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Malaysia Today has fallen victim to a spate of hacking attacks this week. Malaysia Today is hacked again today and its going absolutely berserk. It seems MT is experiencing a denial of service attack or DDOS attack. Don’t ask me what the fucks that is, sorry for the language but, I was told MT is under severe attack and its site hacked and “the experts” don’t know for sure when MT will be back and running.

To me it looks like UMNO is getting desperate with Raja Petra. Remember, even most parts of Tuesday, MT was down because it was hacked due to the 8 billion Tajuddin Ramli story. And today, MT is locked out again with this message:

The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

* Access Denied.

Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

Your cache administrator is root.
Generated Thu, 09 Sep 2010 08:43:32 GMT by (squid/2.6.STABLE21)

Signs are showing that it’s getting too hot for UMNO and they are desperate now. Sarawak elections is just down the corner. Raja Petra has been exposing too much bad news one after another. First it was Najib and his 2nd wife Rosmah, Altantuya, Scorpene, DCNS France, Saiful’s own sperm up in his ass, and latest, Mahathir Mohamad, Pak Lah and Daim Zainuddin helping to cover up Tajudin Ramli’s RM8 billion losses in MAS. It seems this Tajudin Ramli fellow was cutting BILLION DOLLAR deals for his family and proxies when he was Chairman of MAS.

With at least one news story a day being rolled out by RPK lately, I began to think about how, and even if, an accounting of such a flood of bad management and cronyism can be possible. Holistically it seemed like every department in Najib’s cabinet had some kind of scandal, sex, corruption investigation, or accusations of mismanagement and abuse of power.

And all these are leaking out because of RPK’s revelations.

And there seems to be an ongoing high-level conspiracy to suppress pertinent information about UMNO and top governmental abuses of power and malpractices. UMNO agents are at it.

I’m an optimist. I believe that statements like “Altantuya Knew Najib” or “Saiful Sodomise by 65 Year Old Anwar Ibrahim” can be evaluated and decided pretty much true or false. The conclusion can be a little more nuanced, but the important thing is that there’s a definitive conclusion.

And even crazier, I believe that if in Malaysia there was a fair and accurate system for determining which of these things were lies, people would stop repeating the lies. I would certainly try to. No matter how much I wanted to believe “Musa Aman Worth US 3 Billion” or “ Najib is Making His Move On Musa Aman” or ‘Musa Aman The Longest Servicing Chief Minister in Sabah”, if a fair system had decided against it, I would stop.

I believe the truth is more important than particular political goals. I want to know that when I make claims, I’m not speaking out of political distortion but out of honest truth. And at the same-time I too want to be able to evaluate the claims of others.

There must be a system and here in my blog I want such a system to work.

First, some ground rules. Everything is open. Anyone can submit anything, and all the records are put on this public website and readers will evaluate.

I shall start of by saying that there seem to be selective prosecution of Musa Aman’s Timber Cronies By Najib’s MACC.

Hear this, the rumour mill sprang into full operation again last week. Speculation abounded about whether Micheal Chai of Sandakan, the timber tycoon linked to Musa Aman, had been raided by MACC again, and whether he had been taken in for questioning again to Putrajaya after being detained and released earlier last month.

The raid was alleged to have been linked to the MACC’s investigation of alleged money laundering and the smuggling of 16 million cash out from Hong Kong International Airport and also to do with Yayasan Sabah’s Timber Concession areas covering close to 1 million hectares. In fact I have written extensively on this.

Micheal Chai was indeed taken in for questioning soon after.

Claims that even Musa Aman had been contacted by MACC and asked to step down as Chief Minister. It seems potentially damning information from the ICAC Hong Kong had come in, and that information would harm UMNO and premier Najib Tun Razak, had surfaced against him. This was of course strongly denied by Musa Aman’s aides. I was even told by Musa Aman’s timber associates that there was never any interaction between the chief minister and the MACC.

Then according to an SMS circulated this week, MACC had confiscated from timber cronies associated with Musa Aman close to 45-million in cash, passports, IDs and other documents, as well as a laptop containing details about all bank accounts in Hong Kong, timber sales to Japan, shipping documents, including instructions to heads of department in Yayasan Sabah about who may be awarded timber extracting tenders.

Claims that could not be officially confirmed included that a warrant of arrest was issued for Micheal Chai by a Putrajaya magistrate last week; that MACC had arrived at Sandakan to arrest Micheal Chai, but had left without doing so; that Micheal Chai was taken in for questioning that lasted more than 3 days, after last Friday’s raid; and that he was to be rearrested again and brought back to Putrajaya MACC office; and that senior lawyer Richard Barnes Ex Sabah state footballer, released and back in KK.

Every Rumour has its foundation in truth, it is simply there because our main media is inadequate in satisfying the curiosity of the people over information, when people expect things to happen and it has not happened, they have every right to speculate why it is has not happened, when there is no explanation for that, they turn to rumour market for answer. Simple. Malaysians are same everywhere, they love RUMOURS. It’s so because in Malaysia, the impotent Media appear sterile and the potent Internet appear fertile.

Everywhere I go for coffee in Kota Kinabalu, from ‘Salim’ in Lintas to ‘Kuan Ah’ in Foh Sang to Tanjung Aru to Putatan, even in Tuaran, people keep asking “What’s happening to Musa?” or “Why Musa Punya Machai Semua Kena Tangkap?” The recent rearrest of Michael Chai and three others last Friday in Sandakan by MACC is creating even much more uncertainty in the state capital Kota Kinabalu. The rumors are swirling that Musa will be out sooner than later because Najib wants him out.

Then there is this story about this women and Musa Aman, but I never heard them. The first I heard of them was in Sandakan, yesterday. Onn Ariffin is talking this up, but he isn’t the most reliable source…however when Raja Petra in London has info and predicts this will be a scoop I listen.

The woman Rosmawati, a Senior Group Manager for Yayasan Sabah, stated of as a secretary and got promoted to such a senior position all within 5 years after knowing Musa aman. And then, suddenly, Rosmawati is relocated to KK from Sandakan to become Senior Group General Manager. And it makes no sense that she’s doing her supposed “job,” for which she seems unqualified anyway. It’s unclear how she could possibly do this job at all, never mind from Sandakan. And she’s been there for at least 3 years as a small time secretary. Now 33, she vigorously denies the vicious and unsubstantiated gossip.

And some Yayasan Sabah insiders suggested that she was the victim of an 11th-hour attempt to smear Musa Aman from become an UMNO Supreme Council Member during the last UMNO AGM.

But now the rumours have resurfaced, suggesting that they may be coming from elements in the UMNO Sabah.

Having now spoken to someone tracking this Romawati story, I can say for sure:

1) It’s not just a silly little rumor.

2) It will break in some form shortly..

Just remember…this is only a rumor until the media get off their behinds and actually investigate this. I heard another rumor that they plan on doing that the day after hell freezes over. I am not claiming this rumor to be true, only offering certain facts that raise serious questions I believe any unbiased media has the obligation to investigate. If only an unbiased media existed. Remember how the media played catch-up with the blogs, Malaysia Today on the Pak Lah’s affair with Jean his sister-in-law?  Remember? It will be fun to see them repeat their mistakes if this pans out.

This is Raja Petra’s 2010 New Year Resolution: Voter-get-voter campaign.
Raja Petra wants us to make this our New Year Resolution as well.

Come 1st January 2010, we must make sure we get at least one person to register as a voter — if we can get more than one to register, even better. Just through our efforts alone we can get at least half those not yet registered to vote to become registered voters.

The game plan should be:

1. Get them to register as voters.

2. Get them to come out to vote on Polling Day.

3. Who they vote for is of course their business and their constitutional right — but guide them on what they should look for when deciding whom to vote for.

Ultimately, we can only convince them to register as voters and to come out to vote. It is still up to them who they want to vote for. The crucial job thereafter is to turn all these registered voters into INFORMED VOTERS so that when they go to the polling station on Polling Day they will know what is the right thing to do.

According to Raja Petra, Pakatan Rakyat needed only 300,000 more votes to form the federal government in the last March general election. If Pakayat Rakyat had garnered those extra 300,000 votes it would have easily won 112 parliament seats versus Barisan Nasional’s 110 instead of only 82 versus Barisan Nasional’s 130.

So guys, lets get going, lets get this VOTER-GET-VOTER campaign going for 2010.

See here

A New news site Free Malaysia Today will be launch at noon on Nov 11.

Free Malaysia Today has no connections with the defunct or Free Anwar Campaign started by Raja Petra during the turbulent days of REFORMASI when Anwar Ibrahim was beaten to a pulp by the then Inspector General of Police Rahim Noor and then locked up in Sungai Buloh prison for sodomy. Remember the days?

Free Malaysia Today will be similar to the existing Internet newspapers like MalaysiaKini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Mirror, or the Nut Graph.

Looking forward to see some real investigative journalism at work.

See here

Salam Adilfitri kepada semua umat Islam, terutamanya kawan karib saya Raja Petra Kamaruddin dan keluarganya dan juga kawan-kawan rapat saya di Pulau Pinang dan di Sabah. Jika terdapat kekurangan dan kesalahan, saya mohon maaf secara zahir, dan juga batin.

Selamat Hari Raya untuk Semua……. .. Selamat Hari Raya!

Berhati-hati lah di jalan raya!

This is the story Malay Mail says MalaysiaToday hijacked/stole before its press time release. Malay Mail editor-in-chief Ahirudin Attan, the blogger behind Rocky’s Bru is hopping mad to know that Malaysia Today stole this Malay Mail scoop which the Malay Mail has been working on for days and had saved it for today’s front page. What a pity! See here what Rocky has to say and he has even seen his lawyers on this scooped scoop.

Here goes….

Ex-MIC strongman says he ‘cheated’ in 1977 party polls

(The Malay Mail) – FORMER MIC strongman Datuk V. Govindaraj has made public a dark secret that could have altered the presidency of the party.

Govindaraj has confessed that he pocketed 30 votes meant for Datuk S. Subramaniam in the contest for the deputy president’s post against Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu 31 years ago.

Subramaniam ended up losing to Samy Vellu by a mere 26 votes and the latter became president when then president Tan Sri V. Manickavasagam died in 1979.

Govindaraj, 76, an elder statesman of the Indian community who broke his silence to Malay Mail, said he acted “on the spur of the moment” and was “not instigated by anyone”.

The former MIC vice-president said he was speaking up after all these years because he wished to make peace with himself and let everyone know what happened on that polling day in 1977.

“I am the one who stole 30 votes that delegates had cast for Subramaniam.

“I really did not plan it… it was on the spur of the moment when I took a stack of three bundles of 10 votes each and put them in my pocket.”

However, he said, he apologised to Subramaniam and the late Datuk K. Pathmanaban on the same day and both of them “forgave me”.

“Although he was magnanimous and forgave me I still want to go on record and say ‘Subra, I am really sorry’ because he would have been president after Tan Sri Manickavasagam’s death and not Samy Vellu.”

Govindaraj said he had also informed Samy Vellu, whom he backed for the deputy presidency, of the incident as well.

Samy Vellu could not be reached for confirmation.

When contacted, Subramaniam acknowledged that Govindaraj confessed to him and Pathmanaban that he stole the votes to allow Samy Vellu to win.

”We are still friends. I forgave him a long time ago… I do not think about it or wallow over the misfortune I suffered,” he said.

Subramaniam, then the secretary-general of MIC, was hand-picked by Manickavasagam to become deputy president and succeed him.

Relating the incident, Govindaraj said: “I was wearing a batik shirt and was in front of the table with the bundle of votes of 10 each.

“When the scrutineers’ attention was focused on a commotion I took three stacks of 10 votes each meant for Subra and put them in my pocket. I knew those votes were for Subra.

“The history of MIC would have taken a different course if not for my wrong-doing,” said Govindaraj, who was removed from the party Central Working Committee in 2006.

Govindaraj also said he was making this dark secret public because he hoped his confession would ensure that balloting in the Sept 12 polls would be fair and the counting above board.

He proposed an independent body be set up to ensure voting was fair and free from any pressure and interference.

A total of 73 candidates are contesting for the posts of deputy president (three candidates), vice-presidents (seven going for three spots) and Central Working Committee members (63 people vying for 23 seats).

Govindaraj, a former staunch supporter of Samy Vellu and the person credited with introducing him to politics, said the autocratic system of political administration under the current leadership is not good for the country and the party.

Samy Vellu is the longest serving president of the MIC, having held this post for 11 consecutive terms since 1979. He was also the longest-serving Cabinet Minister until his defeat in the 12th general election in March  2008.

See here how Malaysia Today scooped the Mail Mail scoop. Also see here Raja Petra challenging Malay Mail to make a police report on him for stealing this scoop from Malay Mail.

Now please take a good look at all the faces. Yes, yes, these are the chaps who are the champions of the Malay race. No, no, they are not Malays and this is according to my Bajau friend from Kota Belud. They are wannabe Malays. Mamaks? Yes Mamaks.

The fellow with a songkok, Thajudeen, described Malaysia Today commentators as “uneducated beasts” and he wants MT commentators to be exiled from this country and hanged by the balls.

The fellow with a songkok and his group of clowns had lodged a police report yesterday,  in the Sentul district police headquarters against Malaysia Today commentators. After the report was lodged this group of clowns yelled “Hidup Melayu! Hidup Tuanku! Allah Akbar!.”

You know what, my old English friend said this, noticed Indian Muslims when fighting for Malay Rights are always the loudest. They are not even Malays to begin with and strangely the Malays themselves let others shout on their behalf. Sort of outsourcing their hard work to others while they busily collect rent.

It sounds so real.

Just got word that Pet is safe and sound in England. Thank God!

Pet had to go away from Malaysia as he had reasons to believe that a new detention order under the Internal Security Act (ISA) had been issued by the Police and they were looking for him high and low the last few days to put him off permanently.

Even Pet’s buddies were not spared by the cops as they too had been monitored and in some cases even questioned by the apparatus.

Pet did not turn up to the Petaling Jaya Sessions court yesterday for the continuation of his sedition trial which was connected to the posting he made in Malaysia Today website which was allegedly a seditious article entitled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’.

Hence, an arrest warrant had been issued against Pet for failing to appear in the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court yesterday for the continuation of this sedition trial.

Before Pet left for UK this is what he had to say, “I would never be allowed to leave. The police would immediately detain me and send me to Kamunting and this time I shall not be so fortunate as to see freedom in two months like in the last two occasions”.

So, what is Malaysia coming to? Why is Raja Petra being hounded and sought by the apparatus to be placed under fresh ISA arrest warrant and fresh charges of treason made against him, but, Razak Baginda tried for murder is acquitted and no appeal is made by the Attorney General’s office? Sounds funny here. Why the double standards?

It seems like Malaysia is in a state of anarchy where might is right. To anyone outside the Malaysian government it is obvious who Raja Petra is: a well-informed critic of a corrupt regime. Its not wrong to think that the fresh ISA detention order is a way of putting him beyond the reach of the courts, where the specious actions against him can be exposed for what they are.

As Pet says himself, “heads they win, tails I lose”.

Oh this post by Pet almost made me cry, it touched me, really touched my heart as I too went through the same thing… as I can also relate to it. … it reminds me very much of my past and my heart sunk when I read this part…..

My wife baked cookies, curry-puff and whatnot, which I went around on my motorcycle to sell.

At one stage we were so tight for cash we could no longer even buy new clothes. My wife had to be contented with hand-me-downs from my daughter and, for me, hand-me-downs from my son-in-law. To put food on the table (we ate once a day; dinner only) my wife sold rice in front of the mosque in Sungai Buloh.

One Friday, my wife could not sell even one plate of rice. She sat there for hours waiting for customers but no one bought any. I told me wife I needed to go home for a short while to write an article and left her in front of the mosque all alone. I lied. I just could not stand seeing her sit there with an anxious look on her face, wondering if she was going to sell anything that day. I went home and had a good cry. I cried like a baby, wondering if I had done the right thing in opposing the government and subject my family to this very uncertain future.”

Read the whole story here


Tomorrow, Malaysia Today will reveal the truth behind Aminah @Altantuya Shaaribuu’s murder. Malaysians will know how and why was she killed.

Remember, Aminah @Altantuya Shaaribuu will continue to pop up from different and often unexpected quarters.

Anyway, I will load the story from Malaysia Today as soon as I get word from Pet….WATCH THIS SPACE!