In a country that is no stranger to sex scandals in politics, the latest flare-up has been one of the strangest of all.

Most notably, it came to broad public attention only because the man at the center of it, Minister of Rural and Regional Development and UMNO Vice President wannabe Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Shafie Apdal, made a plaintive declaration, that there had been no scandal at all.

Shafie, minister in the Barisan National government of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, brought the issue into the glare of national attention when he issued a statement on Monday seeking to end “continued and hurtful speculation” prompted by political bloggers concerning his relationship on a alleged affair with actress Zahida Rafik, on whom he was accused of lavishing RM1.5mil over a 4-month period.

I wrote on July 19th 2011 quoting the actress by name, see here Datuk Shafie Apdal Don’t Dream lah To Become Chief Minister of Sabah!

Complicating the story, the fact is, it was Zahida herself who started the commotion when she lodged a police report against her driver for absconding with RM200,000. And the driver to clear himself, the driver then lodged his own report, revealing all details about his occupation, that he was hired by Shafie and told to monitor Zahida’s movements. Then the fireworks started bigtime.


  1. James says:

    Even The Star paper today covered this story in the front page with the heading “Shafie Apdal denies paying large amount of money to artiste”. See here,


  2. karim says:

    Remember this Shafie father in law (one of the Datuk T trio) went to mosque to swear but chickened out. Wonder if he too would go?. Now u know why these people are afraid of huhud laws because if true he’s doing it and convicted then he will face the music. People like u and I need not worry, so lets vote for hudud. God is Great.


  3. Ali Bakar says:

    Why take 7 days to consider suing. I challenge you to sue if you think you are innocent. Go ahead and sue.


  4. ronnie says:

    Hey Shafdal, you could have said “I did’nt pay this money from my pocket. Someone else may have and my ex-driver mistakenly thought it was me.” This way, you still have an excuse if it is proven big money was paid into her bank account.


  5. ariffin says:

    Is it true that due to this sex scandal, Shafie’s wife is now suffering from mental illness and is undergoing treatment in KL psychiatric wad?


  6. Anonymous says:

    The only person from BN who bravely admitted the rumor of his adultery is Chua Soi Lek. And look at where he’s now, a president of Malaysia’s second largest party, elected immediately after his admittance. Perhaps, this Shafie should do the same and aim for UMNO presidency!


  7. BORNEO UNITED says:



  8. Good Woman says:

    l sympathised with Zahida , having fallen into a political crosshair
    lf she so chosed to repent and lead an honorable course, we should give her a chance and not lynch her to pieces.
    lm only not in favor of what she had uttered “its up 2me nak ada hubungan dengan sesiapa pun”
    This is not right as Shafie Apdal’s wife wouild be concern abt Zahida’s relationship with him.
    Zahida should not take this relationship lightly as it may destroy Shafie’s family and thats not right.
    How would Zahida feel if she is married and another pretty lady go after her husband whom she love.?
    Can this ” its up 2me nak ada hubungan dengan sesiapa pun ” works?
    Zahida !!!!!……tolong fikirkan that poor lady at home.. Her heart must be very broken and you wont want to continue this relationship anymore
    One day you will be a beautiful mother and l wish you all the best to your marraige


  9. nasri says:

    Kalo betul lah….ni lah balasannya…bapak mertua Dato Shuaib tu salah siorang Dato T, dok sibuk2 jaja anwar belasah China Doll….menantu pulak yang buat keje….buat malu. ?.Allah SWT bayar cash sekarang…..


  10. siti says:

    Owh patotlah takboleh mansuh ptptn..student dapat pinjaman 15ribu sepanjang pengajian..artis dpt BIASISWA 1.5juta..pandai!


  11. teja says:

    Patut lah dah lame tak berlakun..rupenyer berlakun dlm bilik ngan pak… menteri jer ….dah dpt juta2..


  12. syafak says:

    shapie afdal nak jadi mcm bung muhktar kot kawin dgn artis


  13. haqeem says:

    giler ahhh…pie bedal one shot dgn zahida lapik dapat juta..kalau dgn angelina jolie berapa si pie bedal si lanun ni bayar


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