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NO ….. Kuli, YOU ARE NOT! u r implicated in the murder of Tun Fuad n his newly elected cabinet in the 1976 (June 6) Sabah Double 6 tragedy. no way can u profess Najib’s line “I didn’t know”.

immediately after Sabah fell to the opposition in the Sabah 1976 election, u n Hussein Onn (the then PM) hatched out a plan to regain control of Sabah. Tun Razak had just died on 14 Jan 1976. foremost on Tun Hussein Onn’s mind was the domino effect….that other states wud follow suit in the next GE in 1978. fresh in his mind was the 1969 opp victory. the Razak-Onn dynasty was in a real danger of falling n Spore under LKY making a return to Msia.

but how to lure Tun Fuad n his closest ministers into a trap, the quickest n surest way? the plot was to use Ku Li to meet w Tun Fuad n his ministers at Labuan …. not in KK, the capital of Sabah.

an ex-RMAF service technician was asked to resign n be transferred to MAS-labuan airport for Tun Fuad’s return flight sabotage. he was promised huge rewards. 1 yr later he was put on the same fateful flight (MH653) together w Hussein Onn’s nephew who also worked for MAS. Hussein ONn was fearful the Rakyat wud ask him to take responsibility of MAS’s 1st major airline crash, n resign. that wud defeat all purpose of the Sabah Double 6 plot right ….which was to preserve the Razak-Onn dynastic rule over Msia (at whatever cost). hence, by putting his nephew on the fateful plane, he wud kill 2 birds w 1 stone. gain enough Rakyat’s sympathy for his nephew’s death n to blame the “fictitious Japanese Red Army hijack”.

Kuli was Razak’s blue-eye boy. he wud agree to anything Razak or Hussein Onn asked of him.

but why did they need to crash MH653?

1. they needed to get rid of that ex-RMAF-MAS technician who rigged the Double Six crash a year earlier. an air crash and the dead “only key-witness” wud bury the dark secrets of the 197666 tragedy forever. but they were too late. some details leaked out earlier. but still a judiciary system controlled by them, wud stop any demand for truth ….. in the absence of internet social media n FB.

2. Hussein Onn needed to get rid of his own DPM Mahathir. it is a known fact Hussein did not like Mahathir. he only tolerated Mahathir bcos of Tun Razak. his own failing health, means he needed to get rid of Mahathir fast n appt his nephew, Najib Razak as his DPM. that way the PM throne wud not accidentally fall into Mahathir’s hand.

3. Ku Li, many years later, revealed that he rejected Hussein Onn’s offer to be his DPM in March 1976 (a delay of > 6 weeks). that was also a lie. Hussein cud not make Ku Li his deputy n then asked Ku Li to step down a year later, to make way for Najib. Nepotism wud then be very very obvious. Hussein Onn liked Ku Li too much to kill him. there’s also another reason. Ku li is a royalty. once he gets to the PM throne, there’s no telling Ku Li wud continue with the Kelantan royal dynasty rule n the end of Razak-Onn dynasty. Najib wud never make it on his own after Hussein’s death.

4. for the MH653 crash-plot, Hussein needed Spore’s help. Sabah’s 17666 crash cud be blamed on technical malfunction. but another crash the following year ….wud be too much of a coincidence. LKY agreed to crash MH653 in Spore airspace ( a false promise). after the failed 1969 opp victory to control Msia’s opp parties (as a prelude to reentering Msia) …. bcos Tun Razak pre-empted it with Mei-13 riot), LKY was looking for a way to get back to Msia or at least make Msia less hostile to Spore (guaranteed Spore’s survival n cheap water supply).

5. LKY readily offered to be an accomplice to the Mass Murder crime. LKY also wanted to get rid of Mahathir ….. a brilliant, strongly independent ultra-Malay nationalist (bcos of his Indian ancestry). LKY was right ….. that a Msia controlled by Mahathir, wud be difficult to mold n control. LKY also wanted Najib to be the 4th PM after Hussein but for his own selfish reasons.

6. LKY back stabbed Hussein Onn. Instead of crashing the plane within Spore’s territory, LKY secretly ordered the plane to be shot down using the USN newly developed secret military weapon, DEW laser. LKY didn’t want a plane crash to mar Spore’s aviation clean record. the USN warship was in Spore’s territorial waters, just off Tuas.

7.Hussein Onn was pretty upset with MH653 plot went wrong but cud not take it out openly w LKY, w/o being implicated n forced to resign as well. MH653 crashed at Tg Kupang. Mahathir, the primary target was not in the victims’ list. the agricultural minister took Mahathir’s place to accompany the Cuban Ambassador on that fateful flight. Mahathir was still his DPM.

8. the failed objectives got PM Hussein even more sick. he was in n out of the hospital n had no choice but delegate Mahathir as the acting PM in his absence. after 2 years, Hussein Onn had no choice but to resign bcos of ill-health.

the rest is open book history. so Ku Li u r just as bad as Hussein Onn in the mass murder of Sabah’s duly elected CM n DUNs. Harris Salleh of course, was rewarded with the CM post n Ku Li stuck in the FM post n the lie that he alighted from that fateful plane at the last minute bcos he was invited by Harris Salleh to see his “COWS” (alamak of all things cows? …… moooo!)

This is a nicely written editorial piece by The Malaysian Insight.

Here goes…

IF it were up to the politicians, Najib Razak would have been arrested and charged with a string of offences by now.

Indeed, there is some frustration among the Pakatan Harapan (PH) corps that the former prime minister is still a free man, more than six weeks after he and Barisan Nasional were ushered out of Putrajaya.

Judging from comments on social media, anger is percolating among some ordinary Malaysians that Najib’s day of reckoning ‎has not arrived.

This sentiment is understandable, especially against the backdrop of ‎the astonishing and obscene amount of jewellery and cash found at properties linked to the former first couple.

So what gives? What’s the delay in arresting Najib and charging him for offences under the anti-money laundering act?

The simple answer is: professionalism.

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas is not a politician. He does not need to play to the gallery. He has been given a two-year term by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and chief among his responsibilities is to nail all those linked to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal.

A senior lawyer with more than four decades of experience arguing cases in court, Thomas knows that you only go to court when you are satisfied that you have covered all the bases and the witnesses’ testimonies can withstand cross-examination.

To say that this is a high-profile case is an understatement. Media interest in Malaysia over the return of Dr Mahathir and Najib’s political demise has only been matched by the coverage of  the sacking and jailing of Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.

Then, the Malaysian government had put on a show that resulted in the world laughing and ridiculing our legal system. Who can forget the porous prosecution led by then attorney-general Mokhtar Abdullah and Abdul Gani Patail?

Who can forget the many instances prosecution witnesses were demolished within an hour of being on the stand by the superb defence team led by the late Raja Aziz Addruse?

Who can forget the prosecution having to make amendments to the charges to cover embarrassing mistakes?

The world’s media watched from the press gallery and reported with incredulity the amateurish prosecution trial of the former deputy prime minister.

New Malaysia cannot afford its legal system to suffer another black eye. The new Mahathir administration that promises to deliver a more transparent, independent and rule of law-based legal system has to be seen to be ticking those boxes in the trial of the decade.

Ultimately, it is to the benefit of the ordinary Malaysian or the small man that the person in charge of bringing prosecution is influenced only by the files in front of him, and not by pressure from outside sources.

We cannot have a return to the days when we faced enforcement action from government agencies and prosecution as part of a political shakedown or because we had offended some little Napoleon. Or because, it was the politically expedient thing to do.

If the new AG of the Mahathir administration is being more meticulous and thorough in preparing the case against Najib, that’s a good development. It means that he knows that he believes that he is not going to get a free pass in court simply because he represents the government of the day.

He has to win on merit.

Thomas was brought into the system precisely for this reason: to give confidence to Malaysians and foreigners that the new government truly wants a clean break from the past. – June 28, 2018



Sabah BN chairperson Musa Aman broke his silence today over his absence and confirmed that he is in the United Kingdom for medical and other personal reasons.

He also said in a statement issued here that he had left Malaysia “perfectly lawfully” on May 16.

Musa said he had initiated proceedings in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak against what he described as “unconstitutional acts” following his swearing-in as the chief minister of Sabah.

“I have already commenced proceedings in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak seeking orders against both the Yang Dipertua Negeri of Sabah and Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal as a consequence of ultra vires and unconstitutional acts by the Yang Dipertua Negeri following his swearing-in of myself as the chief minister.

“He (Yang Dipertua Negeri) improperly asked me to resign within 48 hours, declined to sign the Instrument of Appointment, and purported to swear in Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal as the Chief Minister whilst I was still in office.

“These matters are now subjudice and before the High Court as a result of my originating summons,” he said in the statement.

Musa said he was willing to assist the police and any other inquiry into these matters and that he had made that clear to the Sabah police commissioner.

According to Musa, he had instructed his lawyers, both in Malaysia and London, and any questions or requests for further information had to be communicated to them.

On the various statements and reports in recent days that claimed he had left Malaysia illegally and/or that he had illegally entered the United Kingdom, Musa said: “The inference is that I have become a fugitive and am making myself deliberately unavailable to the authorities with regard to investigations into events at Istana Negeri on the night of May 10th and into associated matters”.

Musa was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Sabah at Istana Negeri on May 10 after the Sabah BN secured 31 seats, a simple majority, to enable him to form the government.

However, he lost the simple majority when Upko, a BN component party, and a few Umno assemblypersons jumped ship and supported the then opposition. This made way for Shafie, who heads Parti Warisan Sabah, to be sworn in as the SECOND chief minister on May 12.

Here is the full statement by Musa Aman….


*For immediate release:*

*26 June 2018*

I have been informed of various statements and reports in recent days that I have left Malaysia illegally and/or that I have illegally entered the United Kingdom. The inference is that I have become a fugitive and am making myself deliberately unavailable to the authorities with regard to investigations into events at Istana Negeri on the night of May 10th and into associated matters.

Nothing could be further than the truth. I believe that some of these reports have regrettably been made with the intention of seeking to embarass or discredit me for political reasons.

In fact, I left Malaysia perfectly lawfully on 16th May and I am currently in the United Kingdom for medical and other personal reasons. I have already commenced proceedings in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak seeking orders against both the Yang Dipertua Negeri Sabah and Datuk Seri Shafie Bin Hj Apdal as a consequence of ultra vires and unconstitutional acts by the Yang Dipertua Negeri following his swearing in of myself as Chief Minister.

He improperly asked me to resign within 48 hours, declined to sign Instruments of Appointment, and purported to swear in Datuk Shafie Apdal as Chief Minister whilst I was still in office. These matters are now subjudice and before the High Court as a result of my originating summons.

I am, of course, willing to assist the police and any other inquiry into these matters and I have made this clear to the Sabah Police Commissioner.

I have instructed lawyers both in Malaysia and London and any questions or requests for further information have only to be communicated to them.

*Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman.*

I picked this piece from my WhatsApp group. It seems, folks are getting more and more restless as the days go by, after more than 30 days of the new Pakatan Harapan government, and still no sign of DR Mahathir arresting and charging former Premier Najib Tun Razak. Thanks to the multibillion-dollar scandal involving Najib and Jho Low’s brainchild: a government investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the fund became a 50 billion ringgit black hole, for which Malaysians will pick up the tab for generations. While many people are asking for the arrest of the former premier, it is not so easy says Dr Mahathir. People are waiting – when is Dr Mahathir going to arrest Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak?

Here goes……

Many are wondering why our dear Old Horse (Tun M) has yet to commence prosecution proceedings against our ex-MO1.

My reply is simple. Much as you and I, and I’m sure the majority of Malaysians, want justice to be dispensed against our ex-MO1 speedily, but we need to be wise and appreciate a few factors our dear Old Horse need to consider carefully before he takes action.

Firstly, it’s unbecoming in the Malay culture to hit at another fellow Malay/Muslim during their holy month of Ramadan, and now the happy 10th. month of Syawal of rejoicing and celebration. He will lose some goodwill with his community if he does it.

Secondly, the legal issues involved are extremely complex as we are dealing with the biggest kleptocracy case the world has ever witnessed with intricate links across many jurisdictions. We need the evidence, expertise and experience to deal with such complicated cases. Hence, the wisdom of Old Horse to recruit Tommy Thomas as our new AG to fit those requirements for this particular onerous assignment. Tommy Thomas is only in his position hardly for half a month now. He needs time.

Thirdly, and most important, Old Horse needs first to drain the swamp which is still infested by and with appointees of ex-MO1, be them in the AG’s Chambers, PDRM, MACC, BNM, the judiciary or other institutions. They can sabotage our investigation, enforcement, decision etc very subtly and finally scuttling off everything. Old Horse can’t afford to lose in his prosecution against our ex-MO1 in this war! The Chief Justice Tun Raus Sharif and President of the Court of Appeal (PCA) Tan Sri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin will only leave at the end of July, and with their presence in office there won’t be certainty of a successful prosecution against our ex-MO1. Besides, there’s still a binding Federal Court decision by these two to affirm that a PM is not a public official to be liable for certain acts. That decision needs to be overturned first but only after the two have vacated office.

So my dear friends, we all need to be patient and more sympathetic to our dear Old Horse as he knows what he is doing as he’s very much an action man who won’t want to delay even for a minute. He’s bidding for the right strategic time to strike once the infested swamp is drained and cleared! Take heart. 😊

Who would dare to form the UMNO strategic media unit and operate it with immunity and impunity in UMNO if it is not associated with the powers-that-be?

By Lim Kit Siang

How low and quick the mighty have fallen.

It was only six months ago that the 71st UMNO General Assembly was held in jubilation and hubris that UMNO was the only political party in the world that continued to rule and had never been defeated in elections since 1955, and was set to retain power not only in the imminent 14th General Election, but virtually to be the perpetual government of Malaysia!


But the nursery rhyme which my generation learnt in primary school in the fifties came to pass, viz:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

The fall had been so decisive and categorical that no UMNO leader dare to contradict or countermand the pronouncements of a headless, faceless and soulless creature, the self-proclaimed UMNO strategic media unit.

Are current UMNO leaders so ashamed of UMNO that they have to depend on a faceless, headless and soulless UMNO Strategic Media Unit to speak for them?

The faceless, headless and soulless UMNO Strategic Media Unit said in a statement yesterday that neither former Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak nor the former director of the Barisan Nasional Strategic Media Unit controlled it.

Let me tell the UMNO Strategic Media Unit: Tell it to the marines!

Who would dare to form the UMNO strategic media unit and operate it with immunity and impunity in UMNO if it is not associated with the powers-that-be – and Najib is undoubtedly the “power behind the throne” although he has resigned as UMNO President to take responsibility for UMNO/BN’s electoral disaster in the 14GE.

Who would dare, for instance, to lay claim in the name of UMNO without any authorization from the UMNO Supreme Council the assets seized by the police after the 14GE from Najib’s Pavilion Residences containing over RM114 million in cash in 26 different foreign currencies and some half a billion ringgit in jewellery, watches and designer handbags?

It is most foolish and puerile for the UMNO strategic media unit to raise the subject of the Red Bean Army, another concoction of UMNO propagandists and cybertroopers.

Immediately after the last general elections five years ago, UMNO/BN propagandists went to town alleging that the DAP had funded a fictitious “Red Bean Army” (RBA) of 3,000 cybertroopers with a budget of RM100 million to RM1 billion in the previous six years to attack the UMNO/BN authorities and to defame UMNO/BN leaders over a whole variety of issues.

They even alleged that the RBA had two operational centres, one in Hotel Concorde in Kuala Lumpur and the other based in Komtar in Penang.

I was intrigued by the UMNO/BN propagandists’ campaign of lies, fake news and false information about the DAP-funded RBA and I led a team of DAP MPs accompanied by journalists to make a surprise visit to Concorde Hotel on the night of July 4, 2014.

We found Concorde Hotel – which was supposed to be one the two operational centres of the billion-ringgit Red Bean Army – crawling with UMNO leaders and operatives but no Red Bean Army. We found something even more shocking – that the exorbitant ice-kachang in Concorde Hotel had no red beans at all!

As a result, the UMNO/BN fairy tale of DAP-funded RBA became a national standing joke and it died a natural death, until its revival by the UMNO strategic media unit yesterday.

However, what is interesting about the UMNO allegations about the RBA is that it revealed the UMNO modus operandi in recruiting cybertroopers, especially the funding involved – as no UMNO cybertrooper or election worker will volunteer for free or work only for “water and sunshine” but had to be paid, and paid very handsomely!

The going rate for the UMNO/BN cybertroopers would be RM500 to RM3,000 monthly, including free telephone gadgets and laptops.

Last November, the UMNO Information Technnology Bureau organized a convention for some 3,500 UMNO cybertroopers.

Taking an average expenditure of RM2,000 a month for each UMNO cybertrooper, this would come to some RM7 million a year, and this would not include the expenditures incurred for cybertroopers engaged by other units or state outfits of UMNO/BN.

Who would finally foot the bill for these astronomical expenditures, if not the Malaysian taxpayers themselves?

Let me tell the UMNO strategic unit that claims that DAP spent from RM100 million to RM1 billion for the Red Bean Army is the figment of imagination of the UMNO propagandists and cybertroopers.

DAP does not pay a single sen for the so-called Red Bean Army if this is meant to be the army of pro-DAP and pro-Pakatan Harapan users on the social media.

But this is the not the case with the highly-funded UMNO/BN cybertroopers, who are paid not only from 1MDB funds but also from the public coffers, like JASA which had a budget of RM60 million year!

The Malaysian Insight carried a very interesting and relevant report yesterday, headlined: “Election shock leaves UMNO news portals scrambling”, as it is not only UMNO news portals but the army of UMNO cybertroopers who are hard hit by UMNO electoral diaster in the 14GE – as funds for them have dried up!

The Malaysian Insight reported that following UMNO/BN’s defeat in the 14GE, some news portals that were tied to the party have shut down while those still operating have shed staff in order to survive.

The TMI reported that despite pouring millions into portals and paying cyber troopers, Umno and the BN lost the perception battle. Their news portal did not have the traction or eyeballs as more independent news sites. They were not helped by the sycophantic manner they covered the news.

As TMI concluded, Najib and his advisers were proved wrong that the 14GE was a numbers game and the more sycophantic news portals and cyber troopers they had, the better chance of controlling the Internet space.

However, the most significant thing about the UMNO Strategic Media Unit statement is what it omitted instead of what it said.

There was deafening silence to my allegation that it was the UMNO leaders and operatives, when they were in government, who abused their powers and interfered with DAP’s internal affairs, funding mercenaries and soldiers-of-fortune to influence the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to break or ban DAP, resulting in an six-year DAP ordeal from 2012-2018.

The UMNO Strategic Media Unit may not know that they are giving me the height of flattery in even suggesting that I could interfere and influence the outcome of the UMNO party elections at the end of this month.

Have the confidence of UMNO Strategic Media Unit in UMNO sunk so low after the jubilation and hubris only six months ago?

What the UMNO leaders, including the faceless, headless and soulless UMNO Strategic Media Unit should worry about is whether the UMNO elections at the end of this month are illegal, with UMNO electing illegal UMNO President, Deputy President, Vice President and UMNO leadership.

Is UMNO today an illegal political party?

Under the party constitution, Umno is required to hold supreme council elections once every three years, but it has the power to give an 18-month extension under special circumstances, like preparing for the 14th general election.

The last Umno triennial elections were held on Oct 20, 2013, which means that Umno supreme council elections should have been held by Oct 19, 2016, to comply with the three-year requirement, or by April 19, 2018, if an 18-month extension was decided upon by the UMNO supreme council.

On June 26, 2015, Najib announced that the UMNO supreme council had decided to put off the party election due in October 2016 by 18 months.

He said: “According to Clause 10.16 of the Umno constitution, the supreme council has the right to postpone elections for its supreme council, divisions and branches. This postponement cannot exceed 18 months from the date the elections were supposed to be held.”

That is, by April 19, 2018.

There was, however, no Umno elections held by that date, and this fatal violation of the party constitution cannot be cured, overcome or rescued in any manner by the Registrar of Societies.

I have studied Section 3A of the Societies Act 1966, which had been quoted by the Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor as vesting powers on the ROS to give a further year-long extension for Umno supreme council election after April 19, 2019.

Section 3A states: “In addition to the powers, duties and functions conferred on the registrar by this Act and any regulations made thereunder, the registrar shall have and may exercise all such powers, discharge all such duties and perform all such functions as may be necessary for the purpose of giving effect to and carrying out the provisions of this Act.”

Anyone who understand English or Bahasa Malaysia will know that the simple and very plain language in Section 3A of the Societies Act does not give the ROS any powers to extend a further year-long extension for UMNO supreme council to be held after 19th April 2018.

From LIM KIT SIANG’s Blog and can be found HERE

NB: As of now, MACC had already frozen 900 bank accounts (including UMNO – owned accounts) linked to the 1MDB scandal. In other words, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has frozen the Umno party’s accounts. Without free flow of money, UMNO is as good as dead.


I really enjoyed watching Bourdain on TV, sometimes wishing I was him travelling to all those exotic places meeting all kinds of people and trying those amazing food. Anthony Bourdain’s shows were most delightful and one of the few i followed. His shows were a combination of food, travel and people. He went all over the world and brought us delightful stories about lives on the street and remote places. Bourdain exuded humanity and decency. He was the guy who had a dinner of noodles in a roadside eatery with President Obama when he went to Hanoi. It was seen all over the world. Bourdain’ s death is a loss to good television and I will miss him. He had such a good life. So sad he took his own life. RIP Anthony Bourdain!

Before becoming famous, Bourdain spent more than two decades as a professional cook. In 2000, while working as the executive chef at Les Halles, a boisterous brasserie on Park Avenue South, he published a ribald memoir, “Kitchen Confidential.” It became a best-seller, heralding a new national fascination with the grubby secrets and “Upstairs Downstairs” drama of the hospitality industry. Bourdain, having established himself as a brash truth-teller, got into public spats with more famous figures; he once laid into Alice Waters for her pious hatred of junk food, saying that she reminded him of the Khmer Rouge. People who do not watch Bourdain’s show still tend to think of him as a savagely honest loudmouthed New York chef. But over the years he has transformed himself into a well-heeled nomad who wanders the planet meeting fascinating people and eating delicious food. He freely admits that his career is, for many people, a fantasy profession. A few years ago, in the voice-over to a sun-dappled episode in Sardinia, he asked, “What do you do after your dreams come true?” Bourdain would be easy to hate, in other words, if he weren’t so easy to like. “For a long time, Tony thought he was going to have nothing,” his publisher, Dan Halpern, told me. “He can’t believe his luck. He always seems happy that he actually is Anthony Bourdain.

A nice piece by THE NEW YORKER written February 2017 is worth reading, see here

February 13 & 20, 2017 Issue
Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast
Guided by a lusty appetite for indigenous culture and cuisine, the swaggering chef has become a travelling statesman.

By Patrick Radden Keefe

Bourdain, in Hanoi. He says, “I travel around the world, eat a lot of shit, and basically do whatever the fuck I want.”
Photographs by William Mebane for The New Yorker

When the President of the United States travels outside the country, he brings his own car with him. Moments after Air Force One landed at the Hanoi airport last May, President Barack Obama ducked into an eighteen-foot, armor-plated limousine—a bomb shelter masquerading as a Cadillac—that was equipped with a secure link to the Pentagon and with emergency supplies of blood, and was known as the Beast. Hanoi’s broad avenues are crowded with honking cars, storefront venders, street peddlers, and some five million scooters and motorbikes, which rush in and out of the intersections like floodwaters. It was Obama’s first trip to Vietnam, but he encountered this pageant mostly through a five-inch pane of bulletproof glass. He might as well have watched it on TV.

Obama was scheduled to meet with President Trần Đại Quang, and with the new head of Vietnam’s national assembly. On his second night in Hanoi, however, he kept an unusual appointment: dinner with Anthony Bourdain, the peripatetic chef turned writer who hosts the Emmy-winning travel show “Parts Unknown,” on CNN. Over the past fifteen years, Bourdain has hosted increasingly sophisticated iterations of the same program. Initially, it was called “A Cook’s Tour,” and aired on the Food Network. After shifting to the Travel Channel, it was renamed “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” and it ran for nine seasons before moving to CNN, in 2013. All told, Bourdain has travelled to nearly a hundred countries and has filmed two hundred and forty-eight episodes, each a distinct exploration of the food and culture of a place. The secret ingredient of the show is the when-in-Rome avidity with which Bourdain partakes of indigenous custom and cuisine, whether he is pounding vodka before plunging into a frozen river outside St. Petersburg or spearing a fatted swine as the guest of honor at a jungle longhouse in Borneo. Like a great white shark, Bourdain tends to be photographed with his jaws wide open, on the verge of sinking his teeth into some tremulous delicacy. In Bourdain’s recollection, his original pitch for the series was, roughly, “I travel around the world, eat a lot of shit, and basically do whatever the fuck I want.” The formula has proved improbably successful.

People often ask Bourdain’s producers if they can tag along on an escapade. On a recent visit to Madagascar, he was accompanied by the film director Darren Aronofsky. (A fan of the show, Aronofsky proposed to Bourdain that they go somewhere together. “I kind of jokingly said Madagascar, just because it’s the farthest possible place,” he told me. “And Tony said, ‘How’s November?’ ”) A ride-along with Bourdain promises the sidekick an experience that, in this era of homogenized tourism, is all too rare: communion with a foreign culture so unmitigated that it feels practically intravenous. Parachuted into any far-flung corner of the planet, Bourdain ferrets out the restaurant, known only to discerning locals, where the grilled sardines or the pisco sours are divine. Often, he insinuates himself into a private home where the meal is even better. He is a lively dining companion: a lusty eater and a quicksilver conversationalist. “He’s got that incredibly beautiful style when he talks that ranges from erudite to brilliantly slangy,” his friend Nigella Lawson observed. Bourdain is a font of unvarnished opinion, but he also listens intently, and the word he uses perhaps more than any other is “interesting,” which he pronounces with four syllables and only one “t”: in-ner-ess-ting.

Before becoming famous, Bourdain spent more than two decades as a professional cook. In 2000, while working as the executive chef at Les Halles, a boisterous brasserie on Park Avenue South, he published a ribald memoir, “Kitchen Confidential.” It became a best-seller, heralding a new national fascination with the grubby secrets and “Upstairs Downstairs” drama of the hospitality industry. Bourdain, having established himself as a brash truth-teller, got into public spats with more famous figures; he once laid into Alice Waters for her pious hatred of junk food, saying that she reminded him of the Khmer Rouge. People who do not watch Bourdain’s show still tend to think of him as a savagely honest loudmouthed New York chef. But over the years he has transformed himself into a well-heeled nomad who wanders the planet meeting fascinating people and eating delicious food. He freely admits that his career is, for many people, a fantasy profession. A few years ago, in the voice-over to a sun-dappled episode in Sardinia, he asked, “What do you do after your dreams come true?” Bourdain would be easy to hate, in other words, if he weren’t so easy to like. “For a long time, Tony thought he was going to have nothing,” his publisher, Dan Halpern, told me. “He can’t believe his luck. He always seems happy that he actually is Anthony Bourdain.”
“We have no choice but to resort to war kitties—may God have mercy on our souls.”

The White House had suggested the meeting in Vietnam. Of all the countries Bourdain has explored, it is perhaps his favorite; he has been there half a dozen times. He fell for Hanoi long before he actually travelled there, when he read Graham Greene’s 1955 novel, “The Quiet American,” and the city has retained a thick atmosphere of colonial decay—dingy villas, lugubrious banyan trees, monsoon clouds, and afternoon cocktails—that Bourdain savors without apology. Several years ago, he seriously considered moving there.

Bourdain believes that the age of the fifteen-course tasting menu “is over.” He is an evangelist for street food, and Hanoi excels at open-air cooking. It can seem as if half the population were sitting around sidewalk cookfires, hunched over steaming bowls of phở. As a White House advance team planned the logistics for Obama’s visit, an advance team from Zero Point Zero, the company that produces the show, scoured the city for the perfect place to eat. They selected Bún chả Hương Liên, a narrow establishment across from a karaoke joint on a busy street in the Old Quarter. The restaurant’s specialty is bún chả: springy white noodles, smoky sausage, and charred pork belly served in a sweet and pungent broth.

At the appointed hour, Obama exited the Beast and walked into the restaurant behind a pair of Secret Service agents, who cleared a path for him, like linemen blocking for a running back. In a rear dining room on the second floor, Bourdain was waiting at a stainless-steel table, surrounded by other diners, who had been coached to ignore the cameras and Obama, and to focus on their bún chả. Like many restaurants in Vietnam, the facility was casual in the extreme: diners and servers alike swept discarded refuse onto the floor, and the tiles had acquired a grimy sheen that squeaked beneath your feet. Obama was wearing a white button-down, open at the collar, and he greeted Bourdain, took a seat on a plastic stool, and happily accepted a bottle of Vietnamese beer.


Yang di-Pertuan Agong consents to Tommy Thomas as the new Attorney General after 10 days delay. Agong also approved the sacking of current Attorney General Mohamad Apandi Ali, the joker who cleared Najib of wrongdoing in 2016, saying some $700 million that landed in Najib’s bank account was a donation from the Saudi royal family and that most of it has been returned.

Anyway, here is a nice little write up of our new AG Tommy Thomas by #thecoverage. Its a good read, here goes….


15 Facts About Tommy Thomas That Every Malaysian Should Know – Tommy Thomas Is The King

“Tommy is the king. He has an unparalleled combination

of skills, knowledge and sense, which enables him to remain a top dog,’ notes one competitor.”
Benchmark Asia-Pacific – Tommy Thomas Website

Tommy Thomas Former Muslim Employee In His Legal Firm Share Her Personal Experience About Him – He Is The Best !

1. Graduate from University of Manchester and London School of Economics 

Tommy Thomas was born in Kuala Lumpur in 1952, and attended Pasar Road English School and Victoria Institution.

He read law at the University of Manchester, graduating in 1973, and became a barrister (Middle Temple) in 1974. He studied International Relations at the London School of Economics, securing an M.Sc. in 1975. He was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1976.

2. Own A Law Firm – Tommy Thomas Advocates & Solicitors

He started his career at Skrine & Co., becoming a partner in 1982. In 2000, he established a  firm, doing litigation matters exclusively, organised along the lines of a barrister’s chambers in England.

Partners: Tommy Thomas, Alan Gomez, Ganesan Nethi Consultant: Sitpah Selvaratnam

3. Thomas Served The Bar Council From 1984

Thomas served in the Bar Council from 1984 to 1988 and from 1993 to 2001. He was elected its Secretary, serving from 1995 to 1997. He was Editor of Insaf, the Bar’s publication from 1985 to 1987. He was a member of the Bar (Disciplinary Proceedings) Review Committee under the Chairmanship of Tun Hussein Onn, and wrote its Report in 1986. Thomas has a keen interest in corporate governance.

4. The United Nations Development Plan (UNDP) Appointed Him As Senior Consultant In 2000

He was a Director of the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance from 1995 to 2001. In the wake of the financial and economic crisis that engulfed Malaysia and other Asian countries in 1997, the United Nations Development Plan (UNDP) appointed him as Senior Consultant in 2000 to lead the Corporate Governance Initiative for the countries affected by the crisis. The publication in 2002 of a UNDP Report edited by him identified profligate corporate debt as a principal cause for the crisis.

He is a life member of the Malaysian Economic Association and the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.

5. Well Known Legal Book Author

In Anything But The Law, Tommy Thomas covers topics as diverse as past general elections, Malaysian icons, the Arab Spring and economics – in fact, anything but the law.

Some readers are aware that he is a lawyer, he notes in an e-mail interview, so he chose a title that would alert them to the fact that this book is about non-legal issues.

It was launched together with Abuse Of Power, which focuses on the law and the Constitution. Both books collect essays he had written over 34 years and that had been published by online portals and by the Malaysian Bar.

6. Ranks Among The Best of Constitutional Law Advocates In Malaysia

Tommy Thomas ranks among the best of constitutional law advocates in Malaysia. Committed, charismatic and vocal, he is without doubt one of nation’s foremost lawyer and thinker, as attested to by his brilliant legal career, the breadth and depth of his dissertations, writings and talks on law, nation, institutional building, financial liberation and globalisation.

7.  More Than 40 Years In Law

As a barrister of more than 40 years standing, Thomas has had the privilege of appearing as counsel in landmark cases in various branches of the law in all the courts of Malaysia, including the Privy Council in London, which was Malaysia’s highest court until 1985. Thomas has had more than 150 reported cases and countless unreported cases. He has been singled out consistently and regularly as one of Malaysia’s leading litigation lawyers by independent international publications such as The Asia Pacific Legal 500, Which Lawyer, Who’s Who Legal (The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers), Commercial Litigation Lawyers of Asia and Chambers Asia.

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In the corporate field, he has appeared in Company, Liquidation, Receivership and Insolvency matters. In the commercial sphere, he has acted in Banking, Hire Purchase, Contract, Intellectual Property, Sale of Goods, Wills, Trusts and Land Law cases. Thomas has appeared in complex litigation involving bonds and other sophisticated financial instruments. In Public Law, Thomas specialises in constitutional and administrative law cases. He has also been very active in statutory interpretation disputes ranging from petroleum, asset management, securities law and local government.

Thomas has acted in ground-breaking high profile litigation involving two State Governments in relation to their off shore oil and gas claims. He has also acted for two other State Governments in constitutional and judicial review disputes. He has represented regulatory authorities as lead counsel in their complicated civil litigation matters at the apex court. Thomas is regularly consulted by other law firms and appointed senior counsel in their litigation. He often appears as lead counsel for the Malaysian Bar in intricate and controversial cases.


Tommy Thomas, the candidate proposed for Attorney-General (AG), not only has in-depth legal knowledge, “but more importantly, he is a senior lawyer with the utmost integrity, that is crucial for being an AG,” said Hanipa Maidin (pic), who chairs the Legal Bureau of Parti Amanah Negara.

In a letter to Malaysiakini, he said that honestly, he fully supports the proposed candidate, “without any doubt”.

Hanipa recalled his experience with Thomas while handling a contempt of court case filed by Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) against a lady lawyer called Puan Fahdah and the writer/activist Ahmad Lutfi Othman.

Thomas was representing Fahdah and Hanipa was acting for Ahmad Lutfi. They won the case.

“I saw a lawyer who was fantastic (amat hebat) and highly credible (berwibawa),” recounted Hanipa, who is also the MP for Sepang.

9. Chin Peng Lawyer

He once represented Parti Komunis Malaya leader Chin Peng in calling for the government to allow his body to be buried in Sitiawan, Perak.

He pointed out that in his book written in 2016, Thomas had described Chin Peng as one of the great liberation fighters of the second half of the 20th century and a major contributor to Merdeka.

10. Lawyer of for Lim Guan Eng

Press Conference Statement by Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng Announcing Tommy Thomas As The Penang State Government’s Counsel To Sue The Election Commission And The Federal Government At Gerden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 26th Feb 2013.

Thomas is representing Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng in his corruption cases.

11. Lawyer for MH 370 and MH 17

MH 370 Lead counsel Tommy Thomas had argued that the documents, among others, were critical evidence relating to the background and sequence of events for the incident and subsequent search operations. Court orders Malaysia Airlines to hand over documents on MH370 to passengers’ next of kin.

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In court, the family’s lawyer Tommy Thomas submitted that they were concerned that it would be “a paper judgment” if the High Court ruled in favour of the family as MAS would be a shell company because all its assets had been transferred to MAB except the MH370 and MH17 lawsuits.

He said that according to the vesting order gazetted on Nov 6 last year, pursuant to the Malaysian Airline System Berhad (Administration) Act 2015, it appeared that MAS assets such as aircraft, buildings and properties were transferred to MAB and about 1,000 MAS liabilities relating to its trade and business creditors, such as suppliers of catering and maintenance services, were also transferred to MAB.

Thomas said none of the 500 MH370 and MH17 passengers’ families’ claims were transferred.

He said there were a total of 27 lawsuits filed by families of passengers on board the MH370 flight pending at the Kuala Lumpur High Court and litigation pending in the courts in the United States, China and Australia.

12. Believes The “Allah” Decision is Wrong in Constitutional Law

The sustained public attack on last week’s decision of the Court of Appeal in prohibiting the Catholic Church from using the word “Allah” in their internal publication, the Herald, is absolutely unprecedented, even in a nation very used to bad court decisions. From a constitutional perspective, the three judgments are poorly reasoned, the law misread and conclusions reached which will baffle any right-thinking student anywhere in the common law. The decision is not just wrong, it is horribly wrong, and will represent a terrible blot on our legal landscape, unless overturned quickly by the apex court, the Federal Court. Regrettably, what follows may seem unduly legalistic, but it cannot be avoided in a critique of a court decision. – Tommy Thomas 

13. Believes Malaysia Is A Secular State

“UMNO wishes to state loudly that Malaysia is an Islamic country. This is based on the opinion of ulamaks who had clarified what constituted as Islamic country. If Malaysia is not an Islamic country because it does not implement the hudud, then there are no Islamic countries in the world.

If UMNO says that Malaysia is an Islamic country, it is because in an Islamic country non-Muslims have specific rights. This is in line with the teachings of Islam. There is no compulsion in Islam. And Islam does not like chaos that may come about if Islamic laws are enforced on non-Muslims. – Tommy Thomas

14. Believes Sultan and Agong Does Not Have A Free Hand” In The Selection of the Menteri Besar and Prime Minister

He explained that as a constitutional ruler, the Sultan of Selangor “does not have a free hand” in the selection of the menteri besar, citing Articles 51 and 53 of the state constitution.

Article 51(2) states that the candidate “must be of the Malay Race and profess the Muslim Religion” while Article 53(4) provides that His Highness may in his discretion dispense with provisions in the Constitution like Article 51 (2) which restricts his choice.

“Obviously, the menteri besar of any state must be a citizen of Malaysia but in Selangor there are no residential qualifications. Thus, he or she need not be born in Selangor nor have a permanent residence in the state,” Thomas told The Malaysian Insider today.

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He also quoted Article 53(2)(a) which states that the Sultan can only appoint a person as menteri besar if that person is a member of the state legislative assembly and who, in his judgement, is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the assembly.

“The Federal Constitution and all the State Constitutions have identical provisions to Selangor’s Article 53(2).

“They are all modelled on Westminster constitutions with the standard words ‘commanding the confidence of the majority’ of parliamentarians,” he added.

Since the country achieved its independence in 1957, the political party (or coalition) that gains the most number of seats in general elections always selected its own leader, Thomas noted.

“So, in every case where there has been a vacancy in the office of the prime minister, whether caused by resignation or death, the acting leader of UMNO or Barisan Nasional was appointed the PM.

“Similarly, after each of the 13 general elections, the King had no discretion in such appointments. It is the same in the case of all the states. If there were exceptions in some states, the MBs were appointed without regard to constitutional niceties,” Thomas said. – Tommy Thomas

15. Quotes About Tommy Thomas

“Many Malaysian writers pull their punches or shade the truth about life in Malaysia. Just as many commentators eschew research to back up their opinions….Prominent lawyer and social commentator Tommy Thomas does not fall into either category….The book is a compilation of 32 essays and commentaries over the years, written with courage and clarity. There is his take on polarized and fractured Malaysia; a compassionate portrait of communist leader Chin Peng and the unconstitutional basis of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic state…” – Brendan Pereira, Former Editor of The New Straits Times

““Tommy Thomas is undoubtedly one of the country’s foremost lawyers and thinkers as attested to by his brilliant legal career and by the breadth and depth of his writings and speeches not only on law but also on nation & institutional building as well as on financial liberalization and globalization, as is readily evident from this collection.

His forays into the political economy issues of the day such as the global financial crisis show how wide is his interest, how well he is read and what a good grasp he has of subjects very different from his field of specialization.

This collection is a must read not only for the specialists in law and the social sciences who have an abiding interest in developments in Malaysia and the Region but also for the concerned citizen who wants a better appreciation of the happenings around them.” – Dr R. Thillainathan, Past President of the Malaysian Economic Association

“Widely regarded as one of the top lawyers in the country.”- Chambers Asia Pacific

“He will be the cream at the top, strategic, clever,” says a peer. “We appear together often and I think highly of him.” – Benchmark Asia-Pacific

“Tommy Thomas has an excellent reputation based on success in some of Malaysia’s most significant court cases in recent years.”- The Legal 500

“Tommy is the king. He has an unparalleled combination of skills, knowledge and sense, which enables him to remain a top dog,’ notes one competitor.”- Benchmark Asia-Pacific