After watching this video and if Sarawakians still continue to vote for Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his plundering, corrupt Government which has raped Sarawak over and over again for 40 long years, I don’t know what to say!

Taib Mahmud has been Chief Minister, Finance Minister and State Planning and Resources Minister of Sarawak since 1981, and he has allowed logging of hundreds of thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest and marginalized the natives. He singlehandedly did this. From a state rich in oil and timber, Sarawak has become the poorest, the poverty level in Sarawak is one of the highest in the country. How can this be when Sarawak is so rich in natural resources?

It is time for Sarawakians to take their destiny into their own hands and work toward their own self-determination. It is time for Sarawakians to reclaim their rights and interests intended by the 18-point agreement when Sarawak joined the Federation of Malaya, Sabah and Singapore in 1963. Sarawak and Sabah should not merely be two of the 13 states of Malaysia.

I call on Sarawakians to seize the moment and do what has to be done in this 2011 Sarawak State elections.

Self-determination for Sarawak! Vote out the exploiters! Oust the autocrats! Kick Taib Mahmud out once and for all!

  1. Observer says:

    My heart is in pain after watching this video. To my Iban, Dayak, Melanau, Chinese brothers and sisters, VOTE BN OUT OR ELSE THEY WILL FUCK YOU ALL FOREVER! PLEASE VOTE BN OUT!


  2. Jimmy says:

    Looking at the photograph of the two humans, Malaysians and our countrymen, I am just speechless and in tears,I am crying. How can they allow such a thing to happen? Taib Mahmud, you are so cruel and a thoughtless Muslim. You will have to pay for your greed and cruelty. You are sinful.


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