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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted: December 23, 2010 in catholics, Christians, Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone

Wherever you are, and whatever holidays you may celebrate this time of year, I wish you great peace and happiness. Thanks for reading & for making it possible for me to do this fascinating passion of mine.

All the best for the rest of ’10 and a great start to 2011,



Let us have no illusions. Malaysia is moving fast to becoming a full fledged banana republic – no law, no rules, no accountabilty. A fresh batch of video recording of Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud will say it all.

By the way, below is our CM Taib Mahmud’s 20-something-year-old NEW WIFE….Tahun Baru! Azam Baru! Bini Baru!

(pinched this picture from “Haris’s The People’s Parliament”)

See here and here

And here are links to some of the information sources Taib Mahmud’s government is fearing:

Video on Taib Mahmud:

Video on native leader Baru Bian, challenger of Taib in the upcoming state election:

Sarawak Report exposes on Taib corruption:

Daily news shows focussing on rural Sarawak interest: