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This is very interesting.

Daniel John Jambun the President of Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation (BopiMaFo) has filed a Police Report at the Karamunsing Police Station, Kota Kinabalu on 2.8.2019.

The reason for making this police report is to check how come Malay in Sabah is suddenly more than Murut, for example.

Who are these Malays?

Do they originate from Singapore and Malaya under the Definition of Malay in Article 160?

If not, they are not Malay under the law. Are they listed as Malay on the chip in their MyKad? JPN should explain and confirm they are not party to an illegality and wrongdoing.

If anyone holds a MyKad to which he’s not entitled, and not eligible to hold, the law says it does not exist as if it never existed.

The gov’t cannot, will not, be party to an illegality.

The JPN, after checking a suspect MyKad, will give the court it’s standard reply, “tiada dalam sistem”.

Refer to these statistics.

How do these so-called Malays in Sabah know they have a Malay MyKad?

Did they put their MyKad through a card reader and read the chip inside?

It’s not enough to have Islam printed in front to be Malay.

Non-Malay Muslims also have Islam printed in front. Their chip will read Indian, Sri Lanka, Chinese, Orang Asal or Others.

Bangladeshi and Pakistani in Malaysia are classified as Indian.

We want these statistics on Malays in Sabah to be investigated for criminal wrongdoing. How could the number of Malays in Sabah overtake the number of Muruts in the state, for example.

Definition of Malay . . .

No one in Sabah and Sarawak can claim to be Malay under Article 160 unless originating from Singapore or Malaya.

Sarawak Malays (Orang Laut/Kirieng), and the Indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak, are under Article 161A which makes no reference to religion. The Article states that only the Indigenous people are Native.

The Definition of Malay under Article 160 in the Federal Constitution is confined to Singapore and Malaya.

It’s not enough to be Muslim, able to speak Malay, and practising so-called Malay culture, customs, and traditions to be classified as Malay in Singapore and Malaya.

Only Muslims, able to speak Malay, and born or domiciled in Singapore and Malaya by Merdeka, 31 Aug 1957, are Malay.

Their descendants are also Malay.

Those who convert to Islam after Merdeka in Singapore and Malaya are not Malay.

Muslims who came to Singapore and Malaya after Merdeka are not Malay under Article 160.

After 1965, Singapore amended its Definition of Malay under Article 152 to include non-Muslims i.e. Malays in Singapore can leave Islam and still remain Malay.

Under the Definition of Malay in Article 160 in Malaya, those who leave Islam cease to be Malay.

Wannabe Arabs among Malays in Malaya also cease to be Malay under Article 160.

Here is Daniel’s Police Report:

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