Musa’s Chinese New Year toast : Sabah committed towards development of Chinese schools and places of worship

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Chinese New Year, Malaysia, Musa Aman, North Borneo, Sabah
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Musa Aman has given assurance to the Chinese community in Sabah that the State government remains committed towards the development of Chinese schools, places of worship and cultural activities in the state.

Musa said the state government would continue to provide support and allocate financial assistance for the development of such facilities in the state.

“This is our promise to the Chinese community. The Government strives to improve the quality of life among the people, apart from maintaining harmony and stability in Sabah,” he said when addressing the ‘Ang Pow Festival 2016’ organised by the Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) here tonight.

Musa also stressed on the importance of avoiding any acts that could bring about a negative impact on unity and stability in Sabah.

According to Musa the people of Sabah would not be able to move forward with its aspirations to develop and bring more progress to the State if they were embroiled in issues that hampered unity efforts.

Such actions, he said were irresponsible and brought about impacts that would deter Sabahans from improving their socio-economic status.

“Our aim is to create more development both for people who live in urban and rural areas,” Musa added.

Musa also called on the Chinese community in Sabah to continue supporting the present State Government and together to bring more development to Sabah.

He believed that political stability, unity, harmony and tolerance were factors that would hasten the development process in Sabah. — Bernama

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