The Daily Express, Sabah’s largest daily newspaper has not often taken political sides. Indeed, Sabah journalism has not had the western tradition of the media declaring its political preferences. The 14th General Elections of Malaysia (GE14) could be held by next year as indicted by Premier Najib Tun Razak recently after the landslide victories for Barisan National in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar twin by-elections, plus the impressive win in the recent 11th Sarawak State Elections, however, the choice is clear and preferences should be stated. Sabah’s voters have to choose between five more years of a government led by Musa Aman, or five years or less of confusion created by an uncertain and split verdict, or five years of some nameless politician serving his tenure in Kota Kinabalu at Putrajaya’s beck and call.

There are many reasons why Sabah deserves Musa Aman. First, he is a decent chap. In the rough and tumble of Malaysian politics it is not easy to come across men and women of basic and simple decency. That in itself should be a good reason for his remaining at the forefront of Sabahan politics. Second, he has done an impressive job. While the state opposition parties has every right to criticise his government and question his record, the fact remains that Musa Aman has done more for Sabah than any other chief minister of this state in the past five decades. Consider some simple numbers.

According to the state’s economic survey published earlier this year, Sabah’s economy registered an annual growth rate of more than 6 percent, covering most of the term of Musa Aman. It was less than 2 per cent when he first took over as Chief Minister in 2003. This should rule out the idea of returning to a opposition regime. Sabah’s per capita income rose to RM 19,672 per year in 2014, compared to less than RM 7,443 in 2002. Even the Prime Minister recently said the number of hardcore poor in the state had at one time stood at 30,000 families and this had been reduced to about 7,000 families.This impressive growth comes from an across the board improvement in the state’s performance, barring the industrial sector.

Through the well-diversified economy, Sabah under Musa Aman has been able to raise our real gross domestic product (GDP) by 110 times — from RM527 million in 1963 to RM58 billion in 2014. Similarly, GDP per capita has also increased almost 67 times from RM688 to RM46,000 per capita over the same period.

Sabah’s agriculture sector, tourism, construction, education, health and services sectors have all witnessed impressive growth

Sabah has recorded a surplus in the balance of payments between 2002 and 2015. What this means is that the state’s exports have exceeded imports for 13 consecutive years.Sabah’s exports for 2015 were valued at RM15,582million or 70% of the state’s gross national product (GNP). Hence, the export market remains a key economic generator for Sabah. Sabah’s main exports are raw petroleum (38.8%), crude and processed palm oil (35%), and fresh farm produce and fisheries (15.4%), palm oil kernels (3.8%), methanol (3.2%) and plywood (2.1%).

However, if Sabah has to have a chance, if it has to finally catch up with Malaysia’s more developed regions, it needs another five years of the kind of development-oriented administration that Musa Aman gave the state. If Sabah can move closer to the national average in terms of the various indicators of development, that national average will itself rise significantly. Malaysia cannot sustain growth rates of over 8 and 9 per cent, not to mention 10, if large states like Sabah and Sarawak remain stuck in the morass of backwardness, both economically and socially. Musa Aman has remained focussed on development, he is a model chief minister that other Malaysian states should also aspire for. My vote goes out to Musa Aman.

  1. iskandar says:

    Nothing could change the negative mind set of the hater of our CM..Even though he is doing the right or a positive thing this group of people will dig in to find other things and make it look in the negative way..


  2. charlie says:

    Malaysia is in need of a strong united opposition, with a good proven leader who can lead them into GE14. The current opposition is not up to standard, probably will cause BN to win GE with 75% majority or more. Money politics (votes buying) is an acceptable practice in Malaysia. EC will not interfere. The ruling party always have the funds and resources to win elections as they control the finance of the country.


  3. d' souza says:

    Brits never accepted EU in the real sense , I mean economically…they always kept Pound out of Euro reach for exclusivity imagining they are British Empire…those days are gone now.Besides, London has hosted govts in exile, terrorist funders and asylum seekers officially for years..suddenly are being so preachy…jokers Brits don’t realise that once the Scots and North Ireland will go separate….
    Only Wales and England will remain in the new “Little England ” a pale patch on “Great” Britain of yore


  4. If a leader stays too long in power, as Mahathir did for example, there will be chaos for years when he or she eventually leaves. Everything that has a beginning, must have an end.

    The longer a leader stays in power, the longer and more prolonged the period of chaos that follows.

    Josef Tito of Croatia stayed for nearly 50 years. After he died, Yugoslavia broke up and Bosnia-Herzegovina descended into civil war when Muslims declared an Islamic state. The Catholic Croats and Orthodox Christian Serbs, who turned murderous and raped and butchered the Muslim Bosnians, fought the idea of an Islamic state in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Eventually, it was the Croats turning against the Serbs and allying themselves with the Muslims, that saved the Muslims from annihilation. The Dayton Peace Accord banned forever the idea of an Islamic state in Bosnia-Herzegovina or anywhere in Europe.

    Consider the chaos the followed elsewhere:

    The Shah of Iran, Iran

    Saddam Hussein, Iraq

    Muammar Qadafi, Libya

    Mubarak, Egypt

    Suharto, Indonesia

    Marcos, Philippines

    There will chaos in Malaysia when Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) eventually goes.

    Sarawak will seize the opportunity to exit the Federation without any negotiation.

    Sabah will follow soon after that in a negotiated exit.


  5. kt lee says:

    Learn from the Brits in today’s referendum. Boris Johnson and a few others could not see eye to eye with David Cameron on the EU issue.They were from the same party, Conservatives. They challenged him and spoke about leaving while David spoke to stay. Difference of opinion and were not sacked from the party. Grow up UMNO. I see no wrong in criticizing a leader if he does wrong. This is the problem we have in Malaysia. Is also the same in PKR, PAS & DAP. Wrong to fault or criticise the leader.


  6. jabar says:

    The UMNO Supreme Council has made an appropriate decision by sacking Muhyiddin and Mukhriz, because they were indiscipline and spoke against the party leadership.


  7. Sunny says:

    BREXIT is not only the beginning of the end for the grand vision for a European Union contemplated by people like the French economist and diplomat, Jean Monnet, but is also the beginning of the transformation of Great Britain into Little England.


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