Is Musa Aman Sabah’s Future?

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Malaysia Today, Malaysian Politics, Musa Aman, Najib Tun Razak, Sabah, UMNO
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WHATEVER be the respective political orientations, I like the men who are men: those who stand by whatever they believe in and take on the world, if needed.

My earliest memory of Musa Aman is as the USNO ( United Sabah National Organisation) strategist and financier. What I liked most about him was his precise, distinct, direct, and disciplined use of words and his honest belief in whatever he said.

It was around 20 years back that he got his share of whatever happened in Sabah. But he never complained in frustration. You need real fortitude and determination to be a Musa Aman! And this is the reason that when he says “Actually, I have not spent a single minute on my image and that can also be a reason. I am busy with my work. I am committed to Sabah. I am dedicated to Sabah. I never talk about my image. I never spent a single minute for my image and therefore confusions may be there” in his recent interview with me, no one can question his dedication.

One can’t ignore the fact that today Sabah is flourishing. It stands third among the states that contribute most to the national GDP. The state reserve is around RM3 billion now and was only mere RM180 million when Musa first took over as Chief Minister in 2003. Even Yayasan Sabah which was in dire financial situation and massive staff retrenchment 10 years ago today is one of the most successful state agencies in Malaysia with over RM10 billion in assets and about RM 1.5 billion in cash.

Sabah is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in Malaysia and it is on Penang’s path adhering to the principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

Sabah is one of the best-administered state in Malaysia now. Under the leadership of Musa Sabah was the only state in the country, other than Penang that has been given 5-star rating in good financial management by the Auditor General of Malaysia. Even UMS (University Sabah), on many occasions, declared that Musa is the most efficient chief minister Sabah has ever seen since formation of Malaysia 1963. These things became possible only because he is successful in giving clean, effective and progressive governance over last eight years.

Musa is an agent of change. He is the best thing to have happened to Sabah in decades. He is the only one who could banish poverty from Sabah. He is the leader Sabah has been waiting for all these years. He is the hope and future.

Outside Sabah many may like to hate Musa but whoever visits Sabah once, can’t stop praising its growth, road, infrastructure, its natural beauty etc. that in a democratic and dynamic country, masses have the last word and masses always override media and other speculations. The truth will finally dawn on the people. It’s the people of Sabah who will decide the fate of the ‘modern day Nero’ Musa Aman.

  1. amir says:

    Rakyat akan menentukannya.


  2. Sun says:

    Who can really change the Sabahan? Is it the Goverment? or the people themselves. What does the people want? What is the definition of being rich? Oil palm? Land depleted of greenery?

    Are the villagers really suffering? or is it what we perceive as poverty in our eyes comparing it to the concrete jungle of the west, their hip lifestyle their LCD and high tech? Sabah is rich, and I applause every time Musa choose to preserve our natural heritage. Because we know that sooner or later.. it will be gone, we already have lost so much.

    I think we are already rich. And if Musa Aman choose to preserve our real treasure, yes he’s can be our future.


  3. done says:

    He has done a lot for Sabah.


  4. martycruz says:

    to all commentators who does not agree with this article, which leaders in Sabah who are the best and qualified to replace Musa Aman? which leaders in Malaysia who are 100% perfect? seems like you need perfect leader, then who he is?? i didn’t say MA is perfect but he did a good job as a CM..


  5. poor sabahan says:

    How many percent of minister of Sabah truly do his work and help the sabahan people 100%. The people at telupid, ranau, kundasang and all the poor people, did anyone minister come aand help them. For Musa Aman, he is good for nothing. The useless CM.


  6. Ali says:

    Encik Selva, I agree with you that Musa Aman is the future for Sabah. If Shafie Apdal becomes the chief minister Sabah will be full of Tausugs and Suluks from Southern Philippines and all of them will be given BLUE IC. We Sabahans will be finish after that. Musa has to stay on as CHIEF MINISTER of SABAH.


  7. Ho!Ho!Ho! says:

    Is Musa Aman Sabah’s Future? The “Vacuum Cleaner”, you’ve got to be joking!


  8. Risad G. says:

    If you are a Muslim, them Musa is you man. i’d like to challenge Mr. Silvaraja to go to the Villages and see for himself the dire situation of the Sabah natives. Muslima and non-muslims alike. New Roads and new buildings DOES NOT make Sabah rich or any better if its people are kept poor. It is not a secret that ALL these developments, many unfinished, are justa wat and means for the ruling elites to siphon money from the State for themselves and their cronies. All the “developments” in Sabah does not make any difference if THE MAJORITY of its people are powerless economically and politically .


  9. Yoyo says:

    I agree with this article. Musa is the best now for Sabahan. So we should support for sure Sabah more develop in future.


  10. ferlo says:

    Musa must keep work to develop the Sabah.


  11. eik says:

    hope, Sabah will continue to move forward.


  12. eik says:

    I think everyone can see changes in the state. so, every people has their own views.


  13. Tiada Nama says:

    Is Musa Aman Sabah’s Future? Absolutely yes.


  14. amir says:

    Some things takes time to materialize.


  15. Cobra Nair says:

    Sabah needs a change of the gov.D rakyat r still, kais pagi,makan pagi,kais petang makan petang,84% of the sabahans r poor lots.D BN gov badly corrupted, & dont know where r all d state allocations goes.UMNO sabahans r getting richer & richer, like thier Peninsula UMNO fellows,from rags to riches.Lets give the oppositions a 5 years rule ,then only we can see for ourselves. We need a change of the gov.When they are in control, they went out of control, pocketing all d gov fund.Mark Cobra’s word.


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