The shadow boxing by certain UMNO politicians using Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) a Barisan National component in Sabah and the Kadazandusun Murut Association Malaysia (KDM Malaysia) may be a precursor to a battle for the gaddi in Kuala Lumpur.

Sabahans often accuse their politicians of being short-sighted. Judging by the rhetoric’s, lobbying, mudslinging, conniving and scheming by the principal parties, we are actually looking at least as far into the future as the 13th General Elections, parliamentary and state polls, which must be held before 2013.

If you ask me the most interesting part of this coming election is the shadow-boxing within the Barisan National in Sabah.

Some UMNO leaders in Sabah namely Shafie Apdal is vying for the chief minister’s chair– not for today but definitely for tomorrow.

It is a bit silly to accuse — as Senator Chin Su Phin the Deputy President of LDP who with his President VK Liew has done — Musa Aman for being ‘opportunistic’ about the alliance with the Gerakan Party and for appointing Dr Yee Moh Chai of PBS as the new Deputy Chief Minister. To set the record straight, Musa Aman a fair man, has always has been loyal to UMNO and the Barisan National.

Musa Aman has stayed loyal and calm despite being accused by all sorts of things by LDP, even the UMNO chaps associated with Shafie Apdal are doing the same, hitting him under the belt. In spite of all these never once has Musa Aman lost his cool.

That loyalty — or political necessity — was also strong enough to withstand the disappointments of being accused and attacked by the his own UMNO fellows like Shafie Apdal using proxies like Senator Chin and VK Liew and now even KDM Malaysia trying to undermine him. Of course now after the story about VK Liew’s shenanigans with his Rungus staff  and the police report in Kota Marudu which came out in Malaysia Today website, things have cool down and now VK Liew is throwing heaps of praises on Musa Aman. Whatever other adjective you may use of Musa Aman he has proved anything but ‘opportunistic’.

Given this 10-year history why is Shafie Apdal now eyeing Musa Aman so warily?

The simple answer is that Shafie Apdal believes that UMNO shall be a real contender for power come the 13th GE. Shafie also believes that, in the absence of a towering figure such as Musa Aman, the leadership of the Sabah BN may be up for grabs.

Finally, Shafie Apdal also knows that he is — again Musa Aman apart — probably the most visible face of  UMNO Sabah and he thinks and he gives the impression that he has got Najib Tun Razak’s  blessings to replace Musa Aman. I doubt this very much because Najib Tun Razak openly acknowledges that Musa Aman is doing a fantastic job in Sabah.

In the ordinary course of events Musa Aman would probably be the clear front-runner. He is by far the best chief minister Sabah has ever seen, articulate, workaholic and has propelled his state ahead of the rest when it comes to development, and has won every electoral challenge thrown at him — Parliament polls or state assembly polls since taking over in 2003.

Now lets look at KDM Malaysia and see how Shafie Apdal’s hidden tentacles has come into play.

Datuk John Ambrose is the founder and President of the newly registered KDM Malaysia (KDMM) and its number one purpose is to get Kadazan Dusun Murut (KDMs) to support Umno and its second most important intention is to break the KDMs away from PBS, Upko and the PBRS. In other words it is a tool to divide the KDMs.

Everyone knows that Musa Aman has got a perfect relationship with Pairin Kitingan and PBS, and PBS is the second most important party in the BN Sabah after UMNO.  So in order to weaken Musa Aman,  Pairin and the PBS must be weaken. And this can be done if a sizable number of KDMs are taken away from the PBS. Even Upko will be weaken in so doing.

After the failed Umno KDM Task Force, Shafie Apdal together with John Ambrose and one Peter Antony hatched this idea of KDM Malaysia. The objective was basically to weaken the PBS in order to weaken Musa Aman.

Ambrose says, KDM Malaysia is an NGO and it will undertake welfare programs and build houses for the KDMs poor. But, where will KDM Malaysia get the money to build thousands of houses for the poor KDMs? Ambrose says, KDM Malaysia will get funding from the government to built houses for the poor KDMs. Is this true? Is it true that the Ministry of Rural Development under Shafie Apdal will be the money man? Is it true that Ambrose got a yearly RM 40 million landscape project from University Malaysia Sabah to fund his KDM Malaysia? Is it true that Najib wrote a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, YBhg Prof Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Kamaruzaman Hj Ampon to give the yearly RM40 million landscaping contract to Ambrose’s company?

Little bird tells me Bernard Dompok is very sore with the whole game play in trying to divide the KDMs further.

Little bird also told me that Bernard Dompok has met Anwar Ibrahim recently with a view to pullout Upko from the Barisan National if there is no Royal Commission of Inquiry on the issuance of blue IC’s to illegals.

Little bird also told me that Jeffrey Kitingan has agreed to stand on  SAPP ticket for the coming 13th General Elections.

Little bird also told me it seems Pairin may also step down as the President of PBS in order not to face the dilemma and let the party decide to whether to side with UPKO in the worst case scenario. Pairin is really disappointed with “the plotters” trying to divide the KDMs further. According to Little Bird, Pairin did ask Najib Tun Razak about the KDM Malaysia and Najib just smiled and didn’t respond.

So, in the end, only PBS, PBRS and KDM Malaysia may represent the KDM’s in BN, it is feared.

If KDM Malaysia is not handled properly, this will put a severe dent in Musa Aman’s acceptability, particularly in those pockets of the KDM belt where KDMs constitute a major chunk of the electorate.

Looking to 2013 is all well and good but there is the small business of winning in 2013 that looms ahead just now.

  1. Anonymous says:

    To : All anak anak Johore
    From: Republic Lawyer Siaw Yen Luan
    Level 17,Wisma MCA.163 Jalan Ampang ,KL.
    Tel: 03 21663384
    Agenda : Review the status of Johore Head Of State ASAP.
    The Head of Johore State always claims that he is the protector of all Johoreans.And he is forever above all the politicians and politics of the day.When CM of Penang Lim Guan Eng ( 30.9.2011 ) says that Johore is a corrupted and evil place for investment he immediately put his foot down to ask for an official apology.CM of Penang Lim Guan Eng gave him due respect and apologized formally to him On 29.12.2011 crooks stole billions from the Johore Iskandar project and were arrested by MACC.I have all the paper evidence in my office for your viewing anytime.The Johore Head of State was meek and quiet as a lamb.I thought he would protect all the present and future financial interests of unborn Johoreans by demanding for an RCI or Royal Commission of Enquiry.But instead he is quiet as an loyal UMNO man.The question is ” Is he the Johore Head of State or a loyal UMNO man ? ” If he is the Johore Head of State he should fight for the interest of all Johoreans?We would all support him. If he is an UMNO man we would not even listen to him anymore.Please Sir… Make your stand for all of us annk anak Johore.


  2. Juju says:

    neway, i think sabah people should have the rights to choose their own CM.


  3. Juju says:

    Between shafie and Ma, i have to say MA still makes a better cm with his good leadership skills. But of course, can’t deny that there is still lots of things that MA must work on to further boost sabah’s economy.


  4. Juju says:

    Can your lil birdie information be trusted?


  5. aku bah says:

    Apapun, kita tunggu dan lihat sajalah nanti.


  6. aku bah says:

    Saya tak sabar mahu tunggu next GE. Rasanya nak juga tahu siapakah yang akan jadi pilihan rakyat nanti.


  7. aku bah says:

    Sepatutnya kalau satu bumbung tu janganlah ada sengketa nanti susah mahu maju:P


  8. aku bah says:

    Semuanya terpulang pada rakyat. Sekarang ini rakyatlah yang harus tentukannya.


  9. aku bah says:

    Macam kartun saja arena politik ni. hahhaa


  10. karim says:

    Shafie Apdal lanun, piki mampus lah kau.


  11. Anonymous says:

    ini hanya akan menimbulkan prejudis dan buruk sangka di kalangan parti komponen Barisan Nasional


  12. Anonymous says:

    konflik dalam arena politik sehingga menimbulkan kegusaran dan pergeseran antara personaliti dalam BN, tidak patut diungkit


  13. Anonymous says:

    prinsip perkongsian kuasa dan kesamarataan haruslah menjadi tunggak dan asas bagi Barisan Nasional


  14. Anonymous says:

    Ketua Menteri Sabah tidak seharusnya ditindas kepimpinannya kerana beliau tentunya mahukan Sabah turut berkembang maju seperti negeri-negeri lain di M’sia


  15. Anonymous says:

    biarlah rakyat yang menentukan nasib seseorang pemimpin itu di PRU akan datang nanti


  16. adam says:

    kita lihat sejauh mana KDMM ini mendapat sokongan dari KDM yang rata-ratanya memihak kepada PBS.


  17. adam says:

    “Datuk John Ambrose is the founder and President of the newly registered KDM Malaysia (KDMM) and its number one purpose is to get Kadazan Dusun Murut (KDMs) to support Umno and its second most important intention is to break the KDMs away from PBS, Upko and the PBRS. In other words it is a tool to divide the KDMs.”

    better he registered KDMM as a political party..


  18. adam says:

    PBS tidak mudah dilemahkan melalui penubuhan KDMM…ramai ahli2 PBS yang setia pada parti dan pada pemimpin parti..


  19. adam says:

    kini terdapat banyak persatuan KDM di sabah..konsep perjuangan hampir sama…mengapa perlu banyak persatuan? kan bagus jika semua persatuan ini bergabung…ternyata taktik pecah dan perintah sangat berkesan.


  20. adam says:

    musa still better than shafie…


  21. Anonymous says:

    neither musa nor shafie..time to change…


  22. Nelly says:

    WR yang tidak baik akan disingkirkan oleh rakyat.


  23. Hului says:

    Shafie KDM Malaysia..Jauh sekali Shafie mahu menyertai KDM..


  24. LimYT says:

    Pemimpin yang berdedikasi dan bertanggung jawab, tetap menambat hati pengundi.


  25. Zack says:

    KDM tidak sekuat PATI.


  26. Khairul says:

    After the failed Umno KDM Task Force, Shafie Apdal together with John Ambrose and one Peter Antony hatched this idea of KDM Malaysia. The objective was basically to weaken the PBS in order to weaken Musa Aman.

    They can do anything to stay in power. Just wait and see the progress.


  27. Moi Moi says:

    Kenapa memerlukan begitu banyak KDM? apakah tujuan KDM ditubuhakan sebenarnya?


  28. LLS says:

    Perosak parti harus disingkirkan.


  29. fslam says:

    Whether KDMM or PBS or PBRS is represented or not in Sabah political scene is immaterial.

    It is important that the people of Sabah should not be duped by UMNO Sabah and BN into voting for them.


  30. Edelweiss says:

    sekarang semakin banyak pula isu dikaitkan dengan Shafie. tengoklah nanti adakah beliau masih tersenarai sebagai winnable candidate.


  31. ejad says:

    dengan kecekapan dan keberkesanan pentadbiran, Musa pastinya disokong oleh rakyat.


  32. ejad says:

    sekarang ni semua harus sentiasa fokus untuk berkhidmat dan memenuhi keperluan rakyat.


  33. better says:

    He’s way far behind.


  34. insan says:

    Shafie ni memang fames kat Sabah atas banyak perkara..erm, perkara baik dan jahat mangkali.


  35. verygd says:

    As far as I concerned, Shafie gets the more ” bad talks ” than the other ones.


  36. martycruz says:

    if the formation of KDM Malaysia is to weaken PBS in order to weaken MA, then they should have realized it much earlier, especially when the KDM Malaysia was closely linked to Shafie.. Sabah chief minister would definitely be careful in making his decision to avoid the risk.


  37. Kast says:

    We like it or not we have to thank him for What had Sabah achieved.


  38. Kast says:

    I am still believing in Datuk Musa even some of the areas haven’t yet fully develop but he is the one bringing the development in Sabah.


  39. walao says:

    Pemimpin tempatan perlulah bersatu demi kebaikan Sabah.


  40. walao says:

    Harap rakyat sendiri akan pandai menilai Shafie Apdal ini.


  41. queen says:

    It is a well known fact that Musa has a strong grassroots in Sabah.


  42. His says:

    He is not KDM.


  43. Lakbir says:

    Selva, it’s not true that the more the numbers of organisations representing a group, the more divided the group will be. In fact, the reality is that the group will be more organised. Unity is the result of leaders working together. The younger crowd is no no longer with PBS. they are with Dr Jeffrey and UBF. Pairin knows this and he prefers this situation. John Ambrose is trying to eat into Dr Jeffrey’s turf and not targeting PBS or other Dusun parties. John Ambrose will be helping to organise the youths ( of course for his own benefit) but this can’t be held against him. No one should have a monopoly of anything.

    Musa is safe. Anti Musa gang is irrelevant


  44. supra says:

    sebaiknya semua parti dan ahli bersatu dalam memperjuangkan hak2 rakyat.


  45. supra says:

    perlu ada satu sahaja persatuan KDM, tak perlu ada byk.


  46. queen says:

    For BN to win, UmNO delegates need to pledge loyalty to party.
    No blickering !


  47. Smookiekins says:

    May be KDMM can fight with other KDM parties. other KDM parties must increase their performance to win rakyat.


  48. Pemerhati says:

    Is Shafie what they call ‘musuh dalam selimut’?


  49. Pemerhati says:

    Let us see how far the KDMM will be able to give its impact for the KDM people.


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