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These are indeed interesting times for politics in Sabah and for Upko, in particular.

Now that all the PPBM assemblymen who once sat in the opposition bench are seated on the Government side means bad news for the opposition as well as for Upko.

So what is this bad news for Upko? The answer is simple.

They are no longer essential or important to the Warisan Government, not with so few YBs in their midst.

Recently they lost Datuk Bobby Suan to PPBM on top of Datuk Masiung Banah who abandoned them much earlier.

The PPBM assemblymen now flatly outnumber the Upko assemblymen.

Rumour has it that at least another 2 more Upko Assemblymen are set to join PPBM thus diluting the importance of Upko even further.

They were so much a part of the BN Government on the night when Musa Aman was sworn in as Chief Minister of Sabah in the presence of the now retired Chief Justice Richard Malanjum.

Their assemblymen were made Ministers in Musa Aman’s Cabinet.

But within 24 hours, Upko made an about-turn and switched their allegiance to Shafie Apdal and Warisan, thus creating a legal battle between BN and Warisan, and throwing the state’s politics into confusion.

In the end, Upko proudly made it known to the world that it was because of them that the Warisan Government was formed.

This had a domino effect on other BN assemblymen who also abandoned the BN and were rewarded with Ministerial positions in Shafie’s cabinet and their President was made a Deputy Chief Minister after being sworn in as a nominated Assemblyman

Seemingly, they were the power brokers and kingmakers.

Unfortunately for Upko, their wheels have come off the tracks.

So where does Upko go from here? They will no longer be welcomed by BN after playing the BN out.

They can no longer go back to the Presidential Council of PBS, Upko and PBRS because PBS declared openly and bitterly of being betrayed by their same kind and the pre-election agreement to consult one another before deciding the next move being thrown into the bin by Upko.

But whose decision was it really for Upko to ditch the BN in favour of Warisan within 24 hours? Was it really by Madius Tangau and his supreme Council or was there a hidden hand at work?

Some note that there were similarities in Upko’s withdrawal from BN and the time PBS pulled out from BN just before the 1990 GE when Tan Sri Bernard Dompok was PBS Deputy President.

Following the collapse of the PBS Government Dompok formed PDS and subsequently PDS became Upko 2.0.

Dompok should admit if the decision to team up with Warisan was from him rather than let Madius and Supreme Council be blamed for it.

If it was, did he do so in order to save his Vatican job since he complained about not being allowed to finish his term when asked to vacate by the new Foreign Minister. The new PH Government no longer recognised political appointees as Ambassadors.

To add to Upko’s worries, evidence in former PM Najib’s case revealed that RM 1 million from the 1MDB scandal was channelled to Upko.

Which means it stands to have its accounts frozen just like Umno’s until the 1MDB case is over and all the ministerial and other positions as well in the State Cabinet.


This article came out in the Daily Express. See here