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We all know politicians speak with “forked-tongues”. But let us not forget that they speak to the rakyats to get their message across. Real or perceived, we all get a different message. No one likes to hear that Malaysia is going bankrupt in 10 years time or it is going to be “belt tightening time again, after all that does not win votes for UMNO. The reality of the matter is that NO ONE wants to “bell the cat”, we all want everything and we all want it now, therefore the politicians have been “kicking the beer can” down the road, hoping that by some magical wave Malaysia’s financial troubles would be solved by the creation of some 100 storey mega tower. It seems there would be a spin-off and 5 Billion spent would benefit all the poor in Kuala Lumpur. What rubbish!

Let me tell Premier Najib right now, wake up and smell the debt! This is not going to happen. Our resources are depleting at a great speed. Malaysia’s debts last year stands at RM 362.39 BILLION. You can ask your Younger Brother Nazir.

UMNO and Barisan National are all guilty of spending like drunken sailors, without regard of tomorrow. Well now its tomorrow and our children have to pay the piper. Deal with it.

No one man or government could do what the past government under Dr Mahathir for 22 years have done without consequences. This is record. Dr Mahathir’s government have squandered and raped the country, they have encouraged or turned a blind eye to corruption, they spent our money because in their minds it was not theirs, it was the “government’s” to do as they pleased. But in reality it was “OURS” and we should have thrown them out from government a long time ago instead of just accepting this waste and corruption. So in all respects we are to blame. We lost countless BILLIONS. Petronas money just evaporated in thin air. Thanks to Dr Mahathir for that.

We have been brainwashed to follow the government’s example of spending more than we earn. This was Dr Mahathir’s hallmark for 22 years. Now 2010, the disease is so widespread. And Najib is following his Mentor’s example.

Well now the bill is due and we have to pay the piper. It’s RM 14 thousand each one of us owe. Yes, RM14,000 to be exact and you can times it by 26 million people.

So my friends, don’t expect the government or politicians to become our saviour, we have to save ourselves by hard work and living within our means. We have to demand that the government do the same and give us value for the money they spend in every thing they do in our name.


So lets start now. This is the petition to our Premier Najib Tun Razak to Abolish the Proposed Development of 100 Storey Mega Tower in Kuala Lumpur. I have signed and I’m number 1697. Please do your part by signing too.

To: The Prime Minister and Government of Malaysia

The Prime Minister of Malaysia on 15 October 2010 during his tabling of the Budget 2011 in the Parliament has announced to build the Warisan Merdeka, which will be undertaken by Permodalan Nasional Berhad. This is an integrated development comprising a 100 storey tower, which will be the tallest building in Malaysia, replacing the 88 storey Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The total projected cost of the project is RM5billion and the 100 storey tower is expected to be completed by 2015. Development of the entire project is scheduled to go on until 2020.

Please sign here

We the citizens of Singapore, residents in Singapore and concerned individuals from the international community humbly put forward our plea of clemency for Yong Vui Kong, a Malaysian who has been sentenced to death by the High Court of Singapore for trafficking 47 grammes of heroin. Yong was 19 years old at the time of offence. He currently faces impending execution.

You can read the rest of the petition HERE.

You can also read my earlier article on Yong Vui Fong HERE

It’s time we Malaysians show our anger to such brutal injustice to a young man who happen to be on the opposite side or some would say on the wrong side of the political divide. There are too many unexplained custodial deaths in Malaysia and this is becoming a disease.

Please Sign the petition  for justice for Teoh Beng Hock.

President Barrack Hussein Obama is challenging Israel’s right-wing government to stop its settlements, which are killing prospects for peace — let’s raise a massive global chorus to help him overcome powerful opposition in Israel and the US:

Sign the petition

West Bank settlement maps show how Palestinians are only allowed to live in small parts of their land:

Well, it was truly a remarkable speech by President Barrack Hussein Obama in Cairo, committing personally to building peace in the Middle East. Unexpectedly, his first move is to directly challenge the new right-wing government of America’s ally Israel — pressing them to stop their self-destructive policy of settlements (illegal colonies set up on territory recognised by the US and the world as Palestinian).

This is a moment of rare crisis and opportunity. Obama’s bold strategy is facing powerful opposition, so he’s going to need help around the world in the coming days and weeks to strengthen his resolve. Let’s start right now — by raising a massive global chorus behind Obama’s statement that the settlements in occupied territory must stop.

We’ll advertise the number of signatures in key newspapers in Israel, as well as in Washington DC (where some are trying to undermine Obama in the US Congress). Read Obama’s words now and add your signature to them at the link below, then forward this email to friends and family so they can do the same:

There is broad agreement that the settlements are a significant barrier to peace, a view also shared by a silent majority of the Israeli public. Combined with a network of roadblocks and barriers, these colonies now blanket the West Bank, seizing territory and forcing Palestinians to live effectively as prisoners in smaller and smaller pockets (see map at right).

Until this problem is tackled, it seems impossible to build a viable Palestinian state or any kind of lasting peace. For Arab states deciding what more they themselves can do for peace, stopping the settlements has become a crucial test of Israel’s seriousness.

We’ll need to urge the other parties to take bold steps too. If we can help Obama to stay the course on settlements, shift Israeli policy and encourage the Palestinians and key Arab states also to stretch out their hands, a new beginning for the Middle East is possible.

But none of this will happen without a growing global movement of citizens taking action to support it. Read Obama’s words, add your signature and spread the word today:

With hope and determination,

President Obama’s speech (full text):

“Obama Takes Tough Stance on Israeli Settlements”:

“Israeli Settlement Growth Must Stop, Says Clinton”:

Agence France Presse reports on Israeli and Palestinian responses to the speech

Al-Jazeera – “Obama Seeks New Start with Muslims”

Yediot Aharonot – “Ministers Split Over Obama’s Cairo Speech”,7340,L-3726367,00.html

I received this email and would like to share some info about swine flu with all.

Please take time to sign the petition to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to investigate and regulate these threats to our health. I have pasted the petition at the bottom of this post.

The truth about swine flu

No-one yet knows whether swine flu will become a global pandemic, but it is becoming clear where it came from – most likely a giant pig factory farm run by an American multinational corporation in Veracruz, Mexico.

(1) These factory farms are disgusting and dangerous, and they’re rapidly multiplying. Thousands of pigs are brutally crammed into dirty warehouses and sprayed with a cocktail of drugs — posing a health risk to more than just our food — they and their manure lagoons create the perfect conditions to breed dangerous new viruses like swine flu. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) must investigate and develop regulations for these farms to protect global health.

Big agrobusiness will try to obstruct and scuttle any attempts at reform, so we need a massive outcry that health authorities can’t ignore. Sign the petition below for investigation and regulation of factory farms and tell your friends and family and we will deliver it to the UN agencies. If we reach 200,000 signatures we will deliver it to the WHO in Geneva with a herd of cardboard pigs. For every 1000 petition signatures we will add a pig to the herd:

Last week the flu was all that we talked about — Mexico has been nearly paralysed and across the world leaders halted air travel, banned pork imports and initiated drastic controls to mitigate the spreading virus. As the threat shows signs of subsiding the question becomes where it came from and how we stop another outbreak.

Smithfield Corporation, the largest pig producer in the world whose farm is being fingered as the source of the H1N1 outbreak, denies any connection between their pigs and the flu and big agrobusiness worldwide pays huge sums of money for research to argue that biosafety is ensured in industrial hog production. But the WHO has been saying for years that ‘a new pandemic is inevitable’

(2) and experts from the European Commission and the FAO have cautioned that the rapid move from small holdings to industrial pig production is in fact increasing the risk of development and transmission of disease epidemics. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that scientists still do not know the extent that infectious compounds produced in factory farms affect human health.

(3) Studies abound of the horrific conditions endured by pigs in concentrated large-scale operations, and the devastating economic impact on small farmer communities of bloated large-scale operations.

(4) Smithfield itself has already been fined $12.6m and is currently under another federal investigation in the US for toxic environmental damage from pig excrement lakes.

(5) But even with all of this damaging evidence, a combination of increased global meat consumption and a powerful industry motivated by profit at the cost of human health, means that instead of being shut down – these sickening factory farm operations are propagating around the world and we are subsidising them.

(6) In the wake of this swine flu threat, let’s hold industrial pig producers to account. Sign the petition for investigation and regulation:

If we resolve this global health crisis boldly by reassessing our food consumption and production, and urgently calling for an inquiry into the impact of factory farms on human health, we could put in place tough farm practice rules that will save the global population from future animal borne lethal pandemics.

(1) Biosurveillance report tracing the disease to the Smithfields farm:

Reports on the link between the Mexican factory farm and the flu:,0,1701782.story—-nat_b_191408.html

(2) WHO pandemic information

(3) FAO, EC and CDC reports on the risks of industrial farming on public health FAO and CIWF and

(4) CIWF and PETA video reports of the disgusting conditions for animals in factory farms and the disease ridden manure swamps: CIWF and PETA

(5) Reports on Smithfield’s animal welfare and environmental damage

(6) Reports on UK tax payers subsidising factory farms


Guys, lets show some support to our Elizabert Wong by signing the petition below calling for her to be reinstated. We’ll try to collect at least 50000 signatures in support of this petition and then sent it to the Menteri Besar of Selangor as well as the political parties within the Pakatan Rakyat.

Lets do it guys and do remember she is the victim and also remember what Raja Petra had said ,”we voted for a good MP, not a nun.” 


   Save the Children in Gaza

Dear friends,

Spread the word – as the awful Gaza death toll passes 1000, our Ceasefire Now petition is being delivered worldwide through ads, phone calls, and meetings with world leaders. We urgently need to reach 1 million signatures this week, act now and forward this email:

Gaza is dying — the battle has moved deep into its cities, jam-packed with 1.5 million civilians lacking food, medicine or water. President Bush undermined Thursday’s United Nations ceasefire resolution and over 1000 people are now dead. The borders remain closed — journalists can’t get in, and desperate civilians can’t get out.

But the global movement to end this war is building — as we spread the word the petition is at 430,000 signatures and rising, it has been delivered to top leaders at the EU, UN and Arab League, our US members are flooding their representatives with phone calls, and Avaaz members worldwide have donated over $120,000 to an ad campaign in key newspapers.

The pressure is working — so we’re ratcheting it up with hard-hitting US ads pressing Barack Obama personally for an immediate change of tack, face-to-face petition deliveries to European leaders this week to get them to act, and working with Palestinians and Israelis to plan bold actions on the ground. But every one of these actions becomes stronger as more of us join the campaign. We need to reach 1 million signatures this week — thank you for signing the petition already, let’s all of us now take a moment to forward this email to all our friends and family so they can join us and be heard:

Voices for a ceasefire are finally being heard in the Israeli cabinet and media, Hamas is signalling it could accept a deal including Turkish forces and EU monitors, but the sides are too far apart to end this themselves.[3] That’s why action by world powers is critical to break the deadlock — and global citizens’ voices can make all the difference if we raise an unstoppable voice calling on incoming President Obama, the EU and Arab and Muslim states to guarantee a fair and lasting ceasefire.

This week we are lobbying European and Muslim states for a more effective international initiative to end the violence, protect civilians on all sides and make normal life possible again in Gaza, while reaching out to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon who is in the Middle East working for a deal (we met him last year to deliver our food crisis campaign). Meanwhile we’re challenging contacts on both sides to think creatively and accept a fair, internationally-overseen agreement.

We’ve already run member-funded ads in the influential Washington Post and Roll Call, the US Congress newspaper — on the day of his inauguration this coming Tuesday, we will press Barack Obama to abandon Bush’s failed policies and act immediately to end this war, using his own words alongside hard facts to make the case in ads, US media debates and directly lobbying his team.

It’s amazing what we can do when hundreds of thousands of us come together arond the world — and if we raise our efforts to another level this week, we could help to finally end the Gaza horror. Follow the link below to take the first step by signing the petition, then spread the word so others can do the same:

With hope and determination.

Please support this petition which is an effort by our Brother Harris from The People’s Parliament. I have sign it and I’m 100% with Harris on this. I too want Pak Lah to continue as PM till the next elections and I strongly believe no one should elbow Pak Lah out of power.

I hope all who visit my blog would make some effort to sign the petition above.


Two Palestinians recover belongings and food from their damaged house in Jabaliya on 29 December 2008

My Dear Friends,

Please support this emergency campaign urging for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza by signing this petition. Already 300 people have been killed in this escalating conflict. Now is the time to act. Lets push for real peace by doing our small bit. Read the email below and please help sign the petition.

Dear friends,

As we watch the Gaza bloodshed with horror, appalled at how the crisis is spiralling further out of control, one thing is clear — this violence will only lead to further civilian suffering and an escalation of the conflict.

There must be another way. Over 300 are dead and hundreds more injured — rockets are striking Ashdod deep inside Israel for the very first time, and the sides are mobilising for invasion. A global response has begun, but it’ll take more than words — the immediate violence won’t end, nor will wider peace be secured, without firm action from the international community.

Today, we’re launching an emergency campaign which will be delivered to the UN Security Council and key world powers, urging them to act to ensure an immediate ceasefire, address the growing humanitarian crisis, and take steps to build real and lasting peace.1 Follow this link now to sign the emergency petition and send it to everyone you know:

After eight or more years of ineffective US and global diplomacy — and now Gaza’s bloodiest day in recent memory — we must issue a global outcry demanding that world leaders do more than make statements if they’re to bring peace to this region. The UN, the European Union, the Arab League and the USA should now act together to ensure a ceasefire – which includes an end to rocket attacks into Israel and opening the checkpoints for fuel, food, medicine and other humanitarian aid deliveries.

With a new US President taking office in less than a month, a real opportunity exists to breathe new life into peace efforts. These latest hostilities require not only an immediate ceasefire but a commitment from Obama and other world leaders that resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the very top of their agendas. As the whole world is impacted by this ongoing conflict – we should demand nothing less.

In 2006 we mobilised for a ceasefire in Lebanon. For years we’ve worked to encourage a just and lasting peace, taking out billboards and ads across Israel and Palestine. Now as we head into 2009, we need to come together again to demand a peaceful and lasting resolution, instead of a further escalation of violence. Follow this link to put your name forward for peace:

All sides to the conflict will continue to act as they have in the past if they believe that the world will stand by and allow them to do so. 2009 is a year that things can be different. As we face this crisis, and the possibilities of a new year, it’s time for us to demand a ceasefire and work together to finally put an end to this cycle of violence.

With hope and determination,

Brett, Ricken, Alice, Ben, Pascal, Paul, Graziela, Paula, Luis, Iain and the whole Avaaz team

Dear friends,

The Gaza crisis has exploded — put your name to our emergency petition demanding a ceasefire. We’ll deliver it immediately to the UN Security Council, the Arab League, the US and other world leaders!


As we watch the Gaza bloodshed with horror, appalled at how the crisis is spiraling further out of control, one thing is clear — this violence will only lead to further civilian suffering and an escalation of the conflict.

There must be another way. Over 280 are dead so far in the Gaza Strip and hundreds more injured — rockets are striking Ashdod deep inside Israel for the very first time, and the sides are mobilising for invasion. A global outcry has begun, but it’ll take more than words — the immediate violence won’t end, nor will wider peace be secured, without firm action from the international community.

Today, we’re launching an emergency campaign which will be delivered to the UN Security Council and key world powers, urging them to act to ensure an immediate ceasefire and address the growing humanitarian crisis — only with robust international oversight and action can civilians on all sides be protected and real steps be taken toward a wider peace. Follow this link now to sign the emergency petition and send it to everyone you know:

After Gaza’s bloodiest day in recent memory and eight or more years of ineffective US and global diplomacy, we need to get world leaders to do more than issue statements if they’re to ensure a lasting ceasefire.1 Through the UN Security Council and other international bodies, the world can provide the help and pressure needed to stop the violence and change the situation on the ground in Gaza — preventing the rockets and incursions, re-opening crossing-points under international oversight so that instead of weapon-smuggling, the 1.5 million ordinary people of Gaza can get the fuel, food and medicines they so desperately need.

All sides to the conflict will continue to act as they have in the past if they believe that the world will stand by and allow them to do so. We mobilised for a ceasefire in 2006’s Israel-Lebanon war and succeeded, but this time the international community must not delay — let’s raise a truly worldwide outcry. 2009 is a year that things can be different. As we face this crisis, and the possibilities of a new year, it’s time for us everywhere to work together to stop this violence.

With hope and determination,

Brett, Ricken, Alice, Ben, Pascal, Paul, Graziela, Paula, Luis, Iain and the whole Avaaz team

1 Further actions could include: a formal resolution from the Security Council rather than issuing a press statement as was done on 28 December 2008; explicit private and public international pressure on the parties to end the hostilities including developing clear terms for the resumption of negotiations; proper international oversight of the Rafah border; and in time, a detailed Security Council resolution setting out the terms in international law for a permanent peace between Israel and Palestine. For background, see this Jerusalem Post article, “No international pressure to end op”:

A Zimbabwean man pushes his ill relative to a cholera clinic in Harare, 25 November, 2008  Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic is spiralling out of control, the United Nations has indicated

Please show support and solidarity to the people of Zimbabwe who are wracked by cholera crisis which has already killed thousands, by signing below the global message of solidarity which will be turned into radio advertisement and broadcast across Zimbabwe:

Dear friends,

To help keep hope alive in Zimbabwe this holiday season, we’re running radio ads across Zimbabwe with messages of solidarity from citizens around the world. Click below to put your name to the campaign–or even make an ad of your own!

REPORT BACK: Last week, 200,000 of us succeeded in shifting Germany’s position in the climate negotiations! It’s just a partial victory, but a crucial one; click here to learn what happened!


As we approach the holiday season, the people of Zimbabwe need our solidarity and support. For many, this will be their tenth New Year’s Eve living in fear, their third without clean water, and their first amidst the spiralling cholera epidemic. So many have died that it is no longer clear what is the population of the country.1

Ultimately, it is the people of Zimbabwe who will bring change. Right now, our friends on the ground say that crushing hardship and isolation are the greatest threat — that the most powerful contribution we can make is to cry out our solidarity with their struggle, and let them know that they are not alone.

While Mugabe and his generals might control the borders and the newspapers, the airwaves are still free. Sign our global message of solidarity now — it will be turned into a radio advertisement and broadcast across Zimbabwe in the new year–and then if you choose, write or record your own ad for broadcast using our online tools:

Zimbabwe’s people are wracked by a cholera crisis which has already killed over 1000 people.2Three months after Robert Mugabe and the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangarai signed a power-sharing agreement, Mugabe’s still clings to power, even denying there is an epidemic.3 And as the regime cracks down, with increasing numbers of journalists, human rights defenders and ordinary people being abducted this week4, the prospect of a unity government seems more remote than ever. The Zimbabweans who risked their lives to vote against Mugabe in March this year are exhausted, hungry and terrorised by violence.

We have campaigned throughout the year on different levels with a range of targets, tactics and strategies, but Zimbabwe will only change if, amongst the dread and fear, Zimbabweans themselves believe they have the power to overcome hopelessness and lawlessness.

With our radio-broadcast messages of international solidarity, let’s let them know our eyes are on Zimbabwe and send them hope and strength to carry on strong into 2009. Our voices aim to uplift Zimbabwean people who have lost their hope or loved ones, helping a people who are desperate for democracy and ravaged by hunger and disease. These messages will be heard by hundreds of thousands across Zimbabwe and the region: sign our collective message here, then leave your personal message:

It is up to us to get our messages of support to the people of Zimbabwe. As citizens of the world, our only interest in ending the Mugabe era is that which led us to struggle in our own lands for political freedoms, and which brought many of us to stand with the South African people in the anti-apartheid struggle: a common humanity, a duty to fight repression and a commitment to the universality of rights. Let the Zimbabwean people know we stand with them:

In hope and solidarity,

Thank you.