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Let’s face it modern technology would not be what it is today without Steve Jobs and Apple. Steve Jobs credits LSD as being, “one of the two or three most important things he had done in his life” and gave credit to LSD for a lot of Apple’s product inventions and success. Jobs thought his LSD (and marijuana) use helped him to “think differently” and to relax him, allowing the creative process to work in full force. Jobs stated,“Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life.LSD shows you that there’s another side to the coin, and you can’t remember it when it wears off, but you know it. It reinforced my sense of what was important—creating great things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could.” I would like to think that my iPhone is the result of LSD inspired brilliance, but then again, maybe it really is!

Please don’t get it wrong, I’m not encouraging anyone to take LSD or pot to become extra creative!

Could not resist posting this article by Raja Petra. He talks quite a fair bit about “WEED” aka ganja during baby-boomer days, a favorite subject of mine. I was even taken a back by one of the commentators who even suggested that Pakatan Rakyat should legalise marijuana if it forms the next Federal Government, so funny!

In this piece “They are messing with our minds“, Raja Petra puts it so bluntly, “In our days, grass was not considered a drug and hence was not illegal. Even policeman would join us for a smoke,” and this is true, even “nasi kandar” tasted better then because of the ganja in it, ask any Penangite and they will vouch for this. But that was the good old days.

Anyway, Raja Petra should be back in Malaysia anytime soon, looking forward to spent some interesting times with him as Malaysia moves closer to GE13. Expect some real political fireworks to begin, on his arrival, to our shores.


Here goes Raja Petra’s piece….They are messing with our minds

One million people a year or one person every 40 seconds commits suicide all over the world. “Although suicide continues to remain a serious problem in high-income countries, it is the low- and middle-income countries that bear the larger part of the global suicide burden,” said the report.

“Globally, suicide is meanwhile the second cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year-olds, with at least 100,000 adolescents killing themselves each year, according to the study,” said the news report above, which represents 10% of those who commit suicide

So there you have it. These people are too young to have sex (they are not matured enough to make the decision whether to have sex of not) but they are not too young to commit suicide.

But why do people commit suicide, especially teenagers who have not even started their life yet? I suppose it is because they are not happy. And since they are not happy they no longer want to live.

Isn’t 15 or 16 a bit too young to not be happy? When I was that age I was happy like hell. Every day was party day, as far as I was concerned. And we lived for today. We did not care a damn about tomorrow. Why are the kids of today not like how we were when we were their age?

I suppose, in our days, we did not have any pressure. Everyone was a friend, not like today where you have Malay friends, Chinese friends, Indian friends, etc. You were just a friend, period, so there was not much pressure placed on us to compartmentalise ourselves into racial, religious or social blocks.

Then we never worried about our future. Every day is today. Tomorrow also becomes today when the sun rises the following morning. Hence who cares about tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes. Nowadays, there is no today. Everything is about tomorrow. We don’t live for today. We plan and prepare for tomorrow.

I suppose grass helped a lot as well. In our days, grass was not considered a drug and hence was not illegal. Even policeman would join us for a smoke. And sometimes the policemen would dip into their own pocket and pull out some grass for us to ‘roll’.

Man, in those days we kids did not have any problems with the policemen like the kids of nowadays. The policemen were our friends and our smoking ‘kakis’. Some of them even came around with their squad cars to join us in Benteng for Teh Tarik and a smoke.

Committing suicide was the last thing on our minds back then. Our minds were not messed up like the minds of today’s kids. Okay, maybe we were a bit messed up because we could not decide in what order of priority it was supposed to be — bikes, booze and broads or bikes, broads and booze. But we did not allow details to stand in the way of fun.

So what happened? What changed in those 45 years since we were kids who lived for today and did not care a damn about tomorrow? Why do kids today commit suicide when in our days a good ‘watermelon’ was to die for but only in a figure of speech sort of way?

(By the way, for those of you who do not know what ‘watermelon’ means, too bad. For those who do, maybe you can take a trip down memory lane with the video below).


Selamat Merdeka!

I’m fucking stone out of my head right right now. Forgive if I’m writing nonsense. Had tooo much of chemicals… K…Happy5 … Ecstasy and weed. This is the first time I ventured with my friend Ranny and all these chemicals were so easily available in in KK. Never knew all these mind altering stuff was just available over a phone call.

Man I’m totally wracked and brain dead now and I hope I’m writing some sense here so that others don’t end up like me. Had just soo much of chemicals with my friend Ranny……..I am terribly sorry for the revelations of my ‘true’ self and my stupidity. Will try never to become adventurous again. Stupid me!

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still meditative about their trip to India.

The two remaining Beatles are sharing the stage on Saturday night when McCartney headlines Radio City Music Hall.

McCartney said at a press conference on Friday that the Maharishi had given the band a “great gift.” He said it came at a time “when we were looking for something to kind of stabilise us toward the end of the crazy 1960s.”


Saturday’s concert, called “Change Begins Within,” benefits the David Lynch Foundation. The organisation’s initiative is to teach a million at-risk youths meditation techniques. Besides Starr, McCartney will be joined by Sheryl Crow, Donovan, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper, Moby, Paul Horn, Bettye LaVette and some surprise guests.

Marijuana buds

Marijuana leaves 

Pot smokers hear this. More than 2700 years ago in China the marijuana had high contents of THC. I guess all the stoners can now “breathe easy”.

Tobacco is a New World plant. Marijuana is an Old World plant. It’s possible humans coevolved with cannabis in the Old World in a way that not only created a tolerance for marijuana, but may have become a symbiotic arrangement in preserving health by protecting human neuron cells.

Human tolerance of cannabis would seem to indicate that our species has been exposed to the mighty herb for a very, very long time; longer than dairy products, and certainly longer than tobacco. 

 Read below….

Ancient Marijuana Stash Discovered in Chinese Tomb
Tim King
This ancient batch of marijuana was reported to have a fairly high content of THC, the main ingredient in cannabis.

The marijuana was discovered in a tomb similar to these in the Xinjiang province. Courtesy:

(OTTAWA ) – Opponents of marijuana have called foul over the belief that the herb has actually been used for thousands of years; and now their arguments will fall silent as a researcher announces locating a stash of marijuana in a Chinese tomb that is scientifically dated at 2,700 years old.

American neurologist Dr. Ethan B. Russo says the 789 grams of dried cannabis was found in a tomb in China’s remote Xinjiang province, home to the Uyghur people who are Chinese Muslims. The region was in the news frequently in the months proceeding the Olympic Games over clashes between Uyghur people and the Chinese government.

Russo says the cannabis was clearly “cultivated for psychoactive purposes.” The herb has endless uses, but in this case it was clearly not prepared to be used as clothing or as food. That clarification came from a research paper in the Journal of Experimental Botany.

Interestingly, this Chinese tomb revealed the remains of a man who had light colored hair and blue eyes. He was a Caucasian man and researchers believe he was probably a shaman of the Gushi culture, which hails from Turpan in northwestern China.

The marijuana is reportedly in very good condition and that is primarily attributed to extremely dry conditions. The team of scientists say the alkaline soil acted as a preservative, and the herb was still green, though it retained none of its typical odor.

“To our knowledge, these investigations provide the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent,” Russo told The Toronto Sun.

This ancient batch of marijuana was reported to have a fairly high content of THC, the main ingredient in cannabis. They said however that the sample was too old to determine a precise percentage.

This is not the first time historic marijuana has been discovered; other locations in the world include Egypt and other sites, but the pot stashed in this Chinese tomb is the oldest so far that could be thoroughly tested for its properties.