About Me

Me, just an ordinary Penangite who spent a good part of my learning life in North Borneo and Katmandu.

I describe myself as a liberal.

I’m a geologist turned freelance writer. What I post here are my general views, my ramblings and my thoughts. Views expressed are mine!

I am a seeker of truth and I think everyone should be.

You are welcome to write your comments, but seditious and racial remarks will be deleted.

I am no big writer but will try my very best to provide my thoughts with my simple English.

I welcome suggestions and opinions on my blog so that it can be improved further for the benefit of all.

Regards…/selvaraja somiah

I can be contacted at:




  1. Robin Ng says:

    You are a special person which does special thing in Borneo. Have you ever thought to turn up to be a “poet of Borneo” with all the English words you have. I can see you write different kind of perspectives which they all come from yourself, I suggest you to write something which can influence the people in Borneo through reading. Well, that’s my suggestion for you, hope you do love my ideas.

    Good day,
    Robin Ng
    Malaysian – Sabah


  2. The Hidden Truth says:

    “I am a seeker of truth and I think everyone should be”

    I was very impressed with this text.I hope that we not only seeking the truth in political issue that we are facing off right now but the most important things we are seeking the true creator that was created us and for what reason that we are been created.


  3. James warman says:

    you are indeed an interesting guy.


  4. lohian says:

    Good to see You !
    Would be more interesting if you share your experience as a geologist


  5. Thanks Abanghyu for the visit and do come back often. I sincerely hope you will keep blogging and have all the fun. I say again, thanks for stopping by.


  6. abanghyu says:

    Hi, Mr. Selva

    I felt impressed with the content of your blog to voice out another prespective about Malaysia. As the new blogger from Indonesia, which is the neighbor country, I could comprehend hot issue in your country. Honestly, I found this website as I browse the Internet search engine to get any article or news about Altantuya Shaariibuu.


  7. vilasomiah says:

    I think this blog has far exceeded what many other blogs try offer. I take pride in logging in at my office at the university every morning just to see what late night news selvarajasomiah’s weblog has provided to an eager community in the morning.

    Socio-political reporting at its best.



  8. nulina says:

    Selva,i should now trying to put my experience & my thoughts onto a blog as well, perhaps about life & culture of people.


  9. houston says:

    I really liked your blog! I have to say it is hard to come by blogs with great information like yours. It is definitely bookmark worthy! Thanks for putting it together. Peace!


  10. Jessie says:

    Mr.Selva, i came across your blog and was reading along.

    I guess most of us are taken to blogging to view our opinons about things nowadays…

    I also read your post on rewriting history…but I won’t say much about that here…sensitive issuelah..anyway..its good that we write abt these things here…by following the tag surfer function..we’ll know that there are also some other people who are ‘concerned’ abt the issue thats bothering us…

    Keep it up…


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