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Dear Editor,

Attached a COMMENT piece, Everyone has Right of Reply, no need to run amok!, for your kind attention.

Thanking you

Joe Fernandez

COMMENT It’s not the done thing for Jeffrey Kitingan’s State Reform Party (Star) to take a leaf from the mosquito political parties in Sabah and run amok, samseng-style, whenever they run into a spell of stormy weather in the media. The verdict from the Barisan Nasional (BN) is that the party (Star) needs a dose of its own medicine after running amok in recent weeks with numerous statements in the media.

Star’s inspiration stems from one particular mosquito party in the opposition – allegedly planning a reverse frogging after the 13th GE — in Sabah which has been known to avoid press interviews like the plague, preferring to hide behind public relations statements structured as “news stories” and written by journalists on the take – “ang pow journalism” — in the local media, and responding to criticisms with venomous personal and offensive attacks against journalists who incur its wrath.

Again, it seems that Star has now adopted the same approach as well.

If it’s a storm in a tea cup, no need to carry on as if one has been hit by a tsunami.

Not the end of the world

Criticisms in the media are not the end of the world. One must think of living to fight another day. There’s no need to get carried away in politics by one’s own bulls..t. We need to know where politics ends and good government begins. The people are watching!

Two recent articles in the alternative media, and they are self-explanatory, has Star up in arms:



The piece in selvarajasomiah was also carried in borneoherald.blogspot.com which is run by Dusuns including one who was formerly political secretary to Jeffrey when he was Deputy Federal Minister for Housing and Local Government post-1994.

Star can exercise Right of Reply.

It has waived this right.

Instead, the party’s cybertroopers are now out in full force running amok all over blogosphere and FaceBook, Twitter, Chat and emails, launching downright racist, personal and highly offensive attacks in spin on yours truly. One comment made an unflattering comparison between this writer’s tan and “another Keling but putih” who recently passed away after serving as a press secretary of sorts to former Sabah Chief Minister Harris Salleh.

It’s not known whether Jeffrey is behind these attacks which is very much unlike him but what’s certain is that he’s in the know and apparently making no attempts to stop these attacks.

“Nothing but spin and bullshit”

The cybertroopers attack has been set by the following article originally penned for Sabahkini.net, where it was not greeted enthusiastically, and therefore lifted by a mosquito political party-linked wikiSabah and for good measure posted in Malaysia-today.net where it drew only criticisms against the cybertroopers, among others.

The article – “nothing but spin and bullshit” — is self-explanatory.


Sabahkini.net, malaysiakini.com, freemalaysiatoday.com, selvarajasomiah.wordpress.com, borneoherald.blogspot.com have all been dragged into the debate without the slightest respect for even an ounce of the truth.

The fact is that malaysiakini is yet to settle its legal bill in Kota Kinabalu after being sued by a PKR division chief. The case was struck out by the High Court in the Sabah capital.

To add insult to injury, yours truly has been bombarded with text messages, however not all as virulent as those in blogosphere, and many long telephone calls, some threatening, to put it mildly.

Hit-men from the Philippines

One caller in particular in the dead of night, who sounded as if he had one too many for the road, said that he just has to give the word and his “boss” will finish off yours truly for good. Visions of hit-men from the nearby Philippines came to mind.

Another foul-mouthed caller, liberally spicing his call with various derogatory terms, swore he had a battery of lawyers ready to spring into action on behalf of Star.

The thrust of the matter is Jeffrey Kitingan who has the unenviable reputation of being the King of the Frogs in Sabah. His latest contribution to political theatre in Sabah has been to label all Sabah politicians, including his brother Joseph Pairin Kitingan, as frogs. The Jury is still out on this.

He has yet to convince the voters beyond a shadow of doubt that he has been truly rehabilitated since the dark days of 1994 and that he would not betray the people’s cause in the run-up to the 13th General Election.

Drums of war on Sabah, Sarawak rights

In recent months, the Star Chief has been beating the drums of war on Sabah and Sarawak rights in Malaysia but without producing any concrete evidence that he’s not all just hot air to get the votes.

Jeffrey was in fact accused of betraying Pairin in 1994, albeit through various media statements, and causing the downfall of the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Government. Many believe that then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad made many promises to Jeffrey, after allegedly seizing the latter’s international accounts, and which (promises) he had no intention of keeping. Jeffrey had then just been released from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) after being incarcerated for two two-year terms.

Jeffrey, who has a PhD from Harvard University, has also yet to convince his former colleagues in PBS that he has fully recovered from the PhD – “permanent head damage” – which he reportedly suffered at the Kamunting Detention Centre. PBS loyalists believe that Jeffrey was subject to repeated attacks on the head with telephone directories to “damage his brains and thinking faculties”.

Exercise Right of Reply

The bottomline is that if Jeffrey is on the level, he will exercise his Right of Reply.

He will also say what he means and mean what he says and not go all over the place bogged down by ancient history.

As Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president, his major complaint was that the party did not respect Sabahans and Sarawakians and did not subscribe to their rights in Malaysia.

So, he left in a huff to form his own political party instead of standing firm with the opposition alliance to bring about a much-needed change in Putrajaya.

Now that Jeffrey is on his own, there’s no indication either that he’s serious about Sabah and Sarawak rights beyond generating hot air to provide entertainment of sorts in the rural areas in particular.

Hindraf Makkal Sakthi was serious about assisting Jeffrey & Co to internationalize the plight of Borneo in Malaysia. The Star Chief appears to have spurned the offer, withdrawn on co-operating with the London-based NGO, and tried to squat on anyone in the party thinking of taking the UN route with or without Hindraf.

Meeting Najib the Mother of all Lies

Jeffrey and a girlfriend had all their bags ready to leave for London in early 2010 to address the House of Commons on Borneo. Suddenly, he had cold feet, and withdrew after telling his supporters that Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak wanted to see him to discuss Borneo.

In fact, it turned out to be the Mother of All Lies and Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy was shocked beyond belief.

As a cover-up Jeffrey claimed that it was de facto PKR Chief Anwar Ibrahim who suggested that he try to see Prime Minister on the plight of Borneo in Malaysia.

The latest is that Jeffrey has put the much awaited party manifesto and its vision, mission statement in cold storage although the drafts are ready.
The people are waiting with bated breaths to see how much of the content reflects the plight of Borneo in Malaysia.

Ominous sign

An ominous sign is that his aides have meanwhile dismissed the draft manifesto and the party’s vision, mission – reflecting the plight of Borneo in Malaysia and prepared by party seniors — as just spin and bullshit.

If Jeffrey doesn’t stick with the plight of Borneo in Malaysia, he would have betrayed the cause of the people and betrayed the opposition alliance as well after having found them more than wanting.

  1. only politicians will run amok, not everyone..


  2. Smookiekins says:

    Govt understands the needs of the people and is always ready to listen to them. All the promises made by the BN will be honoured in the best interest of the people


  3. Smookiekins says:

    JK in Sabah politics via the Star is only aimed at dividing the opposition. JK might have a hidden agenda. JK was a very strong figure in the opposition but suddenly joined Star, a local-based party from Sarawak.


  4. jay says:

    Some people just can’t accept criticism.


  5. Jsing says:

    JF is still wrong. He didn’t verify his facts. When a wartawan like JF twists facts and tell lies, JF thinks it is professionalism unless proven wrong. But then again JF can’t prove what he wrote was 100% accurate and empirical. It was a one-sided information and thus the reporting was biased and malicious. What transpired in the meeting that day was only 10% of what JF reported. There was no ‘ olive branch’. Instead JK empowered his team to speak up as leaders on current political issues if they are making their own personal statements. And yes, as far as policy matters are concerned, they still have to be referred to him. He talked about building leadership and image building and what it takes to be political leaders. If JF wanted the facts, he would have checked his secret informers’ stories ( professional journalist have their ways ) with JK, and ONLY THEN, he makes his report as objectively as possible without prejudice. THAT would have put JF in good stance .


  6. mantera says:

    everyone has a right to give their opinion.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Ambiga is calling for free, fair and clean elections. Instead of the EC addressing the issue, it’s hiding behind Umno which is attacking Ambiga in personal and offensive terms. This is not about Ambiga. This is about clean, free and fair elections. Is Umno saying that we are having clean, free and fair elections or or is it saying it sees clean, free and fair elections as a threat to it? The issue here is not Keling bising atau tidak.

    Similarly, Star, Sapp and others have the Right of Reply to whatever Joe Fernandez writes. If they don’t reply, then whatever he wrote remains unchallenged.

    No use attacking the writer in personal and offensive terms.

    Reply to whatever he wrote.

    JF is not writing for malaysiakini because it did not pay the legal fees owing to Messrs Rakhbir Singh & Co for the case brought by Ansari Abdullah against malaysiakini.

    Today Ansari is dead.


    Political statements must be replied politically, not in court.


  8. Anonymous says:

    If Dr J steps out of line, Star should not hesitate to express no confidence in him and ask for his resignation. If he doesn’t resign, sack him. Who gave all the information to JF? It must be from Star leaders themselves. Don’t blame JF. Blame the Star leaders!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Jefron Jaimin, Jeffrey Kitingan and everybody that has criticized JF are frustrated old farts who are less superior in intellect than Joe Fernandez & are unable to re-butt what JF has wrote thats why all of you have resorted to hurling insults towards a great writer who writes the truth that NOBODY & I MEAN NOBODY has the balls to write. Jeffrey Kitingan(JK) may be a Harvard Graduate but he does not carry himself like one, he does not speak, think or act like a Harvard Graduate.I highly doubt that JK is really a Harvard Graduate because if he really is one he would look at JF’s criticism as constructive criticism and improve his flaws. JF is the one that gave JK publicity and built up his public image. Before this nobody gave two fucks about JK. Some people even thought that he was dead. As far as STAR is concerned they are all talk & no action so in conclusion STAR is full of shit only. They can only talk the talk but they can’t walk the walk. They can’t back up whatever comes out from their mouth. According to the author JF can’t teach JK anything because JK has been in politics for a long time but people ask yourself, has JK been Chief Minister? NO, has he done anything for the people of Sabah? NO, why now? why suddenly he wants to do something for Sabah after keeping quiet for so many years? Because he is incompetent & unfit to be a leader. He does not have the qualities or the characteristics of a leader. He can only come up with nonsense like The Borneo Tea Party, The United Borneo Front and STAR to seek cheap publicity


  10. Pemerhati says:

    Everyone has Right of Reply, no need to run amok!– Agree with that statement. If can’t stand with criticisms, then back off.


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