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Dearest Readers and Commenters,

2011 has been an interesting year and we hope that 2012 calms down a whole bunch in comparison. The world needs peace and quiet instead of turmoil and war. So if wishes come true…..Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men…..

I hear that statement every year, but maybe it is time to make it happen. The world can become a far better place….

As for me, I am just going with the flow. Listening to some good music and consuming some “no good”.

Anyway, we’re done with another complete year. Isn’t it awesome? The year was full of surprises. Nothing was easily predictable. Life is such. Or else how and why we’d be happy or sad about anything! Am I getting philosophical?

Wanna write a little politics here, sorry! Yes, Barisan National has been big failure in controlling the prices of basic necessities of Malaysians.The prices of food, fuel, land, house rentals, clothes, provisions, groceries etc.have all reached sky high.

Millions and millions of our money are collected as Tax every year and most of it is spent for some screwed up projects, cows, condos and for defense.

Will this help in removing poverty from Malaysia?

The salary or income of ordinary people have not increased.

So how can common man survive in Malaysia and along with this Corruption is also high.

So the expected gift of Barisan Govt to Malaysians on New Year 2012 will be a big blow in the back of common people in the form of all the price hikes.

Anyway, lets just forget about politics now, want a make me puke!

Lets get to the New Year.

Here’s a toast to 2012! Some wine too!

Well! 2011 started on a busy note. So many thoughts. And blogging was obviously one of the best things of 2011. Blogging was quite a journey of learning. Every new post I write renews my spirits. And every comment I get, it gives such a pleasant feeling.

I wholeheartedly thank all of you for being there, for taking time to read my writings, for extending such a huge support and for adding significant value to me and my blog. It means so much that I can’t express enough!

Like any other year, months passed and every day was an experience of its own in 2011. You love a moment. You detest a moment. You are active. You are not. You enjoy. You complain. You plan. You succeed. You don’t. You act wise. You act foolish. You dream. You wish. You ask. You demand. And everyday was a mixture of emotions. You are content. You regret.

At the end of the day you go back to bed after experiencing a valuable day of life. And before you do, you already have thoughts running in your head about tomorrow. Life’s colorful, no? And there are people around to make it so. They love you. They like you. The feeling that you matter to another person in itself is very beautiful and keeps us going.

I’m sure the coming year too will be no different. But I want it to be even brighter. And I hope there will be many proud moments.I hope I will write more. And I hope I’ll get to read more random musings, thoughtful articles, and great insights.

I don’t make any formal resolutions but there are things I wish for. I want to learn to meditate more. Yes, many more. I want to see Malaysia grow into a great nation.

That’s it for now. Have fun. Smile often. We’ll give 2012 a warm welcome. No, the world is not going to end. I prefer to believe so. So, be prepared for another roller-coaster of 365 days. With a wide smile!

Wish you 2012 will bring great success in life. Have a good health and be happy! Dare to follow your dreams!

I end here with a picture of me at the top of Mount Kinabalu which I did on this 29th of December which happens to be my 3rd time up the sacred Mount Kinabalu. Here is my first climb and my Second Climb.

Happy New Year 2011 Everyone!


Dear Readers,

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

I am not the resolving kind but a friend of mine made me think about becoming more organized. I shall write about it in more detail some-days, but for now I must share this important resolution with you all.

I resolve to stick to a schedule as long as I get all the external and internal motivation to keep this resolution. I request my regular visitors to share their “We-are-with-you”, “Way-to-go-Bro”, “Wow’s”, “Cool”, with me.

And now a note for the non-commenting readers whose not-so-innocent searches bring them to this innocent blog:

If you were here looking for obscene pictures and stories about…well…you know what – you might say “What-a-let-down”, and look around. There’s more to this world than…you know what. But regardless of the reason that you are here……

Wish you a Happy New Year in which all your fantasies about how Rais Yatim had his sadistic go with his Indonesian Amah, how in the video clip Dr Chua Soi Lek was putting his finger in the pie, Elizarbert Wong’s and…phew…I can’t talk about those others…comes true! (Sometimes I wonder why we get to see the searches that bring people to our pages.)

Now a note of thanks to the real audience of this blog…I’d like to thank you all from my HEART. I am sorry I have been irregular in my postings but despite my laziness, you stayed with me. Thank you. I care about you, and so I’ll try to write more regularly.

Thank you for the great ride. God Bless…/selva

This year is going out and the New Year will soon be ushered in. The present year is gone old. Let it depart. You need not worry. It had been kind to all of us as Allah willed it so. Thank you Allah for this.

The sense of anticipation and resolve with which we greet every New Year, is even more acute this time. That is because now we are also celebrating the start of a new decade. A new decade has began guys.

And what a way to start of this new year when we hear that the Herald is free to use the word ‘ALLAH’.The High Court declared today that the Home Minister’s order banning the use of the term was illegal, null and void; the term is not exclusive to any religion.

Justice has prevailed and the independence of the judiciary is restored and the rule of law upheld. Wisdom has finally prevailed, I hope in Malaysia from today. This victory is for all Malaysians who cherish harmony, freedom, peace, and hope.

And this year my new year resolution is just to be myself.

Would be in Penang next week guys. Missing all of you already.

Happy New Year everyone, and God Bless

This is Raja Petra’s 2010 New Year Resolution: Voter-get-voter campaign.
Raja Petra wants us to make this our New Year Resolution as well.

Come 1st January 2010, we must make sure we get at least one person to register as a voter — if we can get more than one to register, even better. Just through our efforts alone we can get at least half those not yet registered to vote to become registered voters.

The game plan should be:

1. Get them to register as voters.

2. Get them to come out to vote on Polling Day.

3. Who they vote for is of course their business and their constitutional right — but guide them on what they should look for when deciding whom to vote for.

Ultimately, we can only convince them to register as voters and to come out to vote. It is still up to them who they want to vote for. The crucial job thereafter is to turn all these registered voters into INFORMED VOTERS so that when they go to the polling station on Polling Day they will know what is the right thing to do.

According to Raja Petra, Pakatan Rakyat needed only 300,000 more votes to form the federal government in the last March general election. If Pakayat Rakyat had garnered those extra 300,000 votes it would have easily won 112 parliament seats versus Barisan Nasional’s 110 instead of only 82 versus Barisan Nasional’s 130.

So guys, lets get going, lets get this VOTER-GET-VOTER campaign going for 2010.

See here

picture-615Let’s hope 2009 brings a quick recovery and peace to Mother Earth. 

My only wish is that you will continue to post comments on my blog and that you will continue to tell your friends, and relatives about my site. I hope you will continue to enjoy coming to my blog as much as you enjoyed it in 2008.

Have a nice, rewarding and peaceful 2009.

Have fun. Be safe.

Thank you all.