Sabah will always remain in Malaysia, says Musa Aman

Posted: May 27, 2016 in Bernama, Malaysia, Musa Aman, North Borneo, Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, Sabah, September 16, Sultan of Sulu
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Sabah has never recognized or acknowledged any claim by the Philippines or any other quarter on the state, said Chief Minister Musa Aman today.

He said Sabah has never recognised or acknowledged any such claim and will continue to be a part of the Malaysian federation.

“Let me clearly state that Sabah is in Malaysia and has chosen to be and will continue to be a part of this sovereign nation since its formation,” he said in response to Philippines incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s intention to pursue the Sabah claim.

Musa added that the people of Sabah are enjoying peace, stability and economic prosperity within Malaysia.

“Our allegiance is to the Malaysian flag. The claim is irrelevant,” he added.

Earlier, Duterte was quoted by the Philippine Star as saying that he will pursue the Philippines’ claim on Sabah.

Duterte also said he will recognise the claim of the Sulu sultanate as “what has been the policy will always be the policy of the government, especially those for the interests of the country”.

  1. Donald says:

    Not surprising. Especially when there are so many immigrants (hundred thousands to millions of them now) who will continue voting for BN as they already got citizenship in Sabah via Project IC.


  2. Mamat says:

    Let Sabahans have their say by having a referendum


  3. Chee Chong Fun says:

    u n wat army, u can’t even defend sabah frm a few pirates n yet u talk big, wat bull


  4. Mike says:

    Not for you to say…Sabah doesn’t belongs to UMNO.


  5. Issac Abraham says:

    if sabah is a sovereign nation it is the richest country in borneo state. rich in oil and gas and natural resources.


  6. Pernelle says:

    now the population of Pinoy in Sabah with IC r more than Sabahans, with ajib continue to steal from sabah the CM also going, going, gone,


  7. charles says:

    Whether Sabah wants to remain blindly to Malaysia is not for the chief minister to decide, the rightfull decisions lies with the people from Sabah..


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