The Sabah outcome of the March 2008 Elections has confirmed the pre-poll conventional wisdom about Musa Aman’s victory based on his successes on the development and law-and-order fronts. But what makes the chief minister stand out from his other equally successful political colleagues is the inclusive nature of his politics.

As a result, although the others have also led Barisan National to comfortable victories in their states, it is only Musa Aman who won 59 seats out of the 60 state seats contested which is nearly 98.34% success. While Abdul Taib Mahmud of Sarawak carries the millstone of nepotism, cronyism and corruption round his neck, Ali Rustam the other chief minister of little Malacca is seen as being too obsessed with his own Malay “supremacist” and is seemingly still tainted when he was accused of condoning ‘money politics’ whereby he allowed his agent to distribute money to Umno delegates to vote for him in the UMNO elections for the deputy president’s post and was barred from contesting in the Umno elections, and the other chief minister Koh Tsu Koon of Penang lost his own seat and lost the state to Pakatan Rakyat headed by DAP. In contrast, the new star of Sabah has emerged with a remarkably clean record on all these counts.

The entire focus of Musa Aman’s attention was on the states economy, building roads, bridges, deporting and jailing illegals and arresting and charging anti-social elements and encouraging the education of native girls and native boys by providing them with school uniforms, shoes, and computers and empowering women- the six areas (out of many) which earlier chief ministers had neglected. Not surprisingly, there has been a massive response to his appeal to the voters to support the “doer”.

The outcome, therefore, marks the beginning of a new phase in Sabah politics, where the long-prevailing excessive emphasis on race/religion imported from Kuala Lumpur has been diluted – at least partly. True, Musa Aman also played the native card by focusing on the extreme poor natives.

Aware that he might not be able to make much inroads into the main base comprising KDMs, who make up about 25 per cent of the population, Musa Aman a half-Dusun turned to Pairin the “Huguan Siou” of the KDMs’ and so on.

Notwithstanding this partisan manipulation of natives, there is little doubt that it is still the development projects, political stability and the improvement in law and order which are primarily responsible for Musa Aman’s success.

What may have also helped him is his modesty. Take the case of the Batu Sapi Parliamentary elections, it is not impossible that he consciously eschewed Yong Teck Lee’s flamboyance, realising that such bluff and bluster can have a negative impact in the absence of achievement. He also remained aloof from the controversial postures of the kind which the president of SAPP, Yong Teck Lee, took on issues such as the “Sabah for Sabahan” an idea probably borrowed from my good friend Dr Jeffery Kitingan.

It is as the “doer”, who wants to restore Sabah’s reputation as one of the best-run states, that Musa Aman evidently wants to be remembered. The voters had given a thumbs-up to his ambition.

Sabah government has been identified to be the best example of good governance and the Chief Minister of the state, Musa Aman as being the “key driver” of economic growth and development within the state. In other words, Musa Aman has been appreciated for being an effective chief minister.

Perhaps Malaysia’s best example of effective governance and impressive development is found in Sabah, where Musa Aman has streamlined economic processes, removing red tape and curtailing corruption in ways that have made the state a key driver of national economic growth.

Musa Aman has overseen heavy investment in modern roads, bridges and power infrastructure and jobs for Sabahans. He has even reiterated his call repeatedly to the national oil company Petronas to provide adequate opportunities to eligible Sabahans to participate directly in the oil and gas industry. He is monitoring and cooperating with Petronas on how to distribute projects from the oil company to local contractors in Sabah and he is serious to ensure Sabahans would not be merely bystanders to the development that is taking place in the state. Not many chief ministers in the past while in position dare to sound the national oil company Petronas, even though Petronas takes much more than give back to the state and its people.

Despite Sabah being branded the poorest state in Malaysia, Musa Aman had performed well as chief minister by improving the overall economic conditions with an annual growth of more than 8 per cent in recent years.

  1. bei soo lang says:

    Come to my office in KK for documented evidence,
    KOTA KINABALU: The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), a Sabah Barisan Nasional coalition component, wants the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to speed up its money-laundering investigation involving Chief Minister Musa Aman.

    Lending credence that a snap general election may be announced soon, LDP deputy president Chin Su Phin said the troubling matter should be settled before Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak calls for national polls.

    Chin used the recent announcement by MACC that it had launched an investigation against Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, as the reason for making the call, although it is widely known that LDP is out of step with the Musa administration and is likely to be shunned during the horse-trading for seats in the run-up to the election.

    Alluding to MACC’s probe on Taib, he also said that it was unseemly for Taib to claim innocence and the mere fact that he was under investigation should be enough for him to step aside until after he is cleared.

    On the MACC investigation on Musa, there has been no new development into the alleged money-laundering case that took many by surprise when it was first exposed in late 2008 and was met with silence by top politicians as well as the investigative authorities.

    According to Chin, the case allegedly involved several local leaders but they were merely playing a supporting role while the MACC had failed to catch the main culprit that “is still lurking in the background”.

    “We Sabahans also wish to know the development of this case.

    “I hope MACC will complete its investigation on the people involved in corruption and money- laundering in Sabah and Sarawak, and take them to court before the 13th general election,” he said during the party’s annual general meeting here.

    “MACC is actively combating corruption. But what we see is that those who are brought to court were former leaders, while current leaders involved in corruption are still running free.

    “The people have been complaining that MACC is overlooking the major players who are involved in corruption,” he added.

    Musa link

    Musa’s name first surfaced as a suspect in the alleged money-laundering case when a supposed nominee, Michael Chia, was arrested at the Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong in August 2008.

    Chia was arrested for allegedly attempting to carry S$16 million in cash out of the country, which was believed to be used for the Permatang Pauh by-election at the time.

    The case had since been under investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) which sent three officers to Kota Kinabalu in November 2008 to investigate the source of the money.

    The Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC’s predecessor) investigations director at the time, Mohd Shukri Abdul, confirmed that the ICAC had sought MACC’s help.

    MACC later launched its own investigation which saw a senior lawyer being detained for questioning and his office raided.

    Both Chia and Musa denied knowing each other, but Chia is believed to have cordial relations with the chief minister and has often been seen in his company at social gatherings.

    PKR Youth leader Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin and DAP both lodged a police report against Musa over the investigations and demanded that the MACC disclose the outcome of its investigation


  2. aku bah says:

    Namun terpulanglah pada setiap individu untuk membuat penilaian sendiri.


  3. aku bah says:

    Kalau betul Sabahan tak suka MA, rasanya dah lama beliau jatuh. Sekarang ini MA hanya perlu teruskan usahanya membangunkan negeri Sabah.


  4. aku bah says:

    Sabah di bawah MA memang banyak perubahan dan semuanya ke arah yang lebih baik. Cuma perlu ditambahbaikkan lagi dan pastikan masalah2 yang ada di Sabah pun ditanggani.


  5. aku bah says:

    Apapun yang kerajaan buat pasti ada suara sumbang.. Inikan lagi menjadi seorang pemimpin yang selalu tampil di depan umum, sudah pastinya banyak mata yang memandang.


  6. aku bah says:

    Betul nella. Tapi biasalah lain orang lain pandangannya dan manusia kan memang tak pandai puas hati.. hehehe


  7. nella says:

    Datuk Musa telah membuktikan yg beliau antar pemimpin yg terbaik dalam mentadbir sabah..lihat sahaja pembangunan dan ekomi sabah.. semakin baik..


  8. Yoyo says:

    Setiap orang ada pandangan mereka sendiri. Bagi saya sendiri, jika dilihat Datuk Musa cuba untuk memastikan ekonomi Negeri Sabah ini stabil dan pembangunan juga tidak dilupakan. Jika Datuk Musa berterusan mentadbir sudah pasti Sabah akan menjadi semakin maju.


  9. martycruz says:

    there is no state in Malaysia awarded triple A rating by RAM so far other than Sabah.. so this is a proof that MA has done an excellent job as a chief minister of Sabah..


  10. walao says:

    Ada yang sokong, ada yang tidak. Tidak kira apa yang kerajaan kita pernah buat, tetap ada yang membantah.


  11. Buns says:

    MA has proven to us that he is competent. Just look at how developed is Sabah right now. Of course, we can’t deny there is still more to do and more issues to solved such as the PTI issue.


  12. Buns says:

    “Despite Sabah being branded the poorest state in Malaysia, Musa Aman had performed well as chief minister by improving the overall economic conditions with an annual growth of more than 8 per cent in recent years.”

    The illegal immigrants contributed mostly of the poor percentage in Sabah. Im sure that MA had at least helped some or many of our own local sabahans to upgrade their standard of living.


  13. Buns says:

    Indeed he is special, but some might think the other way round.


  14. nesa says:

    percaya kepada kepimpinan Datuk Musa..sebab dia antara yg terbaik dalam memimpin kita..


  15. ramlee says:

    pembangunan yg ada di sabah adalah atas usaha datuk musa untuk memaju kan negeri sabah…


  16. lin says:

    datuk musa is the best CM…


  17. yut says:

    walau pn bnyk tuduhan2 yg ingin menjatuh kan dtk,tpi saya percaya dengan kepimpinan dtk seri selama menjadi km sabah ,keep up the good work…


  18. adam says:

    sure musa aman is special…now sabah are more developed under his administration.


  19. adam says:

    therefor, still lots of things to do in order to develop sabah more in the future..


  20. adam says:

    the rotation system which bee used before in sabah was a failure…good thing now the system has not be used anymore..


  21. marrie says:

    sumbangan Datuk MUsa amat dihargai..beliau telah banyak membantu membangun kan sabah..
    kontroversi terhadap beliau, tidak menghalang datuk dripada menjalankan tugas dengan baik..bravo datuk…


  22. Edelweiss says:

    dengan pencapaian dan prestasi oleh kepimpinan Musa Aman, beliau pasti akan meneruskan pentadbirannya untuk beberapa penggal lagi. diharap rakyat Sabah akan dapat dikeluarkan dari belenggu kemiskinan.


  23. Edelweiss says:

    isu PATI dan 20 Perkara merupakan isu yang sangat kontroversi sekarang. memang sesuatu yang benar2 membanggakan dan melegakan jika kedua2 isu ini dapat diatasi oleh MA dan juga pemimpin2 Sabah yang lain.


  24. Pemerhati says:

    There will be those people who support MA and vice versa. It’s a common scenario. So far there are many developments in Sabah although not entirely. Changes can’t be made in a blink of eyes. But hopefully he will do his best to solve the PATI problems and NCR lands.


  25. Kast says:

    We can’t deny his effort… still he is the best among the previous CM….


  26. Kris Jr says:

    Datuk Musa adalah KM yang paling lama memegang jawatan KM, harap Sabah semakin membangun dan kebajikan rakyat semakin dijaga. Tapi tidak dinafikan banyak juga isu yang perlu diberi perhatian berserta tindakan, dan memperibaiki segala kelemahan pemerintahan.


  27. stone says:

    usaha untuk membangunkan negeri Sabah perlu dilakukan sepanjang masa dan kesungguhan daripada semua pihak diperlukan. semoga Sabah akan menjadi lebih membangun lagi.


  28. illa says:

    hope, the development will continue to be implemented and the needs of the people always taken care.


  29. supra says:

    walaubagaimanapun, masih byk lagi pembaikan dan pembangunan yang perlu dilakukan di Sabah, Musa harus beri perhatian akan hal ini. penduduk amat inginkan pembangunan.


  30. supra says:

    sumbangan Musa sepanjang menjadi KM amatlah dihargai.


  31. illa says:

    not easy to become chief minister .. still have many things need to do. but the performance shown by CM better than the the other chiefs ministers before him. just my personal view..


  32. Risad G. says:

    If Sabah is branded as the poorest stste in Malaysia, how can Musa Aman Khan be the best CM ever ? And this is after 2 terms as CM. In any case, all these high praise for Musa does not ,and I repeat DOES NOT, reflect on the situation on the “ground” .As for employment, all I see are West Malaysians populating the both the Federal Agencies and State bodies. You call this good for Sabah and Sabahans ?


  33. brian says:

    Nice article Mr Selva. Datuk Musa Aman is the best chief minister Sabah ever had! I hope he continues as CM for another term!


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