The possibility of another round of Project IC – granting citizenship, and thus identity cards (ICs), to immigrants — is generating concern in Sabah.

The last four decades saw Sabah’s population increase unnaturally, from 636,431 in 1970, to 929,299 in 1980, and to an extraordinary 3,120,040 in 2011 – an overall increase of more than 390 per cent. 27 per cent of Sabah’s population today are foreigners.

The animosity and anxiety that such a population boom creates have political, economic and social ramifications and it’s the kind of recipe that leads to disaster. After Warisan came to power in Sabah, the anger among Sabah locals over illegal immigration and fraudulent citizenships has boiled over with louder calls for Sabah’s rights to be respected and even calls for secession.

Discontent is still running high in Sabah, despite promises of redress by the new Shafie’s Warisan government.

Shafie Apdal said, Sabah will make sure another exercise does not open the door for another contentious “Project IC” to happen, but is it true? Looking at the pictures below, says something else.


LATEST 23rd May 2019

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) replies:

KOTA KINABALU: The National Registration Department (NRD) has denied involvement in the application of identity card (IC) registration issue for illegal immigrants in Sabah which has been circulating in social media recently. NRD, in a statement Thursday, said several photos of the forms, related to identity card registration, being disseminated were not official documents issued and used by the NRD for registration purposes. Regarding this, the statement said a police report would be lodged and the NRD would also work with other relevant agencies to conduct further investigations. “The NRD has called on the public not to believe and propagate false information to avoid any confusion and disturbance of public order,” the statement said.

The NRD also asserted it never appoints any agent or individual to represent the department in managing its affairs. “All the official documents of the department are only issued at the NRD offices and are not distributed to the public randomly,” it said.

To obtain further information, the public is advised to go to any NRD office or to visit its official website at or contact the corporate communications unit at 03-8880 7077/7067/7069/8206 or email to

Mobile registration for birth certificates and MyKads at Semporna and islands.

  1. CK says:

    Yes you are right they are Sabahan. But again you are unaware that CM in charge of security committee is from Semporna, Deputy Home Minister in charge of police, immigration and NRD is from Semporna, that Local Govnt and Housing Minister in charge of squatters is also from Semporna, Chief Secretary to Home Ministry and former ESSCOM Chief is from Semporna and even the new Police Chief is from Semporna. These infivuduals are all Sabahans, and there is no issue for Sabahans to assume all these powerful post.

    But the fact that the entire security apparatus of the State is in the hands of one community from one district should have raised eyebrows.

    I am not accusing anyone or assuming anything. But think about it. Is the positioning of these individuals by design or by coincidence?


  2. Johnny says:

    Hi Mr Selva, I’m Johnny, we are in the same whatsapp group. I want to say about yb Janie Lasimbang.

    I was one of those who attended the Kaamatan celebration at Kg Hungab recently. YB Janie Lasimbang spoke about the need for gotong royong, etc, etc, which was good.

    She then warned us about the increasing presence of outsiders and that we must protect our rights.
    My friend and me were puzzled why she was giving the advice in Kadazan at a kampung gathering and not through the media.

    Is she afraid to speak up anymore? It is true then what they say that she has changed or must shut up if she wants to continue enjoying her privileges as a YB and Minister.

    Looks like we wasted our votes. At least under the previous govt she could voice out so many things without fear.


  3. Deputy home minister: Fake MyKad applications the work of illegal syndicates, not Warisan govt

    An illegal syndicate has been using Parti Warisan Sabah’s logo to sell application forms for identity cards to unsuspecting illegal immigrants, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Azis Jamman.

    See here the rest:


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