Pastors Never Asked To Pray Or Interfere To make Malaysia a Christian Country, Says Guan Eng

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Christians, DAP, Lim Guan Eng, Penang

(Bernama) – GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today he and the DAP had never asked Christian pastors to pray or interfere to make Malaysia a Christian country or to have a Christian prime minister.

In a joint statement with Penang pastors today, he said, they prayed at all time for the country’s peace and harmony, for unity among all races and for a fair and just leadership.

“The pastors and the church are disappointed by the false report in the media. We sincerely urge the prime minister and the home minister to take action against Utusan Malaysia for printing and spreading dangerous lies,” they said in the statement.

Utusan Malaysia reported on Saturday that the DAP was conspiring with Christians to make Christianity the official religion of the federation.

The statement said the report had disturbed multi-religious harmony and created unease and fear among Malaysians, especially Christians.

Lim said that meetings with Christian leaders would continue just like the meeting with Muslim ulama, Buddhist priests and Hindu priests, in line with his duty as the chief minister.

Meanwhile in PUTRAJAYA, the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) says it is not empowered to probe the allegation by Utusan Malaysia.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom said instead, matters related to other religions came under the ambit of security authorities, including the police.

“Jakim only looks after Islamic affairs, not other religions. Issues on religious conversion come under security authorities.

“Jakim has no rights to be angry… let the police investigate the claim,” he told reporters after receiving 10 lecturers from Al-Azhar University, who will teach in Malaysia, at his office here today.


  1. Cobra Nair says:

    Zakhir Mohd must go behind ISA, for all d racial slurr,Pekosa Ibrahim Ali must not .U r bais ministerbe left off d hook also.All this umno guys must learn discipline from CM Lim G E.If Hishamuddin didnt take action,he must resign.


  2. Anonymous says:

    They (Utusan & PERKASA) though the Christian is like what they do at the mosque. We Christian never demonstrate, criticize someone or something when ever we gathered. We always pray for the world peace and harmony, for unity among all races. We pray to forgive those who sinned against us to the Lord. May God Blessed Malaysia & in peace always. Amen!


  3. Dream Lady says:

    My dear Guan Eng, your victory in Sarawak has set off a string of untoward happenings from the ruling goons. Their very barbaric demeadour betrays their fear of losing power in the next GE, and the goons know that it is an uphill battle to go against the tides. PM did utter some nasty remarks that it is his desire to take back Selangor, the richest state of Malaysia, and he urged the UMNO people to take back the state by all means, including using whatever weapons available. A threat is crystal-clear for all to read and hear. How could a PM of a country be so irresponsible and arrogant towards the Selangor people??? And now he seems to turn a deaf ear to the upheaval created out of Christianity that is constantly tossed and turned and being trampled on by the so-called 1Malaysia PM, indirectly to create religious and racial unrest??? I have this strong feeling that he is not mentally stable nor fit enough to be people’s PM!!


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