Myanmar approves first peaceful protest law

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Bersih, Peaceful Assembly Act
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Today Myanmar’s President has approved a new law allowing Burmese to request permission to stage peaceful protests for the first time.

Demonstrations of any kind were previously banned in the traditionally repressive nation, where authorities have cracked down hard on anti-government protests.

The new law says anyone planning a protest must request approval five days beforehand from police, who can deny permission but must explain the reason why.

The move is the latest reform undertaken by the nominally civilian government since it took power from a military junta earlier this year.

President Thein Sein signed the legislation today.

See in Malaysia our BN lawmakers steam-rolled and approved a ban on street protests last week even though there was overwhelming public opinion against it. Our Peaceful Assembly Bill  was criticized by many but our government insist the ban is not repressive and not a threat to freedom of assembly. Who are they trying to kid. Besides, the speedy passage of the Bill has actually put Prime Minister Najib Razak’s commitment to ushering in greater democracy and civil liberties in Malaysia under intense new scrutiny.

Our Peaceful Assembly Bill would confine demonstrators mainly to stadiums and public halls. Depending on the venue, organizers may be required to give 10-day advance notification to police, who would determine whether the date and location are suitable.

Children under 15 and non-citizens would be barred from attending rallies, which also cannot be held near schools, hospitals, places of worship, airports or gasoline stations. Demonstrators who break the law can be fined 20,000 ringgit.

So its confirmed now that our  Peaceful Assembly Act is more Draconian than the law in Myanmar.

As  Bersih 2.0 chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan puts it ”  It is shameful that Burma (Myanmar) can propose a far more democratic law than us.”

  1. joe says:

    10 days is still 2 times longer than Burma. We are better than Burma. Please do not soiled our reputation BN!


  2. KL Tan says:

    The PAA is a trap lah. There are so many restrictions that the only place one can congregate is in a large field out in nowhere. Even then, they can still arrest anybody they want – all they have to do is to plant a saboteur amongst the participants. The PAA is primarily enacted to stop any new BERSIH rallies and to arrest any of the organizers involved in it, including any PR politicians. UMNO knows how effective and powerful the BERSIH rallies are and this new Bill is their way to stop it. Yes we are worst of than Burma.


  3. Don says:

    Any new bills, any new law or any item introduced in the budget by the UMNO government is done only with the intention of further protecting the current UMNO leaders. They have come to a point where they are scared of their own shadows.


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