Can Beijing afford this?

Posted: September 4, 2019 in Britain, China, chinesedemocracy, Hong Kong, Time magazine
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Hong Kong protests demands have changed. Unlikely to end soon.

Since the protests kicked off, the full withdrawal of the extradition bill has been one of the central objectives. This has been conceded. The bill has sparked weeks of violent unrest in the former British colony.

But the movement has swelled to encompass a growing list of demands, including an independent inquiry into perceived police brutality and direct elections for the city’s leaders. Direct elections will mean dilution of Beijing’s control with a government answerable to the electors.

Can Beijing afford this?


Hong Kong Leader Withdraws Extradition Bill

  1. This is not about stopping China.

    China cannot be stopped.

    This is about China remaining a threat to global security as long as it’s under a communist regime.

    The issue is the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of China.

    The territorial integrity of China does not include the South China Sea or areas on the other side of the high points along the Indian border.

    The people of China have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in the communist party in Beijing.

    When a gov’t cannot be changed by elections, it means the people have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in power.

    There must be rule of law in China, respect for international law and human rights.

    As long as there’s no rule of law in China, the international community can interfere in the “internal affairs of the country”.

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