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The real reason Shafie Apdal resigned


This is what politicians like Shafie do. When they know they are going to die they announce that they are too principled to stay in such an unprincipled party and try to exit looking like a hero and then seek greener pastures elsewhere.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

“Justice is not being done. There is no justice in the way UMNO is being run,” said Shafie Apdal on resigning from Umno yesterday. And the media made it look like Shafie resigned over the 1MDB issue.

That is actually not so. The deal is Umno would support one Vice President from East Malaysia and since there is no Umno in Sarawak and there is only Umno in Sabah then a leader from Sabah would be given one of the three Umno Vice Presidents’ seats.

So the Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman made sure that all 25 Umno divisions in the state supported Shafie. And many of the other 165 Umno divisions in West Malaysia also supported Shafie in solidarity with Umno Sabah. And that was how Shafie managed to win one of the three Umno Vice Presidents’ posts even though he is not really that popular in Sabah.

In short, Musa gave Shafie that post. And that was why Shafie won that post. But now Musa has withdrawn his support. So in the next party election two years from now Shafie will not be able to win even a supreme council member seat let alone retain his Vice President’s post.

Shafie knows his days are numbered. Even if Umno does not sack him from the party he will no longer be able to hold any position of importance in the party. He is finished.

So, before he gets sacked, or worse, before he loses his Vice President’s post and does not even win a supreme council member seat, he might as well save some face and resign.

It is better that he pretends he is a person of integrity and principles by announcing he is resigning for the sake of truth and justice rather than he gets pushed into retirement because he lost his Vice President’s post or gets sacked from the party.

This is what politicians like Shafie do. When they know they are going to die they announce that they are too principled to stay in such an unprincipled party and try to exit looking like a hero and then seek greener pastures elsewhere.

No, I will not give Shafie too much credit by writing my normal long article about him. It would be a waste of time and time better spent playing with my granddaughter, Lily. By the way, that is Lily in the photo below.


See here

Could not resist posting this article by Raja Petra. He talks quite a fair bit about “WEED” aka ganja during baby-boomer days, a favorite subject of mine. I was even taken a back by one of the commentators who even suggested that Pakatan Rakyat should legalise marijuana if it forms the next Federal Government, so funny!

In this piece “They are messing with our minds“, Raja Petra puts it so bluntly, “In our days, grass was not considered a drug and hence was not illegal. Even policeman would join us for a smoke,” and this is true, even “nasi kandar” tasted better then because of the ganja in it, ask any Penangite and they will vouch for this. But that was the good old days.

Anyway, Raja Petra should be back in Malaysia anytime soon, looking forward to spent some interesting times with him as Malaysia moves closer to GE13. Expect some real political fireworks to begin, on his arrival, to our shores.


Here goes Raja Petra’s piece….They are messing with our minds

One million people a year or one person every 40 seconds commits suicide all over the world. “Although suicide continues to remain a serious problem in high-income countries, it is the low- and middle-income countries that bear the larger part of the global suicide burden,” said the report.

“Globally, suicide is meanwhile the second cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year-olds, with at least 100,000 adolescents killing themselves each year, according to the study,” said the news report above, which represents 10% of those who commit suicide

So there you have it. These people are too young to have sex (they are not matured enough to make the decision whether to have sex of not) but they are not too young to commit suicide.

But why do people commit suicide, especially teenagers who have not even started their life yet? I suppose it is because they are not happy. And since they are not happy they no longer want to live.

Isn’t 15 or 16 a bit too young to not be happy? When I was that age I was happy like hell. Every day was party day, as far as I was concerned. And we lived for today. We did not care a damn about tomorrow. Why are the kids of today not like how we were when we were their age?

I suppose, in our days, we did not have any pressure. Everyone was a friend, not like today where you have Malay friends, Chinese friends, Indian friends, etc. You were just a friend, period, so there was not much pressure placed on us to compartmentalise ourselves into racial, religious or social blocks.

Then we never worried about our future. Every day is today. Tomorrow also becomes today when the sun rises the following morning. Hence who cares about tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes. Nowadays, there is no today. Everything is about tomorrow. We don’t live for today. We plan and prepare for tomorrow.

I suppose grass helped a lot as well. In our days, grass was not considered a drug and hence was not illegal. Even policeman would join us for a smoke. And sometimes the policemen would dip into their own pocket and pull out some grass for us to ‘roll’.

Man, in those days we kids did not have any problems with the policemen like the kids of nowadays. The policemen were our friends and our smoking ‘kakis’. Some of them even came around with their squad cars to join us in Benteng for Teh Tarik and a smoke.

Committing suicide was the last thing on our minds back then. Our minds were not messed up like the minds of today’s kids. Okay, maybe we were a bit messed up because we could not decide in what order of priority it was supposed to be — bikes, booze and broads or bikes, broads and booze. But we did not allow details to stand in the way of fun.

So what happened? What changed in those 45 years since we were kids who lived for today and did not care a damn about tomorrow? Why do kids today commit suicide when in our days a good ‘watermelon’ was to die for but only in a figure of speech sort of way?

(By the way, for those of you who do not know what ‘watermelon’ means, too bad. For those who do, maybe you can take a trip down memory lane with the video below).


Wishing all my Muslim brothers and sisters, young and old, near and dear, wherever you are, a very happy and blessed Eid Mubarrak! May there be peace and love among all… and may all your wishes come true.

And also not forgetting my friend Raja Petra Kamaruddin aka Pet and his family in Manchester, UK.


from my heart,


The High Court’s ruling that Julian Assange shall be extradited to Sweden to face an investigation into allegations of sexual assault and rape by two Swedish women was not entirely unexpected, considering how things have gone before this. His extradition is not likely to take place immediately, unless a decision is taken not to appeal; his lawyers are expected to press before the High Court the right to appeal before the Supreme Court.

But as Julian pointed out in a short statement he made on the steps of the court yesterday, no charges have been laid against him in any country, including Sweden. He added that many attempts would no doubt be made to “try to spin these proceedings as they occurred today but they were merely technical. So please go to if you wish to know what is really going on in this case.”

Extradition to Sweden is a distinct possibility, even a probability, and if it happens, the charismatic founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks will face the situation bravely and is confident of coming out clean. He, his core team, and supporters have their concerns. But considering that Julian has been under house arrest at Ellingham Hall for 330 days — electronically tagged, having to sign in at a nearby police station every day, and required to be back inside the house by 10pm – they are prepared for worse and are nothing if not resilient.

WikiLeaks has been fighting attempts to intimidate, muzzle, and kill it on more than one front. It announced recently that it had been “forced to temporarily suspend its publishing whilst we secure our economic survival.” It revealed that the unlawful, U.S.-directed financial blockade imposed against it through powerful financial intermediaries and some banks had choked 95 per cent of its revenues, running into tens of millions of pounds, and that this blockade threatened its very existence. It has launched a ‘WikiLeaks Needs You’ campaign, which provides for perfectly legal practical ways of donating and beating the financial blockade.

The good news is that through this time of troubles, it has been working on new things — new projects, innovative technology, and creative ideas — and has interesting publishing and partnering plans for the future. It is due to launch on November 28 a new submission system, a platform for “principled leaking” that will be more advanced and more secure than anything seen before.

WikiLeaks is certainly not going to lie down quietly and die.

But what I can say is that while the concerns are serious, Raja Petra and Malaysia Today supports Julian and Wikileaks to the fullest.

Salam Adilfitri kepada semua umat Islam, terutamanya kawan karib saya Pet aka Raja Petra Kamaruddin dan keluarganya yang masih berada di Manchester, UK dan juga kawan-kawan rapat saya di Penang dan di Sabah. Jika terdapat kekurangan dan kesalahan, saya mohon maaf secara zahir, dan juga batin.

This is also for Baby (Hajah Azliana) who is in Ohio University, USA, at this moment..

And also not forgetting Rosdiana Wasimin from Kundasang.

Again, may we all be forgiven and may we forgive generously without reservations.

Selamat Hari Raya untuk Semua……. .. Selamat Hari Raya!

Berhati-hati lah di jalan raya!

I have high opinion of Raja Petra Kamarudin aka RPK also called lovingly Pet. See here below what RPK has to say about the NEP BABIES, many having PhDs (Permanent Head Damage and not a doctorate of philosophy), but cannot think critically and logically and worst cannot engage with a person who speaks in English and worst still cannot write a sentence in English without an error. This is the net result of UMNO/BN “Education Policies” which they experimented on the Rakyat over the years. Expensive price we are paying now, so much so, we are even losing out to Indonesia and Thailand and even Cambodia now. We’re strengthening our competitors, we’re weakening ourselves because of all the stupid policies by our UMNO BRAINS. Why do we suffer from this syndrome? Simple, its because we have substituted logic and reason with our coloured perceptions, misguided assumptions, unreasonable emotions, personal biases and political correctness. I say it again, our education system has failed to teach us how to think critically right from our formative years. Our intensive focus on the importance of “QUOTA” has been at the expense of critical thinking skills. For too long, education policy has been the property of UMNO. It is time for us to reclaim this territory.

Hear this part it so funny, but very true what RPK says “Talk to some of the PhD graduates and see what I mean. In our days, in the 1960s, a form five or MCE student was of a higher standard than some of today’s PhD graduates. Some of the so-called Doctors and Professors sound so stupid I sometimes wonder whether they got their degree from the back of a Cornflakes box.”

See here what the man has to say…

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Bernama has declared the Internet as Malaysia’s political battlefield (you can read the article below). Finally, the government has awoken to this reality. It has taken the government sixteen years to realise what I had pointed out way back in 1995.

My first website in 1995 was called ‘Raja Petra’s Homepage’. In this website I published my articles, many of them uncomplimentary to the government and Anwar Ibrahim — who was then the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

One article that was published in both Harakah and on my website was about the possibility of Anwar Ibrahim being killed off by Dr Mahathir Mohamad. And I wrote this a couple of years before it actually happened in 1998.

I gave my reasons as to why I said that. Basically, it was because of the people surrounding him (hmm…come to think of it, this has not changed much). I explained that the people surrounding Anwar were getting impatient and they wanted him to take over as Prime Minister immediately.

The problem with this, though, is that Dr Mahathir was still Prime Minister and to do that Anwar would have to oust the old man.

Knowing Dr Mahathir, if you go for his jugular he would turn the hunter into the hunted and hang you upside down by your balls. And, true enough, a couple of years later when Anwar made his move, Dr Mahathir finished him off.

That, amongst the many articles I wrote, was what I said 15 years or so ago back in the days when Anwar was still part of the system and touted as Dr Mahathir’s anointed successor.

Two weeks after I launched Malaysia Today in 2004, the BBC interviewed me about my future plans — seeing that Anwar is now free from jail and he would no longer need a Director of the Free Anwar Campaign. This was on 2nd September 2004, the day Anwar was released from jail.

I told the BCC that it took six long years to free Anwar from jail. And in the fight to free Anwar we launched the Free Anwar Campaign and a website called to conduct an Internet campaign. Now that Anwar is free, I told the BBC, we are launching a Free Malaysia Campaign, which may take longer than six years to see results.

And that is what Malaysia Today is all about, a Free Malaysia Campaign.

“What is the Free Malaysia Campaign?” the BBC asked. My response to that was the Free Malaysia Campaign is a campaign to teach Malaysians how to think, teach Malaysians not to accept just any crap from the government, teach Malaysians to oppose, teach Malaysians to dissent, teach Malaysians to question, and much more.

And we will use Malaysia Today as the platform to teach Malaysians all this, I told the BBC.

In 2007, the government said that the Internet is not a threat. People use the Internet for entertainment and to purchase cheap airline tickets, said the Minister of Information.

After the 2008 general election, the government admitted that they had underestimated the power of the Internet. They also announced that anyone who wants to contest the next election must first have their own website or Blog. If you are not Internet-savvy you will not get selected to contest the elections.

Just to digress a bit, Pakatan Rakyat has been the state government for more than three years and the next general election will soon be upon us. However, Selangor is yet to complete its state-wide free wireless Internet project.

Penang has made better progress although there are still some parts of the state where the free wireless Internet is still unavailable. But at least Penang is far ahead of Selangor. In view of the pervasive influence of the Internet, why is the Selangor government yet to show results in its state-wide free wireless Internet project? Are there moles from within who are deliberately sabotaging the project so that the state can go back to UMNO?

I am worried that Pakatan Rakyat Selangor may face a tough election so we need every little bit of help we can get. And the Internet would be the best and most powerful weapon we can use. Even Umno admits this. So why are we still sleeping?

Let’s be clear about one thing. Selangor is the jewel in the crown. And if Selangor falls into Umno’s hands you are NEVER going to get it back again. NEVER! So you better protect Selangor. And one way would be to exploit the Internet to the fullest.

Anyway, I must admit that there are some good pro-government or pro-Umno sites. Some of those postings are even published here in Malaysia Today. But the majority of pro-government or pro-Umno sites are pure crap. All they do is spit and curse (ludah dan maki-hamun).

I myself am the target of much of this spitting and cursing. They don’t know how to respond to what we say so they respond by cursing. That is the best and only thing they can do.

That is the problem the government faces. While we in the opposition are doing this for the love of the cause, those government-employed ‘Bloggers’ are doing it for money. They are being paid to counter what the opposition Bloggers are saying.

Many opposition Bloggers are very intelligent, highly educated, well-read, articulate, and so on. The government-paid Bloggers, however, are mostly unemployed people.

These people may have gone to school, maybe even to university. But they are not good enough to get a job. No one will employ them even as dogcatchers. So the government employs these unemployed and unemployable people as Umno Cyber Troopers.

And that is why they lack class and quality. You can see from their postings that many of them are Malays. And this makes sense because Malay graduates face a problem of getting employment — mainly because of the poor quality education they have received.

Talk to some of the PhD graduates and see what I mean. In our days, in the 1960s, a form five or MCE student was of a higher standard than some of today’s PhD graduates. Some of the so-called Doctors and Professors sound so stupid I sometimes wonder whether they got their degree from the back of a Cornflakes box.

See The Rest Here

This is the Statutory Declaration of Raja Petra which is spinning big time by our mainstream papers. So now you know how we have been taken for wild rides by our mainstream media over the years.

Raja Petra’s purpose for doing the Statutory Declaration was to get the cops to gather information from those people mentioned in the SD in regards to the murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu.

Sad but true, there was no investigation by the police and none of those people mentioned in the SD were questioned.

Where is the truth, if the cops didn’t do a proper investigation over this Statutory Declaration?

See above, Raja Petra’s doctored interview with TV3 which is the hottest news in Malaysia overtaking the Sarawak state elections, which is centered on his SD, in which he claimed he was reliably informed by his informer that Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor was at the scene of the crime, witnessing the blasting of Altantuya’s body. In this interview, Raja Petra claims that he has yet to believe the story as it sounds incredible and he wants the authorities to investigate.

Raja Petra is a MASTER STRATEGIST, he has resurrected the Altantuya story all over again. What a move!

……And hear from the man himself what he has to say about the whole thing, about allowing himself to be taken for spin by TV3 and the Malaysian mainstream papers:

Raja Petra Kamarudin April 14 at 10:04pm

Q1: Why make the revelation now, why didn’t you correct the media reports soon after your SD came out two years ago?

Actually the SD was signed 3 years ago, not 2 years ago. And it was published the very next day and I was arrested and charged almost immediately.

I have been writing article upon article over the last 3 years saying that I did not make any allegation about Rosmah Mansor and the two Lt Kols husband and wife. What I said was that an informer had informed me about the matter. By the way, have you read my SD yet? I would suspect not, as many who comment do so without reading it. That is why you said 2 years instead of 3. Or else you would have known it was signed in June 2008.

Anyway, is it my job to correct what the mainstream media intentionally distorts? And did anyone from the mainstream media talk to me? Most of the mainstream media actually covered my trials but still they misreported the whole thing.

Are you saying I am to blame for the misdeeds and malicious acts of others? Their job is to whack me and that is what they did. Now, after 3 years of getting whacked, I am whacking back. Is this not my right?

Anyway, the interview was done 2 months ago, not now. People ask me why now, just before the Sarawak elections?

2 months ago there was no confirmation of the Sarawak elections. So when do I do it? After the Sarawak elections? Then, after the Sarawak elections, people will say why now, just before the 13th GE? So I wait until after the 13th GE and people will still ask, why now, just before a by-election?

So when should I do it? After Malaysia bans elections?

Q2: Can you comment on Din Merican’s denial that he was involved in the attempt to discredit Rosmah and Najib?

Did I say he was involved? I just asked him to check with Anwar Ibrahim the background of Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin and that was what he did. And he admitted this in his Blog posting. So what is the issue? Why accuse me of something I did not do?

Q3: Aside from your Statutory Declaration, do you have any proof of the involvement of the people you mentioned in the attempt to discredit Najib and Rosmah?

What do you mean by proof? Video recordings of them in towels in a hotel room? Define ‘proof’. Anwar was convicted and sentenced to 15 years jail in 1999 based on testimony. Testimony is proof and that was good enough to sentence Anwar to 15 years jail. My testimony is even better. It is in the form of an SD.

Q4: Now talks on the ground is that your sudden revelation is because you want to return to Malaysia. Your comment?

Talks on the ground is that Najib was caught kalwat in a Port Dickson hotel room. Do you want to ask Najib this? Who cares about talks on the ground? If the government says I am welcome back in Malaysia and I tell the government to go to hell because I love it in the country of my birth what then are you going to say?

And what ‘sudden revelation’? Have you not heard what I said? I have been repeating this again and again over the last 3 years. What’s so sudden about saying the same thing over 3 years? You mean I kept silent the last 3 years and only today I am talking?

Q5: You have also been accused of shifting attention from the Sarawak election with your latest allegation. Your thoughts.

Shifting attention? You really must improve your communication skills because I don’t understand what you mean. I have also been accused of going to church every Sunday and that my wife and I have left Islam to become Catholics.

Do you really think I care what they say? My interview was done before the announcement of the Sarawak elections. Maybe they held the Sarawak elections to shift attention from my interview since my interview came first.

Q6: Where does your loyalty lie now that you have turned the tables against Anwar and the opposition front?

You must be smoking something. Let me know what it is so that I can get some. My loyalty from Day One was always with the rakyat: dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya. Now, which part of the word rakyat don’t you understand?

Raja Petra Kamarudin
Malaysia Today

The full videos in 11 parts of the Malaysian Civil liberties Movement (MCLM) forum in London on Sunday, 12 December 2010

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Part 11:

12th Dec 2010 from 13.00hrs – 15.00 hrs GMT (21.00hrs – 23.00hrs Malaysian local time) @ The Function Room, Holiday Villa Hotel, 35-37 Leinster Gardens, London W2 3AN


The Federal Constitution of 1957 guarantees all citizens of, first, Malaya and, later, Malaysia, the rights and liberties accorded to all free men of all democratic nations and provides for the establishment of institutions of state to secure and safeguard those liberties.

The existence and application of draconian laws in the context of a systemic failure on the part of many of those institutions to honour their duty to uphold, protect and preserve the Federal Constitution has resulted in those guaranteed rights and liberties becoming, for many, illusory.

Our Vision
The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) envisions a nation that has fully realised the aspirations of our founding fathers that Malaysia be a nation founded upon the principles of liberty and justice, her people bound together by a unity of purpose and imbibed with self-belief, to make Malaysia a land of prosperity and peace, ever seeking the welfare and happiness of its people and the maintenance of a just peace among all nations,.

Our Mission
MCLM believe that many Malaysians desire changes and reforms as comprehensively laid out in The People’s Voice and The People’s Declaration.
MCLM aims to take a leading role in realising these aspirations and encouraging the wider participation of civil society in shaping the future of our nation.


The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) is a legal entity now. It was officially launched yesterday in London. The officer bearers are as follows:

Chairman: Raja Petra Kamarudin

President: Haris Ibrahim

Secretary: Yolanda Augustine

Treasurer: Natalie Sylvia Chow

Legal Adviser: Gilbert Jacobs

3 Committee Members: Farouk A. Peru, Jeff Tan and Sam Chong

3 Board of Trustees: Amarjit Singh Sidhu, Lee Wai Siang and Paramjeet Singh Karam Singh

2 cheque signatories: Legal adviser and Treasurer

Bank account: HSBC

The MCLM website is in the process of being set up ( Once the MCLM website is launched the movement’s mission and vision statement will be available for all to read and the signing up as member will be made possible. Will keep everyone updated of the progress once we hear word from Raja Petra Kamarudin.

Come, lets participate in the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement and help push Malaysia towards seeing that change that we want so badly.