Creating history in Sabah’s politics, Musa Aman is once again back to the power of the state as the poll result of the just-concluded 13th General Election of May 5 showed that he won a landslide victory. The UMNO and Barisan National alliance grabbed more than two-thirds of the seats (48) in the 60 state assembly seats and 22 of the 25 Parliamentary seats. Musa Aman’s victory is said to be due to the triumph of development, progress, and good governance.

From the very beginning, the 2013 assembly poll counting hinted that the UMNO-BN alliance would create a history in Sabah with their new win and they proved by attracting a total of 442,493 votes for state seats and 434,522 for parliamentary seats which total 877,015 in all. The opposition, on the other hand, received only 59,862 votes for the State seats and 287,559 votes for Parliamentary seats.

Musa Aman, received the biggest chunk of votes with 16,637 for a state seat in Sibuga among the coalition’s state component leaders, a majority of 11,569 votes, underscoring the popularity of his Halatuju policy for the state’s development. His acceptance of a renewed term as Chief Minister also makes it the first time a Sabah Chief Minister had broken the nine-year jinx and continued to hold the fortress, basically what I have been saying all along.

Also as predicted, the Sabah Progressive Party led by former chief minister Datuk Yong Teck Lee was wiped out losing all the 41 state and eight parliamentary seats contested. Yong himself was beaten by DAP’s Youth leader Junz Wong in Likas state seat. Apart from Bingkor, Dr Jeffrey’s STAR candidates lost all 48 state and 21 parliamentary seats it contested. Except for the Klias state seat, Sabah UMNO retained all its 13 parliamentary and 31 (out of 32) state seats it contested.

While many facile analyses will attribute the electoral outcome in Sabah to factors that were marginally relevant, the more astute of analysts will see in the turnout figures what this election was really about. Of particular interest would be the number of first time voters and of even greater significance the spike in the Women Voter turnout. It would not be exaggeration to describe this election as the one where Women and Youth reposed their faith overwhelmingly in Musa Aman. In the processing putting up a Firewall against Race, Religion and every other political construct from the decades gone past that have come to define incumbencies.

This win signifies 6 things for Musa and Sabah:

#1 – He is a trend setter and has established that pro-incumbency sentiment can firewall against even the toughest of incumbencies and a 10 year run for the Chief Minister.

#2 – He is able to break from the past, having able to discard political constructs of the past 5 decades to analyse this election. This requires a new political construct to analyse how elections of the future will be fought as well.

#3 – He proves that Technology can be a winner – and that is necessary to stop being apologetic for being tech friendly.

#4 – He has sent a signal to the Pakatan Rakyat and its extended ecosystem of Sabah Progressive Party and Star that the cliche victimhood card as a permanent political agenda is past its sell by date. Cynicism no longer sells.

#5 – It is reflective of what the future can hold for Malaysia.

#6 – It shows Sabah is kingmaker in Malaysian politics.

Between women and youths lies the “New Sabah”. The story of this election’s win is really the story of how the ‘New Sabah’ came to be and how Musa Aman has laid out a political roadmap to realise its aspirations. Musa Aman preferred to call this a ‘Covenant of Commitment’. But I would go a step further to call it the ‘ladder of opportunity’.

For the first time in the middle of a high stakes election for an incumbent Chief Minister in a country like Malaysia to go on record and express his commitment to Development takes both courage and conviction. It is much easier to resort to cheap populism. What I find striking about this election is the creativity with which the “Safety of Net” has been promised. This has been done so while being steadfast about creating a “Ladder of Opportunity”. Thus there is the opportunity for more citizens to cross over that much riled “Poverty Line” through targeted interventions and join the “New Sabah”. The “safety net” that has been promised is less of a trap that sucks you into dependency but more of a trampoline that helps you bounce right back to find your way up that ladder of opportunity.

The earliest indicators of the rise of the ‘New Sabah’ came from the Census data of Rural Households. Between the fall of Harris Salleh’s Berjaya that was wrongly attributed to “Sabah Shining” and the re-election of Pairin Kitingan’s PBS that was once again wrongly attributed to ‘Sabah rights based entitlements’ most commentators have ignored what the Census data told us going as far back as 1985. In block after block, district after district, when queried over what kind of assistance Rural families preferred one message came out loud and clear – education, skills and security.

Musa Aman’s comments on the rise of the ‘New Sabah’ during the release of Sabah BN’s manifesto for the May 5th 13 General Elections may come as a surprise to many but there is a sound demographic basis to it. Back in 2008 as an academic exercise an economist friend had dissected the electoral landscape in Sabah through the prism of the 2006 Census data. It was found that the opportunity exists to materially alter the battleground in Sabah through a platform that emphasized on ‘economic issues’ that can size up to the ‘economic aspirations’ of the “New Sabah”.

It is this “New Sabah” that a hunger for job opportunities and infrastructure is shaping a different kind of electoral discourse where development and economic growth are viewed as essential to the ladder of opportunity while concerns over inflation manifest into the desire for a subsidy-oriented safety net. This is markedly different from the Pakatan Rakyat, SAPP and Star rhetoric which is all about imaginary rights and entitlements with the lure of cash transfers. The key difference is that the “New Sabah” is far more impatient to climb the ladder of opportunity rather than militate like the opposition parties for a safety net woven out of rights and entitlements.

Social engineering and victimhood narratives have been political anomalies for some time now with a young and impatient Sabahans hungry to satisfy its aspirations making electoral choices that defy conventional political wisdom. Soon they will become anachronisms with the Sabah victory marking the first time an explicit agenda targeting Sabahans being advanced by Musa Aman receiving such a resounding endorsement from the citizenry.

The opposition hasn’t been able to counter Musa Aman, but they say they have been able to contain him. That is one way of looking at it. What Musa has won is 18 seats more than the required majority, which is not spectacular, but the number is still more than what the opposition has managed to win. In fact, this is more a personal victory for Musa Aman than for the Barisan National.

There is no question Musa Aman is a master strategist.

  1. Sabah Warrior says:

    This time around the opposition scored four seats, namely, one in Luyang, one in Kapayan, another in Sri Tanjong and a fourth in Likas, a far cry from the lone seat it won in 2008. A state opposition party STAR won one seat in Bingkor.


  2. Sabah Warrior says:

    Sabah BN retained two-thirds majority in the state, controlling 48 of 60 seats in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN). However, the coalition lost 12 seats compared to three in the last elections in 2008. Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) successfully penetrated several areas namely Api-Api, Moyog, Kedamaian, Matunggong, Tamparuli, Klias and Inanam.


  3. Sabah Warrior says:

    On BN’s defeat in areas with majority Chinese and Kadazandusun electorate, Musa said the Sabah BN government would examine their dissatisfactions and pledged to improve their performance in order to meet the expectations of the people.


  4. Sabah Warrior says:

    In addition, Musa said the election victory would strengthen cooperation between the Federal government under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the State government in order to bring greater development to Sabah.


  5. Sabah Warrior says:

    “I promise to take the responsibility as Chief Minister and pledge to work closely with the new state cabinet and all parties to fulfill the promises that we made to the people and for the betterment of the state,” he said.


  6. Sabah Warrior says:

    Expressing his gratitude to the people of Sabah, Musa pledged that the new Sabah BN cabinet would put Sabah on the fast-track to development.


  7. Sabah Warrior says:

    However, despite the win Musa said he was far from satisfied from the achievement, saying efforts must be intensified with extra focus given to the people’s wellbeing.


  8. Sabah Warrior says:

    Musa, who successfully defended his Sungai Sibuga legislative assembly seat (DUN) with a majority of 11,569 votes, believe the recent success of the Sabah BN to form the government with two thirds majority reflected the people’s confidence in the ruling coalition to lead the state.


  9. Sabah Warrior says:

    “We will fulfill the people’s mandate entrusted to the BN and prove our commitment by carrying out the developmental programmes and policies outlined in the manifesto for Sabah,” he said.


  10. Sabah Warrior says:

    Newly appointed Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman pledged to work harder to bring more development for Sabah and in the pursuit of good governance to justify the people’s confidence entrusted in the ruling coalition.


  11. manteraa says:

    Musa telah menjadi KM Sabah begitu lama, sepanjang itu dia byk membawa pembangunan pada Sabah, Sabah kini menjadi makin maju. kini khidmat Musa sebagai KM Sabah masih diteruskan dan harap dia akan terus bawa pembangunan pada Sabah.


  12. babei says:

    “We must accept the people’s verdict, win or lose is part and parcel of a contest. We should forget about GE13.”


  13. babei says:

    All political parties should stop post 13th general election (GE13) polemic as it can thwart efforts to develop the country.


  14. babei says:

    Ini satu penghargaan yang baik buat beliau yang sentiasa menyokong kita di sini dan sana.


  15. babei says:

    A good man with a good heart will always receive thunderous claps and supports from the flow. I believe in him.


  16. babei says:

    Musa is a great man with a great vision and great moment. We should appreciate his contributions to Sabah.


  17. babei says:

    A journey with Musa will enhance your vision.


  18. akubaini says:

    rakyat tahu hanya kerajaan BN yang akan dan tetap membela nasib mereka


  19. akubaini says:

    “Janji perlu ditepati!” itulah yang dilaungkan oleh rakyat..


  20. akubaini says:

    Harap mandat yang diberikan rakyat kepada Musa dan partinya akan dipergunakan sebaiknya..


  21. akubaini says:

    semoga kerajaan BN akan dapat memberikan yang terbaik kepada rakyat berbanding tahun-tahun sebelum ini


  22. atas pagar says:

    Taniah kepada parti BN ke atas kemenangan ini


  23. atas pagar says:

    yakni, rakyat masih mahukan BN sebagai parti pemerintah mereka


  24. atas pagar says:

    jadi, semoga semua pihak dapat menerima hakikat ini


  25. atas pagar says:

    kita semua tahu bahawa keputusan PRU13 telahpun menunjukkan BN tetap menjadi pilihan majoriti rakyat Malaysia.


  26. atas pagar says:

    Everything is gone now, may all of us focus on what is in front of us.


  27. atas pagar says:

    semoga keputusan PRU13 ini dapat diterima oleh rakyat Malaysia


  28. atas pagar says:

    kalah atau menang sudah menjadi lumrah dalam pertandingan…


  29. atas pagar says:

    rakyat janganlah kerana terlalu taksub untuk tukar, kita bermusuhan sesama bangsa pula.


  30. atas pagar says:

    setiap orang ada pilihan sendiri tapi pastikan kita tetap mengutamakan keharmonian negara.


  31. atas pagar says:

    rakyat telahpun menjalankan tugas mereka sebagai pengundi di PRU13 yang baru berakhir minggu lalu


  32. atas pagar says:

    Musa Aman is once again back to the power of the state as the poll result of the just-concluded 13th General Election of May 5 showed that he won a landslide victory.

    ini menunjukkan BNmasih menjadi pilihan kebanyakkan rakyat Sabah


  33. Pemerhati says:

    Musa is definitely a great leader and will be remembered always.


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