Three months before May 9th GE14 our Darell Leiking’s political mantra in all his ceramahs was on foreigners holding dubious citizenship in Sabah and the presence of Project IC in Sabah. But after 15 months later and in government now, Darell Leiking is not known to have openly called for the deportation of illegals. Darell’s silence on the ongoing PTI issue in Sabah is a disturbing development. What happened Darell?

See, 3 months before elections to win support they can keep harping on illegals. But now keeping quiet.

Why now keeping quiet? Because it will affect Warisan?

And see even a Semporna NRD officer is involved, he was arrested in connection with PTIs obtaining birth certifictes and MyKads through false information. He had in his house several application forms, documents and chop from NRD, health clinic, Semporna Hospital, Native Court, village chiefs and Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department.


Even Senator Adrian Lasimbang posted this in his FaceBook asking if JPN database compromised.


See, another false promise to Sabahans…. Warisan “will get back Felda Land”.

Speaking out is never easy. There is often a political, even a personal, price to pay. But that is the cost of leadership. Darell should show that he can fulfill the full scope of his responsibilities as Warisan Deputy President and MP for Penampang. His excessively quiet diplomacy is selling short his position and the promises he made before GE14.

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  2. Tuavon says:

    Darell is going to be the next Huguan Siou or paramount leader of the Kadazandusun Murut community. Darell will be the third Huguan Siou. First Huguan Siou Tun Fuad Stephens. Second Huguan Siou Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

    Everything is planned by Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) headed by Marcel Leiking, Darell’s father.

    See here…

    Dewan Huguan Siou land title goes missing
    Published on: Monday, July 29, 2019
    By: Oliver Voon

    PENAMPANG: The dispute over the Dewan Huguan Siou in Kg Tuavon, here, where the official ceremony to bestow the Huguan Siou titles on two of the community’s leaders was held is unlikely to be resolved soon.

    Daily Express reliably learnt that the original land title for the 0.6 hectare site that hosts a structure in the form of the Siga (Kadazan headgear) has gone missing.

    “The original land title is not even kept in the Council’s office and the staff are now looking for it high and low,” said the source.

    It is understood that responsibility for the structure had passed to the District Council in 1992 when the original Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) to whom it was bequeathed by the landowner was later dissolved.

    A controversy arose when the revived KSS made a secret application early this year to the Council inquiring about the outcome of its request to take ownership of the structure.

    A group of Kg Tuavon villagers who claimed they did not recognise the KSS, said the land should go to the locals if there was no title.

    They staged a protest at the site recently when they got wind that the property may fall into the hands of a NGO they claimed “contributed nothing to the building”.

    Some quarters even see the move by KSS as meant to ensure that whoever succeeds Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan as the second Huguan Siou would have to go through it or require its endorsement. The first Huguan Siou was Tun Fuad Stephens and the position was vacant for nearly a decade following his death in a plane crash on 6.6.1976. KSS is currently headed by Datuk Marcel Leiking.

    A Council spokesman, when contacted, said a special meeting would be called soon to be attended by all parties involved in the matter.

    “The District Officer will listen to what they have to say and will make a fair decision,” he said. He also said the Council is not the rightful owner of the property and that the repairs they did before were just as a matter of responsibility.

    “I hope the higher authority will step in to resolve this matter quickly,” he said.

    Officials from the District’s Lands and Surveys Department and the DO could not be reached for comment. KSS was also approached for comments but has yet to respond.

    A dialogue was held to discuss the proposed take-over of the Dewan by KSS on July 21. Chaired by Village Chief Oswin Mojiun, it was attended by the Chairman of MPKK (Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung), a councillor and a member of KSS who are all residing in Kg Tuavon.

    The most pertinent question from the floor was why the Council which collects RM20 million in taxes yearly can’t find funds to maintain the Dewan and proposed to hand it over to a NGO.

    To which the councillor replied that the proposal has not been approved yet. The KSS member said the land and building will be upgraded and would still be the property of the Kadazan people.

    However, the majority present voted to reject the bid by KSS and agreed to form a committee to look into the future of the building.

    They said since a committee was once formed to erect the building, there is no reason why another cannot be formed if the Council is unwilling to be responsible, pointing to the old committee names on the wall.


  3. reno says:


    Bila Darell Leiking Nak Letak Jawatan? Kan dah kantoi ne. Apa cerita Ketua Menteri Sabah Shafie Afdal? Timbalan Menteri KDN Mohd Azis Jamman? Semua ne berlaku di Semporna, kawasan Shafie Afdal. Siapa Dalang, Siapa Jalang?!



    Oleh Norasikin Daineh

    KOTA KINABALU: Seorang pegawai pendaftar Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) antara tiga lelaki yang ditahan membabitkan sindiket pemalsuan dokumen pengenalan diri di Semporna.

    Tangkapan dibuat selepas laporan polis dibuat pada 22 Julai lalu selepas seorang pengadu lelaki berusia 35 tahun mengesyaki seorang suspek menjalankan aktiviti itu melalui tawaran kononnya membantu untuk mendapatkan sijil lahir dan kad pengenalan warganegara Malaysia.

    Timbalan Pesuruhjaya Polis Sabah, Datuk Zaini Jass, berkata ketiga-tiga lelaki itu yang berusia 30 hingga 43 tahun ditahan pada Selasa lalu di sekitar Semporna.

    Katanya, turut dirampas daripada mereka antaranya borang daftar kelahiran, bahagian kad pengenalan, 34 cop palsu jabatan kerajaan, klinik kesihatan, hospital, ketua kampung dan pesuruhjaya sumpah.

    “Sehingga kini, seorang saksi tampil menggunakan proses daftar kelahiran dilakukan oleh sindiket itu,” katanya pada sidang media di sini, hari ini.

    Menurutnya, sindiket itu disyaki menjalankan kegiatan sejak awal tahun lalu dengan menawarkan perkhidmatan daftar sijil lahir dengan bayaran RM3,500 dan daftar kad pengenalan RM6,000.

    Zaini berkata, suspek pertama ditahan di kantin sebuah sekolah pada jam 11 pagi Selasa lalu dan menemui pelbagai dokumen serta cop palsu di bilik suspek di Kampung Bugaya.

    Beliau berkata, hasil tangkapan pertama membawa kepada dua tangkapan lain pada hari sama termasuk suspek kedua berusia 42 tahun yang bekerja di JPN Cawangan Semporna.

    “Tangkapan kedua dibuat di Taman Miramas iaitu membabitkan seorang pegawai pendaftaran Gred 22 JPN Cawangan Semporna dan hasil pemeriksaan di rumahnya berjaya merampas borang daftar kelahiran, borang daftar lewat kad pengenalan, salinan sijil lahir dan fail JPN.

    “Manakala dalam tangkapan ketiga membabitkan seorang lelaki 30 tahun yang bekerja sendiri di Kampung Bubul dan berjaya merampas salinan rekod perkembangan kanak-kanak dan salinan resit rasmi daftar lewat kelahiran,” katanya.

    Zaini berkata, hasil siasatan awal setakat ini mendapati beberapa dokumen dan cop yang dirampas adalah palsu.

    “Antara cop yang didapati palsu adalah dari Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Sabah (JHEAINS) cawangan Semporna, cop pejabat Mahkamah Anak Negeri Semporna, cop dan dokumen JPN daerah Semporna dan cop klinik dan kesihatan daerah Semporna.

    “Setakat ini, didapati tiada lagi sijil kelahiran atau kad pengenalan berjaya dikeluarkan hasil daripada penggunaan barangan atau dokumen palsu terbabit,” katanya.

    Katanya, ketiga-tiga suspek kini ditahan reman bermula Rabu lalu sehingga esok untuk membantu siasatan dan kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 420 Kanun Keseksaan.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Just dropped by tae say Hey ho! Hammer away at the hypocrites / munafiqs, Bro!


  5. Jimmy Sugut says:

    sudah makan kenyang ba.


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