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Someone very close to our Anwar Ibrahim told me recently that when Wan Azizah met Shafie Apdal at the CM’s Office for the first time after Party Warisan took charge, Shafie it seems told Wan Azizah that if she becomes the PM he will be very happy.

Of course, Wan Azizah told her husband what was spoken. It seems Anwar was annoyed. So annoyed was Anwar with Shafie that even now he speaks about this openly. So i hear.

Anwar and Shafie were never close even during early Umno days in Sabah in the 90s, the friction goes a long way. In 2011 there was a sex video commissioned by the ruling elite to kill off Anwar Ibrahim’s political career. The video purportedly shows a man who resembles Anwar frolicking with a prostitute in a hotel room. The three men who confessed to discovering and publicly screening the tape were former Malacca chief minister Rahim Tamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer Shuaib Lazim.

Shuaib Lazim is the father-in-law of Shafie Apdal.

In the meantime, Labuan born billionaire, Tan Sri Ibrahim bin Menudin, the Chairman of Suria Capital Holdings Berhad, a close confidant of Anwar Ibrahim, is the go-between-man. Ibrahim is also Economic Advisor for Sabah Government.

Anyway besides that, today, a series of short homosexual sex videos lasting roughly 1.34-minutes have been making the rounds on social media. The clips show two men, one who resembles senior minister in the current administration, getting intimate with a 27 year old lawyer from Sarawak. At least three clips show what looks like a scene from a room in Hotel Four Points in Sandakan, accompanied by the sound of a foreign news bulletin. People are saying looks like Azmin Ali, but i dont know.


This woman Rohani Ismail was charged in the Kota Kinabalu Magistrate’s Court with CHEATING 127 ILLEGALS for supposedly helping to obtain “entry permit” and converting IMM13 documents to MyPR through letters addressed to Deputy Home Minister Datuk Azis Jamman.

The case management date was on May 15, 2019. I hear from legal circles this woman has been given a Discharge Not Amounting to an Acquittal (DNAA) by the Magistrate. Can the Magistrate do this? This is public interest. Cannot simply charge a person and later say discharge not amounting to an acquittal without a trial. If you charge a person means got sufficient evidence. Our new Chief Justice Datuk Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat who is committed to improving the image of judiciary should act on this matter urgently.

This is a very serious matter, even Azis Jamman’s name who is the Deputy Home Minister and Ketua Wira Warisan Sabah has been dragged into this case.

And Azis Jamman is saying that the issue of illegals getting documents is being played by the opposition party who claim Warisan is a party that gives identification cards to undocumented immigrants. This is so pathetic, Azis is the Deputy Home Minister and his Boss Muhyideen Yassin is the Home Minister.

And conveniently, Azis Jamman is pointing fingers at former chief minister Musa Aman’s involvement in Project IC based on Dr Chong Eng Leong’s one book – Lest We Forget . The book itself contained outlandish generalities and unsubstantiated statements. Simply blaming Musa now. It was under Musa’s administration when the highest number of illegal immigrants were deported out from Sabah – 582,139 people.

Warisan should get real and be more robust in their efforts to flush out illegals, that’s how to counter allegations. Stop the blame game. All these are causing alarm among Sabahans who fear that citizenship documents are being dished out to foreigners and this casts a cloud of suspicion on what is actually happening.

Unfortunately, the issue has become so politicized that common sense has been thrown out the window. The matter is now strictly viewed through partisan lenses.


This came out in the Daily Express

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30th June 2019, this came out in the Daily Express.

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This week social media surprised me. A post of mine in Facebook went viral and received almost thousands of views and comments across Facebook and Whatsapp groups, as well as some direct action taken as a result of my message, a few police reports followed. See here.

The FB post was trying to achieve a very specific goal – to find out if there is any the truth about and ongoing rumour in Kota Kinabalu that a cop was beaten up by a Senior Minister from the Party Warisan Sabah Government. The Senior Minister has a bad reputation and a history of beating up people. What I heard could not be dismissed as rumours because of the Senior Minister’s reputation where even his own sister had in the past lodged a report that he threatened her with a pistol, it was reported in the newspapers. Just like the Lido Kapitan Cina Case – alleged assault of the 62-year-old man at the Lido commercial area.

I resolved to find out if the rumour was true. Not allegation but only questioning if there is any truth in the story, nothing wrong. My next step was Facebook.

I learnt that one way to get your content to “move” (ie. be seen, heard and shared widely), is to be more human.

Well, this theory proved true when the Facebook post I wrote, went viral, a breakthrough for me at last! And it only took me 20 minutes to write the post.

Here’s the story and I want to share it with you as an example of how to write content that moves, so you can put this theory to the test as well.

I wrote the post about my concerns when I heard that a Senior Minister from Party Warisan had beaten up a cop. I was honest and raw, and guess what?

The post (you can read it here) was shared no less than 270 times on social media. It was viewed by more than 2120 people at last count, attracted several comments and incited hot debate both on Whatsapp and on Facebook where the post also attracted increased engagement and comments.

Why This FB Post Attracted High Engagement?

I’ve been writing posts for a long time now, and some fare better than others in terms of engagement, but usually I spend hours carefully crafting each post. This one? 20 minutes!

While I didn’t deliberately set out to be controversial, but I did take a deep breath when I hit Post, because I realized I had exposed something about a Senior Minister a Politician and that was risky. People might judge me harshly… and a couple of people did. And then, three police reports were made against me.

You know what though? Many, many more people wrote to me, both on and off social media, to say how much they support me.

So what made this post move?

  • It was human. I showed my take on an issue, warts and all. The reason I wrote the post was because of a genuine concerned for the image of the police and that it should be protected.
  • I told a story. People love and relate to real life stories.
  • I didn’t water it down. I ignored that little voice in my head that said: “You can’t Post that!” I simply said what a lot of other people were thinking.

How can you create content that moves? Be brave, don’t shy away from controversy and be prepared to answer your critics…they will come. Perhaps that’s why it was discovered that over the years, 25 plus police reports made against this Senior Minister for assault and threatening with a pistol was withdrawn.

Below is the FB post which got me into trouble…..

The “Katak” Epidemic in Sabah!

Virus very infectious indeed.

Latest to be infected by this “Katak” Disease is The CHIEF of Sabah PARTI Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (GERAKAN), who is also National GERAKAN vice president Datuk Seri Raymond Tan Shu Kiah. Raymond Tan will ditch Gerakan and join Shafie Apdal’s Party Warisan today 3rd May 2019.

See Below:

These are indeed interesting times for politics in Sabah and for Upko, in particular.

Now that all the PPBM assemblymen who once sat in the opposition bench are seated on the Government side means bad news for the opposition as well as for Upko.

So what is this bad news for Upko? The answer is simple.

They are no longer essential or important to the Warisan Government, not with so few YBs in their midst.

Recently they lost Datuk Bobby Suan to PPBM on top of Datuk Masiung Banah who abandoned them much earlier.

The PPBM assemblymen now flatly outnumber the Upko assemblymen.

Rumour has it that at least another 2 more Upko Assemblymen are set to join PPBM thus diluting the importance of Upko even further.

They were so much a part of the BN Government on the night when Musa Aman was sworn in as Chief Minister of Sabah in the presence of the now retired Chief Justice Richard Malanjum.

Their assemblymen were made Ministers in Musa Aman’s Cabinet.

But within 24 hours, Upko made an about-turn and switched their allegiance to Shafie Apdal and Warisan, thus creating a legal battle between BN and Warisan, and throwing the state’s politics into confusion.

In the end, Upko proudly made it known to the world that it was because of them that the Warisan Government was formed.

This had a domino effect on other BN assemblymen who also abandoned the BN and were rewarded with Ministerial positions in Shafie’s cabinet and their President was made a Deputy Chief Minister after being sworn in as a nominated Assemblyman

Seemingly, they were the power brokers and kingmakers.

Unfortunately for Upko, their wheels have come off the tracks.

So where does Upko go from here? They will no longer be welcomed by BN after playing the BN out.

They can no longer go back to the Presidential Council of PBS, Upko and PBRS because PBS declared openly and bitterly of being betrayed by their same kind and the pre-election agreement to consult one another before deciding the next move being thrown into the bin by Upko.

But whose decision was it really for Upko to ditch the BN in favour of Warisan within 24 hours? Was it really by Madius Tangau and his supreme Council or was there a hidden hand at work?

Some note that there were similarities in Upko’s withdrawal from BN and the time PBS pulled out from BN just before the 1990 GE when Tan Sri Bernard Dompok was PBS Deputy President.

Following the collapse of the PBS Government Dompok formed PDS and subsequently PDS became Upko 2.0.

Dompok should admit if the decision to team up with Warisan was from him rather than let Madius and Supreme Council be blamed for it.

If it was, did he do so in order to save his Vatican job since he complained about not being allowed to finish his term when asked to vacate by the new Foreign Minister. The new PH Government no longer recognised political appointees as Ambassadors.

To add to Upko’s worries, evidence in former PM Najib’s case revealed that RM 1 million from the 1MDB scandal was channelled to Upko.

Which means it stands to have its accounts frozen just like Umno’s until the 1MDB case is over and all the ministerial and other positions as well in the State Cabinet.


This article came out in the Daily Express. See here

Dr Mahathir did not come to campaign for Party Warisan Sabah and was saying on the night of 9th May 2018 that Warisan should have secured 35 seats instead of a dismal 21 seats. Now Shafie Apdal is claiming 45 seats in the Dewan.

How did it happen and what was his intention.

Well, we all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely beginning with the repeal of TYT term and giving him unlimited extension. Many opposed the move but those who have supported him did so to curry favour with Shafie with the hope of getting personal rewards…typical Sabah politicians.

Soon after it was established by the court that Warisan became the legit government, one can observe the key appointments, the police force and the Minister of Finance also taken up by Shafie and defying his own promise not to follow the footsteps of his predecessor Musa Aman.

After 9 months in power it was later admitted that the state had in fact Rm4 billion in government reserve. In the beginning it was reported by Shafie that the treasury has empty coffer which readily made people believe.

Warisan became the state government only through the support of UPKO. Without UPKO, Shafie could not become Chief Minister and Wilfred Tangau would not be appointed Deputy Chief Minister. The two live for each other. Warisan leaders were given a number of federal ministry posts, Darell, VK Liew and Mohd Din Ketapi and their choice of Sabahan personnel.

The spate of fire in the squatter colonies in Likas/Sepanggar, Banggi, and elsewhere have suspicion ignited. All these fires only occurred in squatter colonies all over Sabah and this is unique and devoid of logic. During the fires people are seen rushing to take away televisions, refrigerators, mattresses etc etc, but not their personal documents. Those affected by the fire are known PTIs (illegals) and the fires keep happening only in those squatter colonies. When one put two and two together, the answer is simple.

Then the State Minister of Law and Native Affairs Aidi Moktar out from nowhere said the government would review the law on whether the Bugis and Jawa communities can be considered as natives in Sabah. Why suddenly this? Is it because of the fear that Datu Akjan is taking away the Suluk and Tausug vote bank from Warisan to Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (PPBM)? It seems as though there is a grand design to distort the Sabah political landscape and cause a racial imbalance for political purpose.

Then thousands turned up at NRD centres and by looking at the sea of crowd, the people are mostly foreign looking individuals which the local people know who they are. And worst still the state director of NRD said that the department was conducting census.

If we visit the CM’s office or even Jaujan Sambakong the local government minister’s office, one can see who are those that come to their office, its like a TAMU ground.

There was even a report that thousands have been issued late birth certificates in several parts of Sabah with substantial population of immigrants.

With all these happenings in Sabah the last nine months, for sure the Special Branch must be reporting to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir. And those receiving big favours from the government especially the millions changing hands at the Harbour Trade legal firm in Kota Kinabalu must be worried now. Naturally nothing is secret anymore especially with social media i.e Facebook, Whatsapp and blogs that could go viral and influence the course of events.

Anyway, how come a friendly Dr Mahathir who was on Warisan side and now suddenly PPBM is being painted bad?

There is no credible opposition in the state.

The influx of more PTIs and these people becoming bold and arrogant after Warisan victory are very obvious.

Hence, if PPBM comes to Sabah as an opposition to monitor the activities of the government it makes sense. Bersatu is part of the PH central government. Only PPBM or its appointed ally in Sabah can provide check and balance. The rule of law must take place. Even Najib has been charged in court, others in Sabah that wore the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission’s (MACC) infamous orange lock-up T-shirt uniform must make it known that MACC has a case against them.

Any uprising in the future is possible when a large population of illegal immigrants is present in the state and comfortable with a sitting government. Sabah is facing an existential treat and I’m certain  Shafie is aware. That’s why today it was reported that SABAH Chief Minister Mohd Shafie Apdal plans to meet the Philippines ambassador soon to raise Sabah’s concerns that security threat in the southern Philippines might spill over to Sabah. See here.

The fall of USNO in 1976 was a similar threat known to the Prime Minister at that time. History will repeat if not careful!

Politicians of every clime have been known to play to the gallery. They make these grandiose pronouncements, these grand gestures, these hyperbolic statements, all in attempts to appeal to the popular taste, rather than the more refined or esoteric.

Examples abound from our recent 14th general elections, where promises flowed free and fast from the lips of people who knew fully well they could never deliver or that the delivery date was so far off that they should have cautioned with provisos.

In the almost nine months since the polls, disappointment has set in as election gimmickry, fads and fashion faded.

The electorate who thought, by now, that they would have been enjoying a spanking new house – Malaysia Baru, must be feeling quite put out, despite the post-election explanation that the count down starts when Pakatan Harapan forms the Federal Government.

How can you blame them? It was the Prime Minister who boldly pronounced at the “Inauguration Ceremony” a Malaysia Baru. Nothing is baru, all the same.

Look at the case of Sabah. Parti Warisan Sabah made it clear before the 14th general election that Warisan wanted to govern Sabah on its own without Bersatu spreading its wings in Sabah. There was great hope that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) will honour its word of not entering Sabah as promised. All that hopes have been dashed when today Dr Mahathir announced the confirmation that Bersatu will start its Sabah chapter.

Well, again, this “sound byte” sounded good to the gallery before GE14. However, the reality of just what this would entail has set in, and no Sabahan for that matter, in his right mind, even believes anything Dr Mahathir says.

However at this juncture, Bersatu has yet to gain a firm foothold in Sabah’s political landscape. And before Bersatu gets a firm foothold, it will be wise for Shafie Apdal to dissolve the Sabah State Assembly and call for a snap election. Inevitably, the speculation has begun.

Finance Twitter

The older the ginger, the spicier it gets – goes a very popular Chinese idiom. It means the older a person becomes, the wiser the person gets. When Mahathir Mohamad led the opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope), to a stunning victory in the May 9th general election, the world was shocked and impressed with the emergence of the world’s oldest prime minister.

This is not the first time the grand old man walks the corridors of power. He had enjoyed and tasted the power before – as prime minister for 22 years from 1981 to 2003. But to return to his old job after retired for 15 years is particularly satisfying for him. From a dictator, Mr. Mahathir suddenly becomes a very popular saviour who successfully defeated the evil and corrupt (former) PM Najib Razak.

Heck, he has become so popular that there were concerns the 93-year-old man would be pressured to continue his premiership for as long as he likes, nullifying the agreement to hand over the most powerful job after 2 years to Anwar Ibrahim, his protégé-turned-nemesis-turned-ally. However, Mahathir has repeatedly said he will honour the agreement signed by Pakatan Harapan partners.

The two year period may sound very short, but when a man like Mahathir is put to work, he can deliver more than what an idiot can do in 20 years. The fact that his party – Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) – commands almost the equal share of ministry portfolios among the 4 partners in the ruling coalition, despite being a minority party, was already impressive.

After the historic May 9th win, Anwar’s party (PKR – People’s Justice Party) possessed the lion’s share of 47 parliamentary seats, while DAP (Democratic Action Party) grabbed 42. Mahathir’s PPBM (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) won only 13 seats and Amanah (National Trust Party) managed 11 seats, giving the Pakatan Harapan coalition the required 113 simple majority.

Sure, Mahathir was sworn in as the country’s 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia primarily because all the component parties had agreed to the arrangement. Another factor was due to the fact that there is no dominant party with super majority seats in the coalition. Still, after Anwar was granted a full pardon by the Agong (King) and released from prison, he can kick Mahathir out of the government.

There were strong rumours that Anwar Ibrahim was plotting to partner with either UMNO Malay nationalist party (which was dethroned for the first time in 61 years) or PAS Islamist party or both so that he can instantly grab power. After all, how hard could it be to replace Mahathir’s 13 seats party? Anwar’s advisers believed Mahathir might play him again like in 1998.

Mahathir easily checkmated Anwar, pampered PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali with a very powerful portfolio – a specially created Minister of Economic Affairs. The divide and conquer tactic has essentially split PKR into half. To ensure DAP and ethnic Chinese loyalty to his premiership, Mahathir rewarded them with 6 ministers, including the powerful Minister of Finance.

After ensuring stability and no rebellion within the Pakatan Harapan ruling coalition, Mahathir proceeded to break up the opposition Barisan Nasional coalition. Out of 79 parliamentary seats initially won by the old regime, UMNO alone had in its possession 54 seats. Like a skillful sushi chef, Mahathir skinned Barisan’s so-called fixed-deposit Sarawak Barisan Nasional.

About a month after its humiliating defeat, the extremely corrupt Barisan was shocked when it lost 19 parliamentary seats in June. All the Sarawak parties – PBB, SUPP, PRS, and PDP – abandoned the coalition. Including UPKO (1), PBS (1) and PBRS (1), the Barisan was reduced from 79 to 57. The once arrogant former Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi was reportedly begged the Sarawak Chief Minister not to quit, but to no avail.

It was not a coincidence that Sarawak former Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s party PBB, the biggest in the state with 13 parliamentary seats, launched the rebellion after his meeting with PM Mahathir and Daim Zainuddin. In exchange for not investigating Taib’s decades of corruption and illegal logging, Mahathir single-handedly took away Barisan’s fixed-deposit.

UMNO plunged into disarray almost instantly. Its self-proclaimed 3-million members were running around like a headless chicken. From a mighty coalition of 13 component parties, the Barisan Nasional is now reduced to just 3 parties. With MCA and MIC holding 1 seat each (after MIC’s Cameron Highland was declared null and void), the coalition was reduced to 56 seats.

But the slaughtering has just begun. With UMNO members already disillusioned and demoralised by their clueless president Zahid, Mahathir didn’t have to do any heavy lifting. Like it or not, the old man was a master strategist. Besides to gauge the real support of UMNO and PAS, there appeared to be another reason why the anti-ICERD rally was allowed to proceed.

Zahid Hamidi and PAS President Hadi Awang thought the ICERD was a God-sent opportunity to rally the Malays and Muslims against the Mahathir government. The much hyped demonstration had turned out to be a flop – only managed to attract 55,000 protesters. Both gangster Zahid and extremist Hadi had wanted to test the feasibility of UMNO and PAS joining forces.

But the same racial and religious rally would come back to haunt both Zahid and Hadi, sooner than they had expected. On Dec 12, just four days after the mega rally, a mass exodus from Sabah UMNO has begun with nine of 10 of its assemblymen, five of six MPs and two senators leaving the party. There were dozens of reasons (or rather excuses) given for the mass resignations.

However, according to sources, the main reasons were the fear of UMNO becoming too Islamic-centric and getting closer to PAS. There’s a reason why the PAS Islamist party doesn’t have a presence in Sabah. UMNO in Sabah is different from the Peninsular. Perhaps the stupid Zahid Hamidi hadn’t a clue that Sabah UMNO actually has “non-Muslim” members.

A day after the December 8 rally, which Mr. Zahid proudly declared as a huge success and attended by 500,000 Malay-Muslims, PAS and UMNO told all and sundry that they will set-up a joint committee to discuss and deliberate issues concerning the position of Islam as well as special privileges of the Malay, suggesting a partnership or a coalition or even a merger could be on the horizon.

Mahathir was absolutely naughty to give UMNO enough ropes to hang itself. All UMNO Sabah leaders & elected representatives who were leaving the party have pledged full support to the Pakatan Harapan Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. UMNO is now left with only one assemblyman and one MP in the state of Sabah.

Thanks to anti-ICERD rally, UMNO’s 54 MPs has been diluted further to 43 after the Sabah fiasco. That’s close to half of the initial 79 MPs lost within 6 months under Zahid leadership. Not bad for a Java-migrant who had dreamt of becoming UMNO president. After the collapse of Sabah UMNO, a second wave of exodus from UMNO is reportedly coming very soon.

At least 32 UMNO MPs have allegedly switched loyalty to Mahathir Mohamad. If that happens, UMNO would be crippled with only 11 MPs left, presumably the most toxic and unacceptable even to the “garbage collector” Mahathir. The PPBM now possesses 16 MPs, up from 13 after three UMNO MPs jumped ship earlier on.

If Mahathir’s PPBM decides to accept all the 32 UMNO frogs, it would be boosted with a whopping 48 MPs, just second to Anwar PKR’s 50 MPs. To be fair to him, the prime minister did not say all of UMNO MPs will definitely be accepted. They must first become independent or Pakatan-friendly. This is important because the frogs can be used to initiate institutional reforms.

Yes, as a 13 MPs small “mosquito party”, as previously mocked and insulted by former Tourism and Culture Minister and UMNO warlord Nazri Aziz, it’s incredible that Mahathir could control the 222-seat government. Even without the 32 UMNO frogs, the 19 (Sarawak) and 5 (Sabah) respective friendly votes means Pakatan has 146 votes, just 2 seats shy of two-thirds majority.

Pro-UMNO cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers had predicted and hoped that a merger between UMNO and PAS could create a new powerful force. They suggested that what Zahid and Hadi needed to do was to scream, whine and bitch about 3R (religion, racial and royalty) and the Pakatan Harapan government would collapse.

Instead of a merger, clearly Mahathir has a better solution – to slaughter UMNO like a pig and deny PAS the satisfaction of taking a free ride out of UMNO misery. From the leader of a minority party, Mahathir has not only divided UMNO into pieces of junks, but also recycle the garbage to become useful parts, without any promise of keeping the trash.

This piece is by Finance Twitter and it can be found HERE.

2017 Auditor-General’s Report Series 2 has vindicated the previous Musa state government. As published in the 2017 Auditor-General’s Report , the accumulated balance in the Sabah State Treasury was RM3.8 billion in 2017.

KOTA KINABALU, Dec 5 — The Auditor-General’s 2017 report on Sabah clearly vindicates former Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman, whom the current administration accused of mismanaging finances, Datuk Hajiji Mohd Noor said today.

Hajiji said that they were not surprised by the A-G’s Report as it was just a continuation of similar reports for the last 15 years under Musa as Sabah Minister of Finance.

“It is not too far-fetched to even say that Musa was one of the best financial managers Sabah ever had. He managed to present a surplus Budget for 2018 despite the dismal price of oil back then and surplus accounts for 16 years in a row,” he said in a statement here today.

Hajiji said in terms of basic accounting, the report means the previous administration did not spend more than it earned, and Warisan’s claims that the state’s finances were badly managed and that the party was left with not enough to fulfill their manifesto, were untrue.

“In the wake of May 12, Warisan openly claimed the state’s finances were in dire straits. Sadly, this alleged lack of funds is the old song and dance that they keep using as an excuse to not deliver to the people…however, the figures for 2017 speak for themselves,” he said.

May 12 was the date Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal was sworn in as Sabah chief minister.

“The recent revelation of the A-G’s report proves that the state government has contradicted itself when presenting the Sabah Budget 2019 recently. Since helming the office, the Warisan government has committed numerous flip flops on Sabah’s financial position,” Hajiji said.

“Initially they said there is no money in coffers and then, suddenly there is money but wait…it looks like there is money but it is through accounting manipulations,” he said.

According to the report from the A-G which was released on Monday, the state’s consolidated fund increased, there was surplus resulting in the accumulated balance rising, revenue collection increased, and also an increase in operating expenditure.

The consolidated fund rose last year by RM390.64 million or 16.2 per cent to RM2.8 billion in 2017, compared to RM2.41 billion in 2016. There was also a surplus of RM56.66 million in 2017, resulting in the accumulated balance rising to RM3.8 billion or 1.5 per cent while revenue collection increased by RM444.44 million or 12.9 per cent to RM3.89 billion in 2017.

Investments in fixed and state deposits reached RM2.51 billion and investments in public corporation and statutory bodies totalled RM6.58 billion. The two investments brought in RM112.67 million and RM140.43 million in interests and dividends.

Hajiji said that in spite of Musa’s achievement, the Warisan-led government chose to mislead the people on Musa’s performance as chief minister and finance minister for the last 15 years, which was not only an act of incompetence but malice in an attempt to belittle the achievements of the previous state government.

“If the new administration does not have the decency or the courtesy to acknowledge the milestones of its predecessor, the least it can do is to not mislead the people. In civil society, in spite of political differences, gentlemen still shake hands and give credit where credit is due,” said Hajiji, who is also Sulaman assemblyman.

After taking office as chief minister, Shafie announced he was taking up the Finance portfolio as well, to clean up the “financial mess”. He also later said that the state Barisan Nasional government had not been forthcoming about the state’s financial status, claiming the state’s RM4 billion reserves were non-existent.

Musa was chief minister of Sabah from 2003 to 2018, when he was ousted from the post despite a controversial narrow win in the state and general elections.

He has since been trying to get the courts to declare his ouster as unconstitutional but is also facing several charges of corruption.

This piece came out in the Malay Mail