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My Malay friends from Penang are all beautiful chaps but I cannot say the same to these Mamak thugs who have misbehaved and hijacked the peaceful Anti-ISA Forum held in KOMTAR, Penang, yesterday.

See here how these Mamaks have brought shame to Penangites..



Anifah Aman the Minister of Foreign Affairs had a heat bypass surgery last month in Singapore. It seems he had three blocks in the coronary arteries, and the surgery when well and he is now recuperating. I wish Anifah a speedy recovery.

I hear also Prime Minister Najib Razak is getting ready to announce a cabinet reshuffle in a couple of weeks time as part of an ongoing mid-term review of the governance of the ruling Barisan National. Najib is aiming to boost the flagging popularity of the Barisan National since march 2008 by dropping some deadwood cabinet ministers who’s been around since Mahathir. Also the recent election victory in Hulu Selangor is indication that BN is bouncing back and Najib thinks a cabinet reshuffle will further strengthen his leadership.

My sources, who are politically close to the Prime Minister, said three ministers would be moved initially in the reshuffle but that the plan was that up to four ministers, eventually, would be transferred or dropped from the Cabinet.

Anifah Aman the Minister of Foreign Affairs is on the top of the list to be dropped. The talk is Anifah is not up to the job. In particular, his dealings with the press. The most recent example is the famous “shooting from the hips” by Anifah when he admitted in a joint press conference in Washington together with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the credibility problem faced by our Prime Minister, Najib Razak in regards to the Mongolian Aminah@Altantuya Shaariibuu C4 murder case. Anifah brought out the issue of Altantuya although he was not asked about it by journalist covering the press conference. See here. It is a major gaffe that could be the result of fatigue, but it was an embarrassment to both Najib and Rosmah. This prompted Rosmah and some of the “4th Floor Boys” to suggest that Anifah be kept from the press to prevent him from saying too much and having to backtrack. That’s why after the US trip Anifah just disappeared from the radar screen. Even recent overseas trips, Najib was not accompanied by the Foreign Minister.

Frankly speaking to me a reshuffle or not is not going to make any difference. If you ask me there is nothing to shuffle. The only portfolios Najib Razak and his bunch of cabinet jokers have proven themselves fit for are posts like minister of arrogance, minister of incompetence, minister of non-performance, minister of corruption, minister of squander-mania, minister of murder, minister of ketuanan melayu, minister of pornography and similar areas where these attributes are their only strengths.

For me if Najib Razak is really serious about saving Malaysia the first thing he has to do is to fire all the jokers in cabinet and then fire himself. After that Najib could inform the Agong and call an election so that the people could choose some serious representatives who would be capable of serving their true interests and needs and try to salvage what is left of the broken country before it reaches failed state status.

You see the people are fed up with BN and its antics and are demanding change and they want it like of yesterday. They can’t wait for another two years and are running out of patience and tolerance. So why not just call for a snap General Elections?

Musa Aman the Chief Minister of Sabah is on the way out.

Talks runs rampant in Kota Kinabalu that in the next 30 days Musa might be dropped as Chief Minister by UMNO President Najib Tun Razak  so that room is made for UMNO Vice President and Federal Rural and Regional Development Minister Shafie Apdal to take over as the new Chief Minister of Sabah.

It seems the Tiger Year is taking its first prey -Musa Aman.

Musa Aman is under tremendous pressure from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to resign or be sacked. In fact Najib had wanted to replace Musa soon after he took over from Pak Lah as Prime Minister.

Najib has an axe to grind and a score to settle with Musa Aman. Najib knew all along that Musa was a staunch supporter of former Prime Minister Pak Lah. Najib also knew that Musa was working with Khairy Jamaluddin and funding big time elements within UMNO to discredit Najib and prevent him from succeeding Abdullah as Prime Minister. Najib does not trust Musa Aman and this is an open secret among all UMNO and BN players.

So finally, the time has come for Najib to act against Musa Aman. Musa Aman’s honeymoon is over and the writing is on the wall…Musa is finish this time.

Bye Bye Musa! Welcome Shafie!!!

Hi everyone,

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you so much for all your continued support and kind wishes, it really does mean the world to me.

I’m just glad this year that certain mentally unbalanced UMNO fellow decided not to go on a racial bashing spree in the UMNO Assembly.

Merry Christmas, and let’s clean out the trash in the Barisan National in 2010.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great holiday with their family! Don’t drink and drive for heaven’s sake!

Love and Peace…/Selva

The Kelantan Umno Youth had the temerity and the colossal audacity to ask Tok Guru Nik Aziz to vacate the mentri besar’s post just because Tok Guru evidently had admitted that he received sponsorship amounting to RM65,000 to perform Haj. These retards say that the PAS spiritual leader’s decision to cancel his plan to perform the Haj does not prove his innocence. What bloody hypocrites. They really piss me off.

Tok Guru did say that a sponsorship is not a bribe and he had received numerous offers from many people who were willing to pay for his trip to Mecca. What so wrong about this?

The Umno Youth fellows think that they are so damn good and so innocent. As though we dont know that their father’s father who all belong to UMNO were all corrupted to the brim. Is this not the story of pot calling kettle black? UMNO leaders have a personality that is a stark contrast to PAS leaders. Most of them are so wealthy. Some has accumulated wealth beyond a reasonable explanation. Many UMNO leaders have been associated with immoral activities but the same cannot be said with Tok Guru.

As far as I am concern, Tok Guru is spotless. Tok Guru for the past 20 years since becoming Menteri Besar of Kelantan NEVER did abuse any state resource to build a personal palace for himself unlike the UMNO CHIEFTANS who all have MILLION MILLION DOLLARS PALACES all over the country. In fact, Tok Guru still lives in his old wooden house. I had visited Tok Guru in that old wooden house of his in Kelantan once before while he was having lunch, and he insisted I join him for lunch. I too sat down cross-legged on the floor together with him and had lunch with him. I for one will never be able to forget this lunch. Such a humble man, to me he is a saint.

So many UMNO leaders have abused both state and federal resources which we all know this. Remember the $100 million marathon casino sessions in Ritz Club Piccadilly, London and the Crown Casino in Melbourne? Remember the wild trips to Disneyland, London, Paris and other exotic places these UMNO fellows go?  Who pays for all these trips if not some filthy rich Vincent Tans or some Ding Dong Wells.

In the mind of Malaysians, the UMNO government is corrupt. The pillar of this corruption is UMNO. UMNO controls the Police. UMNO controls the judiciary. Period.

Hence my view is and always has been that Tok Guru is a honest and a clean person and his conduct and the way he carry himself has been consistent with morally acceptable practice by any religion.

Kelantan UMNO are fucking bunch of hypocrites of the highest order.

Malaysia-Indonesia relations has taken a very sharp turn recently. It reminds me very much of Sukarno’s “Ganyang Malaysia” (crush Malaysia) declaration of the sixties.This growing anti-Malaysian sentiment is spreading all over Indonesia like wildfire.

See here a video from a local TV station in Indonesia showing a crowd burning a paper made Malaysian flag.

Also see below a statement posted on a Indonesian blog titled “Terselubung” which says that a number of Malaysian Web sites had been hacked and defaced by Indonesian hackers to “celebrate” Malaysia’s Independence Day, August 31st, their way.

Its funny, while our UMNO politicians continue to play politics of Race and Religion to divide us in order to hold onto power, the Indonesians are planning their strategy to colonize and takeover Malaysia. There are millions of them here already in the form of Khir Toyos. It’s a matter of timing… we are seeing it happening in Sabah now. Next will be Selangor, oh no, no, we already had the CEO Khir Toyo from across the Straits.

What is happening to my dear Malaysia?

PAS spiritual leader Tok Guru Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz last night speaking at a ceramah held in conjunction with the party’s 55th muktamar (general assembly), reiterated his disapproval of the unity government proposal, isolating the man behind the idea, party president Datuk Seri Hadi Abdul Awang, and his pro-unity talk supporters.

Tok Guru said those who speak of co-operation with Umno are apparently oblivious to the rivalry between these two arch-rivals throughout their existence. “Umno is evil. The Umno-led federal government talks of 1 Malaysia but they instructed their officers not to co-operate with those who work with the PAS Kelantan government. This is Umno.“We must obliterate them once and for all. Rid this earth of their kind,” Tok Guru Nik Aziz said.

Tok Guru has never fail to impress me. To me, Tok Guru is one humble wiseman who has my utmost respect

Read more here

Tomorrow is Penanti by- elections. And the good news is, I just received a call from my Umno strongman, my friend, Idris Othman from Kelawai, Penang, and he said, most Umno members in Penanti will boycot the polling tomorrow. It seems Umno members in Penanti feel played out by Umno and are very unhappy with the leadership for not contesting in the by-elections. The word used by many is, Mana Muka? HARPRAK Umno!

Even Datuk Azahar Ibrahim, the Penaga Assemblyman who is also the Penang state Umno secretary could not convince many Umno members in Penanti to vote for the Independent candidate Aminah aka Makchik Rongeng. Umno members have openly told him off and some even booed him when he visited.

According to Idris, Dr Mansur Othman of PKR would easily get close to 9000 votes majority and Aminah@Makchik Rongeng will get less than thousand votes. Independent candidate Aminah@Makchik Rongeng is confirmed backed by the BN/UMNO. See here.

We shall see tomorrow how accurate is Idris’s predictions.

My indication is that for sure Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) would win with an overwhelmingly majority and all the Independent candidates are going to lose their deposits, and Dr Koh Tsu Koon and The BN/Umno is going to be so embarrassed that they might just pack their bags and leave Penang for good..

Suspended Sabah Umno Youth head Datuk Japlin Akim also Usukan Assemblyman, who is also State Infrastructure Development Assistant Minister was first barred by the Umno Disciplinary Board from holding any position in Umno for three years for money politics/corruption.

Today I hear that, Jiplin has been arrested  and kept for close to 3 days in remand by the MACC which is investigating him for involvement in money politics/corruption prior to the Umno General Assembly.

Japlin was said to be Umno youth chief, Khairy Jamaluddin’s main bag carrier in Sabah. Some are saying Japlin was openly distributing money on behalf of Khairy and there are even photographic evidence to back this claim. 

I think by charging Jiplin for corruption/money politics and linking him to new Umno Youth Leader, Khairy Jamaluddin, PM Najib Tun Razak can effectively delay Umno Youth Leader Khairy from taking a cabinet position.  This is a smart move by Najib. At the same time, Najib can also strengthen his position with Dr Mahathir who blames Khairy solely for undermining his legacy and for being the power behind the throne during the Abdullah years. Dr Mahathir has been campaigning vigorously against Khairy’s inclusion in the Cabinet, saying that he is corrupt and he is bad news for Najib. In so doing, all know, that Dr Mahathir,  is desperately trying hard to make his son Mukriz  to be considered for a cabinet position instead.

It seems every politician in Malaysia want their sons and in-laws to be LEADERS in this country as though there are no other capable Malaysians to takeover from all these clowns. Truly Malaysians are sick over the whole thing.



Its 10.30pm and we hear unofficial results indicating that Khairy Jamaluddin has won the Umno Youth. I don’t have the figures yet for the Umno Youth contest but hear Khairy and Mukriz were neck to neck but Khir Toyo had a bad showing.

Only the official results for the Umno Wanita has been announced so far. Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has deposed Rafidah Aziz as Umno Wanita chief. Shahrizat garnered 507 votes and poor Rafidah only managed 280 votes.