Posted: July 20, 2016 in China, South China Sea, USA
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The USA is upping the ante by flying its Elint planes on the reclaimed islands. China is in a hugely jingoistic mood and their social media amply reflects this. If the People Republic of China government succumbs to these pressures and opts for retaliation ala Turkey and the Russian fighter, it will get a comeuppance it could never contemplate. The US Navy is by far the most powerful military force in the world and it is raring to go.

U.S. fighter jet flies over South China Sea

U.S. fighter jet flies over South China Sea

By Yuan Can (People’s Daily Online)    13:29, July 19, 2016

A U.S. E/A-18 carrier-based fighter jet lands on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in the South China Sea on July 16, 2016. (Photo/

  1. Dr Feel Good says:

    International law is at best a morality because the judgement cannot be enforced by arresting X or Y.

    But, the judgements are not always enforced by coercive actions or measures. Non coercive measures are more important when it comes to the nation like China or India which are aspiring for international role. If Security Council declines to enforce this judgement against China because of China self veto, its reputation as a world body to secure peace looses its value. China can’t be judge in its own cause. It will be pressured to abstain etc.

    US has already hinted while intervening in in Iran or Afghanistan that Security Council’s decision or authorisation is not necessarily necessary to act against a rogue nation.


  2. David says:

    If legally constituted arbitration has ruled China cannot do anything but obey. This military jingoism of staging flag March are stupid and not in the interest of Chinese role in the world community. Chinese very well know that the long arm of law will catch.

    Chinese are either pretending or foolish to start its journey to the end.


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