysians are obsessed with titles

    Why the need for the title then? What benefit can you get? Surely there must be a reason why so many Malaysians want it?

    Well, lets face it. Most in our society today only respect three things. Money, power and if you are white. Yes folks, that’s the truth. If you go to a high class restaurant in KL wearing tattered clothes, unless you can show either of these three things, you’ll be thrown out to the streets. Money is easy to show, but how about power? That’s where the ‘titles’ come in. Only those who have ‘power’ and are ‘connected’ can have these titles. Only then the restaurant will give you their first class treatment. Doesnt matter if you are a bankrupt Tun or Datuk, many will still view you with awe.

    What about being ‘white’ you asked? Well to sidetrack a bit, to most Malaysians if you are white, ie caucasian, that automatically means you have money and power. Doesn’t matter if you are actually a hillbilly redneck with no money whatsoever, Malaysians will still think you are rich, educated etc. Sad but true.

    Back to the topic, this obsession with titles among Malaysians are so bad that for example, you can see some Malays even use the title Haji or Hajjah as a form of a title. I don’t find Muslim scholars in Arab countries using it as often as us here. Even the renown Islamic scholar Dr. Yusoff Qardhawi does not use it.

    Some Malaysians are even willing to buy these titles. If they can’t buy it allegedly from the Sultans or government, they buy it from the Sulu Sultan, which confers the similar title of Datu’ or Datuk. That title cannot be used in Malaysia, but no one really cares. Just a few days ago the nation was shocked when a Sabahan even superimposed his picture and allegedly claims he was conferred the title ‘Sir’ by the Queen of England. He has now claimed it was from the government of Papua New Guinea … sigh ….

    Having a title means prestige in Malaysia. It opens doors to many things, like getting your children in that famous school. Police respond to an emergency much quicker. Your dealings with the banks will be much easier. Malaysians put more weight on your opinions. They listen more to you. Even if you talk nonsense!! The higher the title, the better it is.

    So far through my experience, that’s what I see. Having such titles really do smooth things out. Another sad but true scenario ….

    Yes, there are problems associated with having such titles as well. The pressure, the expectation, the constraints …. But that’s another story. Generally, Malaysians still are obsessed with these titles.


    Unless someone can prove legally that a Tunship does have legal immunity, I stand by what I wrote here. To me, a Tunship does not have any legal immunity whatsoever. They still pay taxes etc. Whatever ‘immunity’ they have come from other external reasons, not the Tunship itself.


  46. Elvis Kinabalu says:

    LOL,what gave you the idea that the holder of TUNship will have legal immunity?That sounds ridiculous. If the holder of Tun have legal immunity then what about the other titles such as Seri Pahlawan Gagah(SP), PerkasaTan Sri, Datuk Seri, Datuk, Dato, Pehin…..etc.???


  47. poji says:

    Musa done he job very well..he is a good leader…


  48. eyes to me says:

    Jealousy…no other words for selva :) peace no war Selva!!!


  49. faz says:

    musa seorang pemimpin yang berjaya memajukan Sabah..apa pun cerita-cerita yang tersebar mungkin ianya hanyalah andaia…


  50. Hassan says:

    Saya rasa ada unsur politik dalam khabar angin sebegini.


  51. Android says:

    Selva, how come most of your articles that you have posted in your blog are about Musa Aman? Honestly, I don’t really like that man but I wouldn’t want to waste my time blogging about the man i dislike. I rather blog about something that I like. Unless of course, you as a freelancer writer being paid by “someone” to defame his name.


  52. Ellie says:

    This is not exactly a big issue. Why are some people getting so worked up about it?


  53. sabahanmuda says:

    jangan percaya dengan artikal ini. biar kita dengar dari tuan pun badan sendiri.


  54. villager says:

    saya berpihak kepada kumpulan majoriti yang tidak setuju dengan artikel ini sementara menunggu masa memberitahu kita perkara yang sebenar..


  55. lucifer says:

    anggap ja ini sebahagian dari kesan PRU13.. biasanya dalam masa ini, orang2 yang berkepentingan lebih aktif menjatuhkan pihak lain dari memberi tumpuan kepada masalah rakyat.


  56. aku bah says:

    Kalau masih tak puas hati, sama2 lah kita tunggu kedatangan next GE ya, lepas tu manfaatkanlah sepenuhnya masa itu. Buat pilihan yg terbaik utk masa depan yg cerah…
    So sekarang ni tutup mulut & tak payah kutuk CM lagi!


  57. aku bah says:

    Apapun saya harap harap hal ni ditanggani segera sebelum melarat teruk. Kepada sabahan pula, jadilah masyarakat yg bijak membuat penilaian, jgn mudah terpengaruh hanya kerana gosip sebegini.


  58. aku bah says:

    Apa perkembangan cerita ni??? mcm takda pa2 juga kan.. Lebih baik ignored ja hal ni, tak perlu peningkan kepala!


  59. KK says:

    Kalau soal Musa Aman letak jawatan, rasanya mustahil la. Saya yakin ramai sabahan yg sokong Musa kerana Musa da banyak buat pembangunan di Sabah.


  60. KK says:

    Biasalah Walao, orang sengaja buat gimik, utk burukkan nama baik CM sabah ni.. hhmmm politik juga lah!


  61. KK says:

    lolwut says:
    July 10, 2010 at 8:30 am
    “…as a Tun will have legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted.”

    Where did you get this from, Akta Kawan Saya Bagi Tau (1998)?

    LOL, kreatif oo idea ni. hehehe


  62. G.D says:

    If he doesn’t get to be a TYT or TUN title, I don’t see it will be a bigger deal or major problem. And I beg to differ, with the Tun title doesn’t mean you are immune from being arrested or charged in court.

    But then, I can’t wait for GE 13th..Weeee~


  63. Walao says:

    Jika Datuk Musa akan meletak jawatan, harap ada pemimpin yang baik boleh memgantikannya.


  64. Walao says:

    Walaoweh, pasal ini pun boleh dijadikan isu besar? Bagi saya tiada bezanya kalau seseorang diberikan pangkat Datuk ke, TYT ke, Sir ke… Itu hanya nama penghormatan saja, tidak semestinya menjadikan seseorang itu lebih superior.


  65. Shanty says:

    Its time to move on to a more relevant topic, shall we.


  66. Darren says:

    Does it matter whether he is given a Tunship? It does not means full immunity from his wrongdoings.


  67. pendekar malaysia says:

    KM sabah akan dipilih dari pemimipin yan terbaik.


  68. cheers says:

    matai la ni bnyk pendatang…


  69. assa says:

    Orang yang sesuai mendapat gelaran akan diberi juga.Jangan bimbang.


  70. freak says:

    Tidak akan ada yang berubah jika rakyat tidak berubah, semua bergantung pada rakyat.


  71. Jai Ho says:

    Siapa2 saja yang berkelayakkan dan berpotensi, Biarlah rakyat yang tentukan bila tiba masa mengundi !!


  72. zam zam says:

    Siapa sebenarnya yang paling baik untuk dilantik menjadi CM Sabah?


  73. Marie says:

    Just make sure whoever replaces him is rich. A poor cm will only make Sabahans poorer. Why? He will need more money to fill his own pockets.


  74. Juanita says:

    Jika mahu menukarkan CM pun kenalah ada calon yang lebih baik. Tapi tiada pun satu yang sesuai.


  75. Gamat says:

    gintak, saya rasa kamurang barulah bodoh sangat. Begitu minat mahu mendebatkan perkara yang tiada penghujungnya, bukan juga kamu ada pandangan yang baik juga.


  76. black says:

    His extensive business experience and expertise brought him to lend his services for the benefit of the state and the nation. At the state level, among others, he was appointed as the Executive Chairman of SEDCO, Chief Executive Officer of Innoprise Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Chairman of Innoprise International Incorporated, and Chairman of Sabah Softwood Sdn. Bhd. At the national level, Y.A.B. Datuk Musa Haji Aman led City Finance Berhad as its long standing Chairman…. actually Musa has made a lot of contributions to Sabah but the people out there only raise his mistake or weakness but never told the truth about his contributions..


  77. Popeye says:

    Nothing wrong with Musa having a Tun title. He deserve it.


  78. bb says:

    Sabahan is not stupid and they are wise enough to think who is the best CM ever for Sabah. Those potential ‘lauya’ CM like Shafie who sold ‘piece’ of Sabah….will never be in the heart of Sabahan…..Apart from regatta lepa-lepa…what he has done for Sabah? or for Semporna? Why question Musa as Tun or Shafie as next CM? Sabahan’s choice of CM should be concerned of PM? Why Shafie? We don’t want him!


  79. mimo says:

    Harap dapat lihat HASIL SDC? kalau Musa tidak lagi jadi CM? Will next CM can do work like he does? So as a Tun, Musa has nothing to lose juga….either CM or Tun, he has ALL! What say you? Unlike Shafie, brought illegals to Sabah and also selling Sabah’s MARUAH and kerakyatan….all Sabahan rather vote for “K_ _ _ _ _ _ _” than vote him! He has hurt Sabahan by giving IC to illegals? What he got out of it? Money? Power? or Voters?


  80. cicak says:

    happy Musa Aman to stay as Sabah’s CM….


  81. papablonde says:

    SOM, story or slander? or creating chaos to bloggers?


  82. amanselalu says:

    If Musa Aman is qualify to be TUN..WHY NOT? Age is just a ‘number’ and his contribution to Sabah’s development is more important than anything!


  83. Najib's Kitten can type too! says:

    My vote goes to Viranjit! If Musa Aman does not remain in his position, then I would rather vote for a stranger than a man called Shafie. That’s how much I don’t want Shafie to lead Sabah. I don’t mind anyone except Shafie. Sabah under his leadership will definitely be poorer than it is already is.


  84. Viranjit says:

    If Shafie can easily be appointed as a CM of Sabah then I want to be the next CM after him .Cause he isn’t really that competent and so am I! So, make sure to VOTE FOR VIRANJIT in the next election. ;)


  85. kokobar says:

    Let the PM to decide who is the next CM. By now, Musa Aman still our CM.


  86. sumandak says:

    BN should work hard to win the next GE. Otherwise no point we arguing about this matter here.


  87. kilikulu says:

    Why don’t we just wait and see the outcome. I beleive Musa Aman will continue his career as Sabah CM for next term.


  88. sabahanmuda says:

    siapa pengganti untu KM sabah tidak pasti lagi..tapi kalau boleh Musa teruskan menjadi KM sabah dan pastikan sabah menjadi negeri yang maju barulah beliau boleh diganti.


  89. gintak says:

    Gamat, kau ini betul2 bodoh bah. Kalau tidak minat jangan commen. Buang masa saja kau ini. Bodoh betul!


  90. ren says:

    That’s ridiculous. Since when does tun ship means full immunity?


  91. Gamat says:

    Entahlah, saya bukan minat sangat mahu mendebatkan isu ini.


  92. SindraRichie says:

    Lovely. Now, we are debating who is more compatible receiving the Tunship and also the next CM. Enough said. Just wait for 13th General Election.

    Oh and one more thing, Even if you are a Tun, you are not immune from anything. You can be charge, sue or locked up in jail based if you did wrong.

    Till then people. Ja ne!~


  93. pendekar malaysia says:

    klu Osu, dia mmg tk layak nak jadi pemimpin.. !


  94. James Dagot says:

    Kalo susa2 cari CM ambil ja si anu tu sepa tu yang kuat bejudi tu dia pandai cari or curi duit sabah ohh yaa Datu pula tu kan Datuk Osu Sukam.. so pandai2 la kamu main judi LOL


  95. kenwang says:

    The PM should clear the air about this issue.There are a lot of uncertainties now with regards to the administration of the State and my heart goes to the CM for the ‘pain’ he has to endure in facing all those allegations,speculations and hypothesis about his position.

    We the ordinary citizens demand an answer.Maybe we are already influenced in a small way by all those bloggers bluffs.I hope it is not becoming like what Hitler’s lieutenant Goebbels said,’lies that are repeated often will turn into truth.’ People therefore will start believing them and when this happens the CM’s name will be tarnished and his credibility tainted.

    I have this strong feelings that the opposition is ‘cooking up’ this story to create instabilty in the State and painting negative picture that there is a tussle for leadership in Sabah UMNO to benefit them politically.

    To them let this be clear that UMNO/BN is still very strong in Sabah under the leadership of Datuk Musa Aman and the people still need him to steer the State.He is still the captain and will continue to do so till such time when he personally decides to call it a day.


  96. sabahanmuda says:

    Datuk Musa is the Bestlah..hehehee Kalau ada pengganti pun, mestilah same or more than like Datuk Musa. Rakyat sabah senang dengan beliau.


  97. malili says:

    Tiada pemimpin yang tida dapat diganti. Walaupun Musa diganti, ia harus diberi penghormatan melainkan ada bukti yang menyabitkan beliau bersalah.


  98. shumimi says:

    I doubt of this article. How the writer know there are deals going on? Could be he is sitting right beside when the negotiation go through.


  99. liberal says:

    Is it true those who carried ‘Tun’ title will have legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted?


  100. pendekar malaysia says:

    apapun harap KM seterusnya adalah seorang yang benar2 layak dan boleh mentadbir sabah dgn baik.


  101. Jai Ho says:

    You can say whatever you want but only people can make the changes, either to believe you or not, it is hard to be known.


  102. Jai Ho says:

    If he is proven wrong the punishment is haunting him, but if not then he free from any punishment !


  103. Aqua says:

    Jangan jadikan isu ini sebagai bahan rujukan kerana maklumat yang terdapat dalam artikel ini tidak menunjukkan mana2 fakta yang berguna!


  104. black says:

    i have no interest anything without proof and just intend to bring down the others.. why they are not raise another issues that will benefited to Sabahan..


  105. coffee maker says:

    Musa has been subjected to many accusation, ranging from corruption, cronyism, money laundering, abuse of power etc but has not yet failed to have himself & BN Sabah to be elected to govern Sabah. Why is that?

    Now theres a rumors saying that Musa will step down as a CM to become the governor of Sabah…i dont buy it.


  106. Macy says:

    Dear Adam, do you happen to have been knighted by the Queen of England as well?


  107. Sam says:

    Previously there are similar rumors saying that the CM will step down, but we can see that he was still up there planted firmly on his seat.


  108. adam says:

    i think i am one of the most qualified CM-to -be;given my real paper qualifications which no one can deny & challenge;my compassion 7 charisma is the greatest of all;beyond compare;vote me lah;I will hand out candies everyday;make sure Sabah is a Welfare Sate;everyone irrespective of race & religion can be given handouts;Amanah Rakyat Sabah revived for everyone;that sounds idealistic;LOL


  109. Hawk says:

    A Tun-ship does not mean anything, it does not guarantee immunity.


  110. cobra nair says:

    Tun award should not b given Musa Aman, cos during his rule the people there was not aman,It is high time the MACC go to Sabah & do a deep investigation on the billionaires & their families, & not forgetting Sarawak too. Najib must open his big eyes on this 2 states & have to replace the financiial controllers of these 2 states.If not the rakyat will have to change to Pakatan government in the coming 13 th GE. Ayo Ayo, the people there are suffering very badly. Vote for the opposition, if you want a clean gov.


  111. KK says:

    Musa Aman akan kekal jadi CM sabah sebab beliau adalah pemimpin yang baik dan cintakan rakyat. Beliau juga telah lakukan banyak perubahan dlm aspek pembangunan, so tidak hairanlah jika masih ramai yang menyokong penuh DMA :)
    Hidup DMA!


  112. aku bah says:

    Setuju sabahanmuda.
    Banyak juga sumbangan Musa Aman sama Sabah sebab tu saya kagum juga lah ada CM sabah mcm beliau. Beliau patut dicontohi dan dihormati demi kebaikan beersama.


  113. aku bah says:

    Siapapun yang jadi pilihan rakyat, saya yakin itulah pemipin yg terbaik utk Sabah. Jadi rakyat harus lebih bijak supaya tak mudah terpedaya dgn cerita yg mengaibkan nama baik CM Sabah.


  114. Gaelic says:

    Let me be the CM lah..Hahahaha, nah, just kidding. Shafie Apdal is definitely out of the question. Nada, zilch, zero, nil..As I’m not trying to mudslinging him, heard lot of stories about him. So, yeah..No Shafie Apdal as CM please. We need a eligible and compatible candidate as CM as he must have the credibility and charisma of a leader to lead and help the people in anyway he can.

    If this candidate is known to be greedy and power hungry, well, sorry mate, he won’t be long as a CM either and reminds me of someone who was not even a CM for 2 terms. I let you search for this guy yourself. ;)

    But then again, we will have to wait and see and also, it’s good to see that CM will receive his Tunship soon.


  115. Matahari says:

    Selagi Musa Aman tu CM Sabah, hormatilah beliau dan jangan terlalu emosi bila bercakap mengenai politik.. Relax lah babe.. Tak lama lagi next GE bah!


  116. ah chong says:

    Some people are trying to eat their tons shits instead of thinking the consequences.


  117. pendekar malaysia says:

    tak kisah siapa KM Sabah selepas ini, yang penting ia mesti seorang yang berkebolehan, berkepimpinan dan prihatin terhadap rkyat.


  118. manesah says:

    Teda ka story yang lebe menarik dan wajar ditonton?


  119. polemic says:

    There were rumors back in February /March this year saying that Musa Aman will stepping down on March if im not mistaken….now fast track to the present month, July…Musa is still there, not even show one sign of stepping down…

    Selva, you try very hard to convince your reader that you’re telling the truth…but the problem is, convincing is not enough if you dont have prove to substantiate your claim, or maybe, your master claim…please produce some evidence in your writing, because like what Kenwang said, your writing is too hypothetical!

    Its interesting to read your articles, maybe because of the sensational content. but have you heard this phrases before- “Bahan Bacaan Picisan”? your articles is not there yet, but close…

    You even wrong at your facts…since when a Tun have immunity from the law??

    Selva, you should explain & correct your facts here, or else, your next writing is nothing but a “Bahan Bacaan Picisan”…


  120. Aqua says:

    Jika pun tidak suka dengan Datuk Musa jangan lah merendah2kan beliau, beliau telah berkhidmat untuk Sabah sudah sekian lama. Biarpun, apa yang penting beliau telah membawa banyak perubahan yang drastik di Sabah. Kalaupun segala tuduhan yang telah dilontarkan adalah betul, jangan kita memandang beliau dengan sebelah mata sahaja, ndakkan hanya kerana satu kesalahan, kita terus melupakan segala jasa yang telah beliau usahakan selama ini.


  121. Janet says:

    Viranjit, I don’t mind becoming the next CM either.


  122. kong says:

    Pembangunan dan kemajuan di negeri sabah masih sangat rendah berbanding di negeri-negeri lain di SM, so siapa-siapa yang akan bakal menjadi ketua menteri sabah perlulah memastikan pelbagai masalah dan kekurangan di sabah dapat diatasi dalam tempoh sebagai ketua menteri sabah.


  123. joe syarib says:

    Harap KM akan datang ini juga mampu menghadapi pelbagai masalah rakyat demi menjamin negeri ini terus membangun.


  124. supra says:

    next CM must be great like Musa Aman.


  125. mr whatever says:

    it’s hard to determine which is qualified to be a CM but i hope it’s not Shafie..


  126. sabahanmuda says:

    Musa Aman is the best for sabah and sabahan.
    If shafie..waa i’m scare if he the CM..
    crumble Sabah if he the CM.. :)

    whatever who the next CM, the important thing try to help sabah and sabahan right.
    Same like what MA do for sabah..


  127. kitan says:

    i hope next CM can make something difference to develop Sabah!


  128. Viranjit says:

    Janet, I wouldn’t mind becoming the next cm..haha.


  129. Janet says:

    No, Shafie would not be my choice of candidate either, does anyone else have other candidates in mind?


  130. Janet says:


    I have to disagree with your preferred candidate. We in Sabah personally experienced what they did to us previously, no way would we accept them as CM. CKK especially.


  131. Viranjit says:

    I wouldn’t want Shafie to be the next Sabah CM.. Sabah will be doom under his leadership. Say “NO” to Shafie!


  132. Flyer168 says:

    Nice article on the “Bolehland Conspiracy”….

    Just to remind all that this “Modus Operandi” keeps repeating itself cos it works well for the “Powers that be & their Pawns”

    “Simply..its not professionalism that matters; for all the multi color books of khazanah, etc, etc,etc….Whats important is to be in the good books of one.”

    It is all about Connections, Power, Greed, Corrupt Practices, $$$, then “Digging a Bigger Hole” to coverup the last one, etc, etc, etc & finally who is the “Master Wheeler Dealer” to do the “Ultimate Magic” successfully for his Master…gets rewarded!

    There is always the “Ambitious Thamby Guy” to do the lower “Biddings” & having to take the “Rap” (with or without his Gaji Buta!!!)…

    When Mama/Jibby is Desperate….to get someone to step down in preference to Mama/Jibby’s choice…bisa di ator mah….

    His previous Boss got not one, not two…but three Tunships, plus…plus…plus…at our expense – Tax$$$.

    Madey was the smart one to get his replacement to “sign him off” as the “Freeman of Bolehland” (everything done for the Nation & Citizen’s interest…)…so the next one cannot touch him…QED!

    So that is the “Insurance Cover” for the stepdown…with a promise for a better promotion as head of state, etc, etc, etc…

    So everyone of them has each other by the “Orbs/Juglars”…



  133. Tiger YK says:

    I guess Najib wants to put someone from KL to be the CM of Sabah. He wants to turn Sabah into a “West Malaysian” state … permanently, and later, Sarawak will also become a “Good Boy” state, and 100% under the control of UMNO …. It is long overdue for the two east Malaysian states to give up and hand over all their power and money to KL, and it will be a futile attempt to put up any resistance to the move. I think Taib will also be made a Tun and he will become the TYT for the rest of his limited time left on earth.


  134. Farouq Omaro says:

    The best people in my humble opinion would be: Chong Kah Kiat, Joseph Pairin Kitingan and Bernard Dompok. Anyway it is high time a non-Muslim Bumiputera is the CM. Sabah is not a Muslim state. Again, my opinion.


  135. […] Musa Aman’s Tunship Well, it looks like a done deal. In a deal struck between Premier Najib Tun Razak and Musa Aman during his recent […] […]


  136. kenwang says:

    This story should not be written and published because it is too hypothetical.It just doesn’t make sense at all and boggles the mind to think that it is true.

    Tunship? Legal immunity,free from prosecution?I’m sure you can write better than that.Worst still Lajim Okin becoming Sabah CM? If that happens I will be the first one to migrate.Any country will do even Iraq for I am willing to live in danger than being governed by him.

    If it is a must that Sabah needs to have a new Chief Minister then that someone must have the necessary academic qualifications and aptitude to govern.Not lajim lah! Help me,please I am falling from my chair.


  137. Jonathan says:

    Tun or no Tun…you do wrong…you pay for it…either in this world or the next…fellas like Moosa Aman, Najib, Roastmah, The Toon himself must pay in both worlds….Malaysians who have any dignity or honour left in them must be determined to see that this is done……this country’s image is shitclass in the eyes of the world and so much of our resources have been robbed….all races including Malays, Indians, Chinese, Penans, Ibans, Kadazans still remain way below the poverty line because of all these rascals…every dog has his day…and that day cometh ever too soon ….


  138. PaulineL says:

    Pls check a posting by Din Merican, a noted Malaysian lawyer. Tun-ship doesn’t confer immunity. Like what Ong says, even Sultans/Agongs don’t have immunity, thanks to Tun Dr M. So pls correct your facts in your blog before such misconceptions arise.


  139. ajajal says:

    I stand to protest should this robber is our Governor. I will not even want to acknowledge any functions should he is around. Even when his name is mentioned during Friday prayers.
    To ask aLLAH to bless him is like asking ALLAH to approve a criminal as head of Muslim in Sabah. I dare the Mufti of Sabah for a debate should this Musang is the Governor.


  140. ong says:

    BTW, even Sultans do not have immunity.


  141. ong says:

    Should not make claim that “a Tun will have legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted” unless you can quote the authority.


  142. Habib RAK says:

    There is no such thing as immunity from prosecution for TUNs. This is simply not true. Surprised that even Selvarajahsomiah could believe this myth.


  143. mykantree says:

    Ditto to ling for the opinion that the “tun-ship” should not be given as legal protection against crimes committed against the people. Such crimes include corruption.And who has doubt that Musa is one of the top on the list of corrupts?

    But then again what else can one expect of one corrupt for another corrupt. So long as such titles are given to such characters by similar characters, its invalid and against human rights.It will carry no value when the time comes.


  144. lolwut says:

    “…as a Tun will have legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted.”

    Where did you get this from, Akta Kawan Saya Bagi Tau (1998)?


  145. ling says:

    I hope the same deal hasn’t been struck with Taib of Sarawak! Whatever, no man should be above the law. This “tun-ship” should not be a place for harbouring former leaders who may have committed crimes against the country.


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