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Dear all,
This evening, the 14th of April, 2020, my attention was brought to the above mentioned article. Concerned friends pointed out that the quoted spokesperson of the article “Sevarajah Somalia”, had bore some resemblance to myself. In an effort to distance myself from the content of this article, I would like to clearly state to all, that I AM IN NO WAY THE PERSON QUOTED IN THIS ARTICLE. As such, I do not have any knowledge on whether or not the content is in any way real or fabricated and humbly request for everyone who has read it to stop associating my person with this article. 

Selvaraja Somiah

Happy Birthday, Tan Sri!

Posted: March 30, 2020 in Musa Aman
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Happy birthday, Tan Sri Musa Aman, and many happy returns of the day. You are 69 today. With sincerity and humility, I pray for your good health.

You have come a long way, finish what you started, perjuangan mu belum selesai! Keep going Sir!

Stay safe and God Bless You Always Tan Sri!

Here is a song for you….

Folks, at this crucial time, please continue taking precautions as Malaysia battles #coronavirus in a united manner.

As of today 19th March, Malaysia has recorded another 110 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of patients so far to 900 people.

Sixty-three of the latest cases are linked to the Tabligh convention at the Sri Petaling Mosque early this month.

Worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to over 8,000 deaths and close to 200,000 cases of infection.

So, as PM Muhyiddin announced yesterday, “Just stay at home.”

Stay safe folks and do not use the backdoor, this too will past….


The High Court decision that Sabah and Sarawak have the right under the Federal Constitution to impose sales tax on petroleum products sourced from the state is a major victory which suggests that the judiciary is free from political interference and more fair.

I dare say that such a decision would have been unheard of before where the federal government could be easily formed by one dominant party which even boasted about it.

Perhaps it is not too late to file for a judicial review of the 1992 federal court decision during Dr Mahathir’s administration that the Anti-Hop Law to prevent unprincipled politicians from frogging is undemocratic.

It was in 1985, that the idea of an Anti-Hop Law was mooted by the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) government.

In 1992, the Federal Court, the highest court in the land, ruled that an Anti-Hop law was unconstitutional as it is against the freedom of free association by an individual. Since then the Anti-Hop law was repealed.

That controversial decision allowed Dr Mahathir to form a backdoor government in Sabah despite PBS having won a slim majority of 25 seats against BNs 23 seats in the 1994 state elections.

Pairin Kitingan had to wait for more than 36 hours outside the palace (Istana) gates before he was sworn in as the chief minister because of manouvering by Barisan Nasional leaders who could not accept the people’s democratic verdict. PBS government lasted only about two weeks or a little more before it was forced out of power.

Happened again in 2018, May 9th GE14 after Musa Aman was sworn in as Chief Minister, UPKO frogs defected, the Head of State Tun Juhar Mahiruddin said that Musa no longer commanded the majority and Shafie was sworn in as chief minister on the night of May 12. Another backdoor government via frogging!


Posted: March 14, 2020 in Pi, Steven Strogatz

Happy π Day folks!

Today is Pi Day, which falls on March 14th (or 3/14, echoing the first three digits of the mathematical constant 22/7).

The mathematician Steven Strogatz in an essay in the New Yorker to explained why Pi is worth celebrating. Pi, he wrote, “puts infinity within reach.” It’s also crucial to the math not just of circles but of cycles (which are, when you think about it, circles in time). Pi, Strogatz pointed out, “appears in the math that describes the gentle breathing of a baby.” Structural engineers use it to think about earthquakes. Oceanographers use it to think about waves. It’s everywhere π!

Happy π Day !

One thing I want to say about the political outcome is that although it is a backdoor government, it may be bad for the Peninsular Malaysia but very good for Sabah.

At last the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah will be tackled effectively because it was during Dr Mahathir’s time that the illegals problem worsened as Mykads were issued to hundreds of thousands of illegals to bring down the Christian-led PBS government.

Suddenly Sabah had the largest UMNO members after Johor. When this too failed to bring down the PBS Sabah state government because PBS managed to obtain a simple majority of 25 seats in the then 48 seats Sabah State Assembly in the 1994 elections, and PBS president Joseph Pairin Kitingan sworn in as chief minister of Sabah, however, as a result of defections of PBS assemblymen to the Barisan National, Pairin was forced to resign on 17 March 1994. PBS was left with 5 seats. PBS after 1994 was split into PBRS, AKAR, SAPP and PDS.

So it was UMNO bought over PBS Assemblymen to form Malaysia’s FIRST backdoor government in 1994.

Before that Dr Mahathir removed the Anti-hopping Law because it forbade the elected representatives jumping over to the other side for monetary gains and millions were said to have changed hands. Dr Mahathir defended the removal of Anti-hopping Law saying it was against the freedom of association right of the assemblyman, regardless of the rakyat who voted for the assemblyman.

So when this was happening to Sabah nobody in Peninsular said anything. Why be angry now that a backdoor government was formed at the federal level? And why is Dr Mahathir so afraid that the states including his Kedah will fall due to defections to Muafakat Nasional/Perikatan Nasional?

Dr Mahathir the doctor is getting a taste of his own medicine.

Beware the Ides of March.

On March 15, 44BC, Calpurnia, wife of Julius Caesar, tossed and moaned in her sleep while her husband looked on. Abruptly, she bolted upright in bed, awake, but screaming and weeping from a nightmare in which her husband was stabbed and spurting blood. Suddenly, the doors and window shutters banged open, flooding the bedroom with moonlight.

That same night, a little bird had flown into the Forum, pursued by wild birds, who tore it apart in the hall. Calpurnia begged Caesar not to go to the Senate, though he had been specially summoned with a promise that he would be crowned king that day.

Other signs foretold the assassination. A group of Caesar’s horses refused to graze. A sacrificial offering made by Caesar had no heart, and the soothsayer Spurinna warned him to beware the Ides of March.

Calpurnia’s distress was so out of character that the dictator stayed home until late in the day, when his good friend Brutus arrived to fetch him. Brutus ridiculed the dream and divination, mocking Caesar and telling him that the Senate had been waiting all day for his arrival. Together they left for the Forum.

Along the way, they passed Spurinna, and Caesar remarked, “The Ides of March are come.” The soothsayer replied, “But they are not past.”

Upon Caesar’s arrival at the Senate, the sixty senators stood in respect, and then one man approached Caesar. He grabbed Caesar by the shoulders and plunged a knife into his neck. The assembly then rushed at him, unsheathing their daggers. Caesar was stabbed twenty-three times and was left dead. For the next seven nights, a comet streaked through the heavens.

And In Malaysia, the members of parliament are ‘stabbing’ each other openly since last Sunday 23rd of February 2020, after months of plots and counter-plots to control Putrajaya.

Today March 1st 2020, The Agong had enough and has decided, Muhyiddin Yassin is the eighth Prime Minister of Malaysia by the King’s appointment. The process of the appointment of the Prime Minister is over.

Now its up to Parliament, Parliament will decide on a Vote of No Confidence. That is the way ! This is Parliamentary democracy!

Selection by The King for the 8th PM was not based on the number of Statuary Declarations from all the MPs. It’s the opinion of the Agong whom he feels can command the respect of the majority in parliament, based on this The King choose Muhyideen Yassin as the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Parliament is siting on the 9th of March 2020. If it is not postponed, MPs can go to Parliament on the 9th of March and show their support for Dr Mahathir or Muhyiddin Yassin.

If Muhyiddin loses the vote of no confidence, he has the power to advise the Agong to dissolve Parliament and a new elections will be held, which is not what Dr Mahathir or DAP wants.

Serious horse-trading is going on now. The Battle for Putrajaya is on, and this is Malaysian version – IDES OF MARCH!

Coronavirus tests world’s dependence on China

Businesses like Starbucks, Ikea, Ford and Toyota are shutting down locations in China, and Apple is rerouting supply chains as the number of people infected by a mysterious flu-like virus passes 7,000.

It’s not clear how quickly these businesses will bounce back.

Tourism is also suffering. British Airways suspended all flights to the mainland, and United Airlines and Air Canada joined a growing number of carriers reducing service. In Sabah, AirAsia has stopped all KK-Wuhan flights till Feb. 29. Governments around the world are issuing travel warnings, including Malaysia.

China has been the world’s largest source of tourism dollars, but it appears unlikely that Chinese tourists will spend what they typically do — $258 billion annually, nearly twice the tally of Americans.

Sabah’s tourism in 2018 with tourism receipts at RM8.342bil was a record-high of 3.879 million arrivals. The top market source was China, with a total of 593,623 Chinese tourists visiting Sabah in 2018, averaged about 50,000 every month.

The Malaysian government temporary ban on residents from the Hubei province and its capital city of Wuhan from entering Malaysia will cost Sabah tourism to lose RM100 million a month based on estimated spending of RM2000 per Chinese tourist.

As of December 2018, direct flights from China to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA), totalled up to 125 flights per week.

The toll: China said that 170 people had died so far from the virus and more than 7000 cases had been confirmed, which is believed to have originated in Wuhan. There have been no reported deaths outside of China, but cases overseas have been rising.

Nearly 60 million people are under partial or full lockdowns in Chinese cities.

Answers: Bats are considered the probable source of the outbreak. They have an immune system that allows them to carry many viruses without getting sick.

How to stop it: Scientists in China, the U.S. and Australia are racing to develop a vaccine, a quest that could take months, if not years.

Isu utama yang kian menonjol di media sosial di saat-saat pilihan raya Kimanis kini telah beralih daripada isu PSS kepada tempat lahir asal Shafie Apdal. Media sosial kini kian membara dengan khabar bahawa tempat lahir asal Shafie Apdal adalah Jolo di Filipina. Ini boleh dikatakan kerana ramai yang mempertikaikan polisi Parti Warisan yang kian memihak kepada PATI daripada orang Sabah.

Netizen-netizen kian menyuarakan bahawa Shafie Apdal akan mengumumkan sebuah pulau bagi PATI dan juga untuk membenarkan pam bot serta membenarkan tempat tinggal PATI. Selain itu, terdapat janji daripada Shafie Apdal untuk mengambil 200 ekar laut Tanjung Aru untuk dijadikan tanah bagi pendudk di Pulau Gaya. Dan kini untuk memberi PSS kepada PATI!!

Bekas Ketua Menteri Sabah Yong Teik Lee juga menyuarakan bahawa tindakan Shafie ini menghantar mesej kepada penduduk Filipina untuk berhijrah ke Sabah.

Adakah patut penduduk Sabah dipersalahkan dalam menyuarakan kebimbangan mereka sedangkan semua jawatan utama kerajaan negeri dan badan-badan berkanun diisi oleh penyokong Shafie Apdal daripada kawasannya.

Terdapat kebimbangan di kalangan penduduk berkenaan hala tuju Warisan namun mereka memilih untuk mendiamkan diri.

The question is not just whether it is legally right because even legally it is highly questionable.

Just because the 3 Appeal Court Judges accepted the Preliminary Objection (PO) does not mean they are right. Simply because, according to the lawyer on the other side, they were not given a chance to explain why it is illegal for a Chief Minister to be dismissed by the TYT within 48 hours of appointing him, when the Constitution states that only the Assembly can unseat a CM by Vote of Confidence.

As the Federal Constitution now stands, the Agong cannot arbitrarily dismiss the PM. Neither can any Menteri Besar be dismissed by the respective Sultans without undergoing the due process as laid out in their respective Constitution.

In the case of Sabah, following the May 9th GE14 and almost 48 hours after the election results were announced, and despite the eventual winner who had 29 seats and commanded a simple majority, with and addition of 2 more seats, had the rug pulled out from under his feet despite having been sworn in.

After unexplained lengthy delay, a swearing-in was promised at 8pm, until 11pm Musa was kept waiting to be sworn in. Almost 24 hours after results were announced, and that within 10 hours the next day he was asked to return the Appointment Letter. This lead many people to believe that horsetrading was going on. Which was confirmed when Upko Assemblymen frogged to Warisan side. At the time of the appointment of the CM this was not the case and he was sworn-in, so why did he have to lose his job after being sworn-in? With the new victors, resorting to Statutory Declaration (SD) rather than people’s vote, which is more important.

Similarly, the Prime Minister was made to wait several hours by the previous Agong after PH victory and that he too complained loudly that this should not have happened as people have spoken. In his case, the previous Agong apparently was abroad.

So, if this was unacceptable to the PM, what happened on the 9th May 2018 be acceptable to Sabahans? Fortunately, in the case of the PM, no Pakatan members frogged-over to BN to deny Dr Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan a victory. Perhaps it was due to the margin of seats being wide unlike in the Sabah case. Nevertheless, an unacceptable delay was allowed to happen with the PM being appointed but in Sabah a CM was also being constitutionally appointed. But yet, losing it due to horsetrading, never-mind the constitution, a Law Expert even joked in a seminar in Kota Kinabalu that Sabah politicians can win a medal for frog politics or something like that.

Its a pity that the Appeal Court Judges accepted the PO to deny the aggrieved in court.

The Counsel for the other side claimed on the grounds that any outcome is academic and he  based it on two main arguments :

1) even if Musa succeeded with his appeal there will be no consequence/outcome because Musa can never satisfy the threshold of Article 6 (3) of the Sabah Constitution which expressly states that the TYT appoints a member of the Assembly to be CM who has the command of the confidence of the majority of the members of the Assembly.

2) even if the Assembly is summoned, with the support of only eight out 60 assemblymen factually and mathematically Musa can never win a vote of confidence for himself or a vote against Shafie and unseat him.

Douglas Lind’s contention the case is academic.

However the larger question is not whether the successor commends the majority in the house the present moment, but whether it was Constitutionally correct to ask back from the CM, the letter of appointment. Just because subsequent to the appointment a bunch of politicians leapfrogged. Hence it is a question of whether it was legally right as well as morally right. From my understanding of the Constitution it was both legally and morally wrong and  I remain to be convinced.

My point is that the PM complained about having to wait long before being sworn-in following the GE14 results. In Sabah, a delay also happened in swearing in the CM but with different consequences.

Imagine if the PM was asked by the Agong to return the appointment letter just because some Pakatan Harapan winners decided to frog over to Barisan Nasional?

Would it then be a case of asking the PM to resign and not sacked?

The larger issue is also, does not what happened in Sabah raise the question, if unchallenged in the Federal Court, that to ordinary people like me, the TYT is the only head of state that can decide whether a CM that he had just constitutionally appointed can be dismissed by him within hours of doing so without going through the State Assembly, which is the rightful place to determine this.

By the same reasoning, does it not seem that the Sabah TYT may be seen to have powers that even the Agong and Sultans do not? I stand to be corrected?

Courts should have looked at whether a Sabah TYT enjoys greater powers than the Agong and Sultans in appointing the head of government and to help rectify if indeed this is the case now.

Because this problem is not addressed and peculiar to Sabah, this tendency of a Sabah TYT to delay appointing a CM has created crises on 3 occasions.

In 1985, 1994 n 2018.

Peoples voices not recognised in this 3 instances of Sabah’s political history – 1985, 1994 and 2018. In all 3 instances, the decisions took a different turn and the government was formed by frogging and other means.

In 1985, Party Bersatu Sabah (PBS) won the Sabah State election with a simple majority of 25 seats. However, PBS was not allowed to form the Sabah State Government by the Istana.

Joseph Pairin Kitingan was kept waiting for more then a day while power grab was underway in the wee hours of the morning. In which, USNO’s 16 seats collaborated with Berjaya’s 6 seats and the Sabah State Government was formed before the sun rose.

The schemers of this plan decided they can still form the government by laying claim to the 6 nominated state seat. The then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir was in Scandinavia and his deputy Musa Hitam had ordered the plotters to give up. Joseph Pairin Kitingan was then only sworn in as Chief Minister after almost 48 hours.

In 1994, something similar happened again with Pairin Kitingan and PBS as victims. This time, Pairin also won with a simple majority of 25 seats despite massive frogging by his assemblymen to government side due to the scrapping of the Anti-Hopping Law (The Barisan Nasional government challenged the Anti-Hop Law that was introduced in 1987 by the then PBS State Government in court and had it scrapped).

This time Pairin had to camp for 3 nights outside the Istana as the then TYT claimed he was too sick to open the Istana gates for Pairin to be sworn in. By the time the Istana gates were opened Pairin had already lost many of his Assemblymen and a new Chief Minister was sworn in after about a month. This eventually led to the downfall of the PBS State Government as the PBS election winners had joined Barisan Nasional parties.

In 2018, it happened again following GE14. But this time there was a major difference. While in 1985 and 1994 Pairin was not able to be sworn in instantly after the election results, this time, Musa Aman was already appointed Chief Minister after an unexplained delay of about 48 hours. And despite being sworn in with his Cabinet members, Musa Aman still lost his government to frogging.

This time the Upko boys did the frogging probably on the orders and advise of Tan Sri Bernard Dompok and despite pledging that as KDMs they will stick together and decide as a bloc and only leave the BN after consensus among themselves. Five assemblymen from Upko and one MP left BN to throw their support behind Warisan and Pakatan Harapan, a day after the general election.

Their action caused the collapse of the BN government led by former chief minister Musa Aman whose cabinet, which included two Upko assemblymen, had been sworn in less than 12 hours before.

I was there on that night of May 9th in Sri Gaya when Tangau came out and answered a phone call apparently from Dompok asking him to go to Shafie’s house in Luyang. Tangau disappeared from Sri Gaya after this phone call and headed straight to see Shafie in his house, alone, leaving all his UPKO boys with Musa Aman in Sri Gaya. Upko then switched allegiance to the Warisan-Pakatan Harapan pact a day after the election.

For how long more must Sabah continue to be the only state where the Assemblymen decides who is to form the government by becoming political frogs and not by the people who voted them?

In the end the CM is appointed through political frogs producing statutory declarations  (SD) instead of the peoples wish being respected.


This piece also came out in MALAYSIA TODAY. SEE HERE!!