And so it begins. The very first has just been presented by the new Sabah Government after being re-elected in May 2013, and after hours of back and forth (cursing and paper tearing included), the new budget shows that the Sabah Government is committed to progress and is also as determined to increase the pace of development in the state.

Musa Aman says the bulk of the Sabah budget is earmarked for development. The RM4.622 billion of the Sabah budget for the financial year of 2013-2014 proposed by Chief Minister-cum-State Finance Minister Musa Aman in the state assembly Friday sought to tell the Sabah growth story vis-a-vis Malaysia’s and achieve the five-year dream in the first year itself. The release states “The new budget for 2013-14 would build new confidence among people and showcase state’s potentialities before the world”. “Ensuring Continuity of People’s Well being”, it was announced that new missions and schemes, referring to State Barisan National’s Government is very committed to the development of not only in the urban but also rural areas in Sabah and at the same time ensuring nobody is sidelined in the budget.

A press statement continued by saying that “The State 2014 Budget is higher by nearly 80-fold than Sabah’s first State Budget 50 years ago where the revenue estimate was only RM61.5 million while the expenditure estimate was RM61 million. In 1974, the estimated revenue rose to RM207 million and the estimated expenditure increased to RM239 million. Ten years later in 1984, the estimated revenue reached RM1.22 billion while State revenue rose to RM1.38 billion. 2014, has set the highest ever State revenue target which is RM4.58 billion, marking an increase of 20 per cent from 2013’s original estimate of RM3.83 billion.”

Even as the Federal government earmarks just 35 per cent of the Federal Budget for development work, the Sabah government spends as much as 65 per cent of the state Budget on development work. Talking about Sabah’s contributing a lion’s share in the nation’s development, Musa said, “Although the state government was elected for a five-year term, it resolves to fulfill the people’s aspirations from the very first year itself.”

While Musa’s budget speech said the state economy has grown by leaps and bounds in the past five decades since independence, he added that “I am confident that people from all walks of live regardless of religion, race, gender, rich, poor, old or young, physically challenged, wherever they may be ( whether on land or sea); people’s well-being and States prosperity are our main agendas for us to always strive for, which are certainly achievable.”

So there is the mission for which the government has allocated RM 1.58 billion “for improving infrastructure and public amenities”. This is besides RM627.92 million allocate to upgrade water supply. Musa claims that to achieve zero hardcore poor target and reduce relative poor in Sabah, the government has allocated RM178.14 million to implement various programmes. The reduction of poverty from 19.7% in 2009 to 8.1% in 2012 proved that the governments efforts in this has borne fruits.

The budget, claiming to be for inclusive development, seeks to strike balance for growth in both agricultural and industry, enhance quality of life in rural and urban by focusing on housing and infrastructure. To empower the youths the Y Generation so that they will be more valuable, creative, innovative and productive through education, training, skill programmmes, sports and community activities the budget has set aside RM229.86. The budget also proposes The Enhancement of Knowledgeable Livestock Entrepreneur (K-Entrepreneur) Programme which will be continued.

To spur growth in the State tourism sector, particularly on investment in providing tourism facilities, the State Government has approved the Tourism Master Plan covering the coastal areas of Tuaran to Kota Belud and RM233.99 million has been set aside for next year. The State tourism sector targets 3.4 million tourist arrivals and an estimated tourism receipts of RM6.277 billion although while writing this, a Taiwanese tourist got killed and his wife got kidnapped in Pom Pom Island in Semporna by Abu Sayyaf bandits. Perhaps in this instance, it is best if the state tourism sector uses the money to ensure maximum security before handing out pamphlets about exotic resorts in the East Coast of Sabah.

For a fair and unbiased understanding of the ‘Sabah Story’ we should read it with an open mind and look at the State’s performance against the backdrop of the low socio-economic base from where it started its journey to rapid growth and spectacular development. The ‘Sabah Story’ is a story in the making, much like the Thousand-and-One Arabian Nights, it is not a story that concludes here and today and perhaps never will. Sabah inherited low levels of social indicators (at independence) and it is the change in these indicators where Sabah shows impressive progress. The literacy rate has risen from 22 per cent in 1960 to 69 per cent in 2001 and 80 per cent in 2011. Even the infant mortality rate per thousand has fallen from 144 in 1971 to 60 in 2001 and 21 in 2011.”

Anybody reading the ‘Sabah Story’ with an open mind would see it is a story of immense success that inspires hope and determination to achieve greater success. But an open mind is something that is alien to our liberal media and the intellectually bankrupt commentariat that controls publications which lay greater stress on fiction over fact.

  1. amerruddin says:

    Jika benar kadar pertumbuhan ekonomi Sabah meningkat tapi mengapa masih ramai graduan2 Sabah terpaksa mencari kerja diMalaya??.. Saya yakin orang2 muda ini lebih suka brkerja diSabah…mana tindakan Datuk Musa tentang masalah ini??


  2. alysisous says:

    dahulu kan dengan dasar kabotaj yang banyak menghimpit ekonomi sabah… saya harap kerajaan negeri dapat berjuang untuk memansuhkan dasar yang membantut ekonomi sabah..


  3. Joe Fernandez says:

    Putrajaya should work with Manila to wipe out these rebel groups in the southern Philippines and deny them safe havens in Sabah.

    Sent by DiGi from my BlackBerry® Smartphone


  4. janent lee says:

    Is it true the kidnapped Taiwanese woman is related to Christine Chow Mei-ching, wife of Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou? Kaya lor, patut lah kena culik


  5. pk lim says:

    But that budget doesn’t totally goes to rakyat Sabah….. 50% goes to pocket of cronies.


  6. june says:

    Where is the budget to eradicate illegal immigrants???


  7. S Amad says:

    Our security mapping on that area is very poor, from Tambisan down to Tawau we have only about 40 small island, how long is the coast line between Tg. Labian to Tawau ? the security forces must remap the area that area and put navy or police gun boat in every grouped island in that security zoning, and build a mini Pengkalan Police in every island that stationed a tourist Resort, if they do that I don’t think the pirate dare to risk their live, in the early 70’s we had about 5 security zone around that area to tackle the mundu activity…


  8. David Wong says:

    We the Sabahan are very unhappy with what is happening here. the security SHOULD be strengthened, and the ESSCOM who is formed BY THE FEDERAL to help the state and is should be held responsible, and they shouldn’t even making up excuses by saying IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT, IT IS THE LONG COASTLINE THAT SHOULD BE BLAMED…??? I mean seriously??, Are Sabahans stupid enough to just accept such excuses? and again, like what Datuk Yong Teck Lee said, who are they to say that this incident isn’t related to the recent Tanduo attack if it is STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION??? Those incompetent fools should just fuck off. What is your Musa Aman doing? What is Shafie Apdal doing? Shafie must be ashamed as this is his Semporna.


  9. jamal abdilah says:

    Pasukan keselamatan di Sabah pasti bertungkus lumus untuk menjaga keselamatan rakyat Sabah.


  10. johnny says:

    Pom Pom Island is just beside and opposite the General Operations Force base, macam mana kena culik, what security is Putrajaya talking about?


  11. correction: comparing


  12. The Budget could have been bigger — comparably favourably with Singapore and Brunei — if the revenue-sharing between the Federal Government and the Sabah Government had been fair and equitable.

    Sabah is not a state but a Nation in the Federation just like Scotland is a Nation in the United Kingdom.


  13. looes74 says:

    But then one taiwan man dead & woman kenna culik. I rest my case


  14. redziman says:

    Tahniah Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman,Ketua Menteri Sabah atas pembentangan Baget 2014 yang berjumlah RM4.622 itu.


  15. eyen says:

    Wahai katua mantiri, bajet apalagi. Imbangkan dulu d sabah dgn harga barang. Dan saya mau tanya kenapa gaji d sabah lebih rendah berbanding dgn gaji d semenanjung malaysia. Harap katua mantiri tengok dulu prkara ini bahhhhhh!!!!


  16. Jasni says:

    juta peruntukan untuk insfraktur termasuk jalanraya tetepi saya amat kesal sejak BN memarintah kawasan Kemabung termasuk kampung Ambuoi satu dari dulu YB berjanji akan membaiki jalan raya jalan bukit sepanjang 2km saja sehinga sekarang seperti dahulu juga sudah 20tahun tidak diambil perhatian sedangkan jalan tersebut dibawah seliaan majelis dearah Tenom saya harap datuk Ketua Menteri Sabah tolong selasaikan masalah kami diTenom.


  17. raffey says:

    Harapan saya semoga sabah berubah waja pada 10tahun akan datang…lebih maju dan bertamadun.


  18. Jovie Juinin says:

    Terima kasih Datuk Seri Musa tapi jangan lupa juga daerah kecil Paitan yang perlu kerajaan bangunkan juga…harap beri keutamaan.


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