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NO ….. Kuli, YOU ARE NOT! u r implicated in the murder of Tun Fuad n his newly elected cabinet in the 1976 (June 6) Sabah Double 6 tragedy. no way can u profess Najib’s line “I didn’t know”.

immediately after Sabah fell to the opposition in the Sabah 1976 election, u n Hussein Onn (the then PM) hatched out a plan to regain control of Sabah. Tun Razak had just died on 14 Jan 1976. foremost on Tun Hussein Onn’s mind was the domino effect….that other states wud follow suit in the next GE in 1978. fresh in his mind was the 1969 opp victory. the Razak-Onn dynasty was in a real danger of falling n Spore under LKY making a return to Msia.

but how to lure Tun Fuad n his closest ministers into a trap, the quickest n surest way? the plot was to use Ku Li to meet w Tun Fuad n his ministers at Labuan …. not in KK, the capital of Sabah.

an ex-RMAF service technician was asked to resign n be transferred to MAS-labuan airport for Tun Fuad’s return flight sabotage. he was promised huge rewards. 1 yr later he was put on the same fateful flight (MH653) together w Hussein Onn’s nephew who also worked for MAS. Hussein ONn was fearful the Rakyat wud ask him to take responsibility of MAS’s 1st major airline crash, n resign. that wud defeat all purpose of the Sabah Double 6 plot right ….which was to preserve the Razak-Onn dynastic rule over Msia (at whatever cost). hence, by putting his nephew on the fateful plane, he wud kill 2 birds w 1 stone. gain enough Rakyat’s sympathy for his nephew’s death n to blame the “fictitious Japanese Red Army hijack”.

Kuli was Razak’s blue-eye boy. he wud agree to anything Razak or Hussein Onn asked of him.

but why did they need to crash MH653?

1. they needed to get rid of that ex-RMAF-MAS technician who rigged the Double Six crash a year earlier. an air crash and the dead “only key-witness” wud bury the dark secrets of the 197666 tragedy forever. but they were too late. some details leaked out earlier. but still a judiciary system controlled by them, wud stop any demand for truth ….. in the absence of internet social media n FB.

2. Hussein Onn needed to get rid of his own DPM Mahathir. it is a known fact Hussein did not like Mahathir. he only tolerated Mahathir bcos of Tun Razak. his own failing health, means he needed to get rid of Mahathir fast n appt his nephew, Najib Razak as his DPM. that way the PM throne wud not accidentally fall into Mahathir’s hand.

3. Ku Li, many years later, revealed that he rejected Hussein Onn’s offer to be his DPM in March 1976 (a delay of > 6 weeks). that was also a lie. Hussein cud not make Ku Li his deputy n then asked Ku Li to step down a year later, to make way for Najib. Nepotism wud then be very very obvious. Hussein Onn liked Ku Li too much to kill him. there’s also another reason. Ku li is a royalty. once he gets to the PM throne, there’s no telling Ku Li wud continue with the Kelantan royal dynasty rule n the end of Razak-Onn dynasty. Najib wud never make it on his own after Hussein’s death.

4. for the MH653 crash-plot, Hussein needed Spore’s help. Sabah’s 17666 crash cud be blamed on technical malfunction. but another crash the following year ….wud be too much of a coincidence. LKY agreed to crash MH653 in Spore airspace ( a false promise). after the failed 1969 opp victory to control Msia’s opp parties (as a prelude to reentering Msia) …. bcos Tun Razak pre-empted it with Mei-13 riot), LKY was looking for a way to get back to Msia or at least make Msia less hostile to Spore (guaranteed Spore’s survival n cheap water supply).

5. LKY readily offered to be an accomplice to the Mass Murder crime. LKY also wanted to get rid of Mahathir ….. a brilliant, strongly independent ultra-Malay nationalist (bcos of his Indian ancestry). LKY was right ….. that a Msia controlled by Mahathir, wud be difficult to mold n control. LKY also wanted Najib to be the 4th PM after Hussein but for his own selfish reasons.

6. LKY back stabbed Hussein Onn. Instead of crashing the plane within Spore’s territory, LKY secretly ordered the plane to be shot down using the USN newly developed secret military weapon, DEW laser. LKY didn’t want a plane crash to mar Spore’s aviation clean record. the USN warship was in Spore’s territorial waters, just off Tuas.

7.Hussein Onn was pretty upset with MH653 plot went wrong but cud not take it out openly w LKY, w/o being implicated n forced to resign as well. MH653 crashed at Tg Kupang. Mahathir, the primary target was not in the victims’ list. the agricultural minister took Mahathir’s place to accompany the Cuban Ambassador on that fateful flight. Mahathir was still his DPM.

8. the failed objectives got PM Hussein even more sick. he was in n out of the hospital n had no choice but delegate Mahathir as the acting PM in his absence. after 2 years, Hussein Onn had no choice but to resign bcos of ill-health.

the rest is open book history. so Ku Li u r just as bad as Hussein Onn in the mass murder of Sabah’s duly elected CM n DUNs. Harris Salleh of course, was rewarded with the CM post n Ku Li stuck in the FM post n the lie that he alighted from that fateful plane at the last minute bcos he was invited by Harris Salleh to see his “COWS” (alamak of all things cows? …… moooo!)


This is a nicely written editorial piece by The Malaysian Insight.

Here goes…

IF it were up to the politicians, Najib Razak would have been arrested and charged with a string of offences by now.

Indeed, there is some frustration among the Pakatan Harapan (PH) corps that the former prime minister is still a free man, more than six weeks after he and Barisan Nasional were ushered out of Putrajaya.

Judging from comments on social media, anger is percolating among some ordinary Malaysians that Najib’s day of reckoning ‎has not arrived.

This sentiment is understandable, especially against the backdrop of ‎the astonishing and obscene amount of jewellery and cash found at properties linked to the former first couple.

So what gives? What’s the delay in arresting Najib and charging him for offences under the anti-money laundering act?

The simple answer is: professionalism.

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas is not a politician. He does not need to play to the gallery. He has been given a two-year term by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and chief among his responsibilities is to nail all those linked to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal.

A senior lawyer with more than four decades of experience arguing cases in court, Thomas knows that you only go to court when you are satisfied that you have covered all the bases and the witnesses’ testimonies can withstand cross-examination.

To say that this is a high-profile case is an understatement. Media interest in Malaysia over the return of Dr Mahathir and Najib’s political demise has only been matched by the coverage of  the sacking and jailing of Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.

Then, the Malaysian government had put on a show that resulted in the world laughing and ridiculing our legal system. Who can forget the porous prosecution led by then attorney-general Mokhtar Abdullah and Abdul Gani Patail?

Who can forget the many instances prosecution witnesses were demolished within an hour of being on the stand by the superb defence team led by the late Raja Aziz Addruse?

Who can forget the prosecution having to make amendments to the charges to cover embarrassing mistakes?

The world’s media watched from the press gallery and reported with incredulity the amateurish prosecution trial of the former deputy prime minister.

New Malaysia cannot afford its legal system to suffer another black eye. The new Mahathir administration that promises to deliver a more transparent, independent and rule of law-based legal system has to be seen to be ticking those boxes in the trial of the decade.

Ultimately, it is to the benefit of the ordinary Malaysian or the small man that the person in charge of bringing prosecution is influenced only by the files in front of him, and not by pressure from outside sources.

We cannot have a return to the days when we faced enforcement action from government agencies and prosecution as part of a political shakedown or because we had offended some little Napoleon. Or because, it was the politically expedient thing to do.

If the new AG of the Mahathir administration is being more meticulous and thorough in preparing the case against Najib, that’s a good development. It means that he knows that he believes that he is not going to get a free pass in court simply because he represents the government of the day.

He has to win on merit.

Thomas was brought into the system precisely for this reason: to give confidence to Malaysians and foreigners that the new government truly wants a clean break from the past. – June 28, 2018