Holocaust, a collective amnesia!

Posted: May 9, 2016 in Anti-Semitism, Germany, Holocaust, indonesia

I have been reading recently a little on the holocaust deaths, a recent interest. It makes we wonder, Nazi Germany killed over 17 million people in cold blood mostly in concentration camps. Many of these concentration camps were just outside large German towns. Yet after the war most Germans feigned ignorance of happenings in the death camps.

Sachsenhausen, a notorious death camp was only 22 kms from Berlin. Over 200,000 were killed here. Yet after the war few Berliners acknowledged knowing anything about what went on there, despite trainloads of prisoners and smoke belching from the stacks. For camp after camp, Allied documentation reveals, similar stony silence. This is not a condition peculiar to Germans. Most nationalities have shown a similar stoicism and indifference. Which is why cruel despotism prevails in so much of the world. Which is why tens of thousands get killed and there is no memory of them. Collective amnesia!

In Indonesia when Suharto seized power over a million people were massacred with the most primitive tools within a few weeks. Cambodia is another example. So is Rwanda. Is there a museum or recorded history to tell us what happened, besides anecdotal tales? There is nothing uniquely evil in Germans. Its a common human condition.

In Malaysia, we also have our share of Collective amnesia and it is fast enveloping us in.


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