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French and Saudi archeologists make a discovery that the Saudis are keen to keep buried. The pre-Islamic period in Arabia which is now commonly referred to in Islamic folklore as jahaliyyah was in fact a period when a Jewish kingdom flourished in what is present day Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Which makes the Saudis and Israelis- particularly the Sephardi’s- cousins.

The discovery of the oldest-known early Arabic writing in Saudi Arabia, from ca. 470 CE, evidently caused some consternation, given its Christian context.

By Ariel David

In 2014, researchers from a French-Saudi expedition studying rock inscriptions in southern Saudi Arabia announced they had discovered what could be the oldest texts written in the Arabic alphabet. But they did so very quietly, perhaps because the context of the texts is something of an embarrassment to some.

The dozen or so engravings had been carved into the soft sandstone of the mountain passes around Bir Hima – a site about 100 kilometers north of the city of Najran, which over millennia has been plastered with thousands of inscriptions by passing travelers and officials. Conveniently, at least two of the early Arabic petroglyphs that were discovered cited dates in an ancient calendar, and expert epigraphists quickly calculated that the oldest one corresponded to the year 469 or 470 CE.

The discovery was sensational: the earliest ancient inscriptions using this pre-Islamic stage of Arabic script had been dated at least half a century later, and had all been found in Syria, which had suggested that the alphabet used to write the Koran had been developed far from the birthplace of Islam and its prophet.

Yet the announcement of the discovery was subdued. A few outlets in the French and Arab media tersely summarized the news, hailing the text as the “missing link” between Arabic and the earlier alphabets used previously in the region, such as Nabatean. Most of the articles were accompanied by stock photos of archaeological sites or other ancient inscriptions: it is almost impossible to find a picture of the inscription online or a reference to the actual content of the text.

  1. Shafeeq says:

    Nothing has changed. Many still believe the Sauds are originally jews. Even if they are not, they are mere puppets of the Americans, and therefore the jews. As for ‘hidden facts’, there are so many more in this world (like 9/11 for eg. ). Should our ‘knowledge remain strictly in the realm of what suits us?


  2. Shafeeq says:

    Looking at what Israel is doing in the region today, no wonder the ‘Jewish society’ that ‘covered’ the Middle East pre-Islam, could be re-established only with help of a Zionist Army and British weapons, continued by history’s largest torture camp financed by the US.


  3. Suhel Khan says:

    Jewish presence in Madinah and around, during the times of the Messengers of Allah (S) and even before it, is well documented and has always been publicly available since, in history books. Your blame to keep it hidden is baseless and seems to have some hidden agenda.


  4. Anees says:

    How deep shall we dig ? The schism between knowledge and information, between what we know and what we’re told, between what is unknown and what is asserted, between what is concealed and what is revealed, between fact and conjecture, between the `real’ world and the virtual world, has become a place of endless speculation and potential insanity.


  5. Ali Ahmad Firdausi says:

    All prophets including Abraham. Moses and other Jewish prophet and holy book are respected by Muslims. They are cousins in real sense have been fighting for supremacy. Jews were the chosen people and falasteen was the promised land for them. Jew are very pure as they don’t believe in conversion


  6. Nafees Hyder says:

    There is nothing ‘hidden’ about this. Pre-islamic arabia consisted of pagans as well as many tribes of jews, and there was always infighting between these tribes.
    As for being called ‘jahilliyah’ – the arabs used to bury their newborn girl child. If that is not a sign of an ignorant people, then what is?


  7. The Israeli elite is mostly Ashkennazim from Europe.


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