Makes me wonder, why not even one Party Warisan leader has spoken against those traitors in the National Registration Department (NRD). Warisan leaders seem to go very quiet when it comes to issues of illegals getting citizenship via dubious means.

Even Deputy Home Affairs Minister Mohd Azis Jamman who is Ketua Wira Parti Warisan Sabah has not uttered a word after the arrest and the charging of the NRD Assistant Registrar. NRD comes under his boss Muhyideen Yassin and he is the deputy.

Meanwhile even Shafie Apdal kept his silence. Forget condemning the act, Shafie did not even speak about it.

Warisan is drowning in contradictions, they don’t know how to respond to Sabahans.

Even Federal government ministries including the Home Ministry have not spoken about this issue and the PM himself hasn’t. Dr Mahathir might or might not have indirectly hinted at some of these matters, but he has not directly addressed these issues during his speeches. Maybe it’s time we get some answers from the PM.

NRD have to sacrifice one or two of their own for the thousands and thousands of illegals given citizenship. This Project IC never stops.

Shafie’s Warisan Sabah Government need to ask the Federal Government the following:

1) What happens to those applications that goes thru the traitors hands?

2) Are they going to revoke it or not?

3) Will there be an audit?



NRD Asst Registrar charged
Published on: Friday, August 02, 2019
By: Cynthia D Baga

KOTA KINABALU: A 53-year-old Assistant Registrar of the National Registration Department (NRD) has been charged with making a fake identification card – the latest in a series of cases involving allegedly corrupt NRD staff over the years.

However, Safiah Alijang (pic) pleaded not guilty before Sessions Court Judge Abu Bakar Manat to the charge against her on Thursday.

She is accused of making the fake document bearing serial number 991207-12-5135 under the name Muhamad Daniel Hafiez Bin Arif @ Jali at 3.05pm on May 22, 2013 at the NRD Pitas Branch.

The offence under Section 463/465 of the Penal Code carries a jail term of up to two years, or a fine, or both, on conviction.

The court fixed Sept. 6 this year for case management and released Safiah on a bail of RM6,000 with RM4,000 deposited in a local surety who would be her husband. Safiah was also ordered to report to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)’s office once in two months as well as her passport, if any, to be kept by the court until the disposal of her case.

Earlier, Prosecuting Officer Mohd Faliq Basiruddin from MACC proposed bail RM10,000 in a local surety with several additional conditions. Safiah, who was not represented asked for a lower sum of bail as she could not afford the amount. She also told the court that she is currently working at the department but had transferred to Kudat.

On Monday, three men, including an NRD officer in Semporna were arrested in connection with illegal immigrants obtaining birth certificates and MyKads through false information. The detention led to the discovery of several application forms, documents, and chop from the NRD, health clinic, Tawau/Semporna Hospitals, Native Court, village chiefs and the Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department, which were later found to be fake. Previous cases of NRD staff being involved in similar offences have included even the Directors who were detained under the then Internal Security Act.

  1. Hanny says:

    I am sorry but you are unaware that the issuance of birth certificates to children born to foreigners is standard procedure and already mandatory.

    Tens of thousands of children every year born to foreigners, Filipino or Indonesian, were issued with birth certificates or birth records, not citizenship documents.

    But issuance of birth records to children born to foreigners was never the issue. I am shocked that you are unaware and therefore misplaced your argument.

    The existence of illegal syndicates falsifying birth certificates is an established fact. Only recently three individuals were arrested in Semporna for issuing fraudulent birth certificates to help foreigners obtain citizenship.

    So our main concern is that children born to foreigners somehow obtained birth certificates issued fraudulently that qualify them to become citizens.

    So we are doubtful about the mass documentation exercise which could possibly help stateless children or children born to foreigners to be registered as Malaysians.

    We do not trust NRD. Few months ago, when fires broke out destroying squatter houses, NRD was quick to mobilize team to replace lost birth certificates and ICs. But the irony is this. NRD was issuing lost documents without the services of mobile courts to certify lost of citizenship documents.

    Further, I disagree with your justification to promote the recruitment of foreign labour. Are you suggesting or justifying Sabah should be dependant on foreign labour?

    Foreign workers are already dominating the workforce in plantations and construction in Sabah. Our continuing dependence on foreign labour is bad for our state. While we all understand the need for foreign workers, we should not allow owners of companies or businesses to deliberately exploit illegals as cheap labour for profit.


  2. CK says:

    Yes you are right they are Sabahan. But again you are unaware that CM in charge of security committee is from Semporna, Deputy Home Minister in charge of police, immigration and NRD is from Semporna, that Local Govnt and Housing Minister in charge of squatters is also from Semporna, Chief Secretary to Home Ministry and former ESSCOM Chief is from Semporna and even the new Police Chief is from Semporna. These infivuduals are all Sabahans, and there is no issue for Sabahans to assume all these powerful post.

    But the fact that the entire security apparatus of the State is in the hands of one community from one district should have raised eyebrows.

    I am not accusing anyone or assuming anything. But think about it. Is the positioning of these individuals by design or by coincidence?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Original Sabahan are already in the minority. 2.8 million undocumented Filipinos who came in the 70s and keep coming into Sabah even now, have taken over. Akjan the socalled “Sultan of Sulu” who was just a bus conductor in Sandakan when he first came to Sabah in the 70s is one good example. Habis la KDM.


  4. James says:

    who is going to tell the truth???? sadly…too many liars@!!!!!


  5. Francis says:

    Here they go again. When is it going to stop…the disease is spreading from top to bottom and vice versa. Oh Malaysia Tanah Air Ku…


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