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It seems according to the Indian intelligence sources that one of the gunmen now in their custody has told Indian authorities that he – along with seven others – pretended to be students, rented an apartment in Mumbai and planned the targets and they all carried Malaysian identity cards. Yes, they carried Malaysian identity cards.

I remember sometime last year, 2 brothers Rahmat Abdul Hir and Zulkifli Abdul Hir both Malaysians were arrested in California by the US Department of Justice for 16 counts of providing material support to terrorists, providing material to terrorists, contributing goods and services to a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” and providing false statements. Both were most wanted person by the US FBI for their links and funding for Abu sayaf and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Also Malaysians were these 2 clowns.

   There was another Malaysian who was mastermind behind the Bali bombings in 2002 and 2005 and he was Southeast Asia’s most-wanted militant Dr Azahari Husin the bomb expert for the Islamic terror network Jemaah Islamiyah. He was shot dead by the Indonesian Police and his dead body was packed back to Malaysia.Then there was another Malaysian, Noordin Top who was Azahari’s accomplice in the Bali explosions also wanted for terrorist activity and still on the run. Malaysians again.

HambaliThen there was this Indonesian cleric Riduan Isamuddin aka Hambalidubbed by the US Central Intelligence Agency as the “Osama Bin Laden” of South East Asia. Also having Malaysian identity and married to a Sabahan from Lahad Datu, Sabah. Was wanted badly by the United States Central Intelligence Agency and he was linked to 39 bombing attacks in Indonesia alone and over 300 murders in Indonesia and Philippines. He is also accused of arranging a meeting between two of the 11 September hijackers and the al-Qaeda figures who were in Malaysia in January 2000. When the CIA caught him in Thailand he was spirited away to an undisclosed location until now by the CIA.  Hambali is also carrying a Red Malaysian IC.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyirThen it was the famous Abu Bakar Ba’asyir also having a Permanent Residence status from Malaysia. He is the spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiah (JI) accused in connection with a number of bomb attacks blamed on JI – the Bali bombings, the JW Marriott hotel bombings in 2003 and a series of church attacks in 2000. Ba’asyir also carries a Red Malaysian IC.

What is this connection between terrorist and Malaysian ICs? Is this a coincidence?  Why are so many of the terrorist in these parts of the world so many times when caught they carry Malaysian ICs? I saw this in Sabah, I saw this in Kelantan, I saw this with the people of Acheh, and now I hear its happening in the sub-continent. These people are giving Malaysia a bad name and I hope the government would come forward and clarify.

According to Vedic spiritual and mystical teachings it insist on the fact that there is absolutely no coincidence in the world.

Marijuana buds

Marijuana leaves 

Pot smokers hear this. More than 2700 years ago in China the marijuana had high contents of THC. I guess all the stoners can now “breathe easy”.

Tobacco is a New World plant. Marijuana is an Old World plant. It’s possible humans coevolved with cannabis in the Old World in a way that not only created a tolerance for marijuana, but may have become a symbiotic arrangement in preserving health by protecting human neuron cells.

Human tolerance of cannabis would seem to indicate that our species has been exposed to the mighty herb for a very, very long time; longer than dairy products, and certainly longer than tobacco. 

 Read below….

Ancient Marijuana Stash Discovered in Chinese Tomb
Tim King
This ancient batch of marijuana was reported to have a fairly high content of THC, the main ingredient in cannabis.

The marijuana was discovered in a tomb similar to these in the Xinjiang province. Courtesy:

(OTTAWA ) – Opponents of marijuana have called foul over the belief that the herb has actually been used for thousands of years; and now their arguments will fall silent as a researcher announces locating a stash of marijuana in a Chinese tomb that is scientifically dated at 2,700 years old.

American neurologist Dr. Ethan B. Russo says the 789 grams of dried cannabis was found in a tomb in China’s remote Xinjiang province, home to the Uyghur people who are Chinese Muslims. The region was in the news frequently in the months proceeding the Olympic Games over clashes between Uyghur people and the Chinese government.

Russo says the cannabis was clearly “cultivated for psychoactive purposes.” The herb has endless uses, but in this case it was clearly not prepared to be used as clothing or as food. That clarification came from a research paper in the Journal of Experimental Botany.

Interestingly, this Chinese tomb revealed the remains of a man who had light colored hair and blue eyes. He was a Caucasian man and researchers believe he was probably a shaman of the Gushi culture, which hails from Turpan in northwestern China.

The marijuana is reportedly in very good condition and that is primarily attributed to extremely dry conditions. The team of scientists say the alkaline soil acted as a preservative, and the herb was still green, though it retained none of its typical odor.

“To our knowledge, these investigations provide the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent,” Russo told The Toronto Sun.

This ancient batch of marijuana was reported to have a fairly high content of THC, the main ingredient in cannabis. They said however that the sample was too old to determine a precise percentage.

This is not the first time historic marijuana has been discovered; other locations in the world include Egypt and other sites, but the pot stashed in this Chinese tomb is the oldest so far that could be thoroughly tested for its properties.

Nirmala Bonat

Please don’t judge all Malaysians as cruel, heartless and who have tendencies to abuse their maids.

There are so many blogs circulating the Internet saying that in Malaysia maid-abuse is rampant and we disregard to basic human rights. This is not true. Fact is that maid abuse happens everywhere in the world and happens that in this particular case of “Nirmala Bornat”, it had lots of publicity and we were confronted with the horrible spectacle of the worst maid abuse case in our history.

Nirmala Bonat was abused and tortured every day for five months until her breasts, nipples and back were covered with burns, and her face was swollen by the regular beatings by her former air stewardess employer. These pictures was repeatedly shown all over the world during the course of the trial. This is a real shame and I’m surprise how a former air stewardess can be so cruel and this has left my heart aching for the victim.

Typical Malaysian are actually very kind-hearted, generous and gracious people and these have always been part of our hallmark.

Malaysians have been employing Indonesian and Filipino maids for years. And yes, some employers are bad and they do not even give a day off to their maids because of their fear that their maid might run away after they have spent so much money getting one. Some don’t even pay their wages for months. And some employers sometimes have tendencies to even cage their maids and don’t even feed them with proper food. And some employers even make their Muslim maids cook pork and force their maids to eat it.

There are a small number of housewives who beat their maids with brooms and hard instruments and it is known that this type of employers have been found to be suffering from depression or are just plain sadistic. There was a case where a maid was even made a sex-slave by her Malaysian employer who happens to be a government employee.

There are so many examples of maid abuse and tortures. Of course these are no excuse at all and its most unfortunate to have such humans who abuse and be so cruel to fellow humans. Its human rights violation of the highest order.

There are also two sides to a coin. There was a case of a Indonesian maid who boiled her used sanitary towels and made tea for her employer with the water from it, it seems her employer had told her off for doing something wrong.  Then, there was a maid who had “Hepatitis B”, and in her falsified medical records from Indonesia it was shown that she was clean, but when checked by doctors here it was confirmed she was a carrier. She had worked for the family here for 2 years. There was another case where a maid was playing with a little boys private parts and this was recorded without her knowledge on hidden camera by her employer. Then there was a story where a maid kicked and abused a 2 months old baby and this was also taken on hidden camera and can be seen here

This Nirmala’s case has aroused a sense of national shame for all Malaysians and even our Prime Minister Pak Lah had apologised to her publicly. The 18 years sentence is good as it would deter other employers from abusing their maids and will serve as a good deterrent in future

I know in many homes the maid is considered as part of the family. She eats what the family eats and enjoys all the amenities. I know children who are closer to their maid than their mother. Moms or parents whose presence is desired but cannot attend their children’s school activities are often represented by the maid. Maids help run the daily life 24 hours, six times a week. They wash the clothes, keep the house clean and prepare food for the whole family.

There is a story of a close friend of mine, a planter with Sime Darby Plantations, one day coming home after a heavy drinking session, he tells his maid, who happens to be more than a maid to him sometimes, “From this day on, I promise to stop abusing you and to start treating you as a human being.” To which the maid replies, “Thank you Sir. From this day on, I shall stop spitting in your coffee.”


So it seems that not only Muslims who are having reservations on yoga but also Catholics.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Youth Counsellor, George Thien from Kota Kinabalu, said the Catholic church’s advice to Christians is also “not to go for it.”

Thien was commenting on the National Fatwa Council’s Fatwa (edict) banning Muslims from practising yoga, which is said to involve mantra (chants) and the concept of oneness with God which are based on Hindu beliefs and, thus, deviate the faith of Muslims.

George said it is not difficult to understand the reason for the Fatwa.

“They believe in one God and not in any other. Meditation in yoga is like tapping into a different realm but where is the source?

“We (Christians) believe in Jesus Christ and that every peace and joy only comes from the Lord. That’s why we don’t go deep into yoga.”


Communist China has condemn Guns N’ Roses’ as venomous and has blocked internet uses in China from accessing websites related to Guns N’ Roses’.

Guns N’ Roses’ released its first studio album after 17 years and it is titled “Chinese Democracy“.  In the track Chinese Democracy there is a line which goes like this “If your great wall rocks, blame yourself”. The cover on the album features the painting of the “Red Star” which was painted by famous Beijing painter Shi Lifeng – showing “Chinese people as powerless”.

Rolling Stone described Chinese Democracy as a “great, audacious, unhinged and uncompromising hard-rock record” but the New York Times said it was the “Titanic of rock albums: the ship, not the movie.”

Guns N’ Roses had leaked their entire album- Chinese Democracy– onto the internet via Myspace long before it was launched and this is the URL

This is the album’s official site

Also check out something from Guns N Roses title Welcome to the Jungle.

Today The Kuala Lumpur High Court judge Mohamad Apandi Ali acquitted migrant workers’ activist wheelchair-bound Irene Fernandez after a 13-years court battle.

In July 1995 during the premiership of  Dr Mahathir, Irene Fernandez  published a report on the living conditions of migrant workers in Malaysia and sent this report to the government. This public report was titled “Abuse, Torture and Dehumanized Conditions of Migrant Workers in Detention Centers.” The report  described the sexual exploitation of women, unpaid wages, beatings, malnutrition and poor medical care of migrant workers in the immigration deports. Irene documented the government’s sadistic and humiliating treatment of migrants. She also told about the random beatings in the middle of the night, HIV/AIDS, detainees sleeping on a roofless porch, rain or shine, filth, food and water shortages, and totally inadequate medical care.

The government denied everything and somewhere in March 1996, Irene Fernandez was arrested at her home and charged with ‘maliciously publishing false news’.

After seven years of trial, Irene was found guilty in October, 2003 and imprisoned for one year for publishing, with malicious intent, false news about the treatment of migrant workers awaiting deportation in Malaysia’s notorious immigration detention centers. She was later freed on bail but her passport was held by the courts and she has appeared in court more than 150 times in the last five years for the appeal.

The appeal process, which did not start until April 1, 2008, has seen a series of postponements. When it was discovered that 1,700 pages of the record, including witness statements, were missing, the hearing was postponed until May 12, only to be postponed again. The papers were unexpectedly found some time later. The case was again postponed on August 5 when it was discovered a computer virus had wiped out some newly typed notes. In October, Irene’s defense lawyer said that he had received almost 9,000 pages of handwritten and typed notes, but that portions were “incomprehensible.” Nevertheless, the presiding judge said the case would be concluded and a verdict delivered by mid-December but he did it by end-November.

Salute The Judge Mohamad Apandi Ali! 

Shiva performing Yogic meditation)

Effective today, Muslims in Malaysia should not practice yoga because it will erode their faith in Islam. This is according to Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin the chairman of the government-backed National Fatwa Council.

Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin told reporters today that “Yoga is forbidden for Muslims. The practice will erode their faith in the religion,” “We advice Muslims not to practice yoga. It does not conform with Islam,” he said this in response to a call to ban Muslims from doing yoga.

Abdul Shukor also said yoga involved physical and religious elements of Hinduism including the recitation of mantras which is against the teachings of Islam.

Yoga, an ancient Indian aid to meditation dating back thousands of years, is a popular stress-buster and it is getting more and more popular in Malaysia among its urbanities. Yoga is also said to be able to slow down the ageing process, reduce the risk of diabetes, asthma and heart-related diseases.

Yoga became an issue when Professor Zakaria Stapa, at the Islamic faculty of the University Kebangsaan Malaysia, recently called on Muslims to stop doing yoga as it could cause them to “deviate from their faith”. Professor Zakaria could not say for sure  how many Muslims were actually practising yoga but called on state authorities to punish those who practise yoga.

The fatwa council, one of Malaysia’s highest Islamic bodies, recently also banned women from dressing or behaving like men and engaging in lesbian sex, saying it was forbidden by the religion Islam.

Former Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Yong Teck Lee , famously known as Sabah’s YTL, who pulled out his Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) from Barisan Nasional on Sept 17, 2008, had a meeting with Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Kota Kinabalu, today.

At a Press conference at the opening of Parti Keadilan Rakyat service centre for Kota Kinabalu constituency in Jalan Damai, Luyang this afternoon, Anwar Ibrahim confirmed  to reporters that he had invited SAPP to join Pakatan Rakyat.

Anwar is expected to elaborate further about his meeting with the SAPP president in a Press conference at 9am tomorrow before returning to Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, Yong is scheduled to give a Press conference at 12.30pm tomorrow after opening the party’s new office at Putatan Square, Putatan.

Hope this time Yong Teck Lee and SAPP is just doing whats right for the people of Sabah, as this joining with PKR, DAP and PAS in the Pakatan Rakyat alliance, is long overdue.

stateless people

stateless people

Thousands of “stateless” people in Sabah will be issued green MyKad by the National Registration Department (NRD) office in Sabah. It seems 30,000 so-called stateless people will be ssued these green MyKad.

Apparently, these green MyKad is strictly for those with Malaysian birth certificates who are born in Sabah and usually in their birth certificates, there is no information about the parents or details about the parents’ nationality or documentation status. Thousands of Filipinos and Indonesians in Sabah are paperless, illegal immigrants or their children born in Sabah who are stateless because the parents did not enter Sabah lawfully.

According to the  NRD officials it does not mean that green MyKad holders (or those obtaining it) have been granted citizenship status as they are only temporary residents and not Malaysians.

So, what is the real objective of this exercise? Is it to solve the Malaysian local citizenship problems or is it an exercise in granting permanent status and citizenship to aliens or is not an open licence to legalise aliens in Sabah?

The Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar shed shed some light on this issuance of Green MyKad in Sabah. Any ommision or the lack of it could be construed as another exercise to grant de facto citizenship to illegal aliens. It could also mean a new version of Project “M” on the cards.

Mothers Beware!

Do you know that you are systematically poisoning your homes without even knowing you are doing so?

Hear this, 80 per cent of Malaysian households, particularly women and children, used at least one pesticide indoors, in 2005 according to one survey recently.

Also, the majority of the nearly 2000 pesticide products in the market, in fact all of them, may not be safe to be used at all. Yes, all of the pesticides sold in the market are not safe to be used in our homes.

We tend to believe, and in fact, its our present belief that pesticides will solve all our household problems whenever we have unwelcome guests like spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes or any crawling creatures visiting our homes or entering our space. We use pesticides for purely aesthetic reasons.

We run to the supermarket or sundry shops and at the shelf just pickup an aerosol insecticide spray whenever mosquitoes or cockroaches invade our space and become irritants to us. Its so easy to kill them all, just like making graffiti on side walls using aerosol spray paints. But they keep coming back with a greater vengeance although we double, triple or multiple the dose thinking we had knock down all of them  by our miracle mist the aerosol insecticide spray.

This aerosol insecticide spray is dangerous stuff. Let me tell you readers why. Okay, take the aerosol insecticide spray canister and have a good look at its label. It will read for example,

Perawais Aftik ( active ingredient )  – prallethrin –     0.09% w/w

d- phenothrin – 0.05% w/w

Total   – 0.14 %

Perawis Lengai ( inert ingredient )          –                 99.96% w/w

Now see this properly. Although the pesticide contains only 0.14 % of active ingredient it nevertheless contain significantly more inert ingredients i.e 99.96 % of the total contents. This inert ingredient is not at all identified.

All inert ingredients are not at all identified in Malaysia. We are NEVER told what the inerts are made of. This is the case with all pesticides. So, what are inerts and why are they not identified in the labels?  Why the secrecy?

According to the Pesticide Act, active ingredients is the main ingredient in a pesticide which kills, repels or mitigate pests, while inert ingredients are chemicals which simply helps a pesticide to work better.

A strategically inserted inert can enhance a pesticides toxicity by facilitating absorption of the poison through the mouth parts of an insect or the body of the insect. In other words, the inert helps in the process of the poison to be absorbed into the body of the pest or whatever comes in contact with it, including humans.

We can safely say, inerts are actually, biologically, chemically and toxicological active chemicals which are more toxic than the active ingredients itself.

In the US, some chemicals which are regulated as hazardous waste are even used as inerts in some pesticides. Hence, we can safely say that the truth is most “inerts” are not inert.

The combined effect mixing inert and active ingredient is frequently what makes pesticide products so lethal. A study done in a herbicide “ROUNDUP” manufactured by US chemical giant MONSANTO CORPORATION indicates that the addition of the inert ingredient “POLYOXYETHYLENE” to the active ingredient “GLYPHOSATE” substantially increases its toxicity.

Another study done on xylene, a petroleum derived inert used mainly as a solvent in as many as 2000 pesticides shows that xylene may cause memory and hearing loss, liver and kidney damage, inflamed lungs and even foetal deaths.

According to Dr Mohd Isa Abdul Majid, from the Toxicology Laboratory University Sains Malaysia, the effects of xylene includes memory impairments, personality changes, depression, confusion and thought disorders. Even women exposed to xylene may have longer and heavier menstrual period.

So we ask the question, why is the pesticide manufacturer allowed to omit the chemical names of inert ingredients from pesticides labels when the question of safety have not been properly answered?

The answer is because of PROFITS.

Presently, the Pesticide Board of Malaysia which overseas all pesticide sales, distribution and manufacturing only require identification of inert ingredients if it believes that a chemical ingredient might pose a ” toxicological concern.” Inerts which are ” potentially toxic” are therefore allowed to be omitted from labels.

Surely the label on a pesticide should be as informative as the label on a box of washing powder or even a packet of cream crackers or even a pack of cigarette. But the pesticide manufacturers claim otherwise.

They the manufacturers, say inerts are trade secrets and therefore they do not have to release the names of inert ingredients.

Malaysians should have the information necessary to make a reasoned decision about whether to pick a particular can of insect spray or mosquitoes coil. But they dont have it. Malaysians surely will want to see every ingredient listed on every product, especially when so many chemical poison in the market remain untested.

The law currently maintains ” use until proven deadly” policy. So in this respect, awareness particularly for women and children on the use and handling of aerosol insecticide spray is necessary and a must. The Government should not hide the facts and cover for the pesticide manufactures to make the profits in the name of trade secrets. Tell us the truth and dont compromise on safety.

Public awareness and action are they key to the drive to prevent systematic poisoning in our homes.

Selvaraja somiah

This article can also be read in Daily Express Sabah