Is Dompok the reason for the situation of the KDMs’ today?

Posted: August 11, 2019 in Daily Express Sabah, Musa Aman, North Borneo, Parti Bersatu Sabah, politics, Sabah, Sabah Politics, UPKO
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Daily Express got it wrong.

Shafie should be grateful to Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok and not Wilfred Madius Tangau.

According to my sources in UPKO which I believe, it was Bernard Dompok who convinced Tangau to jump ship on that night of May 9th 2018 and join Shafie after realising that PH had the majority to form the Federal Government.

I was there on that night of May 9th in Sri Gaya when Tangau came out and answered a phone call apparently from Dompok asking him to go to Shafie’s house in Luyang. Tangau disappeared from Sri Gaya after this phone call and went straight to see Shafie in his house alone, leaving all his UPKO boys with Musa Aman in Sri Gaya.

Upko then switched allegiance to the Warisan-Pakatan Harapan pact a day after the election.

Former Sabah Chief Minister Dompok was the first Malaysian to be made a resident ambassador to the Vatican in 2016 and he wanted to save his job when the PH formed the Federal Government. So, he had convinced Tangau to get UPKO jump ship from BN.

I can now understand why PBS is still bitter about UPKOs betrayal. It is because Dr Maximus Ongkili (PBS), Tangau (UPKO) and Joseph Kurup (PBRS) had signed a pledge a week before the May 9th GE14 elections to discuss together as “MISOMPURU” first, before deciding on the next course of action so as to safeguard KDM interests by acting as a bloc.

There was great hope that the presidential council of Upko, PBS and PBRS would pave the way to unite the three main Kadazandusun Murut (KDM)-majority parties in Sabah. The council was seen as a platform to eventually bring together the politically fractious KDM community.

Maximus Ongkili believed that the council could one day unite the KDM parties under a single symbol. That was before it was betrayed by UPKO, moments after GE14.

For UPKO to dishonour what they signed in public and carried in all the media was the  community’s biggest betrayal.

But it is something that is not a surprise considering that their Payar Juman went down in history as Sabahs first political frog. In 1967, UPKO left the Sabah Alliance after the state elections, then Upko’s assemblyman for Kiulu, Payar Juman, crossed to Usno, enabling Usno to form the government then.

Next was when Huguan Siou Tun Fuad Stephens himself betrayed the KDMs by waiting till GS Sundang was in United Kingdom before calling for an EGM to dissolve UPKO. In the EGM Stephens had asked all the UPKO members to join USNO despite angry demands by members not to do so but he himself leaving them in a lurch. Poor GS Sundang who was deputy president was played out.

So if according to historical fact if the Huguan Siou Stephens can do this to his own people, Dr Max should have known better than to expect there will be no betrayal.

The third betrayal, took place in 1994, when  Bernard Dompok from then opposition PBS joined the BN alliance to form the government. I know this vividly as I was a PBS member and I stood for elections in Penang as a PBS candididate.

So looking back,  I dont blame Madius, I blame Dompok!

I hope Dompok will come forward to answer all these allegations.

Besides all that, see  Tangau’s Facebook posting today :

See this video, UPKO leaders at a recent Public Forum in Kota Kinabalu raising the illegal immigrant issue. Not just public forums ,UPKO leaders should also be raising the (PTI ) illegal immigrant issue in the Sabah State Assembly (DUN). But its not laughing matter, UPKO is part of the Warisan-PH Sabah government.

  1. Danial says:

    We have Brutus in Sabah. We have Judas in Sabah. Its a pity we dont have a Mark Anthony in Sabah.


  2. Johnny for HH says:

    Chinese and Bajau east coast overwhelmingly voted for DAP and Warisan.

    But the Momogun voters overwhelmingly voted in favour of BN component political parties and Star out of fear of Warisan except in Moyog Liawan and Melalap where Chinese voters are 30% or more of total voters.

    I do not think ground sentiments in rural and semi urban Momogun areas has changed much. I think many Momogun voters regretted voting for Warisan. Only certain Momogun political leaders and supporters still cling to Warisan fr reasons only they know.

    Btw, if we were to classify Kadazan Dusun Murut Sungai Bisaya as rumpun Momogun regardless of religion, there are 33 state seats out of 73 new state seats that falls under this category. Bajau Sama 10 & Bajau Suluk 10, Brunei 3, Bugis 5 and Chinese 9 and 2 mixed.

    GE15 will be interesting. Chinese voters will stick to DAP. Bajau Suluk will vote Warisan. Bajau Sama and Brunei will likely go to PPBM or UMNO.

    But in 20 Momogun Christian majority areas, I think voters are seriously considering their option. They still lack strong leadership organizations and resources for now. But new breed of capable leaders will soon emerge out of the ashes of defeat and betrayal.

    Of the 13 Momogun Muslim majority areas, it would be interesting to see how they vote in GE15. It all depends on how their political interest or sentiments converged with other Christian majority Momogun areas.

    But I see changing allegiance and the convergence or realignment of interest in Momogun majority constituencies to be guided by strong and powerful visions, smart, coherent & attractive goals & strategies and highly determined, strong and trustworthy political leaders with impeccable character.

    State politics may not necessarily reflect federal politics. PH may stay in power at Federal level. But anything can happen at state level, Sabah and Sarawak. Tangau is slick and smart. He can always change his mind once again. Nothing is permanent in politics. Cheers.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Brutus revealed kah Bro?


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