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This is an interesting piece written by Hamish McDonald the Asia-Pacific editor for Sydney Morning Herald. This piece is written just after the Bersih 3.0 gathering on April 28, 2012. As I too was there on that day in Dataran, to me Bersih 3.0 has ushered in an unstoppable move towards greater democratic freedoms in Malaysia. It is very clear in my mind now, from seeing the massive multiracial crowd during Bersih 3.0 rally, that, the climate of fear which once dominated Malaysia is broken.

Najib Tun Razak is trying very hard to keep up with times, but, it seems like its getting gradually harder for Najib to hold on to power as a reformed leader. Najib is becoming a target within his own party and Dr Mahathir is not making it any easy for him.

Besides, Najib has some serious reputation issues to address, the Paris Papers on the Scorpene scandal aka Aminah@Altantuya Shaaribuu has come back to haunt him again.

Someone told me during the rally ” the only way Najib and UMNO knows how to govern is by falsifying and manipulating elections, buying the loyalty of corrupt officials, keeping the courts obedient and controlling the main media outlets“. How true! But that is the very model of government that a growing Malaysian civil society finds completely unacceptable.

Here goes…..

Najib’s Malaysia still stuck in the murk

by Hamish McDonald
Sydney Morning Herald
May 05, 2012

It’s an encounter that has gone into the folklore of our diplomatic service.

An Australian envoy meeting a senior Malaysian official heard a familiar complaint about critical coverage of his country’s politics in the Australian media.

He snapped back: ‘Xenophon’s experience suggests the settings won’t change for the election Najib seems about to call. It’s a pity, given what Malaysia could be.

‘The media in Australia are not owned or controlled by the government,” the envoy said. ”Here they all are, and throughout my time here, I’ve never seen a favourable report about Australia.”

Senator Nick Xenophon, who went up last month to join an international team looking at Malaysia’s electoral system, has just had a personal lesson in just how slanted and hostile its media can be. After the team published a highly critical report, the New Straits Times newspaper, owned ultimately by the ruling United Malays National Organisation or UMNO, went to work on him.

It took a passage from one of his old parliamentary speeches on a favourite topic – ”Scientology is not a religious organisation. It is a criminal organisation that hides behind its so-called religious beliefs” – and substituted the world ”Islam” for ”Scientology” throughout. It’s hard to think of a cheaper reporting trick in a strongly Muslim country.

Australians often trip rather too naively into Malaysia’s murky political world. Succumbing to the happy multicultural story of ”Malaysia – truly Asia” a lot of us don’t see the deep racial fears and antipathies swirling in the country’s history and heating its politics even today.

Malaysia is a country of great wealth and many competencies, but despite decades of high growth still falls behind its potential because it hasn’t yet shaken itself free of its poisonous beginnings. Riven by massive fraud, waste and economic distortion, it is a country of religious zeal, yet as noted by Bridget Welsh, a political scientist at the Singapore Management University, its political life is dirty.

”Murder, sodomy, secret trysts, sex videos and conspiracy are all commonplace, and corruption scandals occur regularly,” she wrote on the East Asia Forum website recently. ”Both sides wallow in this political gutter, each trying to darken the reputation of the other, and not fully appreciating how much the system as a whole has been damaged.”

Australia and Australians have often been a convenient diversion from this domestic mudslinging, with sniping reaching low points in the 22 years of Mahathir Mohamad’s prime ministership.

It’s getting testy again as Malaysia’s current Prime Minister, Najib Razak, heads towards a critical national election trying on one hand to preserve the ethnic dominance endowed in UMNO and on the other to reform the discredited underpinnings of that power.

Najib took the prime ministership after the UMNO-led ruling coalition suffered a big setback in the last elections, in March 2009, losing the two-thirds majority in Parliament that allowed it to make constitutional amendments and control five of the 13 states to a three-party opposition alliance put together by UMNO’s alienated former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Najib came with a lot of baggage – notably a kickback scandal on French submarines purchased while he was defence minister, about which two examining magistrates in Paris would like to interview him – but he’s tried to wield a new broom.

A new economic policy is aimed at watering down preferences for ethnic Malays. Stakes have been sold off in bloated public sector enterprises to try to make them more efficient. Last month, the government repealed the colonial-era Internal Security Act, which allowed indefinite detention without trial, and it changed the public assembly law.

But the reforms haven’t resulted in much perceptible change. The UMNO membership is resisting a loss of Malay perks, entrenched cultures remain in public enterprises like the national airline, and a replacement security law has been widely condemned by local and international human rights groups as wide open to similar abuse as the old one.

One result has been that Najib’s personal approval has been running at a high 69 per cent in the opinion polls, while the UMNO coalition’s support has been a lacklustre 46 per cent or so, suggesting the public give Najib marks for trying but don’t think his efforts will work. About a third of those favouring Najib say they will still vote for Anwar’s opposition.

Najib’s support also has flicked sharply downwards when familiar instruments of repression are wielded. A movement for electoral reform called Bersih (meaning ”Clean”) led by a doughty woman barrister, Ambiga Sreenavasan, has had its demonstrations declared illegal and then met with massive police force. The latest was in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, attended by tens of thousands. Xenophon and other observers shared in a dousing with tear gas and water cannon.

Bersih’s concerns are echoed by the foreign observer group. The electoral system gives wide scope for gerrymandering, with electorate sizes ranging from 7000 to 100,000 voters. Suspiciously, numbers of new voters, over 30 per cent of the previous total, are being registered in opposition-held electorates. Party monitors have just been barred from scrutinising the eligibility of intending voters at polling stations.

Armed force and police personnel have their votes scrutinised by senior officers, and the 240,000 public servants assigned to election duties are required to make postal votes. But strangely, the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians working overseas or employed away from their home towns are not allowed to make absentee votes. A snap poll – a campaign is usually only about 10 days – means a lot of the country’s best and brightest won’t have time to return to their place of registry.

Bersih’s experience with the Malaysian traditional media – owned either by the ruling parties in the case of the newspapers and commercial television, or by politically-directed state broadcasters – illustrates the problem of unequal access to campaign coverage. Before its recent mass demonstrations, media stories have linked it variously to Christian, Jewish and communist conspiracies, and even Islamic extremists.

The internet, with portals like Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today, has given outlets for opposition voices and analysis that reach urban, well educated voters. But rural people get only the slanted pro-government media, at best anodyne, at worse mendacious.

Xenophon’s experience suggests the settings won’t change for the election Najib seems about to call. It’s a pity, given what Malaysia could be.

This is the Statutory Declaration of Raja Petra which is spinning big time by our mainstream papers. So now you know how we have been taken for wild rides by our mainstream media over the years.

Raja Petra’s purpose for doing the Statutory Declaration was to get the cops to gather information from those people mentioned in the SD in regards to the murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu.

Sad but true, there was no investigation by the police and none of those people mentioned in the SD were questioned.

Where is the truth, if the cops didn’t do a proper investigation over this Statutory Declaration?

See above, Raja Petra’s doctored interview with TV3 which is the hottest news in Malaysia overtaking the Sarawak state elections, which is centered on his SD, in which he claimed he was reliably informed by his informer that Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor was at the scene of the crime, witnessing the blasting of Altantuya’s body. In this interview, Raja Petra claims that he not yet believe the story as it sounds incredible and he wants the authorities to investigate.

Raja Petra is a MASTER STRATEGIST, he has resurrected the Altantuya story all over again. What a move!

And hear from the man himself what he has to say about the whole thing, about allowing himself to be taken for spin by TV3 and the Malaysian mainstream papers:

Raja Petra Kamarudin April 14 at 10:04pm

Q1: Why make the revelation now, why didn’t you correct the media reports soon after your SD came out two years ago?

Actually the SD was signed 3 years ago, not 2 years ago. And it was published the very next day and I was arrested and charged almost immediately.

I have been writing article upon article over the last 3 years saying that I did not make any allegation about Rosmah Mansor and the two Lt Kols husband and wife. What I said was that an informer had informed me about the matter. By the way, have you read my SD yet? I would suspect not, as many who comment do so without reading it. That is why you said 2 years instead of 3. Or else you would have known it was signed in June 2008.

Anyway, is it my job to correct what the mainstream media intentionally distorts? And did anyone from the mainstream media talk to me? Most of the mainstream media actually covered my trials but still they misreported the whole thing.

Are you saying I am to blame for the misdeeds and malicious acts of others? Their job is to whack me and that is what they did. Now, after 3 years of getting whacked, I am whacking back. Is this not my right?

Anyway, the interview was done 2 months ago, not now. People ask me why now, just before the Sarawak elections?

2 months ago there was no confirmation of the Sarawak elections. So when do I do it? After the Sarawak elections? Then, after the Sarawak elections, people will say why now, just before the 13th GE? So I wait until after the 13th GE and people will still ask, why now, just before a by-election?

So when should I do it? After Malaysia bans elections?

Q2: Can you comment on Din Merican’s denial that he was involved in the attempt to discredit Rosmah and Najib?

Did I say he was involved? I just asked him to check with Anwar Ibrahim the background of Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin and that was what he did. And he admitted this in his Blog posting. So what is the issue? Why accuse me of something I did not do?

Q3: Aside from your Statutory Declaration, do you have any proof of the involvement of the people you mentioned in the attempt to discredit Najib and Rosmah?

What do you mean by proof? Video recordings of them in towels in a hotel room? Define ‘proof’. Anwar was convicted and sentenced to 15 years jail in 1999 based on testimony. Testimony is proof and that was good enough to sentence Anwar to 15 years jail. My testimony is even better. It is in the form of an SD.

Q4: Now talks on the ground is that your sudden revelation is because you want to return to Malaysia. Your comment?

Talks on the ground is that Najib was caught kalwat in a Port Dickson hotel room. Do you want to ask Najib this? Who cares about talks on the ground? If the government says I am welcome back in Malaysia and I tell the government to go to hell because I love it in the country of my birth what then are you going to say?

And what ‘sudden revelation’? Have you not heard what I said? I have been repeating this again and again over the last 3 years. What’s so sudden about saying the same thing over 3 years? You mean I kept silent the last 3 years and only today I am talking?

Q5: You have also been accused of shifting attention from the Sarawak election with your latest allegation. Your thoughts.

Shifting attention? You really must improve your communication skills because I don’t understand what you mean. I have also been accused of going to church every Sunday and that my wife and I have left Islam to become Catholics.

Do you really think I care what they say? My interview was done before the announcement of the Sarawak elections. Maybe they held the Sarawak elections to shift attention from my interview since my interview came first.

Q6: Where does your loyalty lie now that you have turned the tables against Anwar and the opposition front?

You must be smoking something. Let me know what it is so that I can get some. My loyalty from Day One was always with the rakyat: dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya. Now, which part of the word rakyat don’t you understand?

Raja Petra Kamarudin
Malaysia Today

There has been some surprising news recently by WikiLeaks.

First is the WikiLeaks story of what Singaporean top diplomats, the former permanent secretary at Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Peter Ho, and the present permanent secretary Bilahari Kausikan, commented during Singaporean diplomats’ meeting with senior US Deputy Secretary of Defence for East Asia David Sedney, that Premier Najib had links to the murder of the Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu@ Aminah in 2006.

In the same meeting Peter Ho also said Premier Najib Razak as “an opportunist” and there is a lack of competent leadership in Malaysia. And Bilahari adds to say that, the situation in Malaysia is confused and dangerous and there is a possibility of racial conflict that could see Chinese “flee” Malaysia and “overwhelm” Singapore.

Second interesting WikiLeaks story is about how Singapore former Premier Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore Special Branch had intercepted communications and have found out that Anwar Ibrahim had actually sodomised Saiful in a honey trap set by some of Anwar’s enemies. In this story, Lee Kuan Yew told ONA (Office of National Assessments) that Anwar did indeed commit the sodomy and he Lee Kuan Yew had reached his conclusion based on “technical intelligence,” which he got via intercepted communications.

WikiLeaks the whistle-blower exclusively leaked these stories to Australia’s Fairfax Media Group and the Australian newspapers had a field day carrying the contents of the cables the last few days.

Singapore says it is shocked by the contents. But is it true they are shocked? If that’s true, they must be the only ones shocked. Most of what’s in these cables has already been thoroughly discussed by the general public in Malaysia.

There is no doubt that WikiLeaks serves a genuine need and a valuable purpose. WikiLeaks claim that they are bringing important news and information to the public and publishing “material of ethical, political and historical significance” and “providing a universal way for the revealing of suppressed and uncensored injustices,” is really true in the Malaysian contexts. If we were privy to the day-to-day uncensored thoughts of any organization, or even any family, the results would make a great soap opera – but like most soaps its for washing dirt.

I agree that private conversations and back-room dealings can be interesting. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Saiful was bonking the DPP lady, or the AG bonking his director of international affairs lady, Najib and Saiful were having a heart-felt talk about Anwar and his prick – when Mahathir and his comrades were strategizing over Pak Lah and Khairy – when Najib and his Rosmah were discussing Altantuya and Submarine. Most things are done behind closed doors until it gets leaked by a FLY.

While Singapore may have said some embarrassing (but not necessarily untrue) things about Malaysia, I’m sure Malaysia have said equally impolite, if not worse, things about Singapore within the confines of our own borders and embassies. I would not be surprised if a Malaysian diplomat had made an unkind comment about Lee Kuan Yew, if a Malaysian diplomat had made an impatient remark about the little red dot, Singapore, cheating us in the water deal, etc, etc,.

While the majority of these leaks may have been diplomatic chit-chat, WikiLeaks promises to expose more information and of a more secretive nature. In the midst of the uproar, WikiLeaks’s purpose – beyond causing havoc and possibly supplying valuable information to unfriendly parties, all in the name of fighting injustice – is always clear. Besides all classified or private information is an injustice in the making.

I wonder if we could re-direct Wikileaks’s energies. For example, what may be really helpful to Malaysia as a whole is if WikiLeaks could hack into and make public the communications of Premier Najib and UMNO, planning violence if Barisan Nation loses power in the 13 General Election. Maybe WikiLeaks could also reveal the ambitions of some of the less transparent and more unstable Ibrahim Ali’s Perkasa, which would indeed be a revelation. And here in Malaysia, wouldn’t it be nice to know who are the most corrupt politicians and the value of their Swiss bank account holdings or which Minister raped his Indonesian maid?

Even if we haven’t learnt a lot from the latest set of WikiLeaks releases, one lesson is becoming increasing clear. Be careful what you email your buddy about your affair with your secretary, what you email your wife about how great last night’s play was, what you email your friend about your sexual fantasy. Someone may be hacking you.

Thanks to the effort of WikiLeaks. Those who favour openness, accountability, liberty and equality in state actions call this as the first bold step towards establishing true democratisation of information. Those who got exposed, embarrassed and were dragged into the spotlight have termed it ‘irresponsible’ and ‘criminal’. It requires no explanation to understand who stays at what side of the fence.

Question is what is in fact criminal; engaging in espionage and violating international laws, criminal conspiracy, Cabinet Minister raping Indonesian maids and then covering it up, using C4 to dispose evidence, putting fear of violence or exposing such criminal acts?

Maybe you guys should read here and here to guess which Minister raped his Indonesian maid, compliments from Julian Assange.

And is she the one?


Are we going bonkers !? Is it just me or are we all going CRAZY !?

A friend of mine says he hear voices all the time in his head and he says GOD is talking to him. He tells me he cannot sleep. He tells me he had just gone for psychological evaluation. When he told me I was a little shocked but I chose not to ask any questions. I figure if he has something to open up about, then probably best to just let him talk. But I was also bugging a little bit because I too was curious.

He said there wasn’t anything wrong with him and he just wanted to get some answers from me regarding the voices in his head. Maybe he just wanted to hear something else from some outside entity with no personal involvement whatsoever.

Either way it struck me as little odd. I couldn’t help but to think the work place may have gotten to him a bit or even his family or it could be a love affair which turn sour.

But he has just turned 25.

I couldn’t really understand why a 25 year old is going through this.

I mean he is so young, yes life just started and he does not have many problems but for some reasons he felt he needed psychological evaluation because of the voices he keeps hearing.

Then there is this 20-something year old girl who walks up to me while I’m having coffee with my friend Alex, somewhere in Kota Kinabalu, and tells me “Abang, I wanna kiss you now and if you don’t allow I’m going to strip here, you have been smiling at me and I cannot take it anymore”. I don’t even know this cute little thing, never saw her before, but she seems to know me. I was so shocked and so was my friend Alex. Never have I encountered anything like this in my entire life. Something very new.

I asked “Are we going crazy?” This is bananas!

I meant are we all just going crazy and we don’t know it?

I meant I want some answers too (but to what?)

Where do i start?

I can’t lie that sometimes I too feel crazy, wacky and weird.

But when I look and listen to my friend and the girl who came up to me, I just cant help but to think: “what if we cant pull it together and we just snap?”

Will we be able to prevent it?

Will we be able to pinpoint it?

Will we be able to express it in a positive way?

When I look around today I cant help but to take notice to the fact that there are more and more sadistic crimes being committed as well as more desperation, depression, scandals to say the least.

I don’t know if I am watching TV3 or reading the news or a tabloid sometimes. I watch the news and they are reporting on the death of Teoh Beng Hock while being interrogated by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) in their custody…shit! I also hear in the same news a Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu @ Aminah who had a secret relationship with Prime Minister was brutally murdered and her remains destroyed with C-4 explosives in a deserted area in Shah Alam, by some cops linked to the Prime Minister himself. Then there is a story all over the internet saying young Indian boys beaten to pulp by cops, in police stations, and a number of them even killed in police custody, like the poor chap Kugan, who was foaming in his mouth before death. I guess that’s news also. Just like how Anwar Ibrahim got his famous black eye from the Inspector General of Police himself.

When I think about the day to day it worries me and I become overwhelmed. Then when I think about the countless amount of folks who continue to go on each day, we are survivors of some of the most cataclysmic occurrences in history to date. Yet we are victims and very well may be perpetrators of even more indescribable events that have shaped our very way of living.

Its hard not to feel a little crazy sometimes or to feel like you are going to snap any minute because of all these stories and these happening right in front of us.

I mean whom of us is really exempt?

It could be because of an annoying boss or crappy job, a nagging wife or husband, kids, girlfriend drama, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, $$$, bills, health or sheer bad luck or whatever or maybe just the day to day hustle and bustle of trying to be progressive and productive and forward our career or improve our life, or maybe we are just fed up.

That’s when the pressure builds up, and at that point, or at any given moment any one of us could snap.

Its been said that many of our political leaders may have been a little nuts or ultimately driven mad. And if we look today we can see living testaments to that in some of our leaders, to say the least.

I look out my window and I see Pulau Gaya, I watch the television, listen to the radio, read the paper and I find more than enough evidence to support the theory that we’re going mad. “Man kills wife, wife kills husband, lover kills lover, man jumps down from high-rise building, drug overdose, Mongolian model C4ed, law maker breaks the law and all these sounds like “THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END” to me.

The thought alone is enough to drive me to say “What the Fucks!

I mean its all enough to drive any “sane” person over the edge. But for us who think we are the “sane” ones I ask “Are we really crazy and just don’t know it?, how do we know, do we know our breaking point, will we be able to prevent it, curtail or direct it in a positive fashion? Will it bend or snap?

So will we resort to psychopathic drugs like ECSTASY…”K”…LSD..COCAINE, which is so easily available and which is the obvious choice?

THAT’S CRAZY! WHAT MADNESS…..360 degrees of Insanity

But funny it seems that it may be this same madness that drives us to succeed and pushes us to new limits and bounds that show the continuous evolution of human in society as a whole.

As my Late DAD use to tell me ” son, you got to be a little crazy to deal with this or put up with that”.

So am I the crazy one here?

Pet my buddy explains how his statutory declaration with regards to the murder of Altantuya intended for the Prosecutor’s eyes only was published without his permission by those who looked to undermine its contents with a motive to sodomize.

The SD can be read online here.


Also read The Malaysian Insider – “RPK renews attacks over Altantuya allegations on Youtube”

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 — After absconding from his sedition and criminal defamation trials, fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin appears to have begun his own defence through the first in a series of video interviews of him on the Internet.

Read the rest here

Our newest Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman did all Malaysians proud when he admitted in a joint press conference in Washington together with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the credibility problem faced by the Prime Minister, Najib Razak in regards to the Mongolian Aminah@Altantuya Shaariibuu C4 murder case.

In fact  Anifah raised the Mongolian Aminah@Altantuya Shaariibuu subject even though he was not specifically asked about the Mongolian murder case by the reporter during the press conference.  Anifah uttered the Mongolian word when the question posed to him was for his comment on  Anwar Ibrahim facing the Saiful Pondan sodomy trial starting this July.

Anifah is not a stupid dunggu fellow to utter the Mongolian word in front of Hillary Clinton and the world stage when he was not even asked about that question. Then if he is not stupid dunggu why did he volunteer to talk about the Mongolian C4 murder case? Is there a plot here?  Then again, why did Anifah Aman talk about the Mongolian Aminah@Altantuya Shaariibuu murder to the view of the whole international community when the question was not even posed to him? Was there a grand design by Anifah and Gang to discredit our Prime Minister in the international arena? Or was Anifah Aman hoping to become the Deputy Prime Minister representing the Borneo States if that post of Deputy Prime Minister is to become a reality? Is Anifah Aman the brother of Musa Aman the Chief Minister of Sabah planted  in Umno to screw Najib?

See the full text of the interview here

See also Anwar’s Letter of Demand to Anifah Aman here

Just got word that Pet is safe and sound in England. Thank God!

Pet had to go away from Malaysia as he had reasons to believe that a new detention order under the Internal Security Act (ISA) had been issued by the Police and they were looking for him high and low the last few days to put him off permanently.

Even Pet’s buddies were not spared by the cops as they too had been monitored and in some cases even questioned by the apparatus.

Pet did not turn up to the Petaling Jaya Sessions court yesterday for the continuation of his sedition trial which was connected to the posting he made in Malaysia Today website which was allegedly a seditious article entitled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’.

Hence, an arrest warrant had been issued against Pet for failing to appear in the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court yesterday for the continuation of this sedition trial.

Before Pet left for UK this is what he had to say, “I would never be allowed to leave. The police would immediately detain me and send me to Kamunting and this time I shall not be so fortunate as to see freedom in two months like in the last two occasions”.

So, what is Malaysia coming to? Why is Raja Petra being hounded and sought by the apparatus to be placed under fresh ISA arrest warrant and fresh charges of treason made against him, but, Razak Baginda tried for murder is acquitted and no appeal is made by the Attorney General’s office? Sounds funny here. Why the double standards?

It seems like Malaysia is in a state of anarchy where might is right. To anyone outside the Malaysian government it is obvious who Raja Petra is: a well-informed critic of a corrupt regime. Its not wrong to think that the fresh ISA detention order is a way of putting him beyond the reach of the courts, where the specious actions against him can be exposed for what they are.

As Pet says himself, “heads they win, tails I lose”.

What a bad start for Najib. First he lost important by-elections, then he failed to address persistent scandals, and worst of all, he selected a cabinet of lacklustre appointees that has not evoked confidence.

He ran away from the press, declining to address basic questions about his government. This poor beginning raises serious questions about his leadership and calls into question his ability to deliver on the reforms that are critical for Malaysia’s future.

Read here more what Bridget Welsh, of the Guardian UK, has to say about our Najib Tun Razak.

Interesting developments, yesterday Pak Lah asked the media not to pester him on the date for the transition of power. Pak Lah urged the media not to keep asking him to reveal the date he will step down as Prime Minister. Pak Lah asked the people to be patient as the handing over of power to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak would take its course. Pak Lah said “Just wait for that. Don’t ask me to say anything now. All these things will happen. The transition will take its course.”

So, it looks like till to date, there is no actual handover date yet to Najib Tun Razak, although, Pak Lah told the Umno Assembly that he is going to see the Agong on April 2nd.

Yesterday in an interview with BBC in London, Tun Dr Mahathir said that Najib is a good administrator but has got WEAKNESSES. Wow! this is a killer punch by Dr Mahathir. Looks like Dr Mahathir knows something about Najib which we don’t. In so saying, I believe Dr Mahathir has killed Najib. Even Dr Mahathir is favouring openly Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to be the next PM instead of Najib.

What is happening here to our poor Najib? Is he ever going to be PM? I think not.

I strongly believe that our Agong too may not agree with Najib taking over from Pak Lah. I’m sure Agong too is aware that Najib has failed to dispel all the swirling rumours of his alleged links to the murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu @ Aminah. Our Agung will not accept Najib’s appointment as PM until Najib has satisfactorily cleared all the lingering doubts about the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu @ Aminah.

Wonder what must be going thro Najib and Rosmah’s mind now.  Must be full of anxiety and palpitations for Najib and Rosmah. So near and yet so far! I think this is KARMA and Najib is dead man walking.

So who hired the cops Azilah and Sirul to kill Aminah@Altantuya Shaariibuu so ruthlessly? Who hired them to do so? So much of the truth has been buried in the process of telling this story.

Well, Raja Petra with his sharp analytical power has dissected systematically and intellectually all those bits of a jigsaw puzzle as to who could have hired the 2 cops to murder Aminah @ Altantuya so ruthlessly, deliberate and brutal cold-blooded murder.

Step into the world of a cold-blooded killer for hire.

As promised yesterday here it is.

Read here more to see what Raja Petra has uncovered.

The problem is whoever is behind these dastardly heinous acts is well connected and all can guess who they are….. on the other hand when KARMA finally catches up, there is a possibility that they will be on the receiving end of this madness.