For immediate release:

I laud Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s assurance on restoring the status of Sabah and Sarawak in accordance with Malaysia Agreement 1963.

It is indeed a timely announcement made on Malaysia Day, reflecting the true historical meaning of the date itself.

The restoration of the status of Sabah and Sarawak in accordance with MA63 is something that Sabah leaders have been striving for.

It is also one of the ideals that the previous administration pursued in the spirit of cordial Federal-State relations.

The announcement by the Prime Minister shows that he understands the sentiments of the people of Sabah and Sarawak.

I believe the support to restore the rights under MA63 comes from both sides of the political divide.

Hence, it is our hope that the proposal to restore Sabah and Sarawak’s status in line with MA63 will be hastened.

Such a move will strengthen the Federation of Malaysia, reduce the development gap between East and Peninsula Malaysia and improve the welfare of the people in Sabah and Sarawak.

Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman
September 17, 2018


For months various statements and reports claimed Tan Sri Musa Aman had left Malaysia illegally and that he had illegally entered the United Kingdom. The inference is that Musa had become a fugitive and making himself deliberately unavailable to the authorities with regard to investigations into events at Istana Negeri on the night of May 10th.

Many mischievous messages were floating on social media ever since. One lawyer close to Shafie Apdal even told me that Musa has gone into exile and will never come back to Sabah.

Musa has been under an unprecedented assault of baseless rumour and false innuendo with the apparent intent of dragging him down.

For the past 100 days or so , Musa has been the subject – on social media and via word of mouth – of untrue allegations and accusations. The sheer scale and nature of the claims have led to Sabah Police Commissioner taking the extraordinary step of signing off a media release that rejects the speculation even though Musa is the subject of a police report by Sabah governor Tun Juhar Mahiruddin, who alleged criminal intimidation by Musa in relation to his swearing-in as Chief Minister on May 10.

The question of intimidating the Governor to be sworn in on May 10 should not arise. As per the state Constitution, Musa Aman was the leader of the party with the most seats in the state assembly. The state Constitution reads that the party with the most seats must be sworn in as Chief Minister. Police had wanted Musa to present himself to have his statement recorded but he has not been charged in relation to any matter.

Shafie’s Warisan is trying to gain partisan advantage through damaging Musa by a campaign of innuendo.

The aim was to steer the public’s political focus away from the court case which will determine whether or not Musa or Shafie is the rightful chief minister of Sabah, to be heard on September 3.

Musa left Malaysia lawfully on May 16 and was in the UK for medical reasons, while in UK he suffered a stroke and was admitted at The Clementine Churchill Hospital, a private medical facility in North London. Actually many years ago while he was still CM he suffered a minor stroke but he didn’t realise it. In fact, he was so ill that the Neurologist from Churchill hospital London refused to allow Musa to travel back to Malaysia, but he insisted to come back to Malaysia. Now, at Subang Jaya hospital, here too the Neurologist don’t want him to fly back to Kota Kinabalu. Amidst all this, Musa is stubborn an insisting to return to Kota Kinabalu by this weekend.

Musa Aman is a real fighter!

As i said in my Facebook posting, i say it again, “May you rebound and be stronger than ever when your recovery is complete; may you prevail in the face of the many challenges! My thoughts are with you, Tan Sri Musa Aman!”