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This picture of Najib Tun Razak & wife visiting Anwar Ibrahim in the hospital has quickly spread on social media, shortly after the publication on Twitter. This is the picture which shows the suffering of Anwar Ibrahim, and has shocked and sadden even hardened observers.

Shared widely on social media today.

Anyway, I dont know why people think Najib Tun Razak’s visiting of Anwar Ibrahim in the hospital is such a big deal. First they torture him, then they visit him when he is suffering. Najib should do the right thing – Free Anwar, then we all can say Najib is ikhlas, Najib is magnanimous!

Time to free Anwar Ibrahim the Prisoner of Conscience!

A New news site Free Malaysia Today will be launch at noon on Nov 11.

Free Malaysia Today has no connections with the defunct or Free Anwar Campaign started by Raja Petra during the turbulent days of REFORMASI when Anwar Ibrahim was beaten to a pulp by the then Inspector General of Police Rahim Noor and then locked up in Sungai Buloh prison for sodomy. Remember the days?

Free Malaysia Today will be similar to the existing Internet newspapers like MalaysiaKini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Mirror, or the Nut Graph.

Looking forward to see some real investigative journalism at work.

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