WikiLeaks is certainly not going to lie down quietly and die.

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Julian Paul Assange, Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamarudin
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The High Court’s ruling that Julian Assange shall be extradited to Sweden to face an investigation into allegations of sexual assault and rape by two Swedish women was not entirely unexpected, considering how things have gone before this. His extradition is not likely to take place immediately, unless a decision is taken not to appeal; his lawyers are expected to press before the High Court the right to appeal before the Supreme Court.

But as Julian pointed out in a short statement he made on the steps of the court yesterday, no charges have been laid against him in any country, including Sweden. He added that many attempts would no doubt be made to “try to spin these proceedings as they occurred today but they were merely technical. So please go to if you wish to know what is really going on in this case.”

Extradition to Sweden is a distinct possibility, even a probability, and if it happens, the charismatic founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks will face the situation bravely and is confident of coming out clean. He, his core team, and supporters have their concerns. But considering that Julian has been under house arrest at Ellingham Hall for 330 days — electronically tagged, having to sign in at a nearby police station every day, and required to be back inside the house by 10pm – they are prepared for worse and are nothing if not resilient.

WikiLeaks has been fighting attempts to intimidate, muzzle, and kill it on more than one front. It announced recently that it had been “forced to temporarily suspend its publishing whilst we secure our economic survival.” It revealed that the unlawful, U.S.-directed financial blockade imposed against it through powerful financial intermediaries and some banks had choked 95 per cent of its revenues, running into tens of millions of pounds, and that this blockade threatened its very existence. It has launched a ‘WikiLeaks Needs You’ campaign, which provides for perfectly legal practical ways of donating and beating the financial blockade.

The good news is that through this time of troubles, it has been working on new things — new projects, innovative technology, and creative ideas — and has interesting publishing and partnering plans for the future. It is due to launch on November 28 a new submission system, a platform for “principled leaking” that will be more advanced and more secure than anything seen before.

WikiLeaks is certainly not going to lie down quietly and die.

But what I can say is that while the concerns are serious, Raja Petra and Malaysia Today supports Julian and Wikileaks to the fullest.

  1. Marina Chu says:

    I fail to see how some people have already judged Julian innocent of the charges leveled against him. Just because he is a whistle blower he cannot be allowed to escape the due process of law. The arrest warrant issued by Swedish authorities isn’t a joke, it carries a lot of weight indicating that the case against him has a lot of legal merit. In other words these people who see an injustice in the present ruling claim to have some piece of evidence that the Swedish prosecutors don’t? You must remember that the judiciary are independent of the executive and that the Judges are also human beings. They too understand the pro and cons of all collateral matters in the lawsuit. The case he’s fighting is one of sexual assault, not related to W/L. That is a separate case, related to the Official Secrets Act. The two lawsuits must be kept separate, since the inter-relation is circumstantial and cannot be the main plank of the defense arguments.


  2. Ali Bakar says:

    For all their hullabaloo over rights violation in Kashmir, the US and the UK have denied Mr. Assange the right to freedom of speech by filing false cases against him. WikiLeaks is not going to stop to expose the truth behind the illegal occupation of Iraq by the US and the UK. Except for Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today all our mainstream media must learn from WikiLeaks to be “jantan” lah


  3. Anonymous says:

    Brave men, Mr.Assange and his team! May It is so odd and absurd that in Democracies that we are proud of, the whistle blower and not the culprit is punished. Serious thought needs to be given to the nature and functioning of Democracies. People have woken up anyway. Things will change.


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