Finally Deputy Federal Minister and United Malays National Organisation Supreme council member cum Beaufort divisional chief Lajim Hj Ukim is saying bye bye to UMNO/Barisan national. In not so many words but in front of a crowd of about 500 people at Kampung Bukit Kallam on July 18 Lajim has openly stated that he intends to join the opposition Pakatan Rakyat headed by Anwar Ibrahim.

“I will sacrifice my RM20,000 monthly pay and perks as a minister for my struggle to uphold Sabah’s rights and fight corruption and cronyism,” he said. He also said that he is expected to be sacked from UMNO and that he did not expect to be re-nominated by BN-Umno to defend his seat in this coming 13th General Election which must be held before April 2013.

Lajim was speaking in the house of former Kuala Penyu independent candidate John Ghani the former strongman from USNO, now PKR.

So, its no more rumour, this is final. Lajim wants out from UMNO and is hoping to be sacked so that he could get some sympathy votes and earn brownie points from his supporters.

By obtaining a sack, Sabah’s famous party hopper the Deputy Federal Minister of Housing and Local Government, is hoping to project himself as the sole champion of Sabahans who is oppressed by Putrajaya, as someone who is able to push and prod the Barisan National government at the Centre into working for the greater common good and struggle to uphold Sabah’s rights.

Lajim will do anything to enhance his political image, even if this means humiliating his senior colleagues in the party including Chief Minister Musa Aman, who heads UMNO and the BN in Sabah. Remember in 1987 he did the same, in-front of the press and dignitaries, in the Istana, he humiliated his boss Party President Pairin Kitingan during the swearing in ceremony because he was not appointed as Deputy Chief Minister. Instead Pairin appointed Baharum Titingan who lost his state seat as Deputy Chief Minister. Lajim was so frustrated then, he couldn’t control his emotions and was screaming profanity and vulgarity and used words like “menteri kalah menteri tewas”.

Then in 1994 he defected from the opposition Parti Bersatu Sabah which won the Sabah election. His action opened a floodgate of defections from PBS and saw the collapse of Pairin’s PBS government.

Now, Lajim has got an axe to grind with Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman. He thinks Musa Aman did not nominate him to defend the Beaufort Klias seat for BN in the last 2008 general election. This is not true because its Musa who actually pleaded to the BN chief the former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that Lajim be included in the BN candidate list. In fact Lajim’s own division didn’t want him as a candidate in Klias then.

Musa Aman is obviously not taken aback by the developments; if Lajim had only indicated what his grouses were, Musa would have presumably found a way to oblige Lajim. Musa Aman is a very fair man and always accommodating. But what Lajim wanted was not just development funds for his Klias constituency or BN cutting off his MP development fund allocation as he says, but one he could first criticise and then re-mould into his very own dream i.e to become chief minister of Sabah.

Lajim is working hand in glove with Shafie Apdal to pull down Musa Aman. Shafie Apdal too dreams to become chief minister of Sabah. Shafie Apdal is even rumoured to have given Lajim Ukim RM150 million road project from his Rural Ministry.

The strategy is, if Lajim continues with his tantrums, Najib, sooner or later, might come to believe there is no future in Musa Aman continuing as chief minister. And given this fractious relationship, any political development could serve as the trigger for a major upheaval. The moment Lajim withdraws support from UMNO, others inside and outside the alliance will begin to exercise their leverage. So he thinks. Lajim and Shafie wants the prime minister to intervene in Sabah’s affairs but that’s the last thing Najib would want to do because Musa Aman is doing a great job as chief Minister of Sabah and his governance is par excellence. So, why should Najib rock the boat?

Anyway, “Little Bird” has told me that Lajim Ukim will join join Anwar Ibrahim’s opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat once he officially leaves via a sack from UMNO which would happen pretty soon. It seems Anwar Ibrahim has agreed to make Lajim the No 1 man for PKR in Sabah. Anwar has even promised Lajim that if Pakatan wins the Sabah elections and if PKR gets the most number of seats Lajim would be chief minister, something Lajim has been dreaming since 1994.

  1. Kris Jr says:

    I not surprise with Lajim action


  2. Kris Jr says:

    Lajim quit from BN, that is good news. Lajim is liability for BN, I think he should quit.


  3. rllan says:

    I hear about this to. So this the truth that Lajim join PR. Before this.. Why Lajim join UMNO because that time Anwar is the DPM Malaysian and plan paid Lajim to join UMNO. Now i don’t know why Lajim choice Anwar again be his boss?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Sabah, throw the BN out and get out of Malaysia. For 49 very long years already the thieves in Umno Baru have been sucking your blood till you are now the poorest state in Malaysia. Umno Baru come to Sabah not looking for politicians but looking for prosittutes.


  5. jamil says:

    Lajim stay on in the cabinet until you are sacked. UMNO will give you a golden handshake too. They are very good in handouts. Then take your pie and say bye bye to all these crooks. After all, iof they give you a farewell gift, it is ouir taxpayers money and not theirs. Why not take it before you leave ?


  6. lani says:

    Jangan suka lompt2 parti, rakyat akan hilang kepercayaan nanti.


  7. anii says:

    Macam2 cerita timbul sekarang ne.. rakyat pun keliru, Lajim..cepat2 la buat keputusan.


  8. owie says:

    Pemimpin yang suka lompat parti, adalh pemimpin yang tiada pendirian.


  9. Anon says:

    Hak memilih ada pada semua orang termasuk pemimpin. kalau mahu lompat parti, terserah..


  10. AntiKatak says:

    Katak Lajim and Rubin Balang were the first two who jumped out of PBS in 1994. That gave way to UMNO state government. ok.. he would (let say) win the seat under PKR or PAS, but would definetly re-join UMNO if PA could not win Putra Jaya. He would say ‘Only BN could bring development.’. Lajim oh Lajim, kenapa engkau lompat? Macamana aku tak lompat, memang tabiat aku.


  11. mantera says:

    jika Lajim nak sertai PKR, itu hak dia.


  12. voter says:

    The frogs falling out of the skies have only just begun and only god know and why these crooks continue to exist.

    Jumping from point A to point B for their political survival and let get real this time all Malaysians.

    YB aka Yang Berkurap used to live in total luxuries with bloated stomach and full of ill gotten wealth without GIVING a hoot to how the common and struggling RAKYAT live by each going day.

    Come election, they will step and stumble on any SHITS come their way and you can bet they are no way to be seen after being elected.



  13. Ah Katak Gor says:

    1) In the land of the frogs, anything can happen.
    2) At least Yong Teck Lee made his “blunder” for being the first to respond to 916, and stuck with his “blunder”.
    3) Is Anwar encouraging frogs activities at all costs just to gain power? Don’t forget, it is the heart we are trying to win, not the erection we seek.
    4) Raja Putar has already alleged this is buy-erection. Is he right?
    5) Looking the other way round, since frogs have leaped, let it send a spine shuddering shock to AhJib Gor for his undecisive demeanour.
    6) We do not like frogs, but frogs have leaped, let them have a disco dance.
    7) Ah Wa Gor, don’t try to create a New new UMNO out of PKR. All races are equal.
    8) AhWaGor, we see through you. But we will still vote PR for change.


  14. mamak penang says:

    Kureng sikt le Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim…bab2 lompat ni..depa lompat kerana rakyat ka or kerana jawatan??!!Saya lebih suka dengar orang biasa..rakyat biasa lompat masuk PKR ..macam ramai artis dan bekas pegawai2 kerajaan maca Dato Fauzi, Aishah masuk PAS..nilai depa 100 kali lagi hebat dari mata rakyat dari seorang Menteri atau sewaktu dgnnya!!


  15. chow says:

    aiyoh- again jumping frogs – is this sabah politics at its best alh– frogs for sale again??


  16. ants says:

    If i were him i will not joining any party and i will quit from the political scene for the rest of my life.


  17. ants says:

    I kind of not agree with Lajim’s decision. How can you trust someone that used to be ur enemy?


  18. sflyer says:

    I didnt know Lajim was one of the the kataks in 1994. I only know about Kurup and Dompok. YTL also jumped ship in 1994 although he did it 1 mth before the election. When the kataks in Perak jumped ship in 2009, they were, deservedly, cursed by the general public. These Sabah kataks also deserve the same treatment.


  19. al says:

    all politican as well the kroni and family members are gettin richer we are gettin poorer from day by day ..funny why we should support this all this crooks


  20. rosni says:

    saya langsung x respek sesiapapun pemimpin dalam negara atau negeri,semuanya corup!!!!!!talam muka 2 utk kepentingan rakyat konon,sebaliknya kepentingan sendiri.cakap x seruopa bikin,apa nak hairan kalau ada pembangunan sikit2 sebab itu duit dari rakyat juga.


  21. laminit says:



  22. Drjoe says:

    Dream on Katak dream on…….


  23. lee says:

    Anwar should not take the castoffs of UMNO. This people who have previously jumped from, PBS to UMNO and who are known to be typically corrupt UMNO politicians should be shunned


  24. joe says:

    BN is the sinking ship by the day. Everyone for himself now.


  25. Anonymous says:

    It’s great to see some high profile ‘ taubat ‘ politician who can no longer bear or dwell within a BNajis raceest and corrupted culture.


  26. Lotud says:

    United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) deputy president Wilfred Bumburing is also ditching Barisan Nasional (BN) to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Today Bumburing also resigned as BN chairperson for Tuaran. It seems on 29th of July Bumburing will make an announcement to join PKR in the presence of Anwar Ibrahim.


  27. micheal says:

    It is strange that all Sabah leaders who championed the entry of UMNO into Sabah are all biting the dust.

    1st is Tun Mustaffa…Tun was so disappointed with his move to bring UMNO into Sabah and he died a bitter man regretting his move to bring UMNO into Sabah and in the end left UMNO to join PBS.

    2nd is Chong Kah Kiat…Chong at one time suggested that rotation of chief minister be scraped and he advise all political parties in Sabah to just follow UMNO’s direction, in the end UMNO played him out when his “GOD-MAZU” was pulled down half way, even PAK LAH refuse to help him to allow the erection of his GOD, also end up to be bitter man.

    3rd is Lajim….Lajim was instrumental for UMNO to form its government in Sabah in 1994 and today Lajim is in a limbo, also played out by UMNO

    4th is Yong Teck Lee….Yong Teck Lee also like adik beradik with UMNO at onetime and Yong also played a role in UMNO’s taking over of the Sabah State government from PBS. See now what happen to Yong? Also a bitter man.


  28. max says:

    selvarajasomiah must be really twisted in his mind!!! Musa Aman the crook is a “par excellent” Chief Minister. I bet selvaraja is being paid the most little to come with this spin!!!


  29. Orang Tawau says:

    You are right, Lajim has been dreaming to become CM since Osu Sukam. During Osu Sukam’s time it was Lajim who was trying to unseat him. Lajim even told a Magistrate then as to why ACA has not arrested Osu Sukam for corruption. Lajim cannot be trusted.


  30. junaidi says:

    Lajim is the biggest opportunist.


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